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Feb. 20, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Time to move TOC

All of the Game Scores and Bracket results are online ... Click on: TOURNAMENTS ► Tournament of Champions ► Game Scores and Bracket Results ► Complete: All Ages and Divisions

The number of teams in each is clearly shown at the top of every Division schedule
Feb. 20, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Best of the Best 2014 Tournament of Champions

There is nothing wrong with the URL, it's just not in the form of a click through link ... Either cut and paste the address he pposted into your browser or click through directly from the following link ...

TOC Best of the Best Jack's Action Shots

Feb. 20, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Time to move TOC

We do
Feb. 19, 2014
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: SPRING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014 (Mesquite) • Tentative Field Assignments

The following are the TENTATIVE Field Assignments for the 2014 SSUSA Spring World Championships in Mesquite, NV, and St. George, UT. Please note that TENTATIVE means they are NOT FINAL and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Final Field Assignments will be released simultaneous with the publication of the DRAFT Game Schedules and Brackets in mid-March.

MESQUITE facilities: Pioneer Park, Hunter Park and Old Mill Ball Fields
ST. GEORGE facility: The Canyons Complex

SESSION #1 • Men's 65's, 70's, 75's and 80's
• ALL Ages and Divisions • Mesquite, NV

SESSION #2 • Men's 50's, 55's and 60's
• Men's 50-Major Plus • Mesquite, NV
• Men's 50-Major • Mesquite, NV
• Men's 50-AAA • Mesquite, NV
• Men's 50-AA • Mesquite, NV
• Men's 55-Major Plus • St. George, UT
• Men's 55-Major • St. George, UT
• Men's 55-AAA • Mesquite, NV
• Men's 55-AA • Mesquite, NV
• Men's 60-Major Plus • St. George, UT
• Men's 60-Major • St. George, UT
• Men's 60-AAA • St. George, UT
• Men's 60-AA • St. George, UT

Feb. 19, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Time to move TOC

@paul0784 ... Because the TOC in FL in November would irreparably harm the Winter Worlds one week later in Phoenix and the Winter Nationals in Polk County in February would irreparably harm the Spring Nationals, also in Polk County, one month later in March ...
Feb. 18, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous

In a historic move for the sport, Senior Softball-USA today announced it is launching an 85-year-old division.

"We have been discussing adding the 85 division - the oldest division in the sport - for the past year with Hugh Brotherton of the Center For Sight team in Florida," said Terry Hennessy, chief executive officer of Senior Softball-USA. "This division extends the opportunity to play to the oldest seniors in the sport."

Center for Sight is the first official 85 year old tournament team and they plan to play at the Spring Nationals in Polk County, Florida in April. "We believe there will be more teams, as players hear about the 85+ division," said Hennessy.

The first year, the 85+ teams will be allowed five 83-year-old players and five 84-year-old players. Please contact George Moreno, National Director at Senior Softball-USA for roster questions regarding the new division at (916) 326-5303.

Feb. 16, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Time to move TOC

TOC 2014 Winners by State/Province • Champions were fairly close to evenly divided between warmer states (those generally not getting snow) and colder states/provinces (those that do get snow) this year ... Florida accounted for over ⅓ of all winners, with 10 ... It's commonplace for teams from the host state to do well in any major event, not just the TOC ... Other than FL, only three other champions came from traditional warm weather states ...

FL • 10
CA • 2
AZ • 1

MN • 3
MI • 2
ON • 2
VA • 2
IN • 1
IL • 1
MD • 1
NY • 1
OH • 1
RI • 1
WI • 1

Feb. 14, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Time to move TOC

We'll go ahead and re-visit this one more time, and then it goes into the file folder marked "Things to Think About in 2021" ...

• The TOC has a significantly lower entry fee than any of the 20 or so TOC qualifiers where teams earn an invitation to participate ... We hope to break even on this event annually without resorting to an entry fee increase ... Some year we may actually luck out and break even! ...
• We are not going to adversely impact the well-attended Winter Nationals (Ft. Myers) and Winter Worlds (Phoenix) during the first half of November by slotting the TOC in those dates ... Toss in Thanksgiving, and that takes care of November ... December is out because of the Christmas Season ... January makes no sense due to cold weather almost everywhere ...
• We intend to fully honor our side of the 10-year contract with Central Florida Sports Marketing for the TOC to be held in early February in Polk County, FL, through 2021 ... But we do have about seven more years to gather data and suggestions for potential change starting in 2022 ...

Feb. 14, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Time to move TOC

neck10: Before the current contract commenced, the Tournament of Champions was held a week later. But because of the conflict with the Daytona 500 dates (then) and the President’s Day holiday, air fares were much higher, even for earlier reservations, and hotels were more difficult to come by, both in terms of availability and cost to the players. The decision to lock into the current time frame is in the best economic interests of the participants.
Feb. 14, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Time to move TOC

The information provided by Tony is accurate. The 2014 TOC was year #3 of the current 10-year contract with Central Florida Sports Marketing for the event to be held in Polk County in early February through 2021.
Feb. 11, 2014
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS 2014 • Game Scores & Bracket Results

Game Scores, Bracket Results and Final Results from the 2014 TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS in Polk County, FL, are available from the links below and from the Tournament Event Page ... Congratulations to all of the Champions and a sincere thank you to all who participated!

All Star Game

• SSUSA National, Terry Hennessy, Mgr. (33) • SSUSA American, Bill Ruth, Mgr. (15)

Game Scores & Bracket Results (PDF's)

• Men's: 40's & 50's | 55's | 60's | 65's | 70's | 75's & 80's
• Women's: All Ages & Divisions

• Complete: All Ages & Divisions (39 pages)

Final Results

1. Team 1 Sports (FL) • 50-Major+ Champ
2. Tri-State Connection 50 (SC)
3. Homer Lovers (ON) • 40-AAA Champ
4. Loose Cannon 40's (WA)

1. DLB (WI)
2. Mid-Atlantic Softball (VA)
3. San Antonio Softball Club (TX)

• MEN'S 50-AAA
1. Windy City Thunder (IL)
2. 50 OH MY (CA)
3. Florida Automated Shade

• MEN'S 50-AA
1. The Grey Geese (FL)
2. Antiques of Iowa City (IA)

1. Kinnco Services (MI)
2. Doubleplay Classic/Monarch (CA)
3. Jimmy's Ancell 55 (MN)

• MEN'S 55-AAA
1. Desert Dawgs 55 (CA)
2. Integrity Builders (NE)
3. Rio Grande 55 (NM)

• MEN'S 55-AA
1. Advanced Auto Transport (AZ)
2. Dallas Spurs 55 (TX)
3. 1st Interiors (IA)

1. Timberworks Construction (CA)
2. Hollis Appraisals (FL)

1. Minnesota Masters/White • 60-Major Champ
2. Top Gun 60 Softball Club (CA)
3. High Street Bucs 60 (MD)
Also: Rose Enterprises • 65-Major+ Champ

• MEN'S 60-AAA
1. Florida Hitmen 60
2. Columbus LX (AL)
3. Chesapeake 60 (MD)

• MEN'S 60-AA
1. Ohio Silverados
2. No Guts, No Glory (CA)
3. Scrap Iron Diamonds (CO)

1. Voice Tech Slammers (FL)
2. Panhandle Hitmen (FL)
3. High 5 (MN)

• MEN'S 65-AAA
1. Windsor Chiefs (ON)
2. Marauders (CA)
3. Custom Graphics (GA)

• MEN'S 65-AA
1. Indiana Legends/Columbus
2. Hill Contracting/HCI (TX)
3. Sacramento Buds (CA)

1. Florida Legends/Human Kinetics • 70-Major+ Champ
2. MCC Marketing (FL) • 70-Major Champ
3. Joseph Chevrolet (FL) • 75-Major+ Champ

• MEN'S 70-AAA
1. Vacar Stars (VA)
2. Pittsburgh Gold (PA)
3. Texas Classics 70

• MEN'S 70-AA
1. Cozy Grill (RI)
2. Syracuse Cyclones 70 (NY)
3. TNT (NV)

• MEN'S 75-AAA
1. Jimmy's Minnesota Gold
2. Buffalo Wild Wings (FL)
3. Pfeiffer Grey Sox 75 (MI)

1. Florida Investment Properties 80
2. Center For Sight (FL)

• MEN'S 80-AAA
1. Jimmy's Minnesota Legends 80
2. Texas Classics 80
3. Pfeiffer Grey Sox 80 (MI)

1. Beavers (MI)
2. Kryptonite (FL)

1. Lew's Crew/Exceeding Expectations (MD)
2. Northwest Intensity (ID)

1. Dreamgirlz 50 (VA)
2. Arizona Dream Team
3. High Desert Diamonds (NM)

1. Sunny Beaches 60 (FL) • Women's 60+ Champ
2. New York Metros Double Play • Women's 55+ Champ

Feb. 10, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Midwest Losses Bill Allen

Bill Allen, 66, who has been instrumental playing, managing and developing softball in the Midwest died suddenly this past weekend in his hometown in Indianapolis.

“Bill not only loved the game, he helped develop the sport as a director,” said Terry Hennessy, chief executive officer of Senior Softball-USA. “We will miss Bill for his contribution to the sport – and for his dry sense of humor.”

The person who best knew Bill, his wife Nancy, describes Bill Allen best:

“I guess number one is that Bill never met stranger. He was loved by so many people, and he loved them back.

“He loved motorcycle riding, skiing, and softball. He was known fondly by many of his players as Coachie.

“There was a senior softball world series at his favorite park, Metro Stadium, when he was in his forties, and he knew that was something that he really wanted to do; he had played and coached for many years before that. So he put together a team for the 45 and over league there and dreamed about playing senior softball.

“As soon as he was eligible, Mert Hough, Rabbit (Russell Wilhoit, his first senior tournament also), and Bill put together a team and played his first SSUSA tournament in Florida. He then put together his own team, INDY FOG, and we traveled all over the country.

“The name came from when he played in a senior world series in Memphis for Glenn Dixon. That still was not enough for him; his dream was to have a senior softball tournament in Indianapolis; he worked with Rick Seifman, and the first SSUSA Brickyard tournament started in 2000. There were 10 teams that year; it has grown to 50 and is one of the best SSUSA tournaments in the Midwest.

“He actively recruited senior players in the Midwest and brought many people into it that had never realized that senior softball existed and thought their softball days were almost over until they met him.

“He played and coached for INDY FOG earning two world championships, but his favorite tournament was in Las Vegas in 2001. The team took 3rd, but we were trapped in Indiana, and other players were trapped in Las Vegas because of 9/11. SSUSA gave us a chance to play or not, and they rearranged schedules for any team that had to fly. He and the team decided that the terrorists were not going to take away our right to play softball. So even though there were no flights available when we were scheduled to leave, we took the first flight out of Indianapolis and were one of the first planes landing in Las Vegas.

“At the gate waiting for the plane were our friends the Country Bins, and there were so many hugs and tears of joy. The team was Flying Old Glory that tournament. Butch Drake started playing senior softball that year with the team as our shortstop. (He of course went on to bigger and better things, but he and Bill were always close.)"

Bill Allen is survived by his wife Nancy, daughter Nikki, 3 wonderful grandchildren, and 3 loving dogs. He is joining his parents and son Dustin. There are several celebrations of life planned with his many, different groups of friends in Indiana and one in South Lake Tahoe, California where he married Nancy on skis at Heavenly Valley.

There will be a special temperance during the Brickyard Tournament this year, as well.

Feb. 2, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: weather

From ACCUWEATHER.COM as of Super Bowl Sunday afternoon...

WED • 86°/58° • Instructional Sessions and All-Star Game
THU • 75°/58° • Skills Competitions and Mini-Tournament
FRI • 79°/65° • Tourney Day #1 & Champions Banquet
SAT • 80°/64° • Tourney Day #2
SUN • 76°/41° • Championship Sunday

Good luck everyone!!!

Jan. 30, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: ratings

Nothing is wrong with the ratings ... Teams that are playing in the Tournament of Champions have had their ratings reduced to the level at which they are participating in the TOC ... Joseph Chevrolet 75 is one of those teams ... After the TOC, the few teams that were changed will be restored to their current proper ratings ... This is a temporary timing difference only ..
Jan. 30, 2014
Topic: Players looking to join a team

Nope ... You are NOT state or bordering state of residence eligible to play for ANY of the 50-AAA or 50-AA teams or ANY of the other (excluding Fat Nancy's/Gubiotti, for which you are underage to be a "roster exemption player") 55+ age teams, regardless of division ... You ARE eligible for 50-Major+, but only if either of those two teams has a remaining out-of-area roster exemption (max. of two) available ...

SSUSA prides itself in maintaining the roster integrity and fairness of competition aspects of the original Tournament of Champions, and requiring that participating teams actually win a qualifying event to be invited ... What others may do to create relaxed rosters and ratings is their business, but does not result in any enticement for us to lessen our standards ...

Jan. 29, 2014
Topic: Players looking to join a team

the answer: Here's an update on your search efforts ... You are not eligible to join Fat Nancy's/Gubiotti for the 2014 TOC because they already have more than 12 players on their roster ... Players #13-15 (the maximum for teams adding "roster exemption players") must come from the next older age group and the same, or lesser, rating level ... You are too young to be a "roster exemption player" in the 55-Major since you will not be 60 until July, 2015 ... With your current age 58 and personal 55-Major team history, the only teams that fit the criteria to potentially add you right now are the two 50-Major+ teams, but only as one of their two allowable out of region roster exceptions ... You do not meet the state residency requirements for any of the six 50-Major teams or the other four 55-Major teams ... Good luck!

Jan. 27, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Runner Hit by Batted Ball

Yes, the baseball rule is different from the softball rule ...

If a runner is hit by a FAIR batted ball while he is in FAIR territory he is out. This includes while he is standing on a base. The bases are in FAIR territory. If he is hit in fair territory, while on the base, before the ball has passed an infielder, he is out, except if he is hit by an infield-fly. If he is hit by a fair batted ball while he is in foul territory he is not out unless he intentionally interferes with the ball or a play.

Jan. 27, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Runner Hit by Batted Ball

Mulewhipper ... ANYTIME does NOT include the circumstance of the base runner being in contact with a base, so that's not really ANYTIME as you incorrectly stated ... The answer given by Duke above is the complete and correct answer ...
Jan. 27, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: You make the call part 643

That's one scenario (so long as the coach doesn't help the runner up) ... Another was a Director having to spend too much time reversing an out call for a runner who slapped a "high five" on the 3B coach on the way by to score the (eventually ruled) winning run in a game! ... The "assist" component is the principal issue in our view ...
Jan. 26, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: You make the call part 643

The SSUSA Rulebook requires (at pages 51-52) an umpire's judgment that the runner was "assisted" by the contact with the coach in order to result in an out call ... While ruling that any contact results in an out is an easier call to make, we believe that incidental contact absent "assistance" is not the intent of our rule ...


V. When, in the umpire’s judgment, a coach touches and physically assists a runner.

EFFECT: A delayed dead ball signal will be given and play shall continue. The touched and assisted runner shall be ruled out and all other subsequent play will be ruled upon accordingly.

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