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Men's 70

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Sept. 18, 2015
Topic: Women's softball
Discussion: ID card

I would like to renew online before October 31st. That's when it says my card expires.
April 25, 2015
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard

11:30 has a 65 team playing two different teams???
Nov. 19, 2013
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: finding results of tournies

Can't you just take a pic of the page and email it to here? ...or am I missing something?
Oct. 3, 2012
Topic: Bats
Discussion: bad Ultra 2

I would like to agree with the many who mentioned a bad batch of Miken Ultra 2's. The one I have now is number 19. It never acheived power anywhere near my first 18. Something was wrong in the manufacturing process.
Feb. 8, 2010
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Looking for a team

Thanks, batter4u.

Camelback Park on Hayden Road, just north of E. Camelback Road.
Jan. 31, 2010
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Looking for a team

Looking for a daytime league or
pick-up games in Arizona where the Ultra II is legal. During Jan. Feb. and March.

Sept. 2, 2007
Topic: Bats
Discussion: knob cuff

Thanks for the info.
Aug. 31, 2007
Topic: Bats
Discussion: knob cuff

"2007 Rule Changes
Just got my 2007 Rule book.
Now I can start breathing easier. Now Knob Cuff/Grip/Rip are now legal."

I haven't read it yet. I saw this quote in one of Fred's messages. I would like to know ASA and SSUSA.
Aug. 31, 2007
Topic: Bats
Discussion: knob cuff

"2007 Rule Changes
Just got my 2007 Rule book.
Now I can start breathing easier. Now Knob Cuff/Grip/Rip are now legal."

Fred or anyone. I think they are legal, also. Where can I find this rule?
July 13, 2005
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: SPA Champaign ,July 9 & 10 results

Champaign, IL 2005 SPA
Sr. Softball Tourney Results
Metro Stars18vsFossils-Sonic17
Indiana Classics18vsSt Louis Masters16
Bellville Metro14vsChi Classics 50 Gray12
Metro Stars24vsIndiana Classics13
Bellville Metro12vsFossils-Sonic11
Chi Classics 50 Gray20vsSt Louis Masters6
Fossils-Sonic18vsIndiana Classics17
Chi Classics 50 Gray17vsMetro Stars9
Bellville Metro27vsSt Louis Masters9
Chi Classics 50 Gray16vsFossils-Sonic13
St Louis Masters21vsMetro Stars15
Bellville Metro20vsIndiana Classics7
Fossils-Sonic17vsSt Louis Masters10
Indiana Classics23vsChi Classics 50 Gray19(second)
Bellville MetroW(first)vsMetro StarsL(forfeit)
Brickyard 15 vs. Geezers 4
Mitchell's 6 vs. Chicago Blue Chips 4
OG's 11 vs. Zeppelins 10
Brickyard 18 vs. Mitchell's 5
OG's 9 vs. Geezers 4
Zeppelins 10 vs. Chicago Blue Chips 7
Geezers 16 vs. Mitchell's 13
Zeppelins 10 vs. Brickyard 9
OG's 15 vs. Chicago Blue Chips 12
Zeppelins 17 vs. Geezers 16
Brickyard 19 vs. Chicago Blue Chips 9
OG's 10 vs. Mitchell's 4
Chicago Blue Chips 17 vs. Geezers 2
Mitchell's 15 vs. Zeppelins 14(second)
OG's 16(first) vs. Brickyard 11
Williams26vsMiller Lite13
Chi Classics 55 Blue13vsIndiana Legends12
Quad City20vsMiller Lite19
Williams14vsIndiana Legends7
Chi Classics 55 Blue12vsQuad City6
Indiana Legends12vsMiller Lite8
Williams14vsChi Classics 55 Blue13
Indiana Legends18vsQuad City2
Miller Lite22vsChi Classics 55 Blue19
Quad City16vsWilliams11
Quad City 18 vs. Miller Lite14
Chi Classics 55 Blue 21 vs. Indiana Legends20
Williams19 vs. Quad City 14
Championship game Chi Classics 55 Blue11vsWilliams10
KY Fried Chicken12vsAmbassadors11
IN Lgnds-Webb Auto12vsChiClassics 55 Silver3
KY Fried Chicken16vsIndiana Fog12
IN Lgnds-Webb Auto14vsAmbassadors11
ChiClassics 55 Silver22vsIndiana Fog17
KY Fried Chicken13vsIN Lgnds-Webb Auto12
Ambassadors19vsChiClassics 55 Silver14
Indiana Fog14vsIN Lgnds-Webb Auto5
KY Fried Chicken19vsChiClassics 55 Silver14
Ambassadors20vsIndiana Fog11
ChiClassics 55 Silver13vsIndiana Fog14
IN Lgnds-Webb Auto10vs. Ambassadors20
KY Fried Chicken12vsIndiana Fog5
Championship game Ambassadors12vsKY Fried Chicken7
MN S'prm Sprtswear 17vsIndiana Classics13
Olson Truck & Car12vsBill Estes Chevrolet6
MN S'prm Sprtswear 14vsChi Classics 60 Blue71
Bill Estes Chevrolet10vsIndiana Classics5
Olson Truck & Car20vsChi Classics 60 Blue18
Bill Estes Chevrolet17vsMN S'prm Sprtswear 6
Olson Truck & Car21vsIndiana Classics14
Chi Classics 60 Blue18vsBill Estes Chevrolet14
Olson Truck & Car9vsMN S'prm Sprtswear 3
Chi Classics 60 Blue21vsIndiana Classics13
MN S'prm Sprtswear 19vsIndiana Classics11
Bill Estes Chevrolet13vsChi Classics 60 Blue7
Olson Truck & Car24vsMN S'prm Sprtswear 8
Championship game Bill Estes Chevrolet15vsOlson Truck & Car14
Ambassadors 20 vs. ChiClassics 60 White15
U.S. Pallet16vsATP6
Country Bin25vsAmbassadors7
ChiClassics 60 White27vsATP26
U.S. Pallet20vsCountry Bin5
ChiClassics 60 White19vsU.S. Pallet16
Country Bin20vsATP9
U.S. Pallet15vsAmbassadors11
ChiClassics 60 White16vsCountry Bin15
U.S. Pallet15vsCountry Bin13
ChiClassics 60 White6vsATP15
Championship game U.S. Pallet26vsATP9

Michigan Sportsmen13vsMidwest Geezers 65's8
KY Fried Chicken14vsMoose Lodge5
Midwest Geezers 65's17vsKY Fried Chicken13
Michigan Lakers12vsMoose Lodge10
Michigan Sportsmen18vsKY Fried Chicken10
Midwest Geezers 65's12vsMichigan Lakers8
Michigan Lakers14vsKY Fried Chicken13
Michigan Sportsmen13vsMoose Lodge12
Midwest Geezers 65's18vsMoose Lodge2
Michigan Sportsmen20vsMichigan Lakers0
KY Fried Chicken22vsMoose Lodge24
Midwest Geezers 65's20vsMichigan Lakers13
Michigan Sportsmen18vsMoose Lodge10

Championship game
Midwest Geezers 65's13vsMichigan Sportsmen16

July 5, 2005
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: SPA Champaign.Ill next weekend July 9 & 10 line-up

In a round robin, you play 2 to 4 games a day. That is plenty. After 3 games in a day, injuries happen more frequently. In a double elimination, a team could play 7 games in a day. I like round robins.
Feb. 1, 2005
Topic: Bats
Discussion: bat testing

I would think your strenth, timing, etc. would decrease your power and bat speed as you got older; in general.
Feb. 1, 2005
Topic: Bats
Discussion: bat testing

It's at:

Jan. 31, 2005
Topic: Bats
Discussion: bat testing

I read some bat test data. They used a 6' 1" 220 lb. "experienced" (25 or 30 I guess) player to hit. He hit with a Freak bat a 525 compression ball 102 mph to determine the pitcher's safety. We need a 55 year old batter to determine the safety of a 55 year old pitcher, We're not playing against the young guys. The data decided 85 mph was the max for safety. That excluded all composite bats. How fast can a 55 year old hit a ball? It isn't 102 mph is it?
Jan. 27, 2005
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Ultra II Beyond 2005

biggeorge and TexasTransplant, I loved playing fast pitch, but the scores of 1-0 & 2-1 killed the game. Everyone wanted more runs and to hit the ball, so everyone went to slow pitch. Please make some more comments. I want to hear your side of the story.
Jan. 26, 2005
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Ultra II Beyond 2005

biggeorge, If the fences were all 275', and the batters could use an Ultra 2, do you think very few hitters would try to hit up the middle?...even if over the fence was a single or a double. That would make it a little safer for the pitchers.
Jan. 21, 2005
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Ultra II Beyond 2005

Gumper, I finally got around to emailling SS-USA, and stating that I would love to keep the U2 legal.
Jan. 19, 2005
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Ultra II Beyond 2005

Pitching screen: I'm not for the screen, but if the associations would let us use the U 2, then I am all for it. It would change the game, but I would accept the compromise to make the bat legal.
Jan. 17, 2005
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Ultra II Beyond 2005

Proudtex40, They could just put a pitching screen 5-15 feet in front of the pitcher. If it hits the screen, you could play it as a dead ball or an out, whatever the players prefer. They are doing this in some leagues.
Jan. 16, 2005
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Ultra II Beyond 2005

armyho211, I vote to keep the U2. I love it! I would like to keep the U1, also. I, like many of the 3000 readers, agree, but we just didn't bother to answer. I think the % is way up there. Also, if we view this site more than once, does that count as part of the 3000? Maybe it isn't 3000 DIFFERENT readers, just 3000 viewers.
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