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Nov. 11, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Why so few AA teams

Just my personal opinion: In short, the equipment makes too many guys long ball hitters now. AA is one homer and then outs after that-------upper divisions more homers and one up rules.

Being honest here, I stopped playing with the kids when I was 42, and took several years off. Played mostly B & C back in USSSA/NSA/ASA days in 80's and 90's.

When i got invited to play with an Over 50 League team, it was nice just to get out and play after work a couple nights a week. My League Team from Ohio made an annual pilgramage to Vegas for Winter Worlds every year in AA (different age groups)

When I first made a trip to Vegas I had no idea what AA/AAA/Major/Major Plus was in SSUSA or any other organization, just knew I was going to a softball tournament, and was happy about that.

My first year in Vegas (2009) Myself and a team-mate were doing everything we could to NOT hit homers over the fence. Didn't have that problem in Ohio with the ball and etc we were using.

Between us we had multiple homers almost every game, wound up coming in 2nd Place in 50AA, but SOOooooomany homers were outs. I personally knocked myself off the All Winter World Tournament Team but having 5/6 homers for outs knock my batting average down too far.

That being said, Myself and my team-mate realized we were not AA players.

My belief is AA is designed to be the "true" recreational softball division now, and the rules are making it to keep home run hitters out of it. I "believe" the ONE homer limit is a TOKEN just incase the wind is blowing out and some guy who never hits homers accidentally knocks one out.

Nothing the matter with AA, I did it in Vegas for two years, games were competitive in Over 50AA----I had a blast, and everybody still plays to win------I too am shocked there are no 50AA's in Phoenix.

Now I play 50AAA and "most possibly" Major next year.

Oct. 30, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Congratulations SF

Fabe: Congrats on winning 50AAA-----Great Job!

Stick8: Just my opinion, Indians owner has to go.

Attendance stinks, nobody really on the roster for the Indians you'd really want to pay and go see. Obviously Indians fans will come out if you put a good product on the field, like the 400++ sellouts in a row a decade ago.

Minor league system is dry of major league ready talent. Used to be one of the best in the Majors, just a couple years ago.

We either have to penny up and get a couple free agents to make a run at the division, which will help sell tickets, which can bring in more $$$ for better players. The Dolan's don't run the team like that.

Just winning early doesn't help Indians attendance as reflected in the last two years. First place both years for a couple months. The fans know we don't have the horses to keep it going for six months though.

I like Francona, don't like his out clause though.
Oct. 29, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Congratulations SF

Stick: Great points, and well said!!!!!

Try being from Cleveland (like me) and waiting for the Tribe to win a World Series.

We have been ahead of the Tigers two years in a row after 60 days though :) It's the other 120 days that kill us :(
Oct. 29, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Congratulations SF

LOL------I thought this was a thread about "Shannon Fence" Softball from Ohio going to 55 Winter Worlds in a couple weeks.

Congrats to the Giants

Can't believe baseball is over, seems like playoffs just started.

If Major League Baseball was the NBA, we'd still maybe be in the first or 2nd series-------NBA takes way too long.
Oct. 29, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Age eligibility... ?

Again---------it would be TOO EASY for tournaments in 2012 to count for 2012---------------not 2013---------that is where some guys get confused.

Your birth year is the age you are eligable.

1963 = (50) 2013
1958 = (55) 2013
1953 = (60) 2013 etc etc etc

its the darn two months the prior year as "first event" of next year that mess people up.

Winter Worlds November 2012, is a 2013 roster tournament.
Oct. 27, 2012
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Ozzie Canseco will turn 49 on July 2, 2013 and will be looking for a 50 and over tournament team to play for.

"THE" Ozzie Canseco?????????

Were you in Mentor, Ohio with your brother, summer 2011 for benefit homerun derby/softball tournament???

Due to the border states rule, what state do you live in???
Oct. 25, 2012
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Take responsibilty

I'm going to go back to the original topic. I bought a bad UII from a softball/baseball specialty store in Ohio back in June.

It was noticably "not right" no cracks or dents, or anything ------but it just seemed dead, not a typical UII. Unfortunately having broken multiple UII's over the past four years I know what they are supposed to act like.

There were multiple topics on this board going on about this over the summer too.

I tried breaking it in over several practice sessions, to no avail, and then stowed it away.

I saw Corky at the SSUSA Tournament in Lansing in August and told him my dilemma. He said if I had a receipt from a certified dealer, (which i did)just go to the Miken web-site, get an RMA# and send it back with copy of the receipt for testing, with a note on why I feel it should be replaced.

I did, and had a new UII (with new serial #'s) on my front porch, delivered from UPS in about one week.

So in my case, Kudos to Miken for replacing mine.
Oct. 20, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: One pitch


I've also heard about some tournaments with weather issues switching to one pitch although I've never played in one? I'm just "guessing" more than a full day of play would have had to be wiped out for that to happen? An advantage would be you could still keep losers bracket moving along I guess, and get the full tournament in????

I have been to huge tournaments, including places like Vegas, where an entire day lost to weather turned tournaments into single elimination.

I remember one year, Friday was washed out. We were supposed to play our first game at 9AM on Friday morning and wound up having to play the first game at 4AM Saturday morning. It was still raining, which forced them to turn the tournament to one and done.

MAN! We brought ten guys to Vegas, two guys didn't get to the field on time for 4AM game-------we won the flip, chose to hit first, scored three, and delayed as long as we could waiting for the other two guys who never showed up. Long way to travel from Ohio for single elimination (and forfeit with a lead).

And single elimination only works if the tournament starts late due to cancellations the first day, and everybody is in the same boat. It can be a nightmare if some teams were already in the losers bracket when format changes to single elimination, depending how the tournament director would want to proceed.
Oct. 19, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: One pitch

I have never played one pitch under normal seasonal conditions, but I have played one pitch MANY times here in Northern Ohio in the Snow.

Mostly in late 80's and early 90's

We used to call them snowball/softball tournaments and the object of the one pitch was to keep games around 30 minutes or so. Before there were the new flourescent green balls we use now, we'd use orange balls in the snow as they were easy to find if they went into a snowdrift.

The March of Dimes used to sponsor a huge tournament in Cleveland (and another in Lake County) that drew a couple hundred teams to several sites on Saturdays (all in one division, double elimination) and then tournament site winners would play championship rounds on sunday.

A couple of years we were even playing championship games inside the old Cleveland Indians Stadium.

It was full rules softball, sliding, etc but ONE PITCH, and we'd get bundled up in anything to keep us warm in January and February. We had to have the right footwear for the right conditions (ice infields, frozen dirt infields or snow covered infields)

Sometimes it was 29/30 degrees and we'd all be soaked if the sun was out, and I remember one year playing along the lake at Gordon Park when it was 8 below zero with a wind chill of over minus 30 (but sunny)

There was even a tournament circuit, as we travelled to Pittsburgh and Buffalo (examples) as a one pitch team in the winter, and also qualified for the Snowball One pitch Worlds in Omaha one season too I think it was 1987?)

It was a blast, and games were pretty quick. I have not heard about anything like this in Northern Ohio in a long long time if they still do it???
Oct. 18, 2012
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: AAA Home Runs

jsheeran" Thanks----you guys have a real nice team, certainly one of the best AAA teams in the upper midwest for sure!!!! (Hitting and Defense & a couple good pitchers too)

I've also played against you in SSUSA in Lansing last year, and somewhere else in the past too.

BTW------"YOU" are one of the best shortstops I (we) have every played against!!!!

Good Luck and look forward to playing against you again down the road!!!
Oct. 17, 2012
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: AAA Home Runs

jsheeran: I am just asking, do you play with KSheeran out of Michigan with Pricer?

I don't agree or disagree with 3 or even if it went to 4 homers in AAA, but if you are part of the KSheeran team, well, that team can hit an awful lot of homers, and have indeed hit them for multiple walks against us in the past. (And lots of them)

I'm just guessing on your log in name----but I've seen KSheeran do the "home run derby" thing themselves.

I am probably more in favor of three and then "one up" as lefty says above.

That would help level the rules if the wind is outbound or playing with a short porch.

You can be at a tournament where one field wind is blowing out and the one behind your backstop is blowing in------

I do not agree with fair balls being outs.
Oct. 13, 2012
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: LV World Tournament Discussion

stick8:------I 100% agree with you, I consider softball tournaments like business trips, take care of business first, then take the rest of the trip as it comes.

I can't speak for everybody who plays softball---------BUT---------I know 100%++-----including multiple guys on one of my teams-------- a lot of softball players go to places like VEGAS Tournaments (World or other) and don't think like us.

Some want to get to the all you can eat buffet or a show, and don't want to be at night games there. The town is open 24/7 but some individuals have different agenda's.

Vegas itself, was a tool to get more teams to come out there for Worlds. Like big conventions do too. More people, more hotels filled, more people bringing $$$$ to spend.

No disrespect to anybody, but if the tournament were in Cleveland (Where I live) Topeka, Fairbanks, Des Moines and a hundred dozen other places, you won't get 450++++ teams there in the fall.

Great Marketing move by SSUSA. Probably could have kept Winter Worlds there too? I am curious to see how many teams come to Phoenix next month as opposed to Vegas Winter Worlds in past years.
Oct. 13, 2012
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: AAA Home Runs

I also want to clarify the instances I mentioned in my posts above were (50)AAA, not 60's
Oct. 12, 2012
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: AAA Home Runs

^^^^5ToolsinOhio and I played in a AAA Tournament in early summer. A team run ruled us and knocked us into losers bracket in the first round-------I don't know how many HR's they hit for walks that (after the one up rule), but it was double digits. THAT DAY they seemed like they belonged in Major?

The next day they lost a game and we played them again, and under nowhere near the same circumstances, and THEN we beat THEM to advance to championship round. Both teams struggled to get to 3HR's late in the game and then it went to the one up rule.

In the Championship Game we got killed, probably lost by 25 runs to another team that had double digit dingers for walks. It was like a merry go round-----it made me dizzy.

That same team in another tournament didn't do diddly with homers. Very nice team, but I think they are in the right place in AAA (just my opinion, overall for entire season?)

There is more to AAA and all the divisions than homers. Our team can get hot and start hitting a homer barage too--------BUT---------we have defensive issues and will go in spurts where nobody can make a play--------& we'd get destroyed in "many" major games, and some other AAA teams I see, would be in the same boat as us.

ALL BEING SAID, I'd like to see a one up rule BUT if you go over the limit and the other team has not matched you yet, then they (HR's) should be outs-------it would help speed up some play
Oct. 12, 2012
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: SSUSA ID CARD question

titanhd: thanks I understand the logic.

Card "looks good" based on dates is a no brainer, but is a 2012 expiring card good for a 2013 tournament being played in 2012????

Maybe I'm getting old, but it would be "too easy" and logical to make 2013 tournaments start after January 1st 2013, when it is 2013, not six weeks before in 2012???

I'm just throwing the question out there, and probably I'll just call SSUSA office since they aren't jumping on here, before a couple guys who are paying their own way to Phoenix (flights and hotels) get there and possibly find out they can't play.

I know, -------the next logical thing is if they can afford flights and hotels why can't they penny up $20 bucks to renew a card?????????????

I don't balance their checkbooks, I just give them uniforms and tournament entry fees. Any of you who have tried to manage 12-17 grown adults on a ball team and give them instruction know what I am talking about-------------sheeessshhhhh!!!

They'll throw a grand $$$$ into slot machines in Vegas and complain about a $20 renewal fee.

I'm also just guessing other teams have some players who also didn't plan on renewing yet, if they even need too. Hence the question.

G19 thanks for watching my back.

Oct. 11, 2012
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: AAA Home Runs

Tuscon: I've seen it in AAA----it happens. Live balls and bats on 300 fences. Guys get hot, pitcher grooving balls, wind blowing even slightly out, guys don't care and swing away because worse that can happen is, its a "walk"

Make those over the limit = outs, you won't see that many or even close.

I love SSUSA, but another association has a lot of tournaments (not all) on 325 fences----which most complexes don't have. 325 fences can equalize a lot of the long balls to equate to long outs.
Oct. 11, 2012
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: SSUSA ID CARD question

So what is the answer on the card?

If a guys card expires 12-31-12, and the Phoenix Winter Worlds is technically a 2013 tournament, is the card GOOD or does it need renewed before Phoenix????
Oct. 11, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Meniscus Surgery Recovery Time?

Going to be 3 weeks ago tomorrow since my surgery.

TONIGHT was the first night I took some swings in practice and tested the knee.

Swinging was OK-----first couple the timing was way off. Haven't touched a bat in five or six weeks. I did wear a knee stablizer!!!!!

I was disappointed trying to run in the outfield. Some tenderness there I didn't think I had from PT, riding the bike, walking daily, weight machines, stretch bands and etc. This was my first "running session" and I know I'm not ready to go to a tournament yet!!!!!! NOT EVEN CLOSE as far as the legs go.

Hitting seemed to be OK, lots of line shots and some long balls in about 25/30 swings.

Doc told me 6-8 weeks so I am starting to believe him, regardless how good the knee feels in general.

My Ohio tournament team is not going to Jacksonville in a few weeks, unfortunately, so I have plenty of time to get ready for 2013 now.
Oct. 11, 2012
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: AAA Home Runs

Doormans Quote>

"We use nuclear powered bats, we hit super balls, we have unlimited pinch runners, plus players get to hit and they dont need to play the field...ever. Obviously the game is geared for hitting HR's. Why do the homerun hitters need another advantage"?

I remember one of my first posts on this board a couple years ago was almost word for word what you wrote. I might have added the word "WHAM-O"

YES, I am a fan of the one up rule too if used correctly.

I guess for tournaments with big brackets, & time schedules to meet, & trying to get the 8:30PM game to start before 11PM-------homers in tournaments over the limit should "probably" be outs to get the game moving.

9 homers over the limit would be the equivalent of three innings of "OUTS" which would either deter teams from hitting at will, or get the games simply over quicker.

Oct. 11, 2012
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: LV World Tournament Discussion

stick8: YES, I can block it out of my mind. I want to win every tournament, even if it's whiffle ball in my backyard.

I'm saying, and my team-mates will be first to tell you and agree, they are going to Vegas for "VEGAS", regardless of winning or losing. They (we've) won tournaments there. We've been two and out, we've been 1-4 and out. We've played all weekend and finished 2nd.

To me 2nd sucks.

In my world, my girlfriend is going to tag along to VEGAS. Not Lansing, Not Dalton, not Indiana, but YES to VEGAS. It cost more $$$$, & luckily I am fortunate to be able to afford it.

I'm guessing a big percentage of teams could care less if they lost in the tournament-----they are in VEGAS. Yes, play to win while on the field. Lose at 6PM, oh well but GREAT, they will get a shower and eat and make the 9PM show.

I've been divorced twice before, and lost lots of $$$$ because I like softball too much LOL. As you get older, sometimes I look over between innings and see girlfriend (not another wife) with head in her palm, watching another softball game.

She cheers, she boos, she's a trooper. Two years ago we played a 6:30pm game which isn't late to me and it was dark and raining. All the wives and girls left us at the field so they could go back to the casinos which was fine. We played ball, they got to enjoy VEGAS a bit until we got back.

I guess I am lucky I've had opportunity to win a lot of tournaments, tons of them, NEVER a World Title which still drives me.

Playing in VEGAS is a tough recipe. Lots of distractions unless you are there solo. Hard to go solo to Vegas because it is what it is, and girlfriends and wives want to go too.

Hard to keep the balance between ball and "vacation" and the vacation part of me doesn't want to be playing at Midnight on Saturday night---But I still want to win a WORLDS before I die, so personally I'll do whatever it takes, but BLESS those ladies who are sitting field-side at all these tournaments on weekend late nights (AND in VEGAS)!!!! and letting us play?
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