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Sept. 25, 2011
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Pitching rubbers

Just looking for comments.
I am a pitcher and I believe they should get rid of the pitching rubbers.
You usually get to pitch up to 5' back anyway, so why keep something that is an obsticle in front of you.
I don't mind getting hit at (I actually like the action) but raised rubbers worry me more than anything. You can't defend against them. Even slow hit balls are dangerous.
My idea is just to mark it with caulk and play ball.
Please lets hear what others have to say.
PS I know the caulk will be gone asap, but I don't know of any pitchers that want to pick in front of the 50' mark anyway, so it shouldnt be a problem.
Sept. 25, 2011
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Changes to the HR Rule - needs more thought

I have never heard of HRs over the limit should be foul balls. I think this is a great idea.
If it is the 3rd strike, are you out? I think you should be.
This is probably the best idea I have heard yet.
Maybe some tournaments will try it.

Sept. 6, 2011
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: I turn 50 in November, am I eligible for Fall League?

Hey Kyller,
You have been eligable all
As long as you turn 50 on or before dec 31, you can play anytime during that year
Sorry you missed your rookie season.
Where do you live?
Sept. 3, 2011
Topic: General and miscellaneous

The p[ost above mine was not there when I wrote my thread. It says about the same thing.
Just we wrote it at the same time
Sept. 3, 2011
Topic: General and miscellaneous

I have never understood why we don't play any night games (besides the cost of lights)
The teams would acutally save money if you charged a bit more and played them on just sat and sundays.
The money you save on missing work and hotel rooms will be more than what lights cost.
We are going to Dalton to play and we will play 2 games on Thursday. To me, this is crazy. You can play this whole tournament Friday - Sunday and probably get more teams.
Just my opinion, but from talking to players, they really don't want to play on Thursday.
I can see maybe the 65-70 age groups playing on Thursday because most of them are retired.
50-55's , alot still have jobs and we all travel alot to play in tournaments.
What does everyone else think?
Sept. 2, 2011
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Age Brackets & Divisions

On an average, how many teams do you have in the Major + division in the tournaments that you go to?
Sept. 1, 2011
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Age Brackets & Divisions

Hey Mario
If a team is not made up of homerun hitters, it doesn't make them a rec team.
We probably averaged 2 hrs a game (if that) last year and had a very good year.
If you have a one up rule, and both teams want to hit hrs, they can hit all they want.
If you make it 4 and one up or 10 and one up, if both teams are BIG hr hitters, it shouldn't matter. Hit all you want.
It only keeps it fair for a team that has good base hitters and good defense to play in the upper division.
Like I said, just my 2 cents worth
and by the way, I am a base hitter, so I might think different than a HR hitter.
Sept. 1, 2011
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Age Brackets & Divisions

I will put in my 2 cents wortth.
I think that you should have just an upper and lower in each age group.
Make the lower 2 hrs and an out
Make the upper 4 hrs and 1-up

IMO, it make it closer to equal than what we have now.

Let the teams classify themselves.
See how it goes, and then move teams if it is too unbalanced or teams are just too good to play down. (after the first half of the year so teams can prove themselves one way or another)

Anything that happens will not make everyone happy, but most people are calling for some kind of change
Sept. 1, 2011
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: mandatory move ups....

I acutally like the 3 win in a year idea if all the tournaments have a good number of teams in it. Anything under 7 teams should not count toward a move up.
I also agree that anyone can get "lucky" and win one tournament. It happens all the time and is not fair to get bumped up because of that one weekend.

Sept. 1, 2011
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: mandatory move ups....

I would like to hear comments from other players on this .
here are my thoughts.

Senior softball moves teams up because they win one tourney or have a good year. Teams need to win consistently for two years to have to move up. This way a when you build a team you can play together for a couple of years in the division you want to. In the senior level, all sorts of things happen to players, teams etc. injuries, moving up an age group, retirement, death, all sorts of things that change a team for year to year or even month to month. I have talked to many players from many teams and most have the same opinion and it seems that if you have a good year or maybe just win a BIG tourney, you are moved up and then have to play the next year and get killed all year long. This is NOT fun for players and makes teams break up most than necessary.

Please list some suggestions here and myabe the associations will get some good ideas.

Mine is to move a team up aftert 2 years of winnning.
or just let teams play where they want to, HR limits will keep most teams in the division they need to play.
Sept. 1, 2011
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Another thought on home run limits

What if all the divisions had the one up rule?
This way if you team doesn't hit many homeruns, then it doesn't matter either way, but if two teams hit more homeruns, it makes them happy also.
If we would make all the limits with a one up rule, then we would not have as many 3 team tournaments (which we had 2 weeks ago in B'ham). My opinion is that most AAA teams wouldn't mind playing major teams if it was a 3 hr and one up limit, and would be a little better for the major teams. This being said, all after the limit would be outs.
Just my 2 cents worth.
Brett Cooper
Monster # 36

Aug. 25, 2011
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Who was disappointed in Birmingham the way the tourney was run?

Hey Rightrj1...
We actually went by the Jasper fields on the way home.
Hope you are not an
There are REAL rough looking and the foul lines are come to about ONE foot from the foul line.
They also slope way down toward the outfiel fences.
We didn't play on them, but by the way they looked then, they are not too special.
Having said that, they might have them in GREAT shape for your tourney.
There is a nice lake and pavalion there, but.....

Hope this helps.

PS WATCH out for JASPER police, the road off 78 goes to 45 real quick.
Good luck
Aug. 25, 2011
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Who was disappointed in Birmingham the way the tourney was run?

I play on a 50 major team and just came back from playing in Birmimngham.
Here are a few things that were wrong with the tournament that could easuly have been fixed.
1. no scoreboards
2. a 3 team tourney lasted three days
3. the 3 major teams had to play each other in the RR (11 teams total with the AAA teams) We should have played other AAA teams so we could play different teams. It is crazy to have to play a team 3 times (and maybe 4) in a 3 team tourney.
4. no tournament tee shirts (was told home office didn't get them in time)

The director was asked if we could finish it on Saturday (by all 3 teams) and he said he had no say so in it. It all comes from the home office.
He changes things if the weather gets bad, so he should be abkle to make a smart decision and NOT have a 3 team tourney last 3 days.
We could have come and played on Sat and Sunday and noone would have minded, but to have to stay another night for no reason is just a waste of money.

OIf this keeps happening, there won't be any major tournaments left and teams wil lhave to break up to play.

This is my 2 cents worth, please leave your opinions.

Brett Cooper
Monster 36
July 10, 2011
Topic: General and miscellaneous

Moster Softball from Memphis TN will be there
We are a 50's team
May 19, 2011
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Any teams playing July 4th weekend in the Busch in Little Rock, Ar?

Hey teams
Who is going to the Busch Classic this year?
It is in Little Rock, AR on July 4th weekend.
Last year was the first for the senior division.
Monster softball was the first champion.
We are looking forward to defending our championship.
We are going back this year and I was wondering if any teams from this board were going.
We always love to play new teams at new tournaments.
It has always been a huge tourney and now they are bulding the senior division.
Brett Cooper (Monster #36)
Feb. 14, 2011
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: TOC T ime O f C old

The following things did not make us lose any games. This is just my opinion to help make things better.

This was my first year to play in the TOC. I have been running tournaments and playing in them for many years like the rest of the players.
Here is a few suggestions for the future.

1) TOC needs to be played in same year you qualify in ( maybe week after Thanksgiving)
2) have scoreboards working for a TOC (Not too much to ask for a TOC and a high entry fee)
3) have it on a decent complex
4)Put in 2 new balls per game. We had to ask for a new ball to start 2 of our games (doen't cost that much more to do this)
5) Make the banquet good for the players. Have it inside and don't try to make alot of money off the players ($5 per beer) Senior softball makes good maoney throughout the year, this tournament should be for the players. Breaking even on this banquet should be the goal, not to make money)

If we qualify, we probably will come back because we love to play,I will just look forward to it more if some changes are made.
Jan. 2, 2011
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: 2011: Ways to Save in SSB!!!!

When you uses priceline or hotwire and you need two beds, mark 3 people in room. They will automatically give you a room with 2 beds.
Just a little trick to use.
Dec. 19, 2010
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: How many guys have had the pleasure of playing with their son(s)?

My son started at the ball park when he was only 3 days old. He probably saw me play 150 games a year while growing up.
When he was 18, he started playing with my team. We played together for 5 years and then I went to play for another team without him. It was not as much fun. I am going to play for his team in 2011 when I am not playing 50/over ball. It is a blast being able to play on the same team as your son. Just a little FYI, A team that he was on finally got a win over a team that I was on. It was one of those OMG
I was a rookie on the 50/over last year with Monster softball from memphis TN
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