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May 4, 2018
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Get rid of the 1-1 count


Quality is subjective, based on each person's expectations heading into a tournament. I'd argue that most players define a quality tournament on field conditions, umpiring, scheduling and whether or not the tournament stayed on time.

Heck, some people might have left Las Vegas 0-5 on the ballfield, but up $5,000 at the blackjack table. To them, that was a high QUALITY weekend.

On the other hand, the percentage of people that grade a tournament based on the number of pitches actually seen vs the number of pitches potentially seen is extremely low.

SSUSA's decision to consider alternative pitch counts (1-1 with a courtesy, 1-1 without a courtesy and 0-0) was driven by your peers and their stated desire to play 7 inning games (i.e. QUALITY). SSUSA entertained modified pitch count conversations only after the players spoke.

Two months into the season, 98% of the games using a 1-1 count have resulted in your peers getting exactly what they asked for (7 inning games).

May 4, 2018
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA Policy Clarification

The best advice anyone can offer is that you to call the office during normal business hours. Be prepared to provide your name and specific information relative to the questions you are asking.

April 29, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Cape Coral Updates

50 / 55 Platinum FINAL-
1. RBC Wealth Management
2. LeMay Contracting
3. No Shows

1. Vecter Scorpions 50s
2. Wise Guys
3. Miami Canes

Thanks to the teams for coming out to support this new qualifier. I appreciate all of you-

Tim McElroy

April 29, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Whaaaat Happened ?

Refresh your page, TOMAR77. I am able to see the full results.
April 29, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Cape Coral Updates

65 / 70 Platinum FINAL
FL Venom defeated Who's on First in the "IF" game.

50 / 55 Platinum update
RBC Wealth Mgmt (unbeaten) is playing LeMay Contracting in the championship now.

50 AAA update
Vector Scorpions 50s are playing Wise Guys in the championship now.

It is sunny and 75 here in southwest Florida today : )

April 29, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Cape Coral Updates

Sunday Updates-

65 / 70 Platinum:
Venom 70s and Who's on First 65s are going to the IF game.

60 / 65 Silver FINAL:
1. Ted Todd Insurance 60s
2. FL Blue 65s

50/55 Platinum:
RBC Wealth Management is undefeated, waiting on the winner of LeMay Contracting and No Shows.

50 AAA:
Vector Scorpions 50s are undefeated, waiting on the winner of Wise Guys and Miami Canes.

April 28, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Cape Coral Updates

40/50 Platinum results

1. One Payment 5-0
2. Adidas 50s. 3-1
3. Adidas 40s. 2-2
4. .40 Cal 1-3
5. Bamm Tank. 0-4

Congratulations to One Payment!
April 28, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Cape Coral Updates

65/70 Platinum
FL Venom vs Who's on First

60/65 Silver
FL Blue vs Ted Todd Insurance

50/55 Platinum seeding
1.RBC Wealth Mgmt
2. LeMay Contracting
3. No Shows

50 AAA seeding
1. Vector Scorpions 50s
2. Wise Guys
3. Miami Canes
April 25, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: 2018 TIDEWATER CLASSIC, etc.

I will take the blame for this one, folks. I carried the paperwork from VA Beach home with me and failed to ship it out to CA the next day.

SSUSA isn't sitting on the information or being intentionally "lazy" with it. They simply haven't received it. 100% my fault.

I'm sure there is a "Yeah, but..." coming. SSUSA hears you loud and clear. Please trust that we are working on a total business solution.

Tim McElroy
April 25, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: SW Championships

That is a first class move on the part of the Sommerville team.
April 24, 2018
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Cape Coral Tournament

gman67- the Cape Coral schedule is posted in the tournament section of this website.
April 22, 2018
Topic: Tournaments

Thanks to all of the teams that participated in Virginia Beach this week. We greatly appreciate your support and hope that you enjoyed the tournament- Tim, Cal and Joe-


1. Wilson’s Boulevard / Power Up
2. Color By Design / Shield Consulting
3. Live! Casino

1. Straight Gas
2. RV Carey’s / Walkoff

50 AAA
1. Team 757
2. Finance of America
3. Central PA Cavemen

1. Carolina A’s
2. Omega QSE
3. Woodlawn Funeral Home

50/55 SILVER
1. Diamond Elite
2. DHF Contractors
3. Longshoremen

60 Major
1. Triangle Masters
2. Promotion
3. Frederick Chevrolet

60 AAA
1. Crossfit / RDU
2. Reality Check
3. Long Island Jaguars 60s

60 AA
1. Syracuse Cyclones
2. Starboard / OTS

1. Carolina Cobras
2. No. Virginia Force
3. NJ Hittmen

65 AAA
1. Long Island Jaguars / Red
2. Talaga Construction
3. Long Island Jaguars / White

April 11, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Loudon County, VA

The short answer is No.

The longer answer is- There are still 2 weeks left until the registration deadline for the Loudoun County tournament. A high percentage of entries come in the final days, so any announcement on a Friday / Saturday start for the 40s would be premature.

My unofficial communications with coaches suggest that there will be 10-12 teams entered in the men's 40s and 6-7 in the women's 40s that weekend.

April 10, 2018
Topic: Women's softball
Discussion: Looking for a team 40+

SGE17- Send me an email. I can help you get started with SSUSA player registration and will try to connect you with some teams and area directors.


April 8, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Schedule

Swing14: Dave's suggestion that you stay near Boulder Highway is a good one, particularly if you play in AAA or another of the large divisions. With only 3 days to complete the tournament, it is likely that seeding games will be scheduled horizontally- with teams then hustling to another park to get the brackets started.

April 6, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: SCHEDULES: Frederick County Classic

Here is what I've learned as a director:

Play in questionable conditions and you are only in it for the money and don't care about player safety or the money the sponsors put out.

Cancel the tournament (and throw money away) and you are a fool that should have known better.

Thanks for the support, Reid.
April 5, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Weather

brhodes27- I promised an update by 11:30am and missed by 6 minutes. My apologies.
April 5, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: SCHEDULES: Frederick County Classic


With a bleak forecast (rain, snow and low temps) for Friday night and Saturday, I have decided to POSTPONE the Frederick County Classic. I was on the fence trying to make a decision until I was reminded that field maintenance activities would not be permitted if there was any visible sign of precipitation (i.e. snow or puddling) on the fields. This decision won't be popular with everyone, but I think that it is the correct one for most people. With at least 1/3 of the teams traveling from distances of 3+ hours to attend, I couldn't take that chance.

Fun Fact:
This weekend's snow will be the first time since 1924 that Maryland received measurable snow in the month of April.

Future Planning:
The Frederick County Classic is (was) a first year event and we had 23 teams lined up to play, which is encouraging. The date is obviously a good one and we offer a centralized location. Frederick County, Maryland has a number of restaurants, breweries, wineries a minor league team and a number of Civil War tourist attractions that are sure to give you a memorable weekend. When you're putting your team's 2019 schedule together, keep this event in mind.

Reschedule date:
I am working with the parks office to identify a 2018 reschedule date. I hope to have that information to you within a week.

Hotel cancellations:
Our host hotel- The Best Western Historic Frederick is waiving the standard cancellation fees if you call the hotel directly (301-698-2500).

Refunds and transfers:
Managers should respond to this message to confirm whether you would like a refund on your money, or have the funds transferred to another SSUSA tournament. Your communication on this matter should be sent via email to-

Tidewater Classic:
Registration for the 2018 Tidewater Classic officially closed yesterday. In light of this tournament cancellation, SSUSA is extending the Tidewater deadline to 12:00pm on Monday (April 9th) giving mid-Atlantic teams some extra time to make a decision.
Call SSUSA directly- 916-326-5303.

Upcoming SSUSA tournaments:
Tidewater Classic (April 20-22 in Virginia Beach, VA)- registration extended to 12:00pm on April 9th
Atlantic Coast Championships (May 18-20 in Sterling, VA)- registration closes on April 24th
Crabtown Classic (June 2-3 in Glen Burnie, MD)- registration closes on May 17th
Quad-State Shootout (July 14-15 in Westminster, MD)- registration closes on July 1st

Thank you very much-

April 4, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: SCHEDULES: Frederick County Classic

NY- you haven't been forgotten.


I am continuing to monitor the weather here in Frederick County, Maryland and wanted to provide an update.

Many of you have contacted me to express concerns about the forecast for the weekend and I agree that the forecast doesn't look promising. That said, the weather forecast for this past Monday called for 3-5" of snow in Frederick (we received none) and today's forecast was for an 80% chance of rain (we received only a brief shower). I was at the park this morning and saw no puddles on the fields. The winds are drying up any soft spots.

I am aware that there are teams driving from a long distance- and in some cases, flying to participate in this tournament. I am also working with the host hotel to arrange a contingency plan for canceling rooms without penalty IF the tournament is canceled due to weather.

As of 11:30am on Wednesday, the tournament is on schedule. My next update will come at 11:30am on Thursday.

April 2, 2018
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: SCHEDULES: Frederick County Classic

Dl13- Schedules are posted on the tournament page of this website. Your coach also received a copy.

All- My phone and email have been going bonkers today with "What are you going to do IF" and "When will you decide IF" questions.

My response to those questions hasn't changed-
SSUSA does not cancel tournaments based on forecast.
Why? Because the forecast called for 5 inches of snow in Frederick last night and we got none.

I will monitor the situation and provide OUTBOUND communications if any updates are necessary. There is no reason to have 6 guys from each team contact me in an effort to secure a different answer.

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