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May 23, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Heart of Texas (Georgetown)

Certainly didn't mean to take away from his championship. I would have been proud to win as well. But he was congratulating the organizers on a well-run tournament, and I thought the 65's and 70's got short-changed. For the most part, I enjoy every tournament I go to, but some more than others, This was one of the others.
May 22, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Heart of Texas (Georgetown)

I noticed that no one in the 65 and 70 age groups jumped in here to join in the congratulations. The heavy rains Wednesday night delayed games by 3-4 hours on Thursday. Not the organizers fault. However, the decision to play 5 inning games with batters starting with a 2-2 count (not 1-1 or 3-2) and get everything back on schedule by the end of the day Thursday, put the whole burden of the rain delay on the 65's and 70's,

The seeding of the tournament was a little different, also. Two pool games to split the age group in to two divisions, then two more pool game to seed teams within each division into a single elimination tournament.

I am not saying I won't come back, but I this wouldn't be my preferred way of handling things.
May 3, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Preferred tournament wants, Short replies, please.


It would be interesting to see a detailed analysis of the costs involved: field rental, insurance, umpires, balls, other supplies, publicity, sanction fees, profits, etc. I'm sure there are costs involved that most of us aren't aware off.

It would seem to me that, as in most enterprises, there would be fixed costs involved that could be amortized over more teams at larger tournaments.

I hear a lot of complaints about tournament entry fees. My experience, playing for an unsponsored team, is that my share of the entry fee is a relatively small part of my total cost of attending an out-of-town tournament.

For the recent qualifier in Tulsa, the entry fee was $350. Split 13 ways, that came to $27/player. I spent about $90 for gas, $96 for two nights in the hotel (a real bargain), and about $60 for food for the wife and me. My total cost was about $273, so my share of the entry fee was about 10% of my cost. $10 one way of the other wouldn't have altered my decision to attend.
April 30, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: 70 FT BASES

A couple points with reference to some of the posts above without intending to come down on either side of the discussion:

If you played 6 games over 2 days, batted 4 times in each game, and hit an inside-the-park HR in each at bat (which most would agree is an extreme example) you would have run an extra 480 feet over a two day period. That can't have much impact on one's endurance.

I agree with the strategy of infielders playing at the same depth as with 65 foot bases, but doesn't that negate 70 foot bases as a safety measure and make it more about changing the dynamics of the game?

Crusher, the infields in Tulsa were extremely slow due to the wet conditions. A lot of ground balls were fielded that might not have been on faster infields. By the same token, had the ball been getting to infielders quicker, as it would on dry fields, there would have been an opportunity for even more DP's with the longer bases. I'm not sure how that shakes out, but I don't think Tulsa should be taken as conclusive one way or the other.

April 29, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Preferred tournament wants, Short replies, please.

1. $300-350 for good qualifier. Entry fee is a small % of the total cost (housing, travel, etc.) It's significance gets blown out of proportion.
2. 5 GG
3. 2 days if it can be done without night games, or unless there is a big enough bracket to justify more games (you've spent the money to get there, you may as well play as many as possible).
4. Round Robin
5. Senior bats
6. 44/375
7. 70 ft (play 65AAA, moving to 70's next year)
8. No mixed brackets
9. Qualifer: Team trophy to winner
Major events: Team trophy for top three teams; plaques or jackets for winning team

April 15, 2013
Topic: Website comments
Discussion: Time to change the format of the board

It helps to know how to stay logged in, but it would still be nice to be able to insert links to other sites.

March 25, 2013
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Softball Situation in Oregon

Thanks, Curveball. Good information. I'm sure I've done crazier things than drive 100 miles to play ball, but 100 miles for league ball might be a bit of a stretch.
March 24, 2013
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Softball Situation in Oregon

Thanks to all above for the info.
March 24, 2013
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Softball Situation in Oregon

Wife+daughters+grandkids > than my love of warm weather.

Raised two kids, saw them get excellent educations, and what do they do. Marry Yankees and migrate to Oregon. Go figure!
March 23, 2013
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Softball Situation in Oregon

Can someone fill me in on the senior softball situation in Oregon? I am interested in league play and tournament play.

I am contemplating a move to the Eugene area by early 2014. I will be making a couple of trips to the area this summer and would like to make some contacts for next year while there. I will be eligible for 70's at that time, but still run pretty good and could play 65's if that was the only option.

I have played for Crackerbox out of Arkansas for the last 8 years, but will be playing with the Dallas Spurs 65's this year because Crackerbox moved to 70's.

I am interested in league play and tournament play.
March 20, 2013
Topic: Product review
Discussion: Socks

HJ, I had the same problem a couple of years ago. My daughter, who is a physical therapist, showed me a simple tape job that has prevented a recurrence. I recently found a device called the Tarsal Support Wrap, which simulates that tape job very well, and is much quicker to put on. I use the wrap for practice and league games, but still tape up for tournaments when I am going to be playing all day.

I bought the wrap off a website called, but I'm sure it's available other places as well. Cost about $30 with shipping
March 1, 2013
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Why the low prices on bats?

I think bats are getting to be "fashion items", sort of like running shoes or any number of other items. The manufacturers put new graphics on them, paint them a different color, and peddle them as the next great thing. If something new is coming out, as Bruce opines, I would guess it will be a rehash of something we've already seen.

For our part, we're as bad as golfers, always flocking to the next great thing to give us an edge.

If bat standards mean anything, it stands to reason that it would be increasingly difficult and costly to engineer a bat that is better by more than the smallest of margins and remain within the standards.

For my part, durability has become the deciding factor in future bat purchases. Just as soon as I get my hands on (insert bat of your choice)! :)
Feb. 26, 2013
Topic: Associations
Discussion: SPA UP date

Interesting. Is this to be implemented this year? We just had to split up a team that had played together for years because the majority of the team turned 70, leaving 3-4 69's behind.

I wonder if SSUSA will follow suit. If your team plays in both sanctions, it would be difficult to have different rosters for each.
Feb. 24, 2013
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Baytown Tournament

There was a young (possibly not even 20) fellow working one of the west fields at Baytown that did as good a job as I have seen an umpire do in years. He called three of our games and I never saw him out of position for a call. Excellent game control, also. I hope we are so lucky the rest of the season.
Feb. 24, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: TOC

Too bad we don't have a "Like" button.

Thanks for sharing.
Feb. 19, 2013
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Ultra II bats...may they rest in piece

I am working on my fourth black Centenarian. We hit every day that weather permits and that's pretty often here in TX. I probably got in excess of 2500 swings on the first three. The fourth one is new. I am not a masher, but I have been very pleased with the durability.

I initially bought a 27 oz balanced model because I, too, was accustomed to the balanced Ultra II. After comparing the balanced model to the 27 oz end load, I switched to the end loaded model. It's not an extreme end load, but it just feels like I'm putting more bat on the ball than the balanced model.

I occasionally hit some of the newer bats brought out by others in our group. I think the Centenarian compares well with the best of them and the durability is much better for my purposes.

Feb. 11, 2013
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Substitute runner for the batter

I've played with this rule and I'll start off by saying I never liked it.

We extended the 3rd base line past the plate and made the runner start from there, which had him starting at the back edge of the plate. We threw in an additional rule that, if the batter swung without making contact and the courtesy runner jumped the line, he was out. Didn't happen often, but it discourage the runner from anticipating contact and getting a faster start than a batter ordinarily does.

Like I said, I never liked the rule, but, as a runner in that situation, being able to anticipate the swing is good for at least a couple of steps.
Jan. 27, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Prescription Glasses

I keep a separate pair of single vision glasses for softball. I know plenty of guys who play with their bi-focals, lineless and otherwise, but, in the outfield, it seems like the ball is always passing into the mid-distance/reading area just as it gets to me.

I switched to the transition lenses several years ago because I liked the convenience. The perverse thing about transition lenses, however, is that they don't get as dark in warmer weather as they do in cold. They may not get as dark as you like, or as you're used to, in the summer heat. Mine get as dark as any sunglasses when the temp is in the 50's. I would judge that they only turn about 2/3 as dark when it's in the 90's (or 100's as it regularly is here in the summer).

Jan. 20, 2013
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Combat 52 CAL Frank Henry


How would you compare this bat to an end-loaded, black Centenarian as far as swing weight and feel? Did you buy it for BP because of better durability? I would like to find something very durable that is weighted like the Centenarian for use in winter BP.

I bought a Freak with a warranty last year; it broke just before the warranty was up, so I got a new one for this winter. I guess I can't complain about getting two winter seasons out of one bat purchase, but I'm on the lookout for a replacement.
Jan. 14, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: rotator cuff rehab


It wasn't my intention to disparage postal workers, but looking back that is exactly what I did. I apologize.

The point I was trying to make is that the effort you put into your physical therapy can greatly speed your recovery time and improve your chance of a successful result. Wanting and trying to recover is a big factor in your outcome.
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