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Sept. 15, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Is a 55 team playing in a 50 world considered reclassed

Our 55 plus team is also going to play 50 majors.

Is this considered being reclassified?

I don't think it is because according to ssusa the two divisions we are playing in hold the same ranking.

Are my views correct..or does mule whipper have it right?

Our 2014 team is now ranked 50 major?
Sept. 2, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Using one ball for all games

The ball that Seuss is using now stinks when it gets real preference would be the ball ncssa uses.
I have heard usssa is going to a hot ball for seniors..and mango will like this..high homerun totals then walks after you hit your limit.
As it is...our team votes on all events to attend and my vote is always no for the ssusa events that are in hot weather with a dead ball (western nationals). My no vote is decided by two things...dead balls and having to play Friday morning.
Aug. 17, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: What Determines a Team being Bumped Or Downgraded

Mango, no hurt feeling here...just stating what I think. After Benji opened the topic.

I have never been one to not take a challenge or hold my tongue...striking back can be seen in many ways..I took Benjis stuff as more or less something to have some fun with..I would guess he felt the same...

On the tic for tac stuff....I thought it was interesting to read that many of Benjis friends have said I am a "penis"...yet he did not mention one example of why those people say it...

You see on that statement of me as a "penis"...stating examples/which Benji didn't do would lead to deeper discussions...something many with limited proof,or NO proof at all, never want to calling without experiences/facts is childish...

That is why I listed things I thought would have lead some of those he know to say what Benji says he has heard.

I first started playing with KEGs in '91, I was getting beat my Parnell starting in the late 80s, Beeler in the early 90s, I was competing with Salow or Heller from the early 90s also...

Now...if Benji really wanted...I would be all for discussing the reasons his boys state I am a "penis"...but...

I highly doubt that will occur because most of the softball guys that hate me, hate me for pointing out that their actions or actions of teammates have been bad for softball. And when the light is shined on why I believe as I do...they bad for softball guys scurry to the shadows.

Aug. 14, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: What Determines a Team being Bumped Or Downgraded need to send me anything...

You have nothing softball related that would equal things I won when I cared, or turned down when I didn't need them...

besides...I'd be hard pressed to think your at best marginally better then my pushing 57 year old azz as a softball player.

I was told you are pushing for all the senior awards you can get because you need to collect so many awards to get into the senior hall of fame..better save your funds to BUY that ring;-)
Aug. 13, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: What Determines a Team being Bumped Or Downgraded

Benji, let's take this one at a time. I am kinda sloooow.

Sommersville...misspelling was not meant as an attack or was just not really caring what the teams officially called and fat fingering the N instead of the M..I thought there was an S in the mistake...

As for jealousy...first I would need to care as much about winning in softball as it sounds like you do to be jealous. I have to admit...I have fun playing softball but I'd just as soon play some local thing as Worlds. but when we go to worlds I will try as hard as possible.

Didn't you lose a meaningless seeding game that the other team was given runs and an extra fielder? Or maybe that happened before you got back from Europe so your team was missing a guy always in the running for MVP..on that issue...I gave up MVP, Gold Gloves, All tourneys and Hall of Fames years ago...I play just for the fun of it...matter of fact...if you came to my house you would see NOTHING associated with softball in it.

You claim I laughted about hitting a pitcher...that did not happen.....maybe you need to look into that one a little deeper.

As for me swinging an altered bat...I did knowing swing a shaved bat five times in a league that was filled with shaved bats....I put on a Pink skirt before I did it andet all the players on the opposing team know I was swinging one of their bitchstixs...they laughted u till I was 6-7 with six homeruns.. seniors I will swear on all my loved ones life's that I have never swung an altered senior bat...all my senior bats are available for anyone to swing when they play us.

Your statement about the jayvee and me...I think many/some of your fellow teammates have fallen into the bitchstixs queen, steroid users or been a part of teams that have stood out because they were filled with such players...I have attacked such teams for many years...I am sorry if some of your buddies hate being seen as harmful to softball.

Oh, I forgot the most recent reason for your circle to call me a dick...I believe dynasty Plus teams should be broken up just like every other dominant team in a senior division...I believe..EBO will soon follow the Sports team from SoCal, the Warriors and us out the 50 plus that point you guys can be crowned kings without playing anyone. Good luck picking an MVP.

And...for those friends of yours thinking I am a dick for sharing a solution I believe would help grow the west coast's plus programs...I don't care if you see me as a dick for stating shaved/rolled bats, steroids and dominate teams are bad for the softball.
Aug. 13, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: What Determines a Team being Bumped Or Downgraded

Benji, your last post really hurts my feelings..I actually believed I had one guy that thought I had all the you know how long I have craved a fan like I thought you were?

It saddens me to read one of the great Sunnersville guys sees me as a Loser.

You are the Benji from the almighty sommersville aren't you?

If not?? That's even more disheartening...even if a summersville elite attacks me, it still fed my need to have one of the big boys know who I am.

The "pathetic whiner " attack towards me made me start to cry.

So I guess that would make me a cryGEZER. Not a crybaby

There is no way anyone would see me as a "underachiever" if they really knew how un-athletic I am and knew I was always a weakling, never being able to bench press 225 or do 7 pull ups. Heck..the only arm wrestle I ever won was against my little sister.

Why just being able to play over AA softball should be seen as an accomishment for me.

Thanks for the congrats on our second place was very nice of you to not point out we only scored ONE RUN in the finals. It means a lot coming from such a great softball player as yourself.

In closing...I just gotta ask three questions...

1) Did you really run rule the East Bay Oldies (the losers that came in second like my team did to you guys) all three games?

2) do you really think teams dominating like you guys just did is good for the health of any individual division?

3) is it true you were screwed out of an all tourney path last weekend? I hear you love collecting those valuable things..I hear they are going for big money on eBay.

Aug. 11, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: What Determines a Team being Bumped Or Downgraded

Benji..2 things

1) that's for agreeing I have the answers

2) it's MilLette...if your going to give me props???? I need the spelling to be correct.
Aug. 5, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Religious ceremonies at tournaments

I am a practicing catholic and I have to admit..I see no place on a softball field for prayer.
This is kinda a hot button to me.
If a player or players want to pray quietly I have no problem with it but the group huddle before the game and or after is not for the let's pray stuff as far as I am concerned and it does nothing for me.
I played on a team that had one player lead a prayer before every game and after the game very often..
He was the first player to buy a shaved out/titanium sleeved aluminum bat and cheated on his wife often...but every game as we huddled up he had to preach how lucky we were to be playing and healthy.

Personally...if I want to get together with a group to pray I go to church...if you come to our family functions we say grace before we eat..if you want to sit quietly that's's our family house so it's our family ritual..

when we go to another's house and eat dinner we do not force everyone to pray...I see the softball field in the same manner...unless you own the field/and pay for the games...say your prayers quietly to yourself.

It's no problem to share that you are trying to live a religious life..other then quiet and lead by example...which as far as I am concerned with the preacher guys starts and ends with sportsmanship on a softball shaved bats, no cooled balls, no cutting players to get better (I don't think Jesus cut anyone to get down to the top 12 Apostles), no yelling at or showing up players or umpires, etc, etc...sorry for the long post
July 20, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA how can we get reclassed? MTC 50 2014 major Plus

Mario, I guess I am not just looking at the plus world winner.

Almost all of the major teams that get bumped to Plus are not world winners...the list is endless.

I also am not just looking at the 50 age ball is not healthy and something needs to be tried.

Mango..maybe you need to defeat my posts..I never mentioned the Warriors being scared.

Once you recognize and admit the error of your folly in regards to the Plus programs being healthy....oh...I forgot you just hinted you agree with me that something must be tried in the Plus divisions....I guess our disagreement is in what should be tried...I say use what helps every other division and your advocating to re event the wheel with some handicap system.
July 20, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA how can we get reclassed? MTC 50 2014 major Plus

Mango..since the Warriors have such a good showing in Plus and were reclassed down to you think every other Plus team with an inferior on field record as the Warriors should automatically be immediately reclassed down when they the Warriors on field record be the standard of being reclassed?
I have not looked into their record but it looks like you did some good research.
July 20, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA how can we get reclassed? MTC 50 2014 major Plus

So Mango..I guess your saying you don't think the Warriors record warranted them getting dropped to Major???
July 19, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA how can we get reclassed? MTC 50 2014 major Plus

Lee, I was not saying it was anyone fault as far as paperwork goes but...I would think SSUSA would be as proactive with its re ranking DOWN as it is with its re rank UP.

I think we knew we could compete as a young 55plus team so we didn't try to get reclassed after our two dismal showing at 50 Plus worlds.

Then again...I am starting to believe SSUSA has very little interested in doing anything with Plus's looking like they are in long as it doesn't hurt Major ball who cares mode.

On that subject...I would have though SSUSA being proactive would obviously have reclassed us down after going 0-4 in our two Plus worlds bracket play..everyone knows the seeding games mean nothing..heck...most of the time everyone plays thier whole roster and saves players legs by playing a four man outfield during those games.
July 18, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA how can we get reclassed? MTC 50 2014 major Plus

I agree the sun has been an issue a few times but it has more to do with that field being the biggest field at the complex. As far as the mileage thing is all computer generated and is based on your teammates residence.

Most of our guys are from one area..I think many of your guys live 40+ miles apart...that might have something to do with the schedule times
July 18, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA how can we get reclassed? MTC 50 2014 major Plus

I don't really want to push for anything in senior ball.. In. NorCal we are blessed with ncssa along with some of your SSUSA events.

If there comes a day we believe we have been taken advantage of by our SSUSA rankings I will be happy to just play ncssa...

Why I mentioned plus dominant teams having sway's the only explaination I can come up with the figure out why you guys have not tried to implement in Plus what is working well in every other division.

July 18, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA how can we get reclassed? MTC 50 2014 major Plus

Staff...all I was pointing out is...

if SSUSA treated the Plus division like every other division (champion and dominant teams get player restrictions if they want to return to Plus ball OR are allowed to stay together and play the next youngest Major division) you just might be able to grow the program.

Here you have a team in the Warriors that came in second in Reno and yet they are an example...of summersville players were held to the same standard as the other divisions you could grow the Plus level.

what I meant by inner circle was...senior summit stuff????? Have there been any senior summit advisors associated with multi world winning Plus champions?

July 17, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA how can we get reclassed? MTC 50 2014 major Plus

I believe the Warriors are just the latest example of what happens when you don't make the Plus champions follow the same rules that every other division is held to in a process of turning over the top teams.

If the last five 50 Plus champions were held to one of these two choices (return with no more then Six Plus champions till you reach the next age group on your roster or move to the next youngest Major program) the Warriors very well would still be trying to play Plus ball.

Turning over the top works well in every other level..I still cannot understand why SSUSA doesn't try it for five year in Plus ball?

Then again...I don't know all the Plus sponsors so maybe...a few of them are part of the inner circle.
July 15, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA how can we get reclassed? MTC 50 2014 major Plus

I heard tonight that the Warriors 2014 team was reclassed down to 50 major and I was wondering how our MTC 50 Plus team that didn't win a game in two consecutive years of major plus Double elim brackets at Plus worlds can get reclassed to 50 majors also.
The Warriors faired better then us at last years world and placed higher then we ever did at 50 Plus World and rock and roll Reno.
How do we get reclassed down? Who does our 2014 MTac Plus team contact?
July 6, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Manteca Hall of Fame Tourney

Come on Richie...if it wasn't for mikes double play and joe always wanting to be home team you guys would have won the hall of fame three years ago, and I think you still have my watch from two years ago...

So why be so upset with Manteca?

It cannot be because short people must be accompanied by an adult to use the cages is it?

It's sad to hear the Warriors are not going to Manteca...that's one less top team
July 2, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Which Sports Do More Americans Participate In?

I walked away from the Concord ca league I had played in for 25 years for one reason...shaved/altered bats...

No need to go out and play against some inferior player hitting the ball harder and farther then you because she spent $75 to get the bat doctored.

And one more thing...Ray didn't invent the bat speed concept...that started before Ray (1993 double wall) with thinner walled aluminum bat "trampoline" technogy...

What used to create power was....mass plus speed equaled power...that changed to mass being less important with bat flex/trampoline thin walled bats...
June 22, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Major plus problem

Webbie I will take your points one by one

1) Our team moving to 55 for SSUSA...

*!No we didn't leave two players a matter of of them was the most vocal for us to go 55..they both can play around 13 tourneys with us.

*yes we added quality people that are good players.

2) bubble boy....please give examples of what your assumptions are of what my bubble looks like....that way we can see if your theory is it reads's just an open attack with no points...PLEASE LIST THEM FOR ME!

3) taking a 50 Plus team and moving to 55 major...

Webbie....I think this must be one of your senior moments..our team never thought about moving down to 55 major ball...PLEASE LIST AN EXAMPLE OF US WANTING TO DROP TO 55 major?

4) part of this kinda makes sense...the rest I don't understand...maybe you can clarify for me.
My belief on bumping helps the health of every division it's used in and I think it should be added to the Plus program. My answer is..tell the bumped Plus teams they can stay together (more then 6 returning players) and start playing the next youngest Major division all the other divisions, they can return to the division they were bumped from with 6 or less Plus players.

5) I don't look at team names...I look at players an example of this..there are players walking around NorCal proudly displaying 23-30 rings...almost all of them won at the Plus level/I could care less what the name of their teams's the fact they are allowed to dominate as such a rate is what I consider a problem with Plus ball.

6)!mango winning hands down...PLEASE LIST THE POINTS HE WON.

So there you go threw out some arguements...if you want to try to validate them with facts or at least throw out your assumptions I will reply.

In closing...what I find amazing in all this assumption....that the guys so upset with my idea on bumping plus teams is attacked by the exact people that put so much value into a meaningless softball ring...that speaks volumes
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