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Oct. 29, 2012
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: 70' bases at Las Vegas

Been a while since I have been on this site, its good to see some names that are still playing.
70 foot bases have my vote. Puts defense back into the game.
Feb. 3, 2009
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Howards Furniture

I just have to get my story in about Howards Furniture.
In late 68, yes that is 1968 I was 21 and at that time a real good baseball player just starting to play softball and at that age I was just as good as anyone. I just got out of the Coast Guard and moved to Mooresville NC, RT 150, Just east of the Furniture store.
Playing baseball in Charlotte a few players told me there was a very good softball team close to where I lived.
Soo i went over one Saturday morning with glove and spikes (sorry not to many bat bags back then) walked in the front door and the little old lady behind the counter shushed me out the back door, saying they were all out back hitting. I smiled and walked out back, I saw some real BIG country boys, I sat down to watch to see how I stacked up, 10 minutes later a older man (in his 30 back then) dressed in coveralls and had a white beard walked over and ask if I was going to hit with them. I remember this like yesterday, "I would like to but I not anywhere near the player these guys are" He smiled and invited me out again but I just sat there with my eyes bugged out, left 20 minutes later and I backed out from the parking lot I seen the 4 foot by 8 foot plywood sign. "Worlds Champions" it seemed like every year for the last 10 to 12 years. My only regret was I didn't ask names and at least talked with them, they all seemed like good guys.
Yes the tin roof of the warehouse was dimpled very well.
18 months later I was back in the Coast Guard and back in Florida.
If I had a U2 back then I would loved to have taked BP with them. :)

Jan. 29, 2009
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Homerun Rule

Major + - Unlimited
Major - 7 and then singles
AAA - 3 and then walks
AA - 1 and then outs

Corky, I like it also, maybe that would make better players play up more often.

Another way; Instead of 1 HR and than 1 up, make it 3 HR and then 3 up. When both teams are HR hitters that almost can get as many as they want. When 1 team hits HR and the other team is not, the HR hitting team can never hit more that 3 more than the other.

But to make it an out puts the pitcher in danger more often.
Let the guys that work hard to hit the long ball be able to do so freely.
Maybe us guys that rely on the U2 to go yard would get into better shape.
Jan. 29, 2009
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Ratings Changes Announcement Timeline

How's the knees come BW? Maybe I will see you around this year.
Mongo still around? :)
Jan. 29, 2009
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: There's STATS and there are stats...

Hello Bruce, see you next month in AL.

Stats are Stats, since I need all the help I can get I like the OBP.
Which for me includes the walks. I know a few batters that will not take a walk because it don't help their BA. I know, but there are still a few players out there like that.
SAC's should be counted only in the "runs per inning rule"
The price we pay for tournaments, the TD should keep stats. TD kept stats should also aid in the All Tournament Teams to.
750 OBP and up should be a GOOD TOURNAMENT for most players, then ofcourse you have Fairchild, well lets say "If you are lucky enough to have Fairchild"
Kidding Bruce.
I run a local team 55 and up. I enjoy keeping the stats but when somebody else helps out it seems like you know who they like the most on the team, the E-4 was always "to hot to handle, so OBP is the best way to go.
Hope to see you guys more this year.

BTW, is a HR over the limit of HR an out still? :) It hurts to not give a 60 year old something for hitting the ball 300 feet. :) Especially when its me. :)
Jan. 25, 2009
Topic: Bats
Discussion: How to play softball

Not to be a dummy here, but whats the home run limit? :)
Jan. 19, 2009
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Rambling

PLaying several big tournaments in 08, SSUSA ranks only second to SPA. Ridge Hooks does a great job and really listen to his players. Hooks does great things for the wifes, retired military and there players. He hasn't said YES to everything myself or my team has ask for but he listens and does his best to0 make it a great game to play.
Both SSUSA and SPA are the tops in senior softball. JMHO
Jan. 19, 2009
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS 2009 - Results

Congrats to the NY Statesmen, They played well for their win in the 2009 TOC. Having won last year I know what a great feeling it is.
Hope to see them again next year. This year we could not get past Naples Heat and settled for 3rd.
Great weather and very well ran tournament. Just need more teams.
What ever that takes SSUSA needs to work on it. Good Job all.
Jan. 4, 2009
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: The love of our game

Great thread, I try and stay away from all the drama. But this hits home. Having played nothing but baseball from 6 years old to 17 years old I always though softball was for girls.
I enlisted in the Coast Guard out of high school, guess what, the ship I was on had a softball team and I was ask to play (just because they needed players for the game that night) I told them I had a great glove but could never hit a curve ball but I would be there. Long story short, Hit 3 out (175 ft fences) could not catch a cold. Boy what a differant game, but I liked it. So I have played softball from 1964 to date, mostly 100 to 150 games a year, after turning 40 I closed in on 200 games a year and after 50, (FHC and many national tournaments) I have pushed over 300 games several years. I have given up golf, fishing and many other things just to play softball. (lucky to have a great wife that loved to go and watch) At age 62 I have quit leagues with the young guys, stopped playing monthly 50 year old leagues and now only play monthly 60 Florida Half Century Softball, 60 Major, some AAA Nationals Tournaments. With back problems most of my life I am really feeling the pressure to stop playing altogether. Being from Fla we do really play year round with a 2 week lay off during the Christmas Holidays. Like an above post, 2 weeks I start to go crazy. What the heck will I do when I have to stop completly. This game is part of my being. Having made sooo many friends through out the yeara, I just don't know what will happen. IS THERE LIFE AFTER SOFTBALL? This year I will be down to 100 games of less, the DR says I need a back operation and all that BS. Just don't seem possible I could have a life after qutting softball. I have seem several bad changes in the game the last 45 years, maybe it is the right time. I sure there are many, many players out there that are in the same position as I. Sorry to be so long but as players close to the same age I am sure you all understand.
To all have a great 2009, Maybe I will see some of you at the TOC, Dalton GA, Fla's Winter Nationals Tournaments and a few others.
Stay healthy and have a great year.
Charles Pope
Dec. 22, 2008
Topic: Rules of the game

Have not been on the board lately and never read this thread completely. But as a 62 year old, AAA player, once in a while a Major player and even a Major Plus player several years ago, I feel I understand most levels. I also understand that the U2 has made more players a HR hitter, me for one, It makes it more enjoyable for me to play. I understand the Major teams not wanting to move to Major + or AAA teams not wanting to move up also. But after winning a couple Major Tournaments that need to move up, but most just fold, regroup and rename. I know because a team that I use to play for did just that, I no longer play for them just for that reason. As a younger player we always wanted to play the best to be the best, I guess as we get older and we decline in ability(damn that was hard to say) we now play for the fun of this game we all love.
I know nobody hits the middle with the intent of hurting the pitcher, accidents do happen and I hate to see the results. The fields we play on don't make it much safer but if we want to play we do play where ever we can.
Sorry about the jabber, HR Rules? Just make every division a 1 up HR rule or maybe even better, a 2 up HR rule, a single after the HR's are gone. Home run hitting teams that play each other will almost be able to hit as many as they want, a single hitting will only have to allow the HR hitting team 2 HR's as long as the single hitting team don't hit any HR's. (after that over the fence in a single,) That will level out many differant teams. If you make the HR an out it will bring the pitcher into play, not what I would want to see. I don't pitch but even at 3rd or 1st the U2 makes it tough. This makes the very good Major teams that are required to move to Major + have a more lever playing field and maybe make the move up easier for them instead of folding etc.
Several very good players above posted many good suggestions and the powers to be should listen. There's a world of playing smarts on this board. Listen to ALL, not just the HR hitter or just the single hitters.
Several tournaments I played in this time of the year (Winter Nationals) had the new box for the pitcher, I seen 8 pitchers hit and the rule was never called the same, super bad rule, better off putting up a screen to REALLY protect the pitcher, not making it an out AFTER the pitcher gets hurt. I play in a weekly league with a screen and it's not that bad.
Stay with HR's and then singles, listen to the players, these are the guys paying the money, playing on bad fields, trying to ahere to these rules and trying to enjoy and have fun at something that have did most of there lives.
At 62 my body is now telling me that softball is coming to a close in my life, truly I don't know how I will adjust, playing from 200 to 300 games a year to, maybe a low class league ball, it don't even sound good. Let us enjoy the time we have left playing our passion, listen to what the players want, have fun watching us have fun, knowing you are the reason many of us keep playing. You are one of the top 2 senior organizations out there, make up proud to be playing with you.
Sorry, I just can't stop talking softball,
You all have a Merry Christmas and a great 2009 of softball.
BTW, Bruce, enjoy 60 ball this year.
See you all on the field
Charlie Pope
"softball wantabee"
Nov. 26, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Congratulations Bruce!!!!

We all know Bruce can put up very good numbers in softball. But what I really like about Bruce is that he is a Frist Class Person all the way around. Good luck Bruce with 60 ball in 09. As for the rest of you GA guys you all are not to bad yourselfs. Hope to see more of you all next year.
Nov. 6, 2008
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Anyone going to Ft Myers

I see we are playing Car City and Christain Brothers on Friday. I with Senior Moments again after my team Big Cats dropped out. Why is it sooo hard to get players, players FROM Florida to play in a National Tournament? In Florida, I don't understand it. I guess it's just me.

Lefty, was it you that played for Car City?

18 teams, looks to be a fine turn out.
Oct. 31, 2008
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Combining parts of the Major & Major + divisions

JUst skimming this thread, it didn't seem to talk muck about the combining the two divisions. We all know the Major + division are short of teams at most tournaments. But why??
Many national tournaments are won my Major teams each year and should be moved up to M+, so why are they short of teams?
Having the M play M+ and giving extra runs, or extra players, to me takes away from the game.. M+ should be able to have enough teams for at least a 10 team tournament. Take the Major teams that have won a big tournament and make them move up. I know all the little things they do to keep from moving up a division. I played on a team that did just a few and was left down in Major. Notthe way the rules were laid out. Several of us didn't like the thinking of the manager so we just moved on to other teams. But sooo many teams get by with this.
Thats why we are working this thread now. They are a lot of teams that could be considered very close to M+ and maybe they should be moved up.
Hope I didn't bring back bad memories for players but where do you want to play? Where you beat everyone with easy or play some real competive softball. At 62 I like to win, but not everygame in 3 innings by ther run rule.
Have a great winter all.
Oct. 23, 2008
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Ok, dumb to Seniors

mad dog
What do you mean the OLD Gray Ultra can't be used.
You use one all the time, you just painted it black.

:) :) :)

Hope all is well BOB. :)
Sept. 18, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous

I played RC for Senior Moments and remember that prayer as well. While our team usually don't pray after each game, we are always ready and willing (and need to be) thankful for the Lord to help us thru our daily lives.
I was the one who ask for blessing for our brothers in Texas. Those prayers were answered as Ike was not as bad as it could have been in Texas. Great news about your friend. Those prayers were also answered. We all need to remember who the real "Coach" is as he watches over us each day. God Bless.
See you on the field another day.
Sept. 15, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Sept 11 - 14 Tournament in Dalton (SPA)

Let me know how you like the Yellow. You know I use the U2, love the U2, nothing better, Rip-it, great bat, like the U2 better, Gray Combat, great bat, but I will still use the U2.

This weekend at Dalton I tried a Red Combat 28oz FL. Have not picked up my U2 since. Ordered a 29 FL today. The ball jumped off the bat like the old U2. You know, the GOOD ONES.

After 5 winning games in Dalton we got tired a lost 2 in a row. Both our loses we stopped hitting in the 4 inning and the other team kept on hitting.
Played some great teams.
But had a great time, got to see you, Lefty, Bruce, Ray, Transplant and lots of old friends from Kayson Grill and Time Bandits. Hope I didn't forget anyone. Never got my hotdog and kraut, but great conversation.

Another next to excellant tournament ran by SPA and "The Hooker".
Very good fields and excellant upms.

PS: I hope everyone hurts as much as me after playing 7 games> :) :) :)
Sept. 8, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Sept 11 - 14 Tournament in Dalton (SPA)

I with Senior Moments 60 AAA, I also will drive up sometime Wednesday. See you guys there.
Aug. 31, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: how many teams

Dawg, quit stiring the damn pot. :)

See you in Dalton? Right?
Aug. 29, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Sept 11 - 14 Tournament in Dalton (SPA)

TT and the rest of you guys, I will be there with Senior Moments. Please look me up. Finlaay got to ment TT last year but we didn't stay around to long to have enough time to talk. Hope to do better this year.
GT I like Kraut on my hotdog. :)

Aug. 28, 2008
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: MVP

I think pitchers are very important and they hardly ever get an MVP or a All Tournament. I also think they should get more praise than they do. They are way underated. Players who don't think they are skilled players should try and pitch a game when the HR's are gone.
How for those who think I am a crying pitcher, you got it alll wrong. That's one job I would never want. Being at SS is close enough for be to the batter.
Now if you are a BP pitcher and just try to get the ball accross the plate you are not deserving. But a good pitcher, high, low, inside, outside. Learns the batters weakness and uses it. And most of they field there positions.
A good fielding pitcher lets the ss and 2b move toward the hole more.
Yes a GOOD pitcher is worth his weight in gold or at least All Tournament.
As for how the All Tournament should be chosen:
Say you finished 2nd and had 5 All "T"

Highest BA/OBP (we just use obp as ba, its a truer way)
Most rbis
Most runs scored
Best player who made all the routine plays
A player who was close to the above but has not already
receive a AT.
If a MVP, (please don't give it to the player who made the great play or hit the best in just the last game. I see that way to much) MVP is for the whole tournament not just one game

Remember this game is surely a TEAM game. Takes all 10/14 to win and/or lost.
Sorry didn't mean to go on and on.
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