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July 22, 2008
green rocket
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Flip-Flop Rule

I've seen it both ways. Usually in the smaller tournaments its more of a 'gentleman's game' as to not run up the score too bad.

I have seen rules written both ways also as optional, if both managers agree, and mandatory if its over 15 runs. I have never seen it used for fewer runs than 15.

The flip-flop should only be used once during the open inning period.

I understand the rule, but I also understand that some managers, given the option, never want to use it. They probably lost a game using the rule and would never use it again.

In the big major tournaments, the flip-flop should never be used in my opinion.
June 30, 2008
green rocket
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: who's going to Salt Lake City

I've heard rumors that the team participation is way down at this point, and SSUSA is considering cancelling the tournament. I hope I'm wrong.

Having the Northwest Championships so recent only adds to the woes.
June 19, 2008
green rocket
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Medical Emergency When Out Of Town

As an umpire of SSUSA, we are all required to take the CPR course each year. Starting in 2007 all fields that we work on have defibulators available.

This was not a SSUSA event, which would of had these items in place.

Last year at the Rock N' Reno one of our fellow umpires went down with a heart attack. Without the proper training and the defib close by, he would of expired. Quck thinking and preventive emergency procedures enabled the tournament director (Jim Sherman) to revive our fallen comrade.

He's back and working as if it never happened.

All sanctions should incorporate these procedures and ballplayers with health conditions should make others aware of their conditions.

We are sadden by the loss of your fellow ballplayer Scrap Iron. Your a good and classy team.
Dec. 7, 2007
green rocket
Topic: Bats
Discussion: bat rolling

Not only the ASA, but you can expect all associations to have their umpires and officals check bats real close thoughout next season and beyond.

There was an unfortunate incident in the Northern California ASA leagues, where a pitcher was hit in the face which eventually turned out to be an illegal doctored bat. I believe the batter has been banned for life in the ASA and is liable for the medical bills incurred.

ASA has always been testy on bats, but this sets a new standard which they will abide by. I'm sure the other associations will follow suit.

Even in the past, the Mikken distributor gave us umpires a small clinic on possible doctoring of bats, you see something like that makes all of us look bad from the bat manufacturers, to the association and TD, down to the officating.

I do not really see widespread bat altering in Seniors because they already use one of the hottest bats in the sport.

So if you see the umpires next year going though your equiptment, be tolerant. One bad apple did this.
Nov. 6, 2007
green rocket
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: No A like an Old A

Hey, AC your always working us umpires pretty good, but then you pretty good at what you do. Speedy recovery and we will see you out there in 2008!
Oct. 29, 2007
green rocket
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: the umps in Phoenix

Vinny LV, even though you might have a ligitimate gripe. this is something that needs to be taken up by you and the UIC or Terry PERSONALLY. To use this forum as a crying towel is totally unprofessional. The ball players do not care how much money you make, only for you to call a fair game.

I know if you did this same thing to any of the associations that you work for, you would be out of a job. Also you praise compliments to yourself, another no-no.

I always judged myself by the compliements I get from the ballplayers after the game and from others, including Ray and Terry, not from how I view my umpring skills.

If your going to leave a tournament early, you make those plans up and forthright, not a knee jerk reaction after the fact. You are honored to do the games your assigned, even if they were less than you expected. I have worked for Ray and Terry many times and much longer that you ever will, so my experience tells me that they are fair as can be.

Obviously you have not worked any SSUSA or ISA or else you would of had your dues/uniform and gear already purchased months ago. If you never worked an ASA/USSSA sanctioned tournament these costs would be there BEFORE YOU WORKED. What's the difference?

Sometimes things happen in tournament. Teams drop out. Locations change. Do you think you were the only umpire that had to travel to get there? Many others traveled a lot futher that you.
Oct. 23, 2007
green rocket
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: You make the call - umpire gets over-ruled by TD in Phoenix

Nancy, that rule comes up more often than you think. Like I said, I do not personally know any of my officating crew that does not know that rule.
Oct. 22, 2007
green rocket
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: You make the call - umpire gets over-ruled by TD in Phoenix

Senior umpire here. We have had many discussions about this subject when we all get together and talk about things.

When we do small tournaments (Nor-Cal) we allow a pinch runner on second base starting an international tie-breaker inning. However, our UIC (Rudi Rodriguez) empaizes to his crew that in regional or world championship play, the runner must be the last batter who appeared at the plate the previous inning (not the out made) and that the runner cannot be subsituted for until he reaches third base.

Clear plain and simple. If the umpire did allow another runner other than the batter at second, he did not get the rule straight.

They do have an umpire meeting before the tournament begins, so this should of been clairified. I personally think that this umpire probably has done few or no Senior tournaments prior to this one. Every umpire I know is versed on this rule.
Sept. 13, 2007
green rocket
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: to mask or not to mask

As an umpire, I have seen numberous injuries to pitchers the last few years. Some are excellent fielders, but it only takes one good blast up the middle to change that.

I'm all for protection. It seems like the best type of masks is the clear plastic ones with good visibility thoughout. It is up to the individual to employ such protection, but I will bet dollars to doughnuts that any one who gets hit without armor will probably purchase the equipment next time around.

I don't want to mention one pitcher who was bleeding out of his nose and ears after being hit on the forehead some years back. To make matters worse, it was the last out of a blowout game to boot.

Even being a blue (or green) we are not immune to getting dinged. I have had my collarbone and leg broken by bats let loose by the batter. I have pondered wearing a facemask to call the game, but now have settled by standing behind the opposite side of the batters box to the batter.

Last tournament I did I witnessed a batter/runner who took one on the side of the head on a throw to first. He went down like a sack of potatoes.

We can't mandate protection, but I'm all for it.

The whole idea is to have fun playing, and not get hurt.
Aug. 24, 2007
green rocket
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 7 inning games

All I can say as an umpire, if you agree play a regular straight softball game, don't complain when you only got 2 or 3 innings in after the time limit, and both teams have 20+ runs scored apiece. You can't have both: A tight game with every play taking on big meaning, or a team waiting to falter when they don't get the runs needed in a given innings.......

The 5 run rule keeps the game going and prevents teams from scoring out of hand until the last inning is declared.

Personally, I think the 5 run rule is an excellent rule and should be used thoughout any age or division. I have had many great games this way than the other.....
July 23, 2007
green rocket
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: the ump at reno western

Fritz, this is you fellow umpire working with you that day. You had angels all around you. If it weren't for those ladies trained in CPR nurses/ballplayers and the quick reactions from Jim Sherman, I think we would of lost you.

I can't say enough about those great people. God did not want you to leave us. I can't wait for the day when we work again as a team old buddy. Take care.
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