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April 24, 2009
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: MASKS

Maskes and protective gear are a detraction from the game???

I would be curious to know how many people who believe this to be true are in favor of No-hit zones, or using a pitching machine for games, or some other variation of the game in order to "keep it safe".

Personally I think it's goofy to see a pitcher playing in full catcher's equipment but unfortunately I see the need for protection. I am not in favor a rule that changes the basic structure of the game. 10 (or 11 players), anywhere inside the foul lines is a fair ball. No mechanical assistance. I'll quit the game before they replace me with a machine. (Wait a minute... knee bace, 4 pins, 12 screws, elbow brace on a bad day, helmet, cup and shin pads... nope...still human)

April 23, 2009
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: MASKS

Here and there around this board (Yes I've been lurking for a long time) there is talk about the ball, the bat, rules that don't work, people getting injured and an assortment of other comments. So, here is a..not so novel idea...

Back in the good ol days, they used the cork center balls Kevin and a few others have mentioned. These are far safer than the rocks being used today. back then only the home run hitters hit homeruns. But who cares? Around here, a home run is an out. So why not go back to the good ol days everyone is looking back on. Go back to a ball that won't cave in your skull like an egg shell if you get hit with it. Go back to a bat that still perfroms well but actually requires the batter to have some skill rather than just muscle to get it past the infielders or into a gap. You remember those days right? Back when the players were juiced and not the bat. Back when the talk was whether or not you were going to the beer garden with your friends rather than who is having surgery to repair their face or broken fingers. We could play on smaller fields because 275 was a bomb. We keep saying that it will take a death or a serious injury before something is done. Well we've had both and the problem / issue still continues... Let's be honest here, I pitch, I've been hit and I've been hurt (badly) so I think I know the score, but I am also a big proponent of bringing a gun to a gun fight. That means I will swing the hottest legal bat that I can. I would be the first one to put them down the second the rules change. But until that happens...

Which begs the question...which is VERY open to discussion... Why does the Senior Division, where Home Runs are not allowed or at best, not encouraged, need the sickest bats on the planet ???
April 23, 2009
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: MASKS

Why do we have to make a mask mandatory?? The vast majority of messages here all agree that a mask is a good idea yet very few are wearing one. Our vanity is going to get us killed. What really gives me a laugh are the stories telling how 4 or 5 masks come out of the equipment bags as soon as someonelse has the courage to put one on. I've been wearing a full on helmet and cage for almost 10 years. I've been laughed at, hit at, pointed at and any other "at" you want to add. I've worn mine at the Pif, SPN Nationals, Western Canadians and the 40+ Worlds. The bottom line is everyone tells me it's the smart thing to do but admit they won't put one on. Complete and absolute stupidity for the sake of vanity and embarrassment.

Do the right thing and do it in stages. Put protection on the pitcher. Either voluntarily or through peer pressure. Then deal with things you can control. The rules and the ball being used. That's simply putting enough pressure on the sanctioning body. Then deal with the bats. Unfortunatly the Senior Softball organization has created a demand for serious (Silly) performance bats. In the last 2 or 3 years this whatershed industry has exploded from everyone swinging and Ultra II to at least a dozen senior models. Unfortunately this is big business for the manufacturers and companies marketing thier own senior label like Anaconda. (Sorry Kevin). Unless these bats are ruled out, they will be the last thing you will be able to control.
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