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Feb. 8, 2013
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Hard time getting ahold of Team 1 sports re: broken Ambush

Thanks HJ - yes Mike and I had gotten together before and found a Smooth On formula that did work but for $42 I got to fix one bat as the product hardened in the container and could not use afterward. The first batch of Smooth On worked for quite a lot of bats for me and my friends - the 2nd batch was the one that hardened up - same stuff, methods, and precautions - ????

I have used the 3M and it did not hold up. I found the Gorrila "Super Glue" impact tough formula has worked on a couple of Combats. One for over 1500 impacts (29FL MM 10"). Still working on the Centenarian 28FL.

It's the package that has two tubes in it although they are both the same stuff - total net weight 6 grams....Orange and Blue packaging.

So far have not found it in Thailand though - maybe the Fast Cure is here, I'll look.

Most of anything that's on US shelves is available here, just have to get use to where to look. Stores are just as big if not bigger and more modern but finding which one has what is needed takes time.........

If nothing else I'll have the next visitor from the US bring some along

Feb. 6, 2013
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Hard time getting ahold of Team 1 sports re: broken Ambush

DD84 - good luck with that...I don't know why Combat can't get that right.

Have two new Centenarians with me here in Thailand - 28FL = cap popped off in under 30 swings ///// 30FL = cap popped off about 85 swings.

And - we definitely are not playing in adverse weather or poor conditions of any kind here.

Brought 4 of Mike's Yellow bats here last year and 3 are still going strong (though two end caps are loose).

RIP - broke a Yellow RIP IT last Sunday.
Jan. 28, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Best Pitcher

Well guys I'm going to jump into the fray here with a blast from the past and nominate an ex-team mate - BP partner & friend. AC Linde was a great pitcher that helped establish the Old A's as one of the pre-eminent best teams in the history of senior softball.

While not possessing the great physical skills of a great many others he was edgy/agressive/combative/wily/always competitive on a team that took 50+ major championships in it's day. After that he added a few more to end up with about 70 or so rings. A HOF pitcher by any measure and I'll put him up against anyone here currently being held in high esteem.

Anyone that played against him knew they had their hands full.......
Jan. 21, 2013
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Tournment Pitcher from NY looking to join a team

You know - a lot of teams from NY (hey Yo) have been playing together for many many many years, decades. It's a pretty close knit and well informed "club". The pool of players and their knowledge of each other is good and long on memory.

This seems like a put on thread.

Surely SOMEBODY must know of this wonderguy ..... until someone comes on that has actual seen/met/played with or against I'm not sure this thread deserves anymore attention.

The writing and phrasing do seem to conger up ghosts of Christmas past. There was another self proclaimed great pitcher with love of self - last I'd heard he'd given up 23 runs in one inning somewhere and after that was not playing anymore at the request of the team.

If, per chance, he does exist I also would love to hit against him.

Either he is going to educate the rest of us or he is going to receive an education he's been waiting 60 years to get.

I'll bet on the latter.......but I think it's someone yanking our collective chain.
July 14, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Big D Headed to Cleveland , Ohio -

Odd that this is one of the few threads G19 does not trash just by his presence. You'd think with his comments about playing with or against Mike back in the day + his knowledge of big time softball coupled with his vast experience as a pitcher he would jump right out there - hit + throw BP for the boys..........

Would be just like old times.

June 11, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: RIP Bob Strand

O-K - you said it all very well.I remember playing with and against him. He'd swing at a ball that no one else would dare to and somehow it ended up going right where he intended it to and you are correct he did improve as the pounds went down.

Softball aside - what I remember is his warmth and smile for everyone. He always took the time to chat and always in a friendly manner. The last time I saw him at P-town I hardly reconized him he'd lost so much weight. But when he spotted me walking by he hailed me over with that friendly grin and we had a nice conversation.

He kept the website ladling out his own brand of humor that alwys mad the dull interesting and maybe a little quirky.

This is what make what we do so great - the people like Bob - rest in peace Bob.
June 6, 2012
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Reebok senior melee

Well - I'll second bc7. Broke one (of the A1 or 1A - can't recall - sent it back and got a replacement.........
May 28, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: BP Near Golden Eagle - Where Has Everyone Hit to Warm Up?

Drove up this morning and 2/3 of the fields had teams hitting.........

Then down in the sage brush Randy, Larry and the Texas team were hitting in the sage brush having to pull the stickers out of the balls before they got back to the pitcher.

I guess it must have reminded them of home........just add armadillos

May 28, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: BP Near Golden Eagle - Where Has Everyone Hit to Warm Up?

Title about says it - someone said we cannot use any of the extra fields at Golden Eagle. Seems counter productive since they are vacant and we've used them in years before. I don't think they'd want teams going to schools while in session.

May 25, 2012
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Golden Eagle Batters Boxes

Meant to go up today and check them out but didn't get there.

Staff - thank you for being responsive to the question.

I think I can say for all of us it means a lot.

Anyone playing this weekend bring your cold weather gear.........
May 23, 2012
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Golden Eagle Batters Boxes

Thanks Bruce (and G19) - that's exactly what I'm asking about. Where they are placed in relation to the center of the plate. Whether or not they are sewn in should not omit the fact if they are not - in fact - placed properly.........

If they are "short" at the front edge compared to elsewhere then it should be factored in and allowances made.

I offered to bring a bucket of paint and a roller just in case..............( 8 - Dave told me I was on my own on that one.
May 23, 2012
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Golden Eagle Batters Boxes

It has been a constant at Golden Eagle that more hitters are called out for stepping out of the batters box more than at any other venues (turf or otherwise) with many players complaining.

Spoke with Dave Dowell about this and he stated that the box sizes are correct at GE.

I went online and found diagrams of batters boxes but with conflicting measurements as to how far the box should extend frontward.

I find the batters boxes at GE to be short on the front side - some diagrams show 3 feet forward from the plate center (at the taper) and some show 4 feet forward from the center line of the plate.

That is a huge difference as far as hitting approach goes.

It's possible that the box dimensions are correct - or possibly placed too far back.

Can anyone clear this up?
May 8, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Reno 60 & 65 teams

Strike Force 65 M (CA) will be there

April 30, 2012
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 2012 Home Run Rule Clarification

G19 - If we can take your word from your last post (directed at SFTF) ever.

We should be hearing no more from you..............

And the board would be better for it !

Do I get an "Amen" out there - from the real softball brethren. The guys that actually care about and play the game.

Not some hack/whack job who's only purpose is to disrupt and destroy the board and those in it. Purely to feed his own illness. There's simply no other conclusion that can be drawn.

April 25, 2012
Topic: Bats
Discussion: reebok bat

BAT WARMERS ? If that is the case (don't use them but have wondered about them) Is the any temperature ratings/readings for when they should not be used?????

We know we can't hit below a certain temperature - we also know that some balls are like pillows when warm - can't possibly be good for the bat during impact either....especially when we are trying to make up for the lack of result with a harsher swing......

Also wonder about bats stored in cargo holds of planes in <-> temperatures with tons of cargo stacked all over and around possibly putting unequal, bending, or twisting forces on a bat at freeaing temps.....can't be for the bats either......

It does seem that come companies are looking for an "edge" not to stand behind their product.

It least with Miken you pretty much understand it could fail within 4 to 30 swings without being surprised. Miken Red averaging about 60 for me.

April 12, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: best sunglasses for softball

I found the Rudy Kerosene glasses to be the best. They come with lenses that can be changed for the light conditions. I like the Racing Red because I found it covered all extremes and have rendered the other 6 colors I bought pretty much useless. The lenses come with a lifetime guarantee in that they can be exchanged for the old ones of $19 so if they get scratched you just order up another set.

That being said they're pretty tough. They were designed for police and service use. While they don't carry a safety rating they are designed to take the impact so you don't have to. I've taken a couple of bad hops that have hit them and I just feel them move but I remained protected. Whithout them probably a broken nose or orbital fracture.

When you watch downhill skiers and bicycle races on TV they are wearing these and they are designed with vents to keep from fogging. The Racing Red gives exeptional clarity without blotting out the world. I've found myself walking indoors with them from time to time and did just fine in a store.

A bonus for me is I have to wear prescription lenses. There is a clip in that fits behind the lenses easily to enable me to use the best glasses available.

Steve Imlay also has had them and loved them - - - until he lost them, so he might offer some further info. So if you found a pair - give them back to Steve!

I'd stay away from twisty or titanium glasses. They are made to move in order to protect the glasses from impact but will fold around your face and not help the wearer. I've seen a couple of gory incidents where all they did was help cut up and damage the player more.

Also you can order the pieces for these and keep the going if/as needed. I keep a set in each car and just use them for every day + have a set ready when getting to the field.

Hope that helps.
April 10, 2012
Topic: Product review
Discussion: new combat centenarian......short

3-4 bats to a tourney is not excesssive. 1-3 gamers - one in reserve of the preferred weight. One BP bat to keep the gamers alive. I've broken 3 bats in a day on the 1st day of a tourney. I do carry different weights for as the tourney progresses, sometimes the 28 does better, sometimes the 30 does better. I will buy a bat rather than take the chance of breaking someone else's gamer.

Bats do break with regularity so it's always a process of rotating from the now broken favorite to the number two bat that has now became the go to bat and it's an ever evolving process keeping gamers at the ready. Some take a short break in to get there - creating the assembly line. Some are hot from the get go but break quickly (Miken Red about 30-60 swings) - a faster assembly line. The more different weights you use the more need be in the assembly line.

It always amazes me to see guys swinging U2's in cold weather BP. But, it's their $$$$$$. It's fun hitting the ball out of sight - but not fun replacing the bats.

April 10, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Over Lap Hand Grip

I also use the overlap/overhand grip and have for 5+ or so years. If I'm base hitting I'll put two fingers on the bat over the lower hand. I'm able to go to the right side as needed but have to be more pitch selective than with the old style grip. I can and do hit line to line but less pull now than with the old grip which for me is a good thing - smarter situational approach especially with my blazing speed to first.

You can still rotate the upper hand forward or back to adjust or keep it out of the air or get more air whichever you need to do. Just like you would with the "conventional".

Once you get used to the grip for awhile if you try and go back to the conventional grip your wrists will feel slow and like a jammed up ratchet wrench. It won't feel natural or smooth at all. I do not hang the lower pinkie or fingers off the bat - I used to by my old pal arthritis would really flare up on the bottom two anchor (bat) fingers so I stopped.

The one thing I constantly try and do on the on deck circle is use more right hand throw when swinging just to loosen up and boost the swing speed. Sometimes I tend to draw too much with the left so try to iron that wrinkle out for three or four good swings before stepping in.

One thing I did notice from was I do not have a high leg lift which I might try to incorporate in real time BP to see how it works out.
April 9, 2012
Topic: Bats
Discussion: New Combat Centenarian 10" barrel

At the moment I'm a few thousand miles away and on a different continent. But - - - I'll be one of the first to vouch for tattoball - he can hit with the best of us and he takes care to be fair to those around him. I have been in his office at the time and talked about bats being evaluated either RA'd or new and upcoming or current stock and trends.

He calls it the way he sees it and has a passion and understanding for the game/sport at all levels. As a player, evaluator of products, players, levels, and testing procedures. He consults with associations, usually at their request.

Is he beyond reproach - nope - none of us are.

But he does know what he is talking about. Especially when it comes to his product line - and most others.

April 6, 2012
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Miken PSYCO

Bruce - that swing weight is really familiar - could this be a rebranded Super Freak?
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