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Aug. 17, 2007
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Fastpitch my a-- !

This topic could go on forever. Why? Simply because "EVERYTHING" contributes to how well a ball is or is not hit. Some factors may contribute more than others, but they "ALL" come into play. If you take the batter out of the equation and replace him with a robot that swings exactly the same each and every time, then the bat will make a difference. If you have a human batter with a bad ball on a very hot day, chances are that no bat is going to make a difference because of the bad ball. This goes on and on and on and on.
Probably the biggest factor in all of this is the batter's attitude when they step into the batters box and how baddly they want to hit the ball and hit it hard. Believe me, attitude makes a difference in the batters box.
Aug. 11, 2007
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Fastpitch my a-- !

WOW, STONEMAN, are you really that ticked off with these guy's replies? I hope not cause I don't think we need to air our dirty laundry here do we?

A couple of additional things:
1. "taits". You mentioned in your reply about "old school" 38 oz. bats and not having the appropreate ASA stamps. Again, refering to the 2007 ASA book, page 62, Rule 3 (EQUIPMENT), Section 1 (OFFICIAL BAT), Para A (CERTIFIED/APPROVED), sub para. 3 states, "must, in the sole opinion and discretion of the umpire, have been manufactured prior to 2000 and, if tested, would comply with the ASA bat performance standards then in effect".
This almost sounds like it doesn't need the ASA stamp if the umpire believes it was made prior to 2000 and would meet the standards back then.

2. STONEMAN, Again referring to the same 2007 ASA book, page 62, Rule 3, Section 1, Para B (MARKING) states, "The official bat shall be marked OFFICIAL SOFTBALL by the manufacture".
So, that sounds like your two SENIOR COMBATS are not legal bats if they don't have this mark.

I'm not trying to stir the pot, just stating facts from the 2007 ASA book.
Aug. 9, 2007
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Fastpitch my a-- !

According to the 2007 ASA Official rules of softball, page 64, rule 3, section 1, para. C says, "LENGTH AND WEIGHT. The offical bat shall not be more than 34.0 inches long, nor exceed 38.0 ounces in weight."

It does not make any distintion between fast pitch or slow pitch "anywhere" in this section titled "OFFICIAL BAT".
Don't know if this helps or adds more confusion.
July 10, 2007
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: foul tip rule

Your opponent was correct. Check 2007 ASA rule book Rules Supplement section number 22 on page 142.
In brief it reads, "The reference of the "height of the batters head" as it relates to the Foul ball and Foul tip no longer applies." This change, instituted in 2006, allows more opportunity for the catcher to obtain "outs" by catching foul balls, etc etc.
So, yes it should have been an out.
June 10, 2007
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Interesting question

Does anyone have any kind of information regarding the number and serverity of injuries as related to each defensive position? I would think that high on the list would be 3rd base or 1st base. I would also think that pictcher would be low on the list. Why? The "vast" majority of batted balls are not hit at pitchers but at the other positions. Then you have to consider what happens "after" the ball is hit. Guys sliding into a base and hitting the defensive player and injuring them. Or a second baseman turning a double play gets taken out by the runner coming into second. Look at it this way, what does a pitcher do after he pitches? Not much really, he's taken out of the play. Sure maybe he backs up a few positions, but mostly he's out of the way and stands a "much" better chance of "not" being injuried "after" his pitch then any other position on the field. So why is everybody worried about a pitcher? In my 20 plus years of playing softball, I've seen hundreds of more injuries to the other positions than I have seen to a pitcher.
Also, last year I ruptured my left achillies while running to first base. "Therefore", there is a "possibilty" that another player could have the same thing happen to them. "Therefore" I would like to propose a change to the rules that say, after a batter hits the ball, he "must" walk to first base so he doesn't get hurt. Afterall, it happened to me and I certainly wouldn't want to see it happen to anyone else.
I say leave the game alone and let's play ball the way we did when we were kids and fell in love with the game to begin with.
June 10, 2007
Topic: Bats
Discussion: SAFETY in SOFTBALL

Jetboy, I think he key word in your whole statement is the word "possible" injuries. If you've got data that can back up the amount of injuries from muscle strains, sliding incorrectly, running into objects, etc. Then the data "should" be available for injuries to the pitcher's head or chest right? Where is that info? I've never seen any data directly related to these injuries. Yes, you are correct about "possible" injuries to a pitcher, but at the same time, there is a "possibility" that if you go outside today, a plane will fall on your head.
April 2, 2007
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Rip It Elite Question, Re: Sanctioning by SSSUA

Try this website I think it might help
Dec. 21, 2006
Topic: Bats
Discussion: ASA "Grandfathered" Bats no longer authorized beginning in 2008

This subject came up once before in early Nov. I posted a comment on it then and I'll post it again here to see if anyone can answer my questions from before.

I was under the impression that according to the license agreement between the ASA and bat manufacturers, these bats could be used "indefinitely" after June 30, 2004. If that is in fact true, then how can the ASA make these bats illegal without being in violation of the agreement? Or did the ASA consult with the bat manufacturers and come to a new agreement? Can anyone shed more light on this subject? I would hate to have to give up my Synergy 2.

Nov. 15, 2006
Topic: Bats
Discussion: 100 mph bats and the ASA

I was under the impression that according to the license agreement between the ASA and bat manufacturers, these bats could be used "indefinitely" after June 30, 2004. If that is in fact true, then how can the ASA make these bats illegal without being in violation of the agreement? Or did the ASA consult with the bat manufacturers and come to a new agreement? Can anyone shed more light on this subject? I would hate to have to give up my Synergy 2.
Nov. 9, 2006
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: injections for O/A knees

Yeah Softballer, I'd have to say, you haven't lost to many steps since I've known you. I've only had the series of 3 shots done once and it did work for me as well, The problem with me is that other parts of my body are letting me down, like a ruptured achillies.
But overall, I'd say yes, these shots do work.
Oct. 30, 2006
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Bat Speed

There's a LOT of discussion on this message board about illegal bats and bats in general. Quite a few posts from some guys who I get the impression from, are pretty big hitters.
I've got a question for the big long ball hitters. Does any one know what their bat speed is? It seems to me that if a person's bat speed is rather high, then they would be able to go yard with a bat right out of the wrapper or an altered bat.
I've seen my son clear the light pole on a 300 ft. field using a CU31 aluminum bat years ago. Back then we were using .47 core Blue Dot balls but still, that's a hell of a shot using a CU31 bat. He has tremendous bat speed but I don't have any idea just how fast it is.
I guess my point is, just because somebody is hitting 350 ft., or more, bombs, don't "assume" they're using an illegal bat. There's "A LOT" to be said for bat speed and techique. A lot of us probably generate enough power to clear the fence, it's how well we transfer that energy to the ball during and after our swing. The big hitters are much more proficent at it then most of us are, that doesn't mean they are using illegal bats.
I just wish I could do what they do and probably if I spent as much time and energy in batting practice as they do, I could put a few more out as well.
Keep swinging.
Oct. 19, 2006
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Injury that has set you back

Well, let's see. I guess you're only talking about surgeries so I'll limit it to that.
1. Broke my left thumb joint in 7 places in 1995 and had external traction
2. Carpel tunnel surgery on left hand in 1996
3. Prostate surgery in Jan. 2004 and it was done by a Robot.
4. Surgery on my left knee in April 2004
5. Lastly, and I mean I "hope" it's my last, ruptured my left Achillies tendon and had surgery on Aug. 11th, 2006--still recovering from this one.
Fortunately, after each one of these, I've still been able to play ball, well, the Achillies one remains to be seen but I have every intention of being back next year.

Oct. 13, 2006
Topic: Product review

STONEMAN, this is some interesting reading. If you go to this link,, you'll see that the problem is in fact with the balls and not so much with the bats.
Also, this link,, has a great deal of info regarding bats and balls and makes for some good reading too.
Sept. 29, 2006
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: Sac Saints 60s

Hey Terry, Mitch here, who will be heading up the 55 team and how can we get in contact with them? If it's George, I've got contact info on him. I've still got some recovery time left on my achilles, but I should be ready to go by the beginning of next year for a 55 team.
Sept. 6, 2006
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Miken Home Run Derby

Monta, the way you hit the ball, I don't doubt your 716 at all. Good thing they don't have windows outside the fences at the complex. You'd be ripping em up. My best was 709. Are you playing tonight?
Aug. 1, 2006
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Tired of the Ultra

Monta, you're right, something needs to be done and we, as players, hold the key to getting something done.
How? Very easy, "don't" buy any more Ultra's. Where's the incentive for Miken to do anything about this problem? They make it, we buy it, we break it, we buy another one, they make more, we buy more, we break more, they make more, etc. etc. The key is, if we don't buy them, they won't make them. They've got a hell of a good deal going for them. Why should they fix the breaking problem if we, as players, keep buying them? If they fixed the breaking problem, they couldn't sell as many bats, so why fix the problem? They know they've got a good thing going because we speak so highly of this bat and they just sit back and rake in "our" money.
"If we don't buy it, they won't make it"
The key is, is everybody willing to give up their Ultra's because this would have to be a group effort not just a few people.
July 26, 2006
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Senior Softball Official Rule on leads on base

Since I don't have the speed that I once "never" had, I use a little trick someone showed me many years ago. If I'm on first base, I have my left foot on the base and my right foot behind me, to the side of the orange base, facing second base. When the ball is pitched, I look at it in flight and try to determine if it looks like a hitable ball. Then shift my eyes to the batter. If he/she appears to be getting ready to hit it, then I start "loading" the legs for a run. You can actually get an extra step towards the next base "before" the ball reachs home plate because you keep your left in contact with the base until the ball is hit. Then you can use the base itself to "push" off of, like the starter blocks in track and field events, with your left foot. If the batter either doesn't swing or swings and misses, then you simply stop your forward motion with your right foot, while your left foot is "still" in contact with the base. I've had to stop my motion many many times and my left foot has never come off the base so they can't call me out for leaving early. It works on any base. Try it, I've had pretty good luck with it and hopefully it'll work for you.
Dec. 19, 2005
Topic: Bats

STONEMAN, I am fimiliar with that Daniel Russell website, lots of good info there. He really gets into the "physics" part of baseball/softball. It's kinda hard to argue against physics since it follows an established set of rules. CRUSHER, you're right about the bat speed "after" hitting the ball. If you have two bat swings with equal amounts of speed/energy built up in them "before" hitting the ball and assuming both swings hit the ball in the same spot on the bat, the one with the higher bat speed "after" hitting the ball will send the ball farther. Why? Because more of the built up speed/energy was transfer to the ball thereby sending it farther.
All of this can get very confusing and complex. I think the bottom line is this, get your bat, go to the plate, grip it and rip it. Put your best effort into every swing. Don't think about it just do what you've done all these years. Trust "yourself". We've all heard hundreds of guys talking about bats and bat speed and bat material. Listen to them with a grain of salt keeping in mind that "you" are not "them". What might work for them might not work for you.
Bottom line, use the bat you are most comfortable with rather it's a wooden bat or a 400 dollar composite bat, if it works for you, it works. Everyone playing the game is trying to better themselves and the biggest thing we can control is our swing at the plate. So, go to the plate with your best effort in mind, conscintrate on your objective and give it your best. Nobody can argue with that.
Merry Christmas to you all and your families and lets put more over the fence next year so we'll have more to write about.
Keep swinging.
Dec. 14, 2005
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: help please

dj...Have your friend check into a procedure known as "laposcopic surgery". I don't know if the procedure is done for colon cancer but I had it done for prostate cancer in Jan. 04. I only had 5 very small incisions where they put in the insturments and they were controled by a robot. I had surgery on Jan. 7th, released on Jan 9th, walked 2.5 miles on Jan. 10th and returned to softball on Feb. 7th, exactly 1 month after surgery. I didn't have to wear a bag but I did wear a pad for leakage for about 3 months and now everything is fine. As far as playing the game goes, tell your friend to stay with it. If that's what it takes to stay active and enjoy life--then don't give it up. Tell him not to worry about what other people might think, most will completely understand and those who don't better pray to God that they don't have to go through what he's going through now. It's scary but it can be defeated. Wish him good luck.
Dec. 6, 2005
Topic: Bats
Discussion: What may have "ruined slow pitch"?

There are a huge number of factors that affect how far a batted ball will fly. All the way from the temperature at home plate up to and including how strong the batter is, how many times a week they workout, bat speed, bat temperature, ball speed, ball flight, pitched ball angle, temperature of the ball, the spin of the ball, the launch angle of the ball after being hit, the mass (weight) of the bat, the weight of the ball, etc. etc. etc. It would be very difficult to narrow down to any specific thing.
STONEMAN, you mentioned that a 29 to 32 oz bat would produce less home runs. I'm not sure that would be true. I read a study that was done with Roger Maris and the weight bat he used. I can't remember the exact weights of the bats they used for their tests but their tests showed that when Maris swung a heavier bat, he hit home runs 20 to 30 feet further than he did usung his lighter bat. The reason Maris stayed with the lighter bat is because he said he had better control with the lighter bat. Afterall, a home run is a home run rather it's a foot over the fence or 100 feet over the fence, it still counts the same. I use to swing a 38 oz. Bombat Meathead in my early years. now it's a 26 oz Synergy 2.
Besides, have you tried to find a bat that wieghts over 30 oz? I don't even know if they make them any more. If you swing a heavier bat at or close to your normal bat speed, you will hit the ball farther because the heavier bat has more mass behind it, therefore more energy. E=MV(2) or Energy equals Mass times Velocity squared. Again, if you can swing a heavier bat at or close to your normal bat speed, you will hit it farther.
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