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Dec. 20, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: To All Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Much Mahalo from Hawaii for all the good times our players have had competing in the Senior Circuit.
Great competition but most of all it's better meeting new people and making new friends.

As we say here in Hawaii...

Mele Kalikimaka and Hauoli Makahiki Hou.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Good Health and Properity in the New year and beyond.
Take care and Go Deep. Dyin fo Play
Nov. 2, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Observations and conversations.

Yo got too much time on your hands Buddy.
Join a league, go to the batting cages or do something.
Not to recite the Name Game by Shirley Ellis. in Get one. Go Yard BashBro1
Nov. 2, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Las Vegas Tournament

I second that Freddie...LVSSA.
Good for you Texas Pride.

Yes LVSSA...change the HR rule and you'll get more teams in the AAA and Major's. IMO.
Thanks still go out to LVSSA for doing the Tournament, it's still a great trip to your city.

Oct. 31, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: What happened in Seattle

HooveDog...much Mahalo (thank you) for the reply.

Pohaku Ohana in Hawaiian means Family Stones.

Our club (Family Stones) had 2 fifty teams this year 1 Family Stones in the AAA and and Pohaku Ohana in the AA.
Next year Family Stones will be in the 55's and Pohaku Ohana or Family Stones will be in the 50's.

Thanks and Go Deep, if not just get on let the Designated driver bring you home Safely.
Oct. 31, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: What happened in Seattle

Hey Larry thanks for the response.

Your right fielder and catcher that played in that Saturday night game against Pohaku Ohana PLAYED for San Antonio last year. I played against them and i know who they were. Your right fielder was ragging all game about our pitchers walking alot of their players.
As far as the player using the bat...more than half the team at that time in 2005 used that same bat.
It's nothing against the Texas Pride team you guys play damn good ball.
It's against LVSSA...they told us last year that the "team" was suspened for 1 year bec' at the time no one owned up to used/owned the bat.
This is what happened...batter uses the bat, after he gets a hit the bat ends up in front of our dugout one of our players sees the bat and calls it to the Mgrs attention, he portest the bat.
The umpire looks at it call the tournament director, Wendel Taguchi they look at it and then asks theSan Antonoi team who's bat is this, no one answers, even the batter the guy standing on first base said he didn't use the bat it was the batter before him that used it, now that batter gets upset that this guy is blaming him forusing the bat.
Honestly about 6/7 guys were usning this bat. How do i know...I sell Sporting Goods here in Hawaii and I'm trying to figure out which Nike bat is this that no one else in the tournament is swinging and no one in Hawaii is using that bat that is just "jacking balls" all over the field.
Believe me Larry you would have said something too.
So it's not The Pride again it's LVSSA.
Your right fielder and your catcher played in 2005 and yes another of our players thought he recognized your 3b but we weren't sure.
We all remember your right fielder who was getting on our players case throughout the 3 1/2 innnings we played.
At the time of stopage the score was 15-6 San Antonio and they were batting in the top of the 4th.
I/We ain't making any of this up Larry this happened.
We and not just our team want to know what these tourneys are going to do when they do in fact catch someone w/illegal equip so all the teams know going into a tournament which "players/teams" are suspended or what ever.
Great job in LV Pride...hope to see you guys next year at one of the tourneys nationwide.
Unitl then as always...Dyin fo Play
Oct. 30, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: What happened in Seattle

While we're at it...LVSSA What happen in 2005 to the San Antonio team that got caught with the painted Grey Ultra in the 50AA division Dbl Elim game with Family Stones from Hawaii? Saturday afternoon the 3pm game.
In 2005 we were told that the San Antonio team would be suspended for 1 year. Per Wendel Taguchi Tournament Director at that time.

There were 2 players from that same team that played in this year's 50AA dbl elim game between the Texas Pride and Pohaku Ohana on Saturday night. The right fielder and the catcher.
This year they said only the players using the painted grey ultra would/has been suspended. How did your assc. figure who used this illegal bat?
At the fieled we were told that they would look at the photos from EyeCon of last year's game to determine who used it. Huh?
All assc. should be up front with their decisions.
We all know the difficulty of trying to find out if or if not the bats are in fact illegal right there at the field but the San Antonio team was caught "Red Handed" and it's 2006 this year's tournament is over and still no decision going into 2007.
LVSSA you had a chance/opportunity to stand up for what's right and do the right thing for your tournament and for the rest of the teams that are playing by the rules.
Oct. 27, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: Players looking to join a team


Played in the 50's the week prior.
Boy talk about classifications, rules, players, etc.
LVSSA takes the cake, I understand that running a tourney is time consuming and darn right difficult at times but...

rule state that teams must be in uniform alike in color and style...NOT

no players may have the same/duplicate #'s NOT...

players that were on a team that got "suspended" from the 2005 tourney for using an illegal bat...Oops "only suspended" if they used the bat. How would anyone know that they used the bat or not? was the question. Answer they have pictures from the EyeCon photographers from last showing if they used the bat or not...NOT.
This same team won the 2006 AA Texas Pride that was actually a AAA team with a couple of players from the same team that got thrown out of the 2005 tourney for using a very badly painted grey was painted to look like a Nike bat...they had the swoosh going the wrong way. So laughable.

They moved a AAA team down to AA I guess to make the brackets even or for whatever reason. Hard to figure out.

Make rules, play by the rules, enforce the rules.
That's not hard at all.
LVSSA do the right thing by the rules...the teams that are in the wrong will grumble the most when "caught" trying to bend the rules...all the other teams will respect the tourney and the officials and keep coming back bec' the tourney is run in a first class manner.
Other than going to LV for the trip/vacation the tournament needs work...LVSSA do it for the players that are trying to play by the rules.
Oct. 18, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: STONES 1B: Hawaii

Thanks again Tater50...

All is back to normal here on Oahu, just the damage on the Big Island needs to be addressed. Some Hotals, piers, homes, chuches and bridges.

You probably don't realize it but you kind of have a cnnection here in the Islands...?

Tater50...50 is the Hawaii the 50th state.

God Speed to the Hayes...
Oct. 18, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Tell us your superstitions and quirky things before or during games

Great topic here...refreshing from all the illegal bats and negativity.

Couple things for me...
1-I need to be standing outside of the dugout during the game. I can see better and it gives me the feeling that I'm right in the game throughout. Plus you can see and hear everything that happens.

2-I chew about 8-9 pcs. of gum during the game and redo the gum if I play another game dbl hitter etc, so I can spit in my batting glove to wpie the barrel of my bat prior to entering the batters box. Kind of like cleaning the dust/dirt of.

Not much of a Rah-Rah type..yell between innings tpye of thing. Just play, I get into the huddle to be part of the team but it doesn't "pump" me up. In tourneys if you're not pumped prior to the game then a little yell won't do it.

Play Hard, Play Fair but most of all Have Fun.

All Good.
Oct. 16, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: STONES 1B: Hawaii

Tater50...Big Mahalo for asking How I am.

All okay here on the Island of Oahu. Most of the damage happen on the Big Island, about 45-50 minute plane ride from Oahu.
Here on Oahu the whole island was w/out elcetricity for about 8-20 hours depending on where you lived.
No real damage to speak of. The airports were a real mess w/flts being canceled and all that.
I live in a High rise so I got to feel the sway, not a real fun thing but we rolled with it.
Take care Tater, keep it in the Park and again Mahalo and Aloha from the Islands.
Oct. 13, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats
Discussion: rate these bats.


The Worth's and the Synery's
I also find that the F2/F3's are solid as well as the 07 EVO.
Both are DeMarini's.
If $ is a problem then I recomend the White Steel...kinda end loaded but for the price it's a deal.

Dyin fo Play...
Oct. 12, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 1 & 1 count


1 and 1 makes for a more aggressive hitting game and gives the pitcher a chance to do something with 5 pitches instead of 7 pitches. The fields are not left standing around for a batter to take 2 pitches per say.
No bonus foul, 3rd strike out.

Nothing wrong w/change as long it's for the betterment.
At LV for the 50's we go in only 2 games that went the full 7.
Had nothing to do about running in and running out between innings.
There were just alot of pitches being thrown.
But whatever which way any tournament decides to have their count. All teams just need to adapt to the rules.
Just conversation on the message board.
Sept. 23, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats
Discussion: On My Honor


What I'm sayiung is that I don't need to do the HONOR thing out in public and SHOW that I am not going to use the altered equipment.
I just don't use it and don't even think it.
I am the ASA player Rep here in Hawaii.
The organizations can't control it as an entity. The players must come forth if they know of another player using the altered equip. They should refuse to player with these players. Once a player has the label of being a "user/cheater" it super hard to get rid of that label.
99% of the ball players feel the way you and want the game cleaned up it's just that is not a petition type of thing...if we all do what's right in our own back yards then it will make a difference nationwide.
If I wake up in the morning it's a good day so today is a good day.
Aloha Bruddah...
Sept. 23, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats
Discussion: On My Honor

Yo TaterinGa...

On my Honor???What is this some kind of confessional or something?
I don't need to have a "on my honor" type of thing.
I don't even think of going there as a player.
Maybe don't play with those type of players or even if you know of any turn them into your Director or Senior Rep.
I take all ball players for what their worth. We have them all over. Unless the players take action against these types
it would be hard to catch them all.
But thanks for your honesty. Play Ball!

Sept. 20, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats

Hey Stoneman would like to read all the run around stuffs the pwoers that be run around with.
I think it would make interesting reading.
I tried to eMail you but it got kicked back.

Sept. 16, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: Bats
Discussion: New Miken Ultra 2

Issue...Summer 2006. Volume 19 #3 back cover.

Looks like they finagled the knob...adjust the wt. on the knob for the bat? That's if they can have a little more longevity they got it made.

Call (916) 326-5303

Hope to see some of yah in LV for the 50's.
Sept. 14, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Reflections on Seattle 50 Men AA


great run there is Seattle...

Curious??? What were the Awards for this Tourney?
Sounds like you had fun, Big Ups to you and your Team.
Sept. 13, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Doctored Bat in Seattle?

Seems like the Easton Blue Synergy is the Bat of Choice to buy and or have doctored.
I have seen many Compsotie bats in action that otherwise seem unusually high in performance.
Others with the same type of bat (model) don't quite get the same results that these "Doctored" bats.

Here in Hawaii 1 player has been caught using a doctored Blue Synergy. Sent bat to ASA HQ's and they did 2 different test and both results were positive (illegal/doctored). Banned from ASA play for 1 year.
Doctored bats outperform other bats, except maybe and yet sometimes it does outperform the U2.
In senoiors play what would drive someone to use a doctored bat and not a U2.
If bat is found to be illegal/altered for perfomance then I say life time, stop the Bull $h%t.
The game, the players and officials don't need to have to worry about illegal equipment.
Let's just play ball with legal equipment.
NO Mercy...
Sept. 8, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: "platooniquette"

What's up with all this...but I guess it's a discussion board so guys are discussing.


Only 20 players don't have to be an Einstein to figure this one out. NO Pun intended.

20 players, bat how many the rule allows 12, 11,10, all whichever. Free defensive substitution and unlimited courtesy runners per inning (1 time run only).

IF YOU WANT use the rule use it...if not go with what you think is best for your team at that particular time.
But after a while you will see more and more teams using it just bec' of the resting of players.
If a coach is on it...he can utilize all 20 players, be competitive and still have the freshest team on the last day of the tourney.

Sept. 6, 2006
Stones 1B
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: On the right track

Einstein...I see your point and it is valid.
The nay sayers are ones that don't see beyond what this could do for senior players and the senior game.

I for one am for it. Free defensive substitution or platooning. Whats wrong with it?
If it's implemeted into a league or Tourney use it or you can choose not use it. It wouldn't be where you HAVE to use the rule.
To have it in the rules would help others that want to play but can't be the so-called "ball players".

You can only have 20 players rosters anyway so what's the big deal. We have almost "unlimited" courtesy runners.
Same principle.
Stay on it Eins...that's what the discussion board is for.
See some of you in Vegas for the 50's Sept. 29-30-Oct. 1, 2006.
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