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Jan. 8, 2018
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: Austin 70's team looking for 2 players..

email to:
Jan. 8, 2018
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: Austin 70's team looking for 2 players..

AAA team from Austin Texas.. Competitive!!
Jan. 8, 2018
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: Austin 70's team looking for 2 players..

Looking for two players for our Austin Merchants 70's .
One infielder and one outfielder.. Good team now..
Call Larry 512-845-2922
July 31, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: San Antonio Legends should be Majors not AAA as they are now!

This team has won numerous tournaments,ie SPA and SSUSA
Why have they not been re-rated to Majors?
Dec. 23, 2016
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Texas info....Not good...Merry Xmas to all over these past years!!

Thks JBTexas...I don't see how I missed these Tx dates.Bfart..
Dec. 23, 2016
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Texas info....Not good...Merry Xmas to all over these past years!!

Merry Christmas to all the SSUSA staff.. I've
known them for over 15yrs. Dave and his staff work
really hard to do the best they can do.. sometimes
it just doesn't work out right!! I don't agree with
moving the Tx State Championships to El Paso.. Just
way way to far..ETC, ETC. Austin was great. In the
middle of the State.. Your going to lose a major amount
of teams this year going to El Paso. CV tournaments are
great.. Politics are just getting over the top. I don't
see any other tournamentscheduled in Tx.. Why? This
is also why our one day tournaments, our local tournaments
around Austin are so fun to play!! We are seniors, and
the expenses are killing a lot of us to travel this far
for a limited amount of games!! I've done that for 20yrs
plus.. Not bitching, just done that gig..
Jan. 19, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: pitchers screen.

One big thing the screen Dosen't let me do... Now the pitchers can stand
behind the rubber in the pitchers box per say.. I can throw strikes in
this box way behind the pitchers mound.. If you put the screen up to
protect the pitchers who pitch ON THE MOUND, it is ok for them.. NOT ME>
I pitch all over.... Way back gives me more time to field batters balls
and balls hit to the right side of the diamond. A screen prohits me from
fielding a ground ball to that side, or a line drive I can get to because
now I am back of the rubber to catch it!! Dont take my advantage away
by using the screen. This is a double edge sword here.. !!! The face
mask is OK.. Not the screen.....
Jan. 19, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Mask or Pitcher Protection Screen

The screen is not going to protect the pitcher 100%
by being hit in the face. the Ultra II just has to much
power and gets to the pitcher to quickly for a pitcher
to move behind the screen all the time. I am not saying
it won't help, because I also use it in the Austin league but it gets in the way for me, and I have to look
out for it not to trip on. Lets just play softball and
now the new pitchers face mask rule into effect, this
should be enough. Pitchers should wear shin guards also
in my opinion.. 30yrs of pitching tells me that! it takes a hell of a long time for shins to heal and more
balls are hit harder on the ground than in the air too..
Jan. 19, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Pitchers new rule of mandatory face masks for pitchers..

I have been pitching for approx 30yrs now.. Never worn a fack mask, but
as I get older (66yrs old now) my reflexes aren't anywhere near what they
were, obviously. My philosophy was, if you want to be a pitcher, after you
pitch the ball, one then becomes a infield.. It is then your decision if
you want to pitch and take the responsibilty of getting hit. I can't tell
you how many times I have been it in over 30yrs, ( fortunately never in
my face) Many of my friends all over the USA have been hit in the face,
and I feel with the new Miken Ultra bats as powerful as they are now, one
should protect ones self on the mound. Face, shins etc. etc.(Please don't eliminate the up the middle hit for the batter).. This will take away the
context of the game of batting. This new face mask rule will help the
pitchers feel confident in catching the ball,and watching the ball better after the batter hits the ball in their direction.. Safety comes
first in all situations.. Good rule change.

Does anyone have a good recomedation of a really good face mask? I want
one where I can also put my hat on too! I know a player in my league
who has one, but can't put his hat on with his face mask on..This is really important with the SUN issue in a pitchers face.. Especially as he is the closest player to the batter after contact.. I saw Markwork mast on Amazon.. Looks pretty good and a quality face mask too.. Larry
July 11, 2011
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Passing of a good friend and softball player.. Tony Herrera.....

Sadly and traglically a good friend, a team mate on my
previous teams in Austin, Texas has passed this past week.
Tony was 61 and died in a automobile accident in Georgia
this past week. His xwife also perished in this accident.
Lets all send a special prayer that Tony and his xwife are
welcomed into the hands of God, and to watch over us in our
efforts on the softball field of play. Tony was a good man
with a loving heart to all of us.. I will miss him. My prayer goes with him now..... Larry Regallo
May 29, 2010
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Individual awards for senior players

We have a 60 team out of Austin.
there are several new players to
SSUSA. these players play their hearts out, (as others do also). I have coached and managed for over 30yrs, I see now problem in giving recognition to player who gives 100+ percent for their performance. I look at the desire, attitude and a team player
of each player for these awards. It's
unfortunate that some teams just give
out MVP's etc for just hitting average
to their top players. If someone dosent do well in the event, but still gives their hearts out, these people
should still be recongnized. I know that a award to one who has NEVER received anything in their lives makes this person feel really special and motivates them to have FUN and enjoy what we are out here for in our association.....

March 10, 2009
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: Players need 60+ AA Texas Storm

I want to still keep playing in our
SSUSA and local (all over texas)
tournaments. I want to keep the expenses down because for travel and the economic expenses also. I want
to Win, but it is important not to lose track what this time in our lives is all about..Having FUN.. Winning or not is important, but this is not the
total importantance of why we play.I need some players who want to compete and feel the same. I need both infielders and outfielders to support my team which is now 9 players. Larry
March 4, 2009
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: larry

Texas Storm 60AA
looking for acouple of good outfielders
and a infielder. Playing in Texas
tournaments all over the state, and
the worlds in Phoenix. Have to have
some speed and arm in the outfield.
Call Larry 512-388-9996
Good shortstop and 3rd base needed too.
Dec. 29, 2008
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Looking for a team in NW Houston (Katy, Bear Creek Area)

Please call me at 512-388-9996
I coach and play for the Texas Storm team
Greg Thomas lives in Houston (5 miles from you)
281-468-7545... He plays and he is my assistant coach
for the team. We have 4 guys from Houston on our
team. We have a good team and we would be
interested in talking to you............Please call Greg
and myself so we can talk.. Larry Regallo
Nov. 28, 2008
Topic: Bats
Discussion: DeMarini Black Steel Bat

The Black Steel has been dicontinued by DeMarini, and
they are replacing them with the White Steel..... So if
you have one, you may be able to upgrade with the
new White Steel..... Food for thought.......
Nov. 28, 2008
Topic: Bats
Discussion: DeMarini Black Steel Bat

I bought a 34/26 DeMarini Black Steel single wall
bat, and I have hit it about 200 times and it is getting
FLAT .... There are flat sections all the way up and down
the bat,,,, Really uguly.. I called DeMarini and they will
replace the bat with a White Steel bat... The white steel
is a harder composite bat than the Black Steel... They
say anyway... Proof is in the pudding when I get it..
Nov. 28, 2008
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: Thank you and holiday greetings message...

Thank you for responding to my message for new players
for the 60+AA Austin team. We are now full, Thank
you for your help here... Hopefully all you folks had a
great Thanksgiving,, Please drive safely and have a very
Merry Christmas..... Larry Regallo Texas Strom
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