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July 13, 2015
Topic: Bats

The new "hologram" ASA stamp that does not have a year associated with it is tested differently and won't pass the 1.20/1.21 tests in the same manner as the other bats. These are the ones designed for the low compression .52 cor balls that Bruce mentioned.
May 30, 2015
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Foot placement in batter's box before pitch

Why move the box forward? The rear of the strike mat is almost at the back of the batters box to begin with, and in my opinion moving the back of the box deeper makes more sense than pulling the forward line closer to the pitcher. I always enforce the box rule as it is written, emphasis on the front and inside lines on contact, and tell both managers at the plate meeting that it will be enforced as well. You'd be surprised how many leadoff batters I ring up on it, as well as the power hitters taking a little too much liberty.

As for the batter wiping away the lines prior to getting set in the box, there is a rule pertaining to that as well. Can't remember the numbers on it, but had an umpire warn the same guy multiple times to not do it. Towards the end of the game I told the umpire to just toss him if he's going to continually defy you. Oh I'd never toss for that, I just need those lines so I know where the box is! C'mon Blue! If you're going to continually warn without punishment then why waste your breath?
Jan. 30, 2015
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Mikens New Freak Black USSSA version

The ASA bat goes by the same name and is a "maxload" version. Another version is called the Freak52, it is a one piece bat and comes in balanced or supermax. Hope this helps.
Dec. 3, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Foot placement in batter's box before pitch

SSUSA Rule 1.5: The batter's box is 3-foot by 7-foot area to which the batter is restricted. The lines are considered as being within the batter's box. At least some portion of both feet must be on the line or within the batter's box.
SSUSA Rule 7.3(A): The batter must have at least some portion of both feet on or inside the lines of the batter's box at the start of the pitch.
SSUSA Rule 7.5(C): Batter is out when an entire foot is touching the ground completely outside the libes of the batter's box when he hits a ball fair or foul.

Sorry B.J. and Paul, didn't mean to repeat either of you, but placing all 3 rules within the same post might make it easier for those not familiar with SSUSA rules to understand.
The way I interpret the rule is that prior to the pitch, as long as both feet are in contact with the line you're good in my book. I haven't looked at an ASA book in some time, but like USSSA, no part of the foot may be outside the line at the time of pitch. This is where the confusion comes from. In Vegas there were a lot of teams that only play ASA and they kept quoting ASA rules about this or that. Even had one team hand me their copy of the ASA book which I handed back with a copy of the SSUSA book so they could be more informed. The dugout laughed and the pitcher who was whining all day just killed me with his laser eyes.
Dec. 2, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Foot placement in batter's box before pitch

Not to confuse the question, but the foot placement before the pitch according to the rules is the same as foot placement at the contact point when striking the ball as well.
As an umpire I was shocked at plate meetings when my partner would discuss the batters box rules and then not enforce them at all. Then as those teams found their way back to our field I would touch on that rule again as I was the plate umpire and actually enforce it. Kind of shocking how some do and some don't, but it's the world we live in I guess.
Dec. 29, 2012
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Turning 50 in April... Looking to join a team for 2013

New to the So. Cal area of Murrieta/Temecula. Looking to join a team for the upcoming year. Can play INF or OF, been playing with the kids too long and 40's was something to dabble in when opportunities came about.
Dec. 29, 2012
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Menifee Tournament Jan. 12 & 13,

Not affiliated with any teams this year, looking to play in this if anyone needs a guy, I turn 50 this April and have played a handful of events with the Magic Sports and Johnny Blaze teams in the 40's over the years.
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