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Sept. 23, 2008
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Should Major Plus be combined with Major teams

I don't think opening up the eligibilty lines will help. I believe some teams don't think they can play when in reality you go watch some of the M teams and they can hang with the Plus division. I see it all the time. Look at the records of the M teams and who is doing what and many tourns. they are winning and the scores, homeruns, runs, etc. Those teams play in the upper.
There are also not enough teams in regions to qualify a plus division at a "west coast" tourn., "east, south or north". There are not enough teams to do a quality tourn as there is with M. You can go to any region in any organization in any given tourn. and you will have 10 plus M teams in a bracket. In Phoenix there will probably be 25 plus teams and a "possible" 4 in the M+.
Lets say it was reversed and M was having the issue of not enough teams and playing the same two or three teams over and over and over and over. It gets to be no fun. Doing an upper and lower will make for better tourns. overall and players traveling and wanting to play because they are going to get to see different teams.
Sept. 23, 2008
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Should Major Plus be combined with Major teams

I don't live on this board so I see that a few messages have been added since mine and read some of the content. Some threads are saying have the M+ move down, not the M's move up. It is not about up or down, it is about combining so moving up or down is mute. You establish new guidelines for the new division by combining the M and M+ rules. AAA does not go up to the upper division they stay in the lower. Someone said give teams a 6 month "pass" so to speak. I said allow tweaking during the course of the tourn. season after a couple three tourns. You don't start with the World tourn. in Phoenix. You play out this year as is and start with the Winter Worlds in Nov. in L.V. New year, fresh start clean slate. I agree with the one thread about Senior Softball not doing anything, they won't. We as players need to voice loud and clear at an open forum with Terry, Dave and Fran. For a M+ team to go to the worlds and pay $600.00 for a tourn. fee to play one other team in their division is uncalled for and unexceptable. Then someone made a suggestion to add $200.00 to their fee...why? Itr is already enough. You take away two divisions and you have one now. Bracketing is easier, games are fewer, time slots are good. I have not seen anything or heard anything yet from this M+ task force headed up by Gary. I know my coach has not been contacted for imput...We are a M+ team.
When you step back and look at this it is pretty simple to fix. Two levels, partion line is M and above for upper and AAA and below for lower, incorporate and combine rules and go play. Adjust as you play the season. It would be nice to hear from Terry or return emails and calls so that he can hear the players that at the present time are playing his tourns. and paying his fees. I know that if this keeps up of two teams that will stop supporting his organization. Maybe that is what he wants to do to get rid of M+ teams. Kind of hear that through the talk at tourns and he seems to reinforce that by not responding.
All I know is we (M+) want to play softball on both sides of the ball not just stand up there as some have said in past and see how far we can hit it. We like playing defense as well because we are good at that to. Everybody can showcase what they got at what ever level they play because that is where they are good at.
Got to go back to work.

Duff - MAC II
Sept. 18, 2008
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Should Major Plus be combined with Major teams

This subject has been bounced around now for a couple of years and there was a message saying it is not the organizations fault that there are no M.P. tourns. with more then two-three teams. At the same time though those organizations are not hearing or wanting to help out so that these M.P. teams can play quality tourns. like M., AAA, AA where there are 10 plus teams most tourns. They want to take the same tourn. fee from us for a 2 out 3, they want us to play that 2 out 3 over 3 days, they don't want to work with M.P. There is not that much of a difference between M.P. and Major. I play for MAC II and sometimes with the Mavericks and I have played Major teams that tend to keep up with the power and talent that M.P. has. We had three high scoring games in Vegas with Arizona Mob, Evolution and Northwest Legends and all of them had no problem hitting the ball out as much as we did or play defense as we did and they are Major teams.
I believe that for us M.P. players to play and some of the rules mentioned in this debate are good ones that we make each age bracket that has a Major Plus division an upper and lower with the seperation being Major/AAA. Major and M.P. play upper and AAA down play lower. Then at the end of the year look at the records, winning % and tourns. won to see if a team gets moved up or down. 5-7 run innings, 1-1 count, pitcher protection, 5 HR and singles after, no flip flop, 6 innings played with an open inning. The Directors really need to sit down with the upper level teams and work with them, hear them and incorporate new rules and be flexible enough during the course of the season to adjust if there is something that is not working after a few tourns. not one.

MAC II 50 Major Plus
Feb. 27, 2008
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Super Mjor Softball-The way the game was meant to be played

Hi fellow players,
I am Duff from MAC II, the lead-off hitter-lefty. Fondly referred to as Bat and A Half by my teammates.
I believe right now while we are in the SSUSA playing that Hennessey sit up and listen to ALL divisions and what the players have to say. I do believe he is not concerned with the Major Plus division and if it went away he would be ok with that. Right now though that is where we are playing. I think combining 50 Major and 50 Major Plus will give us more teams and more then a best 2 out 3 tourn. 55 has the same problem 50 does - no teams. I have asked Ken with Mavericks and I am asking all Major Plus players to contact Hennessey's e mail and on here so he can hear us.
Have either 12 hr's and outs or pitcher off limits but not both. Making the matt bigger is not going to help. Players are still going to stand up there and take pitches. Start with a 1-1 count and free foul and the game will move along. If we have unlimited home runs that gets boring after awhile. We need to play ALL aspects of the game not see who can hit it the farthest and the most. Anybody can do that with a Miken in their hand. Keep the arch range where it is. Some of these pitchers get above 14' as it is and they are being called, giving them an additional height will get them higher.
We do not need to play seeding games on Friday if we continue with 2-3 teams a tourn. Our seeding games can be done Sat. and the 2 out 3 on Sunday and everybody get home Sunday eve. Not everybody is retired yet where we can be there on Friday and waste a vacation day or personal day.
In a message earlier I agree with knowing you won a tourn. with 10-15 teams and get a ring then a 2-3 team tourn. and get a ring. We want to see different teams then the same 2-4 over and over and over. If Hennessey doesn't want to listen to the Major Plus there are other organizations out there that we can go play and also do as Jim says, start a branch of Super Major and limit it to one outside pick up of touching states of the originating team address. If some teams are well financed they could buy any player and stack a team if we do not have boundaries. There are some teams that are self pay still. E MAIL HENNESSEY, Let him hear us.
I welcome your thoughts.
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