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June 21, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Major plus problem


Taking your points one at a time

1) 30% different...our team had two players that turn 55 next year..THEY VOLUNTEERED to sit out three tourneys this year so we could play 55 events. We also had another player quit/jump to the 55 varsity.. That's how we added three players..

2) fantastic living in my world...I would have to agree with that...I can only hope your life is going as good as mine..I feel blessed every day

3) lateral move by taking a bumped 55 Plus team into the 50 major until the next age this instance it would be when the bumped team yes old enough to play in the 60 Plus division.
Your "kinda" right on that fail to give recognition to the fact that age depletes abilities, especially after 55 for most players..with that said...
Using our team as an example..let's say next year our team was bumped under the senerio I mentioned...
Our average age this year is somewhere around 57 years year we would average 58, the following year 59..I hope you can comprehend what Father Time would do to us and understand..very quickly/possible the very next season a 55 Plus champion team would not be a dominate 50 major team.

4) I will bet a $10,000 to your $1,000 that you will never find a written statement from me saying we never could win in 55 Plus ball....are you up for that bet mango?

now...if your talking about our 50 Plus team of the past...I was a firm believer
our team would have to play at an unbelievably high level while a dynasty type
teams would have to pay poorly for us to win at the 50 Plus world level...I think our record supports that belief.

5) on your teams getting bumped and staying together and competing goes...keep looking...I doubt very much a team exists...which...proves my point that SSUSA disbands teams all the time in an attempt to keep all other divisions healthy..

In enjoy your attempt to take me on on these makes me have to support my views..while at the same time it makes you have to support your assumptions....I am sorry arguments like these have shown you and you assumptions to be...wanting...:-)
June 21, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Major plus problem

I don't understand any of the talk on our team...

We never won an event at 50 major and were bumped, I would guess, because of runs scored...which didn't take into account how many runs we gave up because of of questionable defense. We were an older 50 team when we were bumped.

We played 50 Plus and never wrote or asked to be reclassed down even while winning maybe one game in the double slim bracket at worlds.

This year we won 55 Reno starting a team with 30% different defensive players...we are a young 55 team this season. Youth helps a lot...

Again....If Reno was instead the World, I would still be saying the Plus champion should only be allowed to come back with six champion players OR..if the chose, they could come back with more players but they would be required to play the next youngest Major program...

A 55 plus team, rightly, carries the same ranking as a 50 major team..with that, a 55 Champion returning to play 50 Major the next season would also be a YEAR OLDER..
June 20, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Major plus problem

Now let's get some facts straight...

1) you never read me complain about playing plus..our team was moved up and stuck let's forget your imagined fact of our softball teams history.

2) ssusa breaks up teams for the good of individual programs all the time...we know I was referring to bumping them to the next division and only allowing them to return with three player if they want to stay in the same division..

That rule breaks up the team if they decide to stay down/sorry if you could not comprehend that.

For plus ball...AGAIN...but a little slower for those of you challenged;-) I would treat the Plus bumps just like every other division..I would require Plus bumped teams to play the next season against the next lowest major age group if the chose to return with more then six players.

You see...unlike some, I would welcome a new rule to try to see if Plus ball could grow in numbers from the pitiful state most plus divisions are in...

Also...unlike many...I see nothing special in small groups of players dominating multiple years in Plus...there is a reason you don't hear about players collecting tons of rings winning the AA, AAA or Major divisions..they are not allowed to...and it's my belief that's why those divisions are healthier then Plus.
June 19, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Major plus problem

Sorry to let you two in on a little secret (ok, I really am NOT sorry) but...
SSUSA BREAKS UP TEAMS ALL THE TIME for th good of SSUSA programs...

It's called...getting bumped...and once again...

I think SSUSA should bump major plus team just like they do AA, AAA, Major teams...

I'd allow Plus bumps to come back with no more then 6 bumped players or...if they want to stay intact they can compete in the next youngest Major program..being competitors they should have no problem wanting to face the younger competition...unless of coarse...they are scared;-)
June 17, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: courtesy runner

On our MTC Jayvee team we only have one CR.... Everyone else is just a pinch runner;-)
June 17, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Major plus problem

Really....someone complaining about a not playing straight up in a back yard tourney???

In NorCal ncssa many times team give 3, 5, 7 runs and no one complains about it...after all...does it really matter who wins as long as you get to play a bunch of games....

I MEAN's not like anyone is playing against a bunch of guys on PEDs;-)
May 30, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Foot placement in batter's box before pitch

Reno was a disaster when it came to the batters box.

We played with three differnt sets of rules.

One ump said stay in the box

One ump said you can step out away from home plate but not in front of the box

One ump actually said...I will only call you out if you run out of the box, not if your natural stride takes you out of the box....his reason for this was we were playing against a team and a 6'5" players said he could swing in the box because it was to small for him..the ump refered to this player as one of the best in the game.

My view is..enforce the d#mn rule..the players will adjust and an enforced box makes it harder for individuals to drive a ball back up the middle (at the pitcher) and takes away just a little of the hitters advantage.
May 25, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Congrat' MTC JV Rock and Reno Champs!

Nope ...Kurts group is still the Varsity.

We have a ways to go to match what they accomplished in the 55 Plus Division...

Besides...I think we have won maybe two out of five games against them this year, so they still have the upper hand.

As for this weekend...there were four teams there and all teams were pretty evenly matched...we were just the ones that got the breaks and won last weekend...everyone was a pleasure to play against. Even when we were losing.

May 25, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Congrat' MTC JV Rock and Reno Champs!


Nope...if we won Words I would still support us being given one of two choices as plus world champs...

1) Return with no more then six players or..

2) stay together with more then six world champion players and play only 50 major tourneys.

Like I have posted bofore..our group is tight so I am sure we would stay together and attempt to play 50 majors as an older 55 team.
May 20, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: 5 runs or 11 fielders



it closes the middle of the field with an extra infielder

It closes the short/third hole for right handers and the same for lefties.

It keeps your three man outfield from running to death.

And...the number one frustrates your opppnent offensively to the point that the awake hitters make more outs and the power hitters trying to be more "fine" with their hard line drives tend to misfit more balls over the fence (which in the dbo era of senior ball is a good thing)

Oh...I almost forgot the second biggest reason....Manyo doesn't like it;-)
May 19, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: RENO WEATHER

Let's see... Weather mans odds of being right on his forecast are around 50-50.
Or put another way... (I will start the fun) it's better odds than..

My first ten...

1) Senior umpires being ably to see and call correctly, what happens in the outfield.

2) Senior infielders. fielding percentages

3) Senior pitchers throwing a strike

4) Senior players finishing a tournament without injury

5) Taits not posting on a thread

6) Leelee being tall enough to ride all the rides at Disneyland

7) Mango not posting on a thread about breaking up or handicapping Plus teams

8) Alan not posting when someone is looking for bat info

9) Einstein posting on this board again

10) me being in the right uniform or taking home team
April 28, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Major plus problem

Let's use last weekend in Vegas as an example of why you should not consider merging Major with Plus...

In the tourney in Vegas they put the 55 Plus teams with the 50 Major teams.

I "assume" the 50 major teams are better then the 55 major teams.

Taking that assumption into last weekends results...the 55 Plus teams were competitive with the 50 Majors to the point I was told...the two 55 Plus teams came in first and second.
April 27, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Major plus problem


Actually putting up would be winning it once and having our roster held to the no more then six players on the following years roster.

Since our Plus team doesn't cut guys to get "better" we would probably vote to stay together and play the next youngest Manor Division..

You see...we see success and having a group that stays together and has fun.

Most of the time that puts us in the middle or lower part of the pack..hence we have never been it the finals of any World tourney...either major or plus...

I just find it amusing how the "way into it" Plus guys get their undies all bunched up when I mention a process I believe would bring more parity into Plus ball.

That makes me believe those undie bunchers care less about the game then their own little.... Softball RINGS!!!!

Again...those dominant Plus teams could still stay intact if they wanted to... it's just they would need to play against teams in the next youngest age group.
April 27, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Major plus problem

I guess it just comes down to...

Me still not understand why something that seems to work (regulating how many top players can be on a roster) in every other SSUSA division is not used in the one division that's has the biggest participation issues.

As for being something special because you work to "compete" at the Plus level... That's for another threat..this one was about lack of Plus teams and ways to address it...

To this date...I don't know anything other then the Mississippi Plus rule that they have attempted to try to reduce the talent divide between Major and Plus.

April 27, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Major plus problem

I never named/addressed teams.

I talked about PLAYERS....its very hard for players to earn many AA, AAA, MAJOR RINGS over their playing years but....

the huge majority of multi ring earners have collected almost all the rings from the PLUS division...

that I believe shows individual players groups as dominant one of the biggest reasons I believe Plus is almost never tempting for the Manor teams to try to move up to.

As for the elimination of regional requirements goes...I think the Plus limits being used now are fine/I'd actually support them being stricter.....

I mean cannot find 12 good players from half of the United States?? Really!!!!

It would be interesting to see how the only six champion players per roster would work..

I think it would spread out the PLUS talent, weaken the big money PLUS style teams and make it a little more enticing for the bumped Major teams to see how they stack up to the slightly weaker Plus dynasty's.'s my "assumption" that what's keeping Plus numbers down is the dominant players in that Division get to stay together and still stay in Plus ball...that's not allowed in any other division of SSUSA..

Every other Division your only allowed to have three players ranked higher and that seems to be working pretty well..I still have not heard why restrictiing Plus to having twice as many (6) dominate as any other SSUSA division is not worth trying
April 26, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Major plus problem

My answer is...

make it more enticing for major teams to move up by reducing the huge difference in talent from the couple/few dynasty groups of players that win multiple rings in one division...

hello...if you have guys walking around with three or four Champion rings in any one division/age group...there is one of your biggest problem.

********Make a rule that no more then SIX Major Plus champions can be on any individual roster till the join the next/older age

You win Plus 50 Worlds no more six of those players can be on the same roster till they reach the 55 group...

One caveat...those players can stay together if they want to, but...they have to play in the next youngest Major Division.
April 24, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Farms/Gardens

I have a "liquid" farm....we produce around four tons of petite and Cab...also harvest around 5 tons of pears each year.
Pears go to the food bank..the wine?? Well let's just say it's enjoyed not donated.
March 30, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA survey

Dmac, I gues the fact you addressed my lack of skoolin instead of the points I raised, reflects your schooling agrees with minz on the faculty room ignorance...;-)
March 27, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: SSUSA survey

Used for? HELLO.......ADVERTISING $$$$$$$

As for the teacher crying about that's funny....

I am a guy that mows lawns/landscapes in an open boarder country and find it comincal a guy/teacher that gets three plus months off work/vacation/sick days/fed-state holidays/most likely health care and retirement income to start openly crying about pay.

You better get out of that faculty room and see what most of the rest of the country is getting for their labor before you open your neck about earnings.

And yes....I would eliminate the fed education department and openly allow all parents to put any gov education money's into charter schools if they want to.

Ok...I guess it's time to jump down off this soap box.

March 14, 2015
Tim Millette
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Required Face Masks

Everyone knows that the bat/ball combos are to hit for any senior divisions.
unfortunaetly..nothing is going to change.
With that said...if your pitching without a helmet/face guard your putting your life at risk.
This might sound a little uncaring but...if a pitcher gets killed or seriously injured because of a shot to hit head while NOT wearing a helmet/face's his own damn fault...I will be sorry he died but...he did it to himself.
I also think a light chest protector should be warn.
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