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, Oct. 11, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Why Not Reward Performance?

If being the home team is such a big deal.....

Then explain why is the KC Royals and SF Giants are still in post season?

, Aug. 21, 2014
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Rubber bat knob

What is the purpose for this silly looking thing?

, July 27, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: What Happened To SENIOR SOFTBALL BAT REVIEWS?

But what happened to the Website?

, June 16, 2014
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Bat Weights & Bat Doughnuts

Be sure to watch the VIDEO in the above article.

, June 14, 2014
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Bat Weights & Bat Doughnuts

I was just reading an article about a study a few years ago that claims that swinging a weighted bat just prior to getting into the batters box will actually Slow Your Bat Speed DOWN!!

Any input or thoughts?

, June 3, 2014
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Reebok Barrage

How were you able to verify which batch the bat was from?

, May 28, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: masks

See Ya'

, May 26, 2014
Topic: Bats
Discussion: How to certify SENIOR bat?

Use a Magic Marker and print BPF 1.21 on your bat!

, March 21, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: pitchers mask


Don't know where you play ball.....

So you think senior softball players need composite bats to hit the ball 300 feet or more.

You are insulting to many senior softball hall of fame players by insinuating that they only got into the HOF because of the bats they used, and that they are not capable of hitting a softball 300+ feet using a WOOD BAT!


It would NOT VERY HARD to find 100's of senior softball players across the country that can hit a softball 300' using a WOOD BAT.

, March 20, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: pitchers mask

For those of you that think the whole blame for wearing masks is on the bats only.

Did you see the shot Aroldis Chapman took to the face?

, March 13, 2014
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Reebok?

Could that explain why nobody has done any 2nd batch Barrage reviews?

, Feb. 28, 2014
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Reebok?


What weight bat do you use?

, Feb. 5, 2014
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Reebok?


What is the assurance that you were delivered second batch Reebok Barrage Senior bats?

, Dec. 12, 2013
Topic: Bats
Discussion: What's the best bat for open tournaments?

Ambush works well.
, Dec. 6, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: ~~~TIMING~~~

I am sure that all of you know that the BEST SWING in the world means nothing if the TIMING is "OFF".

Swinging too soon or too late most likely results in a poor contact hit if at all.

And yes, I know practice is a great help.

But what do you use under the pressure during game situations?

Like the winning run is on 3rd with 2 out in the bottom half of the last inning.

So my question is:

What technique or method do you use to help insure your timing will be "ON" during a game?

, Nov. 4, 2013
Topic: Bats
Discussion: 1 piece~2 piece

Is there any real advantage that the 2 piece bats have over the 1 piece?

If so, what is it?

Any input is appreciated.


, Oct. 26, 2013
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Suspensions

I'm glad so many of you are concerned about safety playing Senior Softball.

So will any of you that posted on this thread please tell me how many players on your teams wear the most basic of protection, a CUP?

Do you guys wear a CUP? Probably Not!

How many of your infielders wear any protective equipment?
A chest protector or a face mask? Probably Not!

Do you?

If not, WHY NOT?

I would guess that less than 50% of you wear any type of protection.

If you want to preach safety why don't you tell your team mates to start wearing protective equipment. And listen to the excuses!

You may not be able change when and where the games are played but you can wear protective equipment and save yourself a trip to the hospital.

, Sept. 6, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Have you ever noticed how many major brands of softball/baseball equipment there are?

How about Golf?

, Sept. 3, 2013
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Pitchers Mask or Helmet Mask Combo

, Aug. 10, 2013
Topic: Bats

Just Curious....

I have heard of guys "breaking in" their new bats by various means other than hitting balls.

I was told that hitting the new bat against an old car tire covered with a towel works real well.

Has anybody tried this?

What were the results?

Any thoughts or opinions?

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