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May 31, 2008
Stones 1B
Topic: Women's softball
Discussion: Pool Play Game

Cost is a problem for evryone..whether you Drive or Fly.
Staying an extra night IMO is not the problem. It's how tournaments are run and the "Awards" that given or not given.
Pool Play is should give everyone a chance to play who has gone on the trip. As for the amount of games either 2 Pool and then Dbl Elim or even 2 Pool and then the 3 game minimum bracket. This give teams an extra Tournament game to get back in and win the tounament. Odds are against them but at least it's under the elimination process. 3 pool play games doesn't do much...alot of teams go 2-1 and then the tie breakers become a concern. 3 game brackets gives your 3 game minimum tournament pressure. That's just me...However the tournament goes you have to just roll with it.
More games the Merrier especially if you're flyign in from Hawaii.
March 2, 2008
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Best homerun balls ???

You want to use a BALL..

Worth's Launch650 Balls...50+cor 650 minimum comp.

These are the Real Bullets Boys.

I had a SingleWall tournament her in Hawaii over the Martin Luther King Holiday weekend.
I supplied all the Bats...
DeMarini's Raw Steel and Easton's Quatrum...26 thru 30 oz on each Field. That was 8 bats per field and 4 field complex.
None of Bats survived and there was well over 150 Hr's hit that weekend.
28 teams and the Bats were already dented on Friday night after the first game. On Sunday they were still hitting the Bombs out w/dented bats and I mean Canoe paddles for bats.

These balls are Magic...for HR contest they are perfect I guess if that's what you are looking for.
Trust me on this guys.
Dec. 24, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Batting Practice Softballs

taits...dem dare are real good balls.

Brings back the memories of yester years gone by.
Back in the day when you brought your bats to the park, they had good balls and you played and the best teams won No grumbling about illegal stuff.
Where has it gone...but anyway still love the game and as always Dyin Fo Play...
Dec. 23, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Batting Practice Softballs


Just curious...I bet the Super Blue Dots are a great buy from Mordecai Sporting Goods...but why would you/teams want to use Super Blue Dot 47cor. when #1 Senoirs don't play w/Blue Dots, #2 using 47cors would certainly damage the Mikens, Launches or other Senior bats that are compsite material and #3 I wouldn't want to get hurt in BP by trying to field these things.
Heck w/an Ultra II/Launch/ USSSA bats and a Blue Dot a Senior could easily clear 320+ let alone some pretty sharp grounders to the infielders that obviously would be playing extra deep.
Just my opinion...but then again these Blue Dots would last a little longer than your avarage Softball.
Curious How much a Dzn?
Nov. 15, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: HR shaggers?

Excuse Me? You want the Players to shag their own HR's and/or foul a National Tournament or "Worlds"?

That doesn't sound like a 1st class tourney. We pay these large entrance fees and you want the players to shag. I don't think so.
In response to the players taking the balls after the game...hey get on the Umps Tourney Directors and have them turn in the balls after their games.

Buying the balls...What? Just supply the balls and let us play and have fun playing not chasing balls and keeping score.

Heck I put on 2 good size tournaments and am involved in about 90% of all of the other tournaments here on Oahu, Hawaii and we don't let the plays chase balls and/or keep score and we get back more than 90% of the game balls that are used. We put in on the Umps to return the balls.

Com'on 1st class Tournaments lets the players play and the directors and their staff run the tournament including all the logistics of the tournament.
PLAY BALL...and as always still Dyin fo' Play.
Oct. 13, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats
Discussion: wood bats


Sounds like fun there w/the Woodies...
but I guess the best bat would be the one you can feel most comfortable w/swinging.
I think Worth has some Wood bats that are used for the Game "Chicago", but best bat you got me there?
Things to consider...cost...Wt....looks? Heck Wodden bat-Wooden Bat.
Good Luck and Go Deep!
Sept. 24, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats
Discussion: New Rip It 1.20 senior bat

AZ-When you say better than the US and or the Combat?

What do you mean? Performance? Warranty?

IMO...The Combat ain't better than the U2...and as of right now the U2 is still the Man...I am only saying this bec' 90% of the Seniors on this site Bash the U2 but are still swing way with it.
So just asking for clarification...Mahalo
Sept. 14, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Teams going to Vegas?

Just a heads up here...

Family Stones has a 50 team and a 55 team entered.
Hawaiians have 2 teams going to the 50s also.
Not sure of anyone else but I know these teams are.

Good Luck to all and most of all no one get hurt.

Dyin fo' Play...Senior Ball!
Aug. 11, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Help all of us out

What's Up witht he breaking of the U2'S and the Launch?

Don't get it? We here in Hawaii have lots in fact too many U2s in Senior play and in some leagues throughout town.
We don't have a major breaking problem here with either bat.
Yes some U2s have broken bec' of longevity and some have broken w/a 14" ball bec' they hit the ball at the very end of the bat, but no way near as much as posted on this site.
The way it sounds like these sticks are breaking every other day with all these posts.
What's Up?
I sell quite a few U2s and the Launch has hit town and is selling nicely w/no problems.
When playing Senior ball I have never swung a U2. Am gong to try the Launch just to see what's it like.
I swing a DeMarini 375 and F2 and now the F3 and also have the Senior Combat original have had no problems hitting the senior ball that is played in Las Vegas be it for distance or base hits.
U2s make seniors more of themselves than themselves.
Just an opinion, enjoy the game and don't forget to smile it's contagious.
As always...Dyin fo' Play!
June 16, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats
Discussion: ASA BATS

Still awing my DeMarini's...
After all these years...The bats are still legit.
White Steel is nothing to yack at either.
Again all different opinion's from different players w/different skills and mentalilty of what they want their bat to do with an ASA ball.
Keep it in the Park!
June 14, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: What would your average drop as you go up in classification?

Who's keeping the Stats Man?

A hit is a hit is a hit?
I would say he would hit the same if he was any kind of player?
I don't get it, excuse me hear, but who's keeping the Stats Man?
Geez all kinds of variables...Is he comfortable on the team?
Is he trying to make the team and impress too much?
Is he being treated like the Man on the team?
Sometimes players are looked upon to provide the leadership and hitting on certain teams and then you move this guy to being just one of the guys and he's not playing/starting and he starts to lose the feel for the game/team...
Hit me up on this one guys???
But good ? Audieh
May 31, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 1ST Baseman's mitt

Check whatever association rules the Lge/Tournament is under...
ASA 1st base mitts...good-2-go
May 23, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats
Discussion: need a single wall bat !

DeMarini White Steel is legit...also the Vexxum is pretty solid.
Worth LightHouse if you can find it out there.
or if economics play in to the equation then yes cough up the $29.95 + tax at Target/WalMart/KMart and start hacking.
May 8, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats
Discussion: U2 Handles

Sometime in June they'll be shipping...

It's funny that over here in Hawaii we don't seem to have that BIG of a problem with U2s.
The problem we do have is that bats are breaking at the handle in our 14" league...and it's just a very small #.
All of the guys that had their bats break say they could tell that they hit the ball at the end of the bat.
We have 12" leagues that still allow the U2 and it's bombs away and not a real huge problem. We don't have a "boycott" on U2s so to speak.
The league uses the Worth Gold Dot 44-375
April 4, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Single wall non-composite bats?

Roger that one Scerra...White Steel is a groove.
The Vexxum I find is a nice touch too...especially for the price.
Hit it Daily!
March 21, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats
Discussion: With all the controversy over illegal and doctored bats...

Novel Idea...

I held a tournamanet here in Hawaii called the "SingleWall WARS" on Martin Luther King weekend.
30 teams entered and all said it was one of the Best Tournaments they every play in.
We used the .47cor 525 comp ball and the action was "live" to say the least.
I supplied all the bats for all 4 fields...26-28-30 DeMarini Vexxum...there were also some TPS Gold's and Worth Powercells various wts. ALL brand new out of the wrapper.
This was an open tournament and now they all can't wait for the next one.
The cost yeah there was cost..but it was nominal...entrance fee was $225 and 3 game minimum. Cost not really a could get some of the companies to donate or even purchase at a reduced cost. Probably all Sporting Goods dealers have singlewall bats laying around not selling. I bought all the bats for the Tourney.
Still had lots of room for awards etc.
By the way the DeMarini Vexxum singlewall bats actually got some pop w/the hard balls, more than the TPS and the Worth.
We will be having the 2nd SingleWall WAR again on Martin Luther King weekend in January 2008.
Come on down...
March 7, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats

A Machine...

Yes we have that machine here in Hawaii...
Used to test the compression of bats for ASA play only.
It has in fact cut down on the use of many and I say many Illega/altered bats that are being used.
It works and works well. We put a sticker on the bat and if no sticker, bat can not be used.
Peel off the sticker and the sticker leaves a trace and renders that bat "unapproved" for ASA play.
Only in certain tourney's and leagues. It will be a must for our States.
It's a good thing and positive all around.
Jan. 31, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats
Discussion: ? About the Ultra 2 Advance


Got both models...
Yes that new knob is kinda Funky, gotta get use to it.
I did..not to be vile or anything, Crush a few w/the new one.
Not as consistently as the old one but it works just as well.
SSUSA has that commorative one going on sale in FL for those participating.
Like the looks of that bat.

I suppose the Combats, Rip-It's and the rest will make it's way onto the Senior Circuit but for now my Friend as you know and I know the Ultra II is the "Man"

Jan. 30, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats
Discussion: ? About the Ultra 2 Advance

Well said Michael...I get that feeling to when reading all that is posted on bats.

Here in Hawaii the Ultra II's are good to go.
I let some guys use my "original" combat da bomb senior bat the Silver one I got when it came out in Aug/Sept 06.
It goes, it's alright, feels good and I use it.
But the "Man" in the Senior's Game is the Ultra II. by far the bat used by the Vast Majority of Seniro players.
Are they buying other brands? Yes I hope so that's why we have choices of products.
But when we travel to other Tourney's on the Mainland guess what...Ultra II's are in everybody's dugout and probably 7-8-9 guys swing it and crush with it.

Players should buy what they like...I usually swing a DeMarini 375 or the F2 now the F3.
Works for me bec' on our team I am not the Big HR guy.
Oh yeah I do have an Ultra II, 30oz.
Good Luck and as always Buyer's your money until you give it to the seller then it's your bat and his money.
Jan. 17, 2007
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: 3DAY VS. 2DAY

Feel your PAIN...

We come from Hawaii...and to come to any part of the Mainland for a 2 dayer wouldn't be prudent for us players.

Cost is cost...Awards? What can you say...Rings cost money. Not all that money that they are collecting but they do cost.
Tee-Shirts, Caps, Jackets, etc. is all well and fine but, to Win the tourney and say you won a World or a National that says something. If it is infact a worthy thrown tournament w/a decent amount of teams.
6-8-12 yeah 2 dayer, anything more would be a 3rd day w/pool play and all and then the Dbl Elim.
We are all held hostage to the Tournaments. If we don't go they don't have a tourney but then we don't get to play.
Catch 22 I guess.
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