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June 4, 2014
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: RESULTS- Richmond Qualifier

Men's 50 AAA
2- ILA Fifty Plus
3- Outlaws / Time Bandits

Men's 55 / 60
1- Superior Softball
2- Beltway Bandits
3- ILA Fifty Five Plus

Men's 65 / 70
1- Hamel's / Superior
2- Carolina Blue Sky
3- Carolina Cardinals

Full results, game scores, brackets, etc are posted at

You can also find information about the Maryland Last Chance Qualifier that will be played August 28 - 31.

May 22, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Line up and batting order structure

I normally stay out of these kind of discussions, but wanted to throw a few thoughts out there for you to consider.

Playing 11 on defense suggests to me that your team is at least 70.

At 70+ you know that injuries and life altering circumstances (cancer, etc) are a reality. Every player on your roster has value, and should be treated as an asset. They put in time, money and effort.

Although not intentionally done, you just suggested the following:

I inherited this team from another guy and don't plan on keeping. everyone next year.

Batters 1-7 are my stars
Batters 8-11 are okay, but will be replaced if something better comes along.
Players 12-17 will be asked back only if needed.

From a distance, my advice is to re-think things. By playing your stars 100% of the time, you increase the chance for them to become injured or worn down. If they are truly stars, then they don't necessarily need extra at-bats or reps on defense. The guys with lesser skill will only improve with opportunity.

Good luck to you.
May 20, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Unusual play

All plays at home are considered a force play. Any runner that touches (or crosses) the commitment line while the catcher has control of the ball and is in contact with the mat would be called out.

There is no requirement for the catcher to step off of the mat and re-touch the mat to record the 2nd out on the play.

May 19, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: RESULTS- Atlantic Coast Championships

Results from the Atlantic Coast Championships, which were played in Loudoun County, VA last week are posted below. The official tournament paperwork has been sent to the national office.

75 Major
1) Hamel Builders
2) Syracuse Cyclones 75s

70 Silver
1) Syracuse Cyclones 70s
2) Boys of Summer

70 AAA
1) VaCar
2) Jersey Masters 70s
3) Monkey Joe's 70s

1) Hamels 65s
2) High Street 65s

65 AAA
1) Spicer's
2) Mid-Atlantic Cavaliers
3) Syracuse Cyclones 65s

1) Hannington's
2) Hamel's 60s
3) Steel Dawgs

60 AA
1) Talaga Masonry
2) Syracuse Cycones 60s

55 / 60 GOLD
1) Beltway Bandits
2) Sportsman Shop
3) Syracuse Merchants

55 Major
1) High Street 55s
2) Tri-State Merchants
3) Fat Nancy's

50 Major Plus
1) Bryson's Pub / Veltri
2) Mid-Atlantic
3) Sports Center

50 Major
1) Team USA
2) NE Storm
3) BH Maintenance

50 AAA
1) Elite / CC
2) THC Financial
3) MD Cougars

40 Major
1) Houck's Construction
2) Mid-Atlantic Elite 40s

40 Women's
1) Chill 40 Below
2) Lew's Crew
3) Sportsman Shop

THANK YOU to all teams that participated in the tournament.

May 16, 2014
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Atlantic Coast Championships

After receiving 4.5 inches of rain overnight, all games scheduled for FRIDAY have been canceled. We fully expect to play ball at both parks on Saturday.

All teams need to have a manager at the host hotel (DoubleTree) at 1pm today. At that time, we will announce the tournament recovery plan.

The weather communication plan was explained to all managers in attendance at the coaches meeting last night. Accordingly, we posted tournament related information on the Loudoun County Parks rain line (703-777-0456) by 6:15am.

April 24, 2014
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Maryland Classic

Start times and brackets were sent to coaches a week ago. They have also been posted at (as explained in the email to coaches).

Just 10 teams for this one, but that is to be expected as this was a replacement tournament after fields in Dover were closed for maintenance issues.

Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces this weekend.

March 4, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 2 Rules that are somewhat unclear

Item 1-
The home team always has a chance to catch up, and (using your example) would take their turn at bat in the bottom of the 6th.

Item 2-
An inning that begins before time expires would allow a max of 5/7 runs. An inning that begins after time expires would be considered an "open" inning, and therefore allow teams to score as many runs as they can.

Feb. 9, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: TOC

Results from Loyce Harp / Carter Road Complex

40 Major
1. Homer Lovers
2. Loose Cannons

50 Major Plus
1. Team 1 Sports
2. TSC
(43-42 final in 8 innings)

55 Major
1. Kinnco Masters
2. Doubleplay / Monarch

65 AAA
1. Windsor Chiefs
2. Marauders

65 AA
1. Indiana Legends
2. Hill Contracting

Jan. 24, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: You make the call part 643


My response above was intended to discuss the scenario of a "foul tip" only.

In SSUSA play a foul tip (with less than 2 strikes) must have gone higher than the batter's head, and have been caught with the glove or hand(s) for an out to be recorded.

In the 2nd part of your most recent post, a one hopper to the shortstop is ground ball / live ball. The batter-runner and any runner(s) on base are free to run the bases with liability to be put out.
Jan. 23, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: You make the call part 643

Section 1.29 FOUL TIP

A foul tip is a ball that goes directly from the bat, not higher than the batter's head, to the catcher's hand(s) or glove and is legally caught by the catcher. NOTE- Any batted ball that goes directly from the bat, not higher than the batter's head to any part of the catcher's body or equipment other than the hands(s) or glove is a foul ball and a dead ball.

1) For an out to be recorded, the batted ball must have cleared the batter's head (catcher's height is irrelevant) and be caught with the hands or glove

2) A batted ball that is caught or trapped in any location other than the hands or glove is considered a foul ball / dead ball.

Dec. 22, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Decals for Senior Softball USA


Are you talking about the window clings that would go on the back of your windshield? Similar to a university sticker?

shoot me an email at
Nov. 18, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous

55 AAA from Papago

1. Git R Done
2. Mountain Mike's Pizza
3. Rookies
4. Las Vegas Elks

I had a great time out in Phoenix calling games and seeing some familiar faces. Thanks all-

Nov. 11, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: winter worlds

Winter National results from N. Collier Regional Park

60 Major Plus
MN Masters
High Street Bucs

60 Major
Deluxe / Bradford White
Metro Hitmen
S. Florida Heat
** IF game, 9 innings in 60 Major

55 Major
Steve Levin Financial 55s
Sneaky Pete's
Six Pac

50 Major / Major Plus
Gulf Coast
Steve Levin Financial 50s
AMR 50s
Oct. 10, 2013
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: STAFF Question on the Tie Breaker Rule


This exact scenario has been kicked around at SSUSA UIC training meetings.

It was ultimately decided that allowing a 7th inning defensive substitute to enter the game so that he/she became the "batter of record" in the 8th inning circumvents the intent of the rule.

A substitute would be allowed to enter the game and play defense, but the actual batter (from the prior inning) would need to take 2nd base under the ITB rule.

July 31, 2013
Topic: Rules of the game

The wording is a little confusing and should be cleaned up, but keep in mind that you are only a batter-runner between home and first base.

After passing first base, you become a runner.
July 12, 2013
Topic: Tournaments

Attention all teams and players....

Due to heavy rains and local flooding, the City of Dover has closed all parks for the weekend. We are unable to get the tournament in. Emails have been sent to all managers and phone calls are being made..... please help to spread the word to any players on the way here.

No re-schedule date has been set at this time. Our first priority is to notify the teams.

Thank you-

Tim McElroy
Tournament Director
July 10, 2013
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Tag on Caught Fly Ball Out

In SSUSA play, the batter and any runners on base at the time must touch the next base. An out is recorded if the runner fails to touch the next base.
July 8, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Dover Classic Schedules are now posted

Sorry, yes...

55 Major and 55 AAA will be played as well.
July 8, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Dover Classic Schedules are now posted

I am receiving a number of emails asking if the Dover tournament has been canceled.... The answer to that question is resounding "NO"

The Men's 40's division was canceled due to a lack of entries, but the following WILL BE PLAYED-

Women's 40

Men's 50 Major Plus
Men's 50 Major
Men's 50 AAA

Men's 60 Major
Men's 60 AAA

Men's 65 AAA
Men's 65 AA

Men's 70 AAA

Men's 75 Major
Men's 75 AAA

July 4, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Dover Classic Schedules are now posted


Schedules for SSUSA's Dover Classic can now be viewed at

All coaches received an email this morning that included a printable PDF version of the brackets.

Schutte Park:
Electric Avenue
Dover, DE 19904

Big Oak Park:
417 Big Oak Road
Smyrna, DE 19977

Once the tournament begins, we will NOT add players to your roster. It is
the manager's responsibility to make sure that your information is correct
in the SSUSA database.

There will not be an official manager meeting. Check in with your site
director approximately 45 minutes prior to your first scheduled game for
player check in, etc.

SSUSA playing rules will be followed throughout the tournament.

ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS- The tournament director reserves the right to
modify the tournament schedule in any manner that is deemed acceptable to
ensure completion.

If there are any inclement weather announcements, we will post them at Please check that site for updates.

Tim McElroy
Senior Softball-USA
Mid-Atlantic Regional Director
Mid-Atlantic Regional UIC
5518 Aeriel Place
Frederick, MD 21703
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