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, Nov. 27, 2012
Topic: Product review
Discussion: Softballs

The name of the company is Kenko. I represented this company a number of years ago when they were affiliated with Debeer Softball/Baseball company.

Some of the baseballs react "similar" to hardballs but they are still made of rubber. The softballs were used mainly for indoor practice. In Japan the baseballs and softballs are used in some leagues and tournaments.
Mike Massong - Scrappy
, Nov. 25, 2012
Topic: Teams looking for players

We are looking for 2 or 3 players for our Colorado team. We are the Scrap Iron Phiten AAA team. Players can be Major or AAA classification (we have openings for 2 major players on roster).
In 2012 we won the Western Nationals, Nat Championships with SSUSA, and 2nd in the SPA Worlds. We need top notch players.
Call Mike at 303-324-6421 or email at amassong@aol.comm or e-mail Bill at
, Aug. 24, 2012
Topic: Product review
Discussion: Best website for titanium necklaces?

The reason I know is that I work with pro athletes and the products that many of them use. The last official supplier of socks to the MLB was a company called Twin City Knitting. Torrey Hunter was the first to put in a request for Phtien socks and others followed with requests to their equipment managers. I don't want to get into all these technicalities but if people use the products and like them, so be it.
As far as accupuncture, it is used all over the United States and other countries by many people. I have known several people who have used it and with some it works better than others. I have to get back to work so no more info today. Meeting with the Denver Broncos today to work on some products. It is my business and just another job until I retire next year.
, Aug. 24, 2012
Topic: Product review
Discussion: Best website for titanium necklaces?

All I can say is that I had Tommy john surgery and also tendon transfer surgery on my wrist and thumb. I used to take asprin, IB profin, whatever to help with the aches. Since wearing my Phiten products I no longer take them. Call it memntal or whatever, It worked for me. As for BS why don't you ask the MLB players why the went to Phiten socks? No they do not get paid to wear them but they seemed to help their feet and they requested them over the other brands they were using. Anything that can safely help me get through another season and feel better I will use. Not big into putting chemicals or pain killers into my body. If you don't believe they help then don't use their products. By the way Randy Johnson first started using the Phiten products many years ago when he was in Japan getting Accupuncture treatments. Remember when they thought accupuncture was a lot of bunk also? Who knows, but if it helps me I will continue to use.
Scrappy 6
, Aug. 23, 2012
Topic: Product review
Discussion: Best website for titanium necklaces?

99% of all Major League Players use one type of necklace, bracelet, tape, socks, etc. Phiten is the brand and their products are also used in the NBA, NFL, and soon in the NHL. Phiten is the official MLB supplier for Socks and Arm Sleeves. These other companies are knock offs and you can go to their web sites to see what players use their products, Medical studies, etc. I have been using the Phiten products for 7 years. Reason is they work. Others are wanabees. Go to
Scrappy 6
, May 7, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Reno 60 & 65 teams

Scrap Iron Phiten 65 AAA team will be there. Looking forward to it.
Scrappy 6
, March 7, 2012
Topic: Bats
Discussion: reebok bat

Just a bit of info guys. I have been in the business for 20 years and retailers do not want to handle any bat problems. That is why manufacturers have warranty cards on the bats with directions on how to handle warranty problems.
Unfortunately almost all senior bats do not have warranties.
Sometimes they will take care of manufacturing defects but legally they do not have to.
Some retailers may help but most want you to work with the factory that manufactured it.
Good luck.
, Nov. 11, 2011
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Reebok bats on

I just received my latest Anaconda catalog for 2012 and they have listed the Senior Softball Reebok Melee bats at $ 189.95 delivered.
I have been in the sporting goods business for 25 years and it comes down to one thing. MONEY.
Ed Andrews (Surf88) has been working hard representing the Reebok bats. Ed uses this as part of his income to live. I urge players to buy from their player reps as you know where there commission goes. It goes to feed their families, etc.
, Nov. 10, 2011
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Where's Photo Jack !!!

I just found out that Jack Eberhard is not going to be at the Winter Worlds to take pictures. I called him to confirm this.
Jack takes the best action photos around. He also is friendly with all the teams. Since many of the teams in the tournament are newly formed it would be nice to have Jack there for the pictures. We are kicking off the 2012 season.
I heard that he only works for expenses.
It would be a feather in SSUSA's cap to have him there. Jack is a professional and adds a professional touch to the SSUSA tournaments.
Think it over SSUSA, and add that professional touch.

, Oct. 24, 2011
Topic: Teams looking for players

We have a Colorado based team and are playing AAA in the Las Vegas tournament on November 15-17 and need a few more players. Come play in this tournament if you are eligible and if you wish to stay with us you will be welcomed. If you wish a release you can have one. Let us know as soon as possible as we are finalizing the roster. We are Scrap Iron affiliated and if you have interest call Mike at 303-324-6421 ( or Bill at 303-588-7565 (
, Oct. 5, 2011
Topic: Teams looking for players

Our 60 AAA Scrap Iron Phiten team is moving up to the 65 AAA division starting with the World Championships in Las Vegas November 15-17.
Due to losing some players to serious injuries, and a few being to young, we have openings for about 4-5 players. We need both infield and outfield AAA quality players.
Must be from surrounding states per SSUSA rules.
We enjoy playing, and the comradery, but we are out there to win and get another world championship. If you have interest and would like to play with us in Las Vegas and possibly in 2012, please contact us below for more information. If you decide that you do not want to play with us and want a release after the Las Vegas tournament, you got it.

Please call:
BILL NERO: COACH - 303-588-7565 OR E-MAIL AT

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