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Discussion: 40 and Over Program

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Oct. 18, 2011
7 posts
40 and Over Program
With the ever growing 40 and over program SSUSA staff is going to have to start paying a lot more attention, It would be great if they had a commitee or a group to review the 40 rosters and used other associations ranking for the 40 program. There should be no B and below players playing in the AAA level, if a major team has more then 3 major players from another associations list they should play MAjor +, this would help grow the upper and also help the AAA stay competetive. I dont think the new rule of all new players automatically being put a major tag is fair either, I think all teams should turn in a 20 person roster at the begiining of the year and all rosters are approved at that time. Also they may want to start looking at making the lower 40 teams all be from the same state, this will allow most teams to be competetive throughout the year. just my two cents.
Oct. 18, 2011
2 posts
#1 asking teams to turn in a 20 person roster at the beginning of the year is re-damn-dic-ulas. Stuff happens over the course of 12 months. The team on the list you start with will never be the team you end up going with. and #2 I don't disagree with all you have said here and this is only my first year playing BUT what the heck does having players from other states on your team have anything to do with what level you play? That is just silly! Just sayin
Oct. 18, 2011
7 posts
I'm not saying you have to stay with those twenty guys but put a limit on moves, at least you can control some of the moves and make the players all qualify for worlds, also keeping players from one single state will help financially strapped teams compete, in the AAA program you had some teams with plYers from several states playing, at least it will keep teams in lower division competitive, Let's say a team from California is flying players out from Washington and Florida then they should have the money to compete in the upper division, like I said it is only my opinion.
Oct. 18, 2011
Men's 55
382 posts
SSUSA are experts at this kind of stuff and will hear your ideas. Keep describing in detail the thoughts you have. Nobody wants goofy restrictions and rules, just the most sensible and fair policies to allow this program to explode! Done right I believe it will. The "right" way will always reveal itself and has to be fairly simple and not costly to administer. I want to believe there are thousands of 40's out there that will love this game! And hundreds in my state alone.

Wouldn't bother me a bit if all teams had only players within their state, or maybe a limit of two or three from a bordering state. Hell most of the AA & AAA are all one-state teams anyway.

Oct. 18, 2011
Men's 50
821 posts
If any team, regardless of age has the funding to bring in players from non-bordering states, they should be in the highest division possible.

This new rule should be thrown out even at the Major-plus level. There are many teams that are playing at the this level with little or no sponsorship that are being forced to compete with teams that have a large budget, however few there may be.
Oct. 19, 2011
magic #25
Men's 40
14 posts
Hello all, Our team has out of state players and SSUSA registered them to my team like all others. This was done at the beginning of the season NOT JUST WORLD ADD ONS!!!!

We played all scheduled tourneys together and became ranked AAA by SSUSA as a TEAM not individuals. We play fair and honest not trying to sandbag period!! Also Most teams fly in for these tourneys anyway so what difference does it make where you start from?

Bottom line if Softball is your hobby and have the financial ability to play, should you be discriminated on becouse you live in a state without any 40's teams?

By the way we finished worlds with a record of 3-3.
Oct. 19, 2011
Men's 40
11 posts
Hey Guys, I have been trying to land on a team with 40 and over.. I come to play and softball is my passion and hobby and financial is NOT a problem in fact that I always traveling to play ball.. I will be play in Palm Springs in Dec 9th toys for tots.

I live in Arizona.. anybody got room for one player to join that's Me, lol!!
Oct. 21, 2011
7 posts
Im just throwing out ideas, the 40 program is going to grow, I see and hear of more and more teams forming, SSUSA is going to have to start paying attention and things need to be in place so they dont get out of control. If you have the funding to pay for players to fly you should play at a higher level. AAA should be for more of the rec teams, AAA should be for teams that would qualify as an E or D team in Utrip or NSA, Major should be for C and B caliber teams and major plus should be for A and higher caliber teams. Didnt the two AAA teams in Phoenix have players that played at B and above in USSSA this year? Didnt 1 team show up with players from a very competetive major Team? Did these players play any events throughout the year with thier team? just thoughts that were throwing out there, according to the current rules I can have a team full of USSSA major players and still play in the major division, does that seem like fair competition? Like I have said these are just my opinions.
Oct. 22, 2011
Crazy Joe
10 posts
well ill give my to sence their should only be upper and lowers to many great players in 40s we spent $5000 to go play and only have 2 teams in our bracket how fun is that unforgiven vs jk.their where many team out their with high chip players.I think all 40s should stand up to ssusa being that we support their program
Oct. 22, 2011
Men's 50
271 posts
I am glad the 40+ is growing but am curious to see where it is headed 10 years from now.

I live in Greater Cleveland which was a softball HOTBED from the 1950's through the 1990's.

It seemed every community had multiple leagues, every night of the week and weekends. Leagues had waiting lists each year, and the best teams moved around trying to form the BEST leagues every couple of years.

Just being honest-----There aren't many UNDER 40 and certainly fewer under 30 guys playing anymore------Some play on Co-Ed teams---most local mens leagues have folded and some cities have NOTHING anymore.

I actually live in Mentor, a city of 50,000 that used to have two weeknight leagues with 8 teams each and had to turn away applicants each year. One league folded in the late 90's and the other one kept going to about 2005 and then "bit the dust" Our county has 220,000 people and being honest----there aren't four weeknight mens leagues total in the entire county anymore, and one of those is for us seniors. I'll say in 1995, there were at least 14 mens leagues (weeknights) in our county---and several dozen tournament teams. I don't think there is even TWO tournament mens teams left here at all (not counting guys playing senior ball)

My point being, thank goodness there is senior softball because there are limited opportunities to play anymore-----the sport died with the younger crowd, at least here in Ohio.

And that is my concern to see where 40+ goes in a few years because we need the younger guys to come up and keep it going. I just think as time goes on, senior numbers will dwindle, and dwindle considerably!!!!!

We might be in an era of "as good as it gets" so we might as well enjoy it while we have it!!!!
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