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Jan. 3, 2009
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Why the constant changes?

Honestly........ I am of senior eligible age but prefer not to play the slowpitch game. I much prefer the modified & fastpitch game & there is plenty of senior modified around to play if I so choose. I am still fully capable of competing on an open, no age restriction level & that's what I choose to do. Whenever I visit this board & see all the crying, moaning & childish behavior it dampens any thoughts of playing senior slowpitch.

Senior slowpitch is a rare thing in my area but it does exist. The one league that I'm familiar with let the players vote annually on bats. They vote every year to maintain a "singlewall only" policy & have even banned the White Steel. When they go to tourneys they pull out the composites & everyone is happy. No one complains........

One thing that this game taught me a long tie ago. There are always going to be rules & situations that you don't like. As long as those rules are enforced equally & those situations are not purposely designed to put you at a disadvantage, YOU PLAY THE GAME!!!!!

At some point you've got to stop whining, crying & complaining. Put on your cleats, pick up your bat & glove, adapt to the game presented before you & play! HR limit & you're out? Start hitting the gaps & rattling those chainlink fences! Answer the challenge! In the long run it'll probably make you a better player.

Seniors? Nothing but a bunch of crybabies.........
Dec. 30, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Breaking in a glove

What you should do depends on the glove you choose. Higher quality gloves generally require more work. I usually just use petroleum jelly & concentrate on 3 areas:

1. Top of the web.
2. The area at the bottom of the web between the thumb & index finger.
3. The heel of the glove.

I use a glove mallet to help get the job done.
The fewer 'unnatural things you do, the longer the glove will last.

Hey Dirty...... How's that Rodiguez working out for you?
Nov. 27, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: BAN THE ULTRA

Jm16: Could you pleae post the date & jurisdiction of this court hearing you partcipated in. I'd be interested in reading the deposition.

Outside of that the one issue have with the U2 is that it is not a 1.20BPF bat. That is why it is banned in every other association.

How does SSUSA test senior bats?

Why use any bat that abnormally enhances a senior's natural ability? Lord knows that there is no such remedy on the defensive side of things. This, IMHO, is the main issue in regards to safety concerns. Age robs us all of the abilities we had when we were younger yet we choose to enhance the one part of slow pitch that is the easiest to maintain as we get older.
Nov. 9, 2008
Topic: Website comments

Pesonally, I think that it's much more important to focus on the validity of a person's message rather than worring about their identity.

I find it disingenuous to try to deflect & deflate a point of view just because you don't have a name, email & number.

So what if we don't know who DG is? I doesn't change one bit whether his words are valid or not.
Oct. 27, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Favorite Quotes

"Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things."

-Winston Churchill
Feb. 18, 2008
Topic: Bats
Discussion: New ASA bat standard

1. The ASA is not going to a 'new' standard. It's the same 98MPH standard that's been in place since 2004. All they've done is added an additional test to ensure that bats perform within this limit thoughout their lifetime.

2. As far as bats being grandfathered...... I don't know. I do know that contractually, they're under no obligation to grandfather anything since they haven't changed their bat standards. Still, maybe they will do it to ease some of the pain if the bat mfgs. get caught not contractually adhering to the 98MPH standard.

As far as anything else goes.........

It's competition that makes softball fun! If you're only interested in the game because of how hot a bat you can use, you're playing for the wrong reasons. Maybe you should just stop playing altogether.

"Less than adequate equipment"??? How much help do you need? You make it sound like only your team will be playing with whatever bats come out of this whole thing intact. Everybody will be using the same bats so ultimately a game will still come down to who plays & executes the best.
Dec. 17, 2007
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Combat Lady Virus bat - any one use this bat?

Personally I'd hold off on purchasing a LV if I were you. Right now I'd say that it's even money on whether or not it'll stay legal for ASA.
July 27, 2007
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: REPLANT...... FOOD 4 THOUGHT???

I have to disagree with several points initially made:

a) There are already balls being made which are inherently safer than what's currently being used. I know because I use them all the time. Mfgs. will also be "toning down" there balls going forward as well because to the stiff penalties for over-the-limit balls that some assns. will be insituting.

b) The main reason ball are hit up the middle is because that's the easiest place to get a hit. It is not with the intention to injury the pitcher! I've seen teams leave the middle open all the way to the fence! You want less balls to be hit up the middle? Then reduce the chance of hitters being successful by going there! An 11th fielder stationed up the middle is a viable option.

c) Pitcher safety? How about mandatory protective equipment for pitchers. If you don't wear it you don't pitch!

d) Instead of ranting about light bats you'd be better served in trying to get rid of the hot bats currently allowed. I'd argue that BBS has increased 8% not due to lighter bats but due to composites & their expanded sweetspots. I might even be willing to advocate getting rid of all composite bats! In fact, let's go all the way! Singlewalls, lesser balls, shorter fences & no HR limits. This'll do more to protect pitchers than anything else!
July 2, 2007
Topic: Bats
Discussion: U2 Handles

Stoneman: Don't get me wrong. I'm in total agreement with you on the humanitarian issue. It's just not as simple as going in there & ending the turmoil. China is the #1 consumer of Sudanese oil. If we or the UN go in there & disrupt their oil supply what do you think will happen next? Let's just suffice to say that it wouldn't be pretty & the affects would be world-wide.

As far as not buying anything made in China goes I am in complete agreement with you! Unfortunately that may make purchasing a lot of things very expensive or impossible. If you want to help in your softball related purchases then bo back to using alloy bats or those made in Canada. You may have to make a choice of whether you want ultimate perfomance or whether you want to maintain your personal ethics.

The real answer? Well,,,,,,,,, Support & vote for candidate who agree with you......... Practice what you preach in your purchasing habits......... Advocate alternative fuel sources........ Support companies using non-union emplyees......... I am purposely over simplifying the point but you get the idea.

(BTW...... Just to keep the record straight. Mizuno is & always has been a Japanese corporation.)
July 1, 2007
Topic: Bats
Discussion: U2 Handles


Surely you're not naive enough not to realize it's a, "Don't mess with our oil & we won't mess with your oil.", type of thing going on. There's no doubt in my mind that there are plenty of back door agreements involved.
June 27, 2007
Topic: Bats

Interesting study that's now a bit long in the tooth technology-wise. The main questions I have regarding it are:

1] Why were metal bats excluded?

2] The BBS #'s for cork & high comp balls with wood bats are almost identical while they decrease for mid comps.(???) Composites show a steady increase in BBS from cork to mid comp to high comp with composites. I'd like further explaination as to why this is so.......

McDowell is one of the progenitors of BSR Inc (formerly B&N). Their whole thing is bat & ball safety so their conclusions don't surprise me. I will say though that the comparion of wood to composite is an unrealistic one in this day & time.

Does anyone know what it takes before an injury makes it to the point where it becomes a statistic? Let's just say that it take a medical response or insurance claim before it would be reported as such & only a small percentage of those actually get reported! The vast majority of injuries do not require a medical response & are therefore never considered. Near misses (the ball whizzing by an infielders ear that he never saw.......) are never reported! If anyone thinks that injuries aren't actually up since the use of composite bats is just not thinking rationally!

- Composite bats are undeniably hotter......
- They are being made with 13+" sweetspots........

What this means is that more balls are coming off these bats harder & faster. Not a big leap at all to think that there is an increase in injuries & I've personally observed such an increase!

I advocate that the associations put in place guidelines to restrict sweetspot size. There is absolutely no reason to have a sweetspot any bigger than 5-6" IMHO. Put some amoount of skill back in the game........
March 10, 2007
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Buzzard shame

If a guy is capable of hurting you every time up & the batter behind him isn't anywhere near the same threat, you walk him. I don't care who doesn't like it! It's just good strategy & plain common sense!

If you don't want walks then stop keeping scores, declaring winners & losers, stop keeping W-L records, declaring champions..........

Whether it's league or tournament you play this game to win. You do what, within the scope of the rules, gives you the best chance of winning the game. Like it or not intentionally walking a hitter is perfectly fine even if it's every time up!
Jan. 31, 2007
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Bashbro1ís Personal Evaluation of the NEW Miken Ultra II Advance bat

Nice evenhanded review. The only critique I would make with it is the temp involved. At 40 degrees those 500 comp balls were probably closes to 700 comp! That's going to severely reduce the durability of any bat!
Sept. 2, 2006
Topic: Bats
Discussion: U2 not a real 1.20 ?

Yes, the SB34 is the original Louisville Slugger Genesis. It's the only bat I've ever swung that's arguably bett than the Ultra! Yes, they do have a deserved rep for being brittle but they will seriously outhit the Ultra especially if you're using a SB12 or lower comp ball. Using those rypes of balls greatly increases the longevity of the bat as well!

The SB103 pales in comparison to the SB34 but in actuality it's not a bad bat. It just take a lot of work to wake it up. I'm talking 500+ hits here..........

Unlike the Ultra's, the SB34 is still legal in most assns. except ASA. You won't see many around because they tend not to last long. It's definitely a "game only" bat & maybe even a "special situation only" bat! They definitely have to be babied with higher comp balls.
Sept. 2, 2006
Topic: Bats
Discussion: U2 not a real 1.20 ?


I'll take a SB34 over a U2 any day of the week!
Sept. 2, 2006
Topic: Bats
Discussion: U2 not a real 1.20 ?

The old 1.2Bpf test only tested the COP (Center of Percussion). In other words it only tested the center of the barrel. If that passed the test then the bat passed.

The new 1.2Bpf test examines the ENTIRE BARREL. When this test was applied to the U2 a "hot spot" that tested above 1.2 was found lower down on the barrel where it begins to taper. This is why the U2 was banned almost eveywhere else!

The only reason it's legal in SSUSA is because the players petitioned to keep it so! I believe that they association responded to the desires of its members & reinstated the bat after initially banning it.

Is the U2 truly hotter than any other 1.2 bat? Probably not, unless you get jammed a lot & "fist" the ball..........
Feb. 27, 2006
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Best bat for mush balls

First define low compression. For me low comp means anything under 300 comp. A lot of people consider 375 as low comp but I consider it to be mid.

In any case I think that it's better not to have a lot of handle flex especially if you have good bat speed. Bats I like performance-wise are:
Demarini 375
Anderson RTCK
Synergy Flex
Nokona Tomahawk
Worth Mayhem98 (once broken in)
Freak98 (once broken in)
Nov. 12, 2005
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Ultra II, Mayhem 120 What's the Didderence?

Having the same patent number just means that the same technology is used. The thing about composite bats is that you can vary the performance depending on how & how much. This is how they wind up with 98Mph & 1.2Bpf bats. Same technology with varying amounts of whatever material makes the bat perform better.
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