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Aug. 7, 2020
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: VA 55+ TEAM LOOKING....

bobby - this weekend they are playing ISSA, that assoc. is still using bordering state rule unless M+ (not sure if they have changed to include M players not touching, we haven't played ISSA this year). Hope that helps.
Aug. 1, 2020
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: East National Loudan VA---Travel Restrictions Update?

Communication was very good IMO, we rec'd a call at 7am Friday that there was a delay, then rec'd a second call a few hrs later that we were delayed again and then within an hr or 2 they called the day. Before the scheduled time (5PM) we had our seeds set for Saturday (blind draw). Fields were in good shape where we played today, no complaints so far.

Good luck to everyone!
July 21, 2020
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: York PA area

Need to leave a little more info Gary. Are you are interested in playing travel ball or just leagues? What is your contact info? Good luck!
July 13, 2020
Topic: Tournaments

Thanks for the work you and your team put in to get this tournament in Tim. The tournament was well run and the Umpires did a great job, especially considering how many games and the heat. I thought the competition was very good considering this was the first one for us and assume many others.

Good luck to all playing this weekend and hopefully will see you all in Loudoun!
June 7, 2020
Topic: Product review
Discussion: Recommended BP Softballs SR League

I agree with OZ40, the Team 1 balls that Alan has are a lot like the new SSUSA ball, 44/375, good cover that does take on water/dew so they don't get too heavy. They hit very good, pretty much the ones I use all year round (hit in cages with them in the winter).

If you are just looking to get some swings, the Tatoo BP balls are pretty good as well, you can reach out to Mike Dill to help you with those. They are a little easier on the bats just don't fly as far (I hit those outside when little cooler or wetter or muddy).
June 7, 2020
Topic: General and miscellaneous

Stick1 - believe he is referring to actual TOC in Fla, that there won't be as many teams due to the number of TOC Qualifiers that have been cancelled due to Covid19.

And as far as Syracuse, there are 5 fields at the main complex (Hopkins Rd Park) but there is a 2nd complex with 3 fields they will be using if needed, only issue is not many fields with lights so there is a limit for sure.

Shark - There is one more TOC event in Fla that was rescheduled (Spring Nationals in Lakeland in Aug). Still that is only 3 on the East Coast, not many for sure.
June 4, 2020
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: rule for pickup players from this covid-19 thing

Bart - you will find that info on the HOME tab and then Senior Softball-USA (SSUSA) Newsletter: Volume 6, Edition 8
June 1, 2020
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Tourneys

Need to leave a little more info GAGS, specifically where you are located and what position do you play. Email contact or cell would help as well.

Good luck and stay safe!
May 28, 2020
Topic: Tournaments

No, Tim was working to try and find a venue NOT in PA (was looking at WV since they are NOT on lock-down) so he asked us to be patient. Sadly he was not able to find another one and managers recently rec'd email stating that this tourney is postponed. Revised date is Sept 11 - 13th and using this as a Vegas "tune-up".

Stay safe!
May 26, 2020
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

Same here Jawood, only difference was we were jumping the fence because the gate was locked (thank God it wasn't a high fence! LOL)
May 19, 2020
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Reno 60's tournament

OZ - A couple of guys I know said they were actually, they are all fine now, nothing too crazy.

And I went to a softball camp in FLA in middle of March, was there with over 100 people of all ages including folks from Canada and a small group from France. I self quarantined when I got back and didn't feel sick at all. Wife and I are thinking of getting the antibody test done, who knows.

Hope we get out there soon (going hitting now).

Stay safe everyone!
May 19, 2020
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Reno 60's tournament

OZ - They played the TOC in the beginning of Feb this past year (Feb 5 - 9) so it's been a little over 3 months though not sure about smaller tourneys that play with SSUSA rules.
May 11, 2020
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Updates Crabtown Classic May 29th Glenn Burnie MD

dwniel - There are a LOT of concerns about safety, whether to play or not, all valid. That said, SSUSA runs a BUSINESS and like a lot of business', they have TRIED to do what is right based on the best advice given to them from the national and now local governments.

IF the state of MD AND the local municipality ALLOWS them to hold the tourney then they will and YOU can then decide whether YOU want to come and play (and not trying to be a d#ck, just being honest).

As I have stated before, there are 2 sides to every debate and all have good points but at the end of the day, hard choices have to made by SSUSA and by US as teams/players. I have asked my team who did not feel safe playing this tourney and none of my guys said they did so IF they hold it, we will be playing (we have to start SOMEWHERE, right?)

Last point: they made this a TOC due to Tidewater and ACC being cancelled so this could be the last opportunity for some teams in this area to qualify so my assumption that adds importance to TRYING to get this one to do if they are ALLOWED.

Good luck to you guys this year and hope to see you out there somewhere.

Like k man said, stay safe everyone! :-)
May 7, 2020
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Updates Crabtown Classic May 29th Glenn Burnie MD

PLAYER99 - So now that York is officially cancelled you moved onto the next one? :-)

My assumption is that you don't have an email address so therefore you don't get the newsletter which I rec'd LATE last night and it spoke to this specific tourney?

Maryland - No end date, indefinite
May 29 - 31: CRABTOWN CLASSIC Glen Burnie, MD
June 13 - 14: The Old Line State Showdown Westminster, MD

The beach and boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland, are scheduled to reopen Saturday. No masks are required; however, social distancing remains in effect. SSUSA is waiting for confirmation on fields being open.

SSUSA National and Mid-Atlantic Director Tim McElroy has been in contact with the complexes in Maryland.

Based on this there is NO specific date BUT this was also included in the Newsletter:
HOWEVER, we recommend not sending in entry fees until we are closer to the entry fee deadlines. That especially applies to the Reno and Glen Burnie tournaments.

So IF you are booking rooms for whichever location you MIGHT be playing at, I would make sure that they can be cancelled. Me personally, I am just going to scramble IF they decide to play this one.

Hope this helps.
May 5, 2020
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: roses in york

Correct, team managers were notified via email from the Home Office and then assumed they made the change there for all.
April 21, 2020
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Qualifying for World Championships

Cleav96 - There was an email on April 9th (Senior Softball-USA (SSUSA) Newsletter: Volume 6, Edition 3) that said we will have to play in a qualifier.

"Teams will still be required to play in a qualifying tournament to compete in the LVSSA/SSUSA World Masters Championships in the Fall."

They did waive having to play a qualifier to attend the Eastern or Western National Championship.

"Senior Softball-USA (SSUSA) announced today that it is waiving the requirement for teams to play in a qualifying tournament in order to compete in the Western National Championships in Sacramento and the Eastern National Championships in Loudoun County, Virginia this Summer."

Hope that helps.

Stay safe everyone!
April 20, 2020
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Tournament Protocol Changes

NYGNYY - I am going by WHEN we return, not if. Also, your manager should have shared this info with you as it appears on the Manager's Form for every tourney.

3. Assumption of Risk
I recognize that we assume all risks involved arising from our participation in this Tournament and we knowingly undertake inherent risks of the sport.

Based on this language I personally feel SSUSA has it covered and waiver doesn't need to be amended? Bu

That said, the points you raised are valid ones, but in my opinion, the upkeep of the facilities is the responsibility of the P&R Dept (or wherever monies are paid for reserving fields). And as for the temp checks, not sure about that one but again, IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT THAT YOU ARE AT RISK, you should probably just stay home?

While I believe that the state Governors will be driving the "back to play" decisions, we then as individuals have to weigh the risks, going to be a tough call for a lot of us.

Stay safe everyone!
April 19, 2020
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Which bat to buy?

stayfit - I have swung them all and based on your current bat of choice, either the Denny Crine or JB12 will be closer to what you swing now.

Question: why not just get another Melee (I just bought one and it cost less than any of the bats mentioned)?

My quick thoughts on the others (NOTE: I have NOT put a lot of swings on them all, AND my bat of choice is a 1 pc 1/2 oz endload)

2021 Denny Crine Demarini end-load - 2 pc bat, has a nice end load, swings quick through the zone once you get it going, I really liked this one but not as much as the LC (think the carry on this one was a "little" better but not as consistent as the LC for me)
2021 Larry Carter Demarini mid-load - 2 pc bat,says it's a "mid" load but swings like a light end load which worked for me, swings very smooth through the zone, really felt pretty good, I REALLY liked this one

2020 Johnny Bailey Ultra Fusion - 2 pc bat, has a nice end load because of smaller barrel, swings nice through the zone, I would have put this one just behind the DeMarini

2020 Easton Empire - 1 pc bat, fits my swing the best (mostly because of what I am used to), says "motherload" but feels like a light end load to me which is fine (for me), really swings smooth through the zone and felt pretty good to me (please see my disclaimer :-)

2020 Suncoast Red Melee 12" - 2 pc bat, has a nice end load, as stated by everyone, very thin handle and has that tacky on barrel (not as pronounced) and helps those who cut the ball, I hit the ball the furthest with this bat
2020 Suncoast Green Melee 13" - 2 pc bat, I didn't think it's end load was more pronounced than the red one personally, same thin handle and tacky on barrel (not as pronounced).

So all of the bats mentioned above are very good (IMO), I was able to hit the Red Suncoast the furthest but would be the least likely choice for me simply because handle was too thin, whipped a little too much (for me) and I don't cut the ball so tacky doesn't help.

If I was going to buy just 1 (and I probably will), my choice would be the Easton with LC a close 2nd but again, please see my disclaimer :-)

Hope this helps, stay safe everyone!
April 14, 2020
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Proper senior bat weight as we age

DCP - I am not an expert by any means but my experience is this; as Alan explained, it's all about the swing, NOT the weight of the bat. Bogie is also doing a GREAT job of breaking it down in his last couple of video's (IMHO). I always preferred to hit backside and thought by using a heavier bat (28 oz) that would "slow down" my swing. I have learned through bp to just wait and then snap though as the ball gets just a little deeper (or I stand off the plate and hit a middle to outside pitch) and now use a 26oz (sometimes 27 on Friday if I am feeling "strong"! lol).

As for your example, it would seem that if you are pull hitter and hitting a lot of foul balls it's not really the weight of bat but more than likely the hitter is swinging too early (pitch is too far in front of plate when making contact) or possibly "stepping in the bucket" (pulling out and opening up your hips too early).

The best advice I was given is to video your swing using your phone and then watch to see what you might (or might not) be doing and make the adjustment. And I am hoping to get out and do just that very soon! :-)

Stay safe everyone!!!
April 13, 2020
Topic: Website comments
Discussion: Master Team Rosters

Seems to be working.

Did you 1) pay the team entry fee and 2) request to be added to ______ tourneys? Believe you only need #1 satisfied before you can build your master roster but I could be wrong.
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