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Aug. 19, 2013
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: St.Louis Sept. 6,7,8

Ontario International is 45 minutes away. Its a Southwest Hub. Flights are usually $100 each way. I'm holding the tournament open til the end of the week. 34 teams so far on an 8 field fully enclosed complex. It is the largest 2 day senior softball tournament in Southern California. 50M have 8 teams right now 55M have 5. This is our 4th year. Details on the site
Aug. 8, 2013
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: looking for a team in SoCal

Ray, Where in So Cal? 15 to 25 guys have batting practice on Mon, Wed and Fridays in French Valley (just north of Temecula). A lot of tournament players are there. Plus we have a senior league on Thursday nights at the same complex. Dont like nights? Then come join us and the other 7 teams that play at BLD in Perris on Monday mornings at a 55 an older league. Some info here:
July 24, 2013
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: 50 Major Plus

One thing you must consider with the off SSUSA tournaments. The venues and if the associations can handle a large influx of teams. You could put a tournament on the calender and find out they only have 4 fields. Things take time gentlemen. We have scheduled our tournaments for 2014 in Hemet where we have reserved a minimum of 6 fields (option for 8) in June of 2013. So those dates and fields are set for the 2014 season already. (see web site for confirmed dates) Temecula and San Clemente are done in September 2013 for the year 2014. But we only have about a 90% guarantee our returning dates are there when we ask for them. We can ask for other times but Youth take priority. If you guys come up with a tentative schedule the venues, the time of the year, possible weather issues all have to be taken into consideration. I think its a great Idea though. If we can be any help with this Jerry for sure will be at the worlds if you need him.
July 24, 2013
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: 50 Major + Western Nationals

Nice to see we are not the only ones that get these questions. Its a good topic to follow. Once again, Dave how you do this is remarkable.
Ron made reference to SPA. On this topic SPA and SSUSA are apples and oranges. SPA for their nationals only has M M+ in one month and AA and AAAs in another month. They do 60s one weekend and 50s and 55s another. M M+ are July and the balance is in September. Plus Ridge doesn't draw anywhere near the teams that SSUSA draws. Remember Ron your comparing what SSUSA does in this weekend to a tournament you attended that was half an event. As for doing a two day. You simply cant do double elimination with the amount of turnout in two days. I find it remarkable they can do it in three. These questions are great but need to be tempered by the amount of teams entered. I know when they are asked the person only considers the team they are on. However the big picture is what has to be looked at. Its fascinating to do a schedule. Its like when I used to do jigsaw puzzles. But then the puzzle pieces never complained about where they put :O)
July 17, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: San Clemente SCSSA

John thanks for the complement. Our tournaments on the west coast (11 per year) are not three day events like SSUSA. You can do a whole lot more with three days and more fields. Nor are they qualifiers. We do one a month for the enjoyment of the guys. The format will always vary with the mix of teams entered. With 24 teams entering this one, only four fields and our guarantee that everybody gets 5 games its a little like stuffing 50 people in a phone booth... whats that? :O) Hope to see you in September. We have a lot of 50M M+ 55M M+ teams signed up. Plus we have 8 really nice fields on one complex to spread out more.
July 16, 2013
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Results of the SCSSA Summer Invitational San Clemente CA

Dofan You and the other 2 teams are collateral damage from a team dropping out on Friday the day before the event. Needless to say it created a big mess. Jerry put together a way to get 5 games in for everybody. Like it or not whether you beat everybody isn't the point. It has to do with us guaranteeing 5 games to everybody. Plus we ran out of time on Sunday. That being the case the final game with Thunder and Kamikaze will be on 9/7/13. Your division was an elimination format not a "RR - best record" so we cant just declare a winner on their record. This info was emailed to Don yesterday. See you in three weeks then on 9/7
July 15, 2013
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Results of the SCSSA Summer Invitational San Clemente CA

Great weather as usual. 100 degrees inland but high 70s,low 80s at the beach. Thanks to all 23 teams that participated

Results at the Beach July 13-14

Division 1
1st Team Rawlings
2nd L.A.F.

Division 2
1st Nighthawks
2nd Fangrabbers

Division 3
1st TB Decided 9/7/13
2nd TB Decided 9/7/13

Division 4
1st Coasters
2nd Monsta 55

Division 5
(Split Division 5A)
1st Top Gun 60
2nd D & K
(Split Division 5B)
1st Old Tough Eagles
2nd OC Mustangs
July 10, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Western National : 50 and 55 Major Plus

Don is correct. The SCSSA puts on 11 tournaments a year at a minimum of 4 fields complexes. (one per month except October) These venues are at or above in quality of the best ball parks in the state. In the four years I have been involved with this organization I can count the fingers on one hand the number of Northern California teams that have made the trip south to do battle with our local tanned warriors.

Not only does the 5 run north and south but the 99, 101 and State highway 1 have southbound lanes as well. Highway 1 is very scenic and you might enjoy the drive. Maybe we'll see some of you sun starved guys down here sometime :O)

Perhaps the Southern California Senior Softball Championships held 3 weeks before "Worlds" would be a good time? More info at
July 8, 2013
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Cal Cup & Western Nationals

I feel like I'm in the middle of a hijacked topic.... But
I cant find the flyer on this event in Mantica so I dont know the exact date. I do know the SCSSA's biggest event of the year is held the first part of September (7-8). Attendance is usually over 35 teams We have 24 teams pre-registered so far and more have given us verbals. Among the pre-registered in the 50M & 50M+ are AZ Elite, West Coast 50, Nazzarino Electric, Rawlings, Studs n Duds and LAF/Diversified. With $500 in CASH for first in each division I think there will be more. We can take a lot of teams as we have 8 very nice fields in Hemet. more info at Good luck wherever you go.
June 30, 2013
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Major Plus

Mango, You know I have a lot of respect for you but....
I cant think of a better way to send Senior Softballers to the golf courses than this suggestion. Where do you recruit your future BLASTERS? Scout the AAs and AAAs for the guys that hit the most outs? :O)

How about this if you want more M+ teams. A team is made up of only 4 payers. Hit off a tee. Anything hit inside the fence is an out. The four outfielders are now called shaggers. That way you can hit home runs till your arms fall off. At the end of the hour the team with the most home runs wins ... yea!

All kidding aside and for what its worth. Last Sunday I watched one of the best M+ games in a very long time. It was AZ Elite and Nazzarino Electric at the SCSSA Wine Country Invitational. The HR rule was 5 HR and an out. 5 runs per plus the open. The teams actually had to play with a strategy. The infielders made major league plays and the game was close in the end. And most games went 6 or 7 innings. Those kinds of games are truly how slow pitch softball should be played. Not everyone trying to hit 500 foot shots that are walks and move the runners up one base at a time.

But that's just me

June 30, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: strike mat width

Out here the measurement of 17" is used in rec. They have a v cut in the mat to match the plate. Without looking I suspect its A.S.A. Here its S.C.M.A.F. Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation. I think is the acronym. If you look on line for a strike mat all you'll find is 17" widths with the v cut in them. Mostly orange in color. To use a mat that is designated for Senior play we had to make ours. If I thought there was a market for a Senior mat Id sell them. But a quick stop at Home Depot, and some ingenuity, will fix that :O)

Hope this helps
June 28, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Batting Practice in San Diego

you'll have about an hour drive but 18 to 25 guys meet every Wednesday and Friday 9:00 AM to noon at Spencers Crossing Sports Park near Temecula. Directions to the park are on this web site click on parks. It will cost you $5 bucks for the month. They use new ROCK balls and cycle them out as they get old. Why? ... Rocks are easier on the bats. Also if you're interested we do a senior league on Thursday nights there too. We just started our summer season. Your welcome to play. Info on the league is on that site as well. Good Luck
June 28, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: San Clemente 7/12,13,14/2013
June 26, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: San Clemente 7/12,13,14/2013

There is one opening for a 60M, 60AAA or a 60AA team in this tournament. If you want in please contact me ASAP. This spot wont last long.
June 26, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: San Clemente 7/12,13,14/2013

As of this morning those divisions are set.

Division #1 50M 50M+

AZ Elite
West Coast 50s

Division #2 55M 55M+

Fan Grabbers
Double Play
Top Gun lll
Studs n Duds

BTW its 13-14

not 12-13-14
June 24, 2013
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Results of the SCSSA Wine Country Invitational

Results of the SCSSA Wine Country Invitational:

With the wind chill reaching 84 degrees 20 teams did battle in the gorgeous Southern California wine country

In the end there were only 5 teams to boast the title of SCSSA 2013 Wine Country Invitational Champion

Division #1 Nazzarino Electric
Runner up Arizona Elite

Division #2 So Cal Knights
Runner up Kamikaze

Division #3 Coasters
Runner up Desert Dawgs

Division #4 (a) West Coast 60
(b) Cal Xtreme

In a more somber note, I was informed this morning that Jerry Smith's Father has past away. Jerry has spoke of his dad with a great amount of love and affection. Im sure he was a great man as he raised a wonderful person of character and ethics in Jerry. I'm proud to call him friend. Understandably Jerry is in a great deal of pain. Wont you all join me in keeping Jerry his two boys and the rest of his family in our prayers.
June 3, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Would like names of leagues and locations that: or 951 805-4746
June 3, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Would like names of leagues and locations that:

French Valley Adult Softball League. or 951 805-4746

Thursdays at Spencers Crossing Park. Just 4 miles north of Temecula CA. All players 55 and up can use Senior bats. 375/44 official SSUSA softballs. Park is 6 months old. 300 foot outfield fence enclosed field. 70 foot bases. Yes we use a screen. Summer season starts June 20th 3013.
May 21, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: French Valley Softball League is now forming their summer season

French Valley softball is looking for players to have some softball fun on Thursday nights. Starting June 20th our summer session begins. This is a great importunity for 45 year old (and up) players to see what senior softball is all about. If you're not going to play pass the word around. French Valley is located just outside the city limits of Murrieta and Temecula California. In the heart of the The Southern California Wine country. For more information contact Tom Jadwin at 951 805-4746 or email him at
May 21, 2013
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Results of the SCSSA Spring Shootout

Results of the SCSSA Spring Shootout in Temecula CA.
Great softball weather. You guys that don't come to southern California are missing a real treat this time of the year. Cool and a little breezy on Saturday but Sunday was absolutely beautiful. 24 teams enjoyed the pleasure of doing battle under clear blue sky's in low 80s temps. In the end there were only 5 top teams. A special thanks to all the teams for your participation.

Division #1

(1) Arizona Elite
(2) Team Rawlings

Division #2

(1) Grants Posse
(2) Sugamele Golf

Division #3

(1) Double Play
(2) Nighthawks

Division #4

(1) Top Gun 60
(2) Venom

Division #5

(1) Cal Extreme
(2) No Guts No Glory

More information on the web site:

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