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June 18, 2015
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Looking...

50. Currently playing league with an NSA Gold Team. Can play anywhere on the diamond but spent the majority of my time in the OF. Currently reside in Michigan but did play SSUSA over 40 nationals when located in AZ. If interested please contact me at
Thank you!
Oct. 28, 2009
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Balls in general

Here’s my long winded 2 cents on this ball/bat/safety topic…

Back in around 2000 I used to kind of chuckle about guys hitting the ball 400+ft with obviously altered equipment when we were hitting 330+ft with stock USSSA/ASA approved bats and a good ball (47/525). I really didn’t care how far “the cheaters” hit it as 1 ft over the fence works as well as 100ft, but there’s nothing funny or fun about how the USSSA/ASA game has evolved since. Several guys that I’ve played with for years, and that have plenty of power, who would have never even thought about altering their equip were actually contemplating getting juiced bats last year because of the ball and the fact that they couldn’t compete with the cheaters… Unfortunately going to a softer ball rewarded the cheaters and enticed those who weren’t cheating to contemplate it…

So my conclusion is that going to a supposedly “safer”, softer ball, more guys will “cheat” as a result.

If you don’t believe me look at the crap going on in the kids game (at every level). Including the Major level…

I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to hit my share of HR’s in every decade I’ve played (80’s, 90’s, and now…) But I have to say that this past summer was one of the hardest. When the temps got above 100 in the Phoenix area the 40cor 300 ball that USSSA decided to use this year was none too lively. My struggles weren’t because of diminished skills, they were because the ball was a sock in those temps. However the guys who did have “Hot” bats we’re still hitting the ball hard/out so much so I actually considered getting one myself (glad I didn’t). USSSA made several ball changes over the past few years to address the bat problems and each time my personal performance has been penalized as a result. Frankly there’s nothing more frustrating to me personally to have my game negatively impacted simply because others are cheating. What makes it worse is that the cheating is obvious and yet still nothing is done… Why?? Because they’re not going to bite the hand that feeds them.

One bright spot in all this was that I could look forward to playing some Masters events where the playing field is somewhat leveled by allowing hot bats and decent balls. So we recently played the over 40 world tourney out at Grayhawk and were hitting (44/375’s). We hit some HR’s with our senior bats on fences which are 325 I believe in 100 degree heat. We didn’t hit any cheap HR’s for sure but balls that were well struck went… We saw some shots back through the box but in all honesty thought that if the ball was any mushier play would have been adversely affected. Unfortunately we did think there were some altered bats being used BUT we had a great time. It was also a confirmation that personally I could still hit comparatively speaking and that if I was willing to cheat I could do the same in the kids game. But then again I shouldn’t have to cheat to compete…

Anyway the above leads me to my recommendation which is that if you guys want to spend your energy on something, go implement a system that regulates and measures bat performance (real time). Eliminate the possibility to cheat first. If you don’t, you’ll eventually wind up where the other associations are now with crappy balls and paper thin bats. Heck you’d probably be surprised how many altered bats there are in the seniors game already. Those are the guys making the game truly unsafe. Once you get that problem solved then you can focus on what equipment provides the level of competition/safety/enjoyment you desire. May take some “out of the box” thinking like creating competitive and rec divisions where equip lists vary. But I will caveat this by saying you don’t see folks swarming to play wood bat leagues or single wall leagues so be careful that a few vocal folks in the minority don’t speak for the majority. Your game isn’t broken yet but it could be easily if you try to fix the symptoms rather than focus on solutions that address the real problem(s)… You all know the old saying “those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it” could be very relevant here.

Also, with the technology advances (internet and ID cards) today it wouldn’t surprise me if you couldn’t vote on proposed equipment changes too… Why not let the silent majority (registered players) speak for themselves…

With respect to safety, My opinion is that as an adult you get a choice. You decide BEFORE you play if you’re willing to accept the inherent risks (balls, bats, fields, weather, etc) of the game. Hopefully you can make an informed choice and one aspect of being informed is knowing that whatever safety measures that are put in place are being adhered to (which includes the BPF)… And last but not least, I fully endorse wearing a mask on the hill. I have one and wear it when I pitch regardless of the competition level AND rest assured that I’m not worried about being called a sissy over it… ;)

Nov. 23, 2007
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Anyone looking for a competitive over 40 player?

Just FYI but if anyone is in need of 40+ player in the Southwest Championships (Tucson Tourney the 8th and 9th of Dec) I'd likely be able to make it down.
Oct. 30, 2007
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Anyone looking for a competitive over 40 player?

~25 years playing experience. Played every level (A-D) in ASA, USSSA, and NSA but mostly C’s and D’s (tourneys) the past 10 years.

Mature, Reliable, Decent OBP, can still run, capable of playing several defensive positions, and I will hit some HR’s.

Located in Phoenix, AZ area.

If interested in discussing further please contact me at
Oct. 28, 2007
Topic: Bats

This is a very interesting string… Got to throw my 2 cents into this, hope it’s not too philosophical.

First let me state I like hitting the long ball.

With that being said, obviously the goal should be to attempt to protect the defensive player while allowing the offensive player to maximize their potential. Unfortunately this balance can’t really be achieved. When you step out on the field you should know (and accept) the risk you’re taking. You have to acknowledge that you could be seriously hurt by any batted ball. Now I’ve seen people get hurt in all sorts of ways. I’ve seen people get hit by batted balls that resulted in stitches, tooth loss, broken bones, etc… I’ve seen a lot of pitchers hit because a lot of them couldn’t defend their positions (especially in the shin area). They had slowed down to the point they really couldn’t contribute in the field so they ended up pitching… In my opinion it’s not too smart to put a guy close to the batter who can’t move…

Now I’m in my early 40’s and I’m not a big guy but I’ve been able to hit the ball out (on 300ft fences) in every era I’ve played (Began playing in the early 80’s when heavy aluminum was what you had in your bag). I was swinging a 37oz Easton when a friend had me try a 30 oz EA70 Easton in the early 90’s… The technology was outstanding compared to what I had been swinging and my performance increased. When the Titanium bats came out in 93/94? we really didn’t want to buy one but we were playing A’s and were at a competitive disadvantage without one. Even though they were quickly outlawed (right after we shelled out the 500.00 and bought one for our team). The mold was set. Guys saw that there was a magic bullet out there. That situation has continued to evolve to where we are today. Now if you look at the big picture you’ve got guys shaving or compressing composite bats to get the most performance possible and then they’re playing down in the rec divisions. I honestly can’t figure that out, but it’s definitely happening.. Nothing more frustrating to me than to see a guy hit a mush ball 340 ft with clearly doctored equipment when I’m following the rules…

Anyway my point here is that the bar has been set. People expect a certain level of performance as they’ve been spoiled over the past 15 years. If you don’t allow the equipment you invite “the cheater” which also creates a safety issue and a competitive disadvantage. I say leave the high end equipment out there and let folks use it. If you have a U2 you don’t need a shaved bat.

I also want to state that I believe as a safety measure that a screen could be placed in front of the Pitcher (at their discretion) for their protection (hit the screen and you’re out). Don’t like the rule, don’t play. If safety is truly an issue, this would protect the closest player to the batter.

Face it, it’s a hard ball that’s easy to hit hard. I’m sure even with a Wood bat and a low compression ball that some players are still going to get hurt. I think the senior organizations have the correct approach (allowing the equip like U2’s).

BTW I just started thinking about playing 40+ so if anyone is looking for a competitive 40+ player in the Phoenix area please feel free to contact me.

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