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Discussion: USSSA, Milwaukee

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Aug. 6, 2007
Men's 50
3114 posts
USSSA, Milwaukee
Home again from the war, finishing both 3rd and 1st.
How's that possible you ask?
Well, we, the Old A's, were the only team to show up
in the 60 and over major plus diviision and were awarded
the championship.
Then, we played down in the 55 and over major arena
and finished 3rd.
U-trip is cool, though.
1 and 1 count.
6 and 10 arc.
56 foot rubber.
My favorite rules to play by.

The fields sucked.
The balls sucked.
The weather was OK.
The officiating was OK.

I'm starting to think that given the unsatisfying way
some of these far away tournaments go down,
that we, in NorCal, the largest and most competitive
regional association in the country would be better served
just concentrating and playing in our own arena.
We have the best players in the country who actually come from
all over the country reflecting California's immigrant demography
And if Ken Lupinsky and Gary Tryhorn got together
we could run a NorCal/SoCal, North/South kind of thing
that would produce
the most competitive tournaments in the nation
taking advantage of the natural rivalry that already exists.

There would be/can be
no true national champion without California's participation
and maybe it's time to come home and regroup.
Aug. 6, 2007
Men's 65
4459 posts
Some of us would have figuted the 3\1 deal, Been there.
Was that 56' mound the extream or the only one. We use 50-56 most places. And 0-0 count to start. Pitch height I can live with any .
As for the ncssa, they might (WOULD) have to add a board like this ( which they tried but closed it) Bob could still delete as here, but this board is the best run out there.
I'm on 3 but usually only viewing now. Primary board is here.
I think your right about doing some bigger ones, that was my goal, but they want too much control on where and when, & the teams play. That's one reason they wouldn't post mine. ASA is also somewhat now involved in their know that. But as for using the bats there is not worry, YET.
Aug. 6, 2007
489 posts
could you drop me your email i have a couple of questions for you? i am from don clatterboughs team.
spicer / turn two
Aug. 6, 2007
Men's 60
2838 posts
einstein, I agree with you opinion of the USSSA Sr. Nats. except for

"The officiating was OK."

Some umpires didn't have a clue at to what 6' and 10' are. I can't recall any blown calls in the field but balls and strikes weren't consistant.
One more thing about the umpires. The UIC did his best to bait our catcher into being thrown out of the game. Our catcher was called out twice on a called last strike, both were questionably under 6'. The umpire (also UIC) then kept badgering our catcher. Thank goodness our catcher didn't reply anymore to the umpire's remarks.
As for balls, the Super Gold Dots held hrs to a minimum.
The fields were dry and the outfield had a nice stand of grass but underneith were many ruts.
The hotels were expensive as the state fair was also in town.
I was also surprised that there weren't awards given for all tournament team selectitons.
One biggie was not water in the dugouts. It was, however, nice to have beer in the concession stand. :)
There also weren't any souvenir tee shirts available.
On the upside, they did give away some beer and sandwiches to players. Thanks to whoever furnished them!
Aug. 6, 2007
Men's 60
224 posts
G19 - Yes
Aug. 6, 2007
Men's 60
2838 posts
According to the tournament pkg at

First place should have received "team award, individual awards, best bat, best glove and MVP."
Second place should have received "team award, individual awards, best bat and best glove."
Third place should have received "team award."
Also, additional awards, 16 All Tournament awards and Home Run award.
These were promised to each division within each age bracket.
What happened Utrip????????????
Aug. 7, 2007
Men's 60
224 posts
G19- I tried to be as concise as I could in my earlier post. I only used one abbreviation and one woerd. It now seems that you need a more expanded explanation of why you are wrong again.

Sports writers and commentators, and yes, even players, commonly use war terms to describe sports competition. It's simply part of the vernacular and no direct comparasion is ever intended. There was an excellent article written by Bob Wolfley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal a while back that you should read. Here are several excer[ts.

"Speakers and writers always have borrowed from the language of real warfare to explain, define, illustrate and compare in sport. Just because an act of war came to our shores does not mean war terms, metaphors of war or war language should be expunged from all conversation and writing about games."


"All metaphors are exaggerations, including those borrowed from warfare. It doesn't trivialize real war to use terms of that arena's experience in the arena of games.


"Common sense tells you that someone who compares a game to a war is not inviting the reader or listener actually to think war and sports are fundamentally alike"


"What, so now a writer or speaker, referring to a sporting event, can't use terms like "sudden death," "bomb," "attack," "killed," "weapons," "bullets," "trenches," "chink in the armor," "crash and burn," "search and destroy," "warrior," "war," "scout," "hero," "explosiveness," "howitzer," "cannon" "enemy," "dogfight," "blitz," "troops," and "firepower" because war visited our shores on Sept. 11?
You're stuck somewhere between naive and unreasonable if you insist that these terms should or will go away if we can just close our eyes, click our heels and return to Kansas."

We're quite prous of our local college footbal team's "Desert Storm" defense and not a soul seems offended by that nickname drawn from an actual war.

Being literal all the time, for example your "snowbird" rant, doesn't lead other members here to presume any higher level of intelligence on your part. Probably the contrary. Give it a rest before your posting privileges suffer the same fate here that they have over on

Aug. 7, 2007
Men's 60
224 posts
G19- Couple of suggestions

1. Re-read my prior post (carefully this time)
2. Look up the word "metaphor" in Webster's

Aug. 7, 2007
Men's 60
224 posts
G19- Just for you -

“Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error” -- Marcus Tullius Cicero (circa. 45 BC)

That's a truism that has stood the test of time, over 2,100 years. To paraphrase a beer company slogan, "It's Mirror Time" for you!
Aug. 7, 2007
the wood
1113 posts
Do we know each other? I like the way you think.
'Desert Guy' conjures up an AZ image in my mind... surely we have crossed paths.
Aug. 7, 2007
the wood
1113 posts
Gary, don't flatter yourself. My point to DG was about his style, not who he was 'speaking to'.
I'm truly interested in whether I know him or not... as long as I don't compromise his anonimity.
Aug. 7, 2007
Men's 60
224 posts
Thanks Wood. I don't think we've met yet, other than thru the written word. Yes, I do live in AZ, near Tucson, and play for a 60-AAA team from here. We play in the Southwest tourney here in December, the qualifier in Phoenix in Ferbruary and we'll give the World's a go this fall in Phoenix. That and a couple of league nights each week.


PS- G19, with your 700 posts, I don't have the time or the desire, and the others here don't want to read a post that would be that long, to detail your mistakes. Suffice it to say that they are numerous and reduntant. The most common one is your persistence in thinking that you have something of merit to write on almost every single topic here, compounded by something that you refer to mistakenly as a "closed society". Just because you are on the outside looking in on the vast majority of your posts doesn't postulate that anything is closed. It would be like me flooding a medical professional's message board. I know virtually nothing about what I would write there, and to persist in doing so would truly make me look like the 'idiot' Cicero refers to. Take note.
Aug. 7, 2007
Men's 50
3114 posts
I can't tell you how many guys came up to me in Milwaukee
to say what an complete jerk you are
and either you've got brain damage or a personality disorder
or you need your ass kicked.
You've done it again.
You've hijacked our board and it's time
for the powers that be in SSUSA to stand up and be counted
or sink and allow this board and community to sink
to the pathetic level that G 19 takes us to.

You can't hide, Fran, Dave, Chris and Terry.
it's not him anymore but you, who have the power
and are to blame if you allow him to continue posting.

It will be a failure in responsible leadership if
you guys don't step up and remove this malingering, malcontented
pest from our community.

No reasonable person or community should or would put up with his
self-centered, ignorant, bothersome nonsense.
Not any more.
Not after everyone has tried to reach him.

It's time to step up, guys.
It's your turn at the plate.
Aug. 7, 2007
Men's 55
462 posts

In previous threads, you have suggested that you do not participate in tournament ball, but just play in the local leagues around Cleveland. You have said you feel you get a better bang for your buck. To each his own, but why then do you constantly feel the need to comment on how the tournaments are titled and how the rules are enforced. It doesn’t concern you. If you actually played in the tournaments you would then have a legitimate platform to beef about it, but since you prefer to stand off to the side when others participate you really don’t have any say in how things are legislated. For the sake of your own sanity, you should stop the rants.
Aug. 7, 2007
Men's 60
2838 posts
Gary 19 et al, how about not hyjacking threads of others! Carry your discussion to a new thread and stop diluting einstein's on the USSSA nationals.
Aug. 7, 2007
Men's 60
241 posts
Gary 19,

You remind me of a hacker. Not softball but a computer hacker. You attack good and bad indiscriminately. You give us something we don't want (your opinion). It has no value (relevant fact). You wont go away (you're an expert on every topic). The only thing we learn is that we don't want to deal with you again. Maybe you are a nice guy but can't you take a hint?

If this puts me in your so called society so be it. I read enough of your posts to know about you. Competition is what it is at the major and major plus level. You can demean it if you wish. You sure talk the talk but have you walked the walk?

Sorry to Einstein for getting away from the topic.

Bob Schulz
Aug. 7, 2007
Men's 50
3114 posts
Here we go again.
This guy has already cost us valuable time and space
away from authentic community concerns and he's at it again.
This meassage board and our community sink
with every word he's allowed to post.
You, SSUSA Staff, are allowing and will be responsible for this forum
becoming a joke, a laughing stock, at best
and a malcontented ranter's paradise.

Get a clue guys.
This guy is bad news.
Nothing he says has any meaning.
What he means to do is belittle and top dog everyone
and every argument.
Does he/will he speak or take up his argument, man to man
off line like someone would who was seriously interested
in persuing conflict to resolution?
Hell, no.
Gary 19 is a masturbator
who is clowning us.
And deserves to have his ass kicked
only he won't show up, like a man
and get off the board and deal one on one.

I guess if SSUSA staff don't have what it takes
to get rid of this guy
then we have to let them know
what we want and expect them to do.
Give 'em a call.
Email or post.
And let's move to help return the forum
that SSUSA has provided for us
back to us, all of us,
to use and have to enhance and not dimiish
our spirits and well being.
Aug. 7, 2007
Men's 50
69 posts
Gary 19, Why do you comment on something you don't Participate in? You haven't played enough senior tournaments to have a good opinion.
Aug. 7, 2007
Men's 55
563 posts
i'll tell you why
because no one ask him to play in tournament anymore!
Aug. 8, 2007
Men's 50
69 posts
Gary 19, Why did you quit playing and what is with all this hostility?
Aug. 8, 2007
Men's 60
224 posts
After this post, this topic and the one about MY TEAM BROKE UP will have around 80 replies combined. But I'm a bit of a gambler, so the over/under on the totals reaching 85 are pretty remote. Ssusa should, very sadly, kill these threads and send ANOTHER message to those that corrupt the system with off-topic replies, personal bickering and a generally poor showing of maturity by people that are acting like 5 year olds instead of elder statesmen for a game we love. Truly sad.
Aug. 8, 2007
Men's 55
556 posts
I don't post in this kind of posts, but aganist my better judgement I will this time I only post on softball items.
i was in vietnam I saw war first hand at one time I was almost afraid to get close to anyone because I was losing so many of my friends in this war. One of my best friends in softball is elmo that posted and you came back rudely like many of your other post.
I still have friends from my service days but they are not the same as the ones I have all over the country from playing softball in these 5 team tournament that you don,t seem to like. I play the uper level because I love the head to head battles I have with teams like Sportplex, MacII, Pineknob, fla. crush just to name a few and have made friendships like Elmo, Pat Mccellem, Winky blackman, ridge Hooks, Bruce of Ga Fairchildto name a very few .when I go and play these teams there is a softball "War". some of the games are battles It not the war where I lost some good friends it is one that I make new ones, that I will carry on and on looking forward to see them again I hope you can see some of my points of view. I am not saying you are wrong or right it just your opinion and i respect that.
But if you want to talk war Email me I can talk all you want to. But no one on this board wants to because its a softball board. I will pray your son come back safe, but it out of our hands, I was one of the lucky one I came back to live a full live,
Don Ward
Aug. 8, 2007
Cognac Lite
Men's 50
32 posts

I hope you are doing well this afternoon. I am sure that recognize the words in quotations. Therefore, skip that and please continue to the next paragraph.

" suppose I could bend and live with someone calling some actual, grueling activity "war". But slow-pitch softball, especially the way Seniors play it? With courtesy runners? And run limits? And the maddingly slow pace that Seniors get on and off the field? And 5 teams in a bracket? Uhhhhhh, I don't think so."

A struggle or competition between opposing forces or for a particular end. That sentence is one of Merriam-Webster's definitions of the word WAR. By that definition, a game of checkers could be consider a war.

I would like to know a little about you if I may. I don't like to make assumptions' therefore, I am going to throw some things out there for you. Questions: Are you just a controversial kind of fellow? Why do you dislike Senior Softball? Why are you against runners? Are you against the base burglar in ISA? The young uses that player.

If you don't mind, please respond. I would love to read what you have to say.
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