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, April 17, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Results SCSSA 8th Annual Spring Invitiational April 8-9 Hemet

Though many thought it was going to rain we had two beautiful Southern California days of softball at the 8 field Hemet Sports Complex.

Below are the results:

Division #1 OG50 50M
Division #2A Horn Softball 50AAA
Division #2B Dominion 50AAA
Division #3 Team Rawlings 50M
Division #4A Lights Out 55AA
Division #4B D&K Concrete 65M

Pictures of the winners and action pics on the website

Thanx to all 26 teams that participated this year!

, April 15, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Steve Imlay hitting clinic

Steve can be reached on his web site
there is a link on my website as well He doesn't have a fixed schedule so I'd suggest you contact him for upcoming clinics. We have had some here in So Cal and the feeback has been very positive... good luck
, March 22, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Results of the SCSSA Don Ruddell Memorial Tournament March 11-12

Action Pics: I gave my Granddaughters my camera and this is what they produced. Lots of good mug shots in a slide show presentation.

Pics of the winning teams are up on the home page under "Winners Circle" Enjoy :O)

Lost is Found: Thanks to all that helped look for the screen. It has been found.
, March 13, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Results of the SCSSA Don Ruddell Memorial Tournament March 11-12

First I need to thank everyone for the support and encouragement you gave me and my family this last weekend. This was our second annual memorial tournament to honor the memory of my son who past away at the age of 46 last year. We do it as fund raiser for his surviving children that are without thier dad. I cant begin to say how much I appreciate all the donations and the expressions of love you guys shared over the last two days. My granddaughters, I know will love the gifts you have shared. They told me they feel a strong presents of thier dad when they are there. "Hanging with the guys knowing many knew our dad. Its like we have 300 more grandpas" Oh from the mouths of babes. Love you guys!

This was a gorgeous weekend for softball. Temps in the mid 80s. Mild breezes and clear sky's. We thank each and everyone that participates in these tournaments. God bless all 36 teams that showed up at the two day event. Special shout out to the 40 Ladies for participating this weekend as well. Hope to see you all again real soon.

DIV 1: Sommerville 55 50M+
DIV 3: Oxnard Rookies 55AAA
DIV 4A: No Excuses 50AAA
DIV 4B: Juiced UP 50AAA
DIV 5: Titans 60AA
DIV 6: Reloaded 60M
DIV 7: Used 2 Bs 65M
DIV 8: Missfits 40 Ladies

Finally: Sunday we lent out our pitching screen for the teams on field 6. This was intended for the first game only because of sun concerns for the pitchers. As Murphy's Law requires we forgot to retrieve it. Now it is missing. Somebody inadvertently carried it off as its not at the park. Its the standard pitching net from the Pitch Safe in Florida. Instead of the drab green box I painted it black. In the center is our SCSSA red, white and Blue sticker. If you know of its whereabouts please let us know.

Teams on field 6 Sunday: Nighthawks, Top Gun Elite, Oxnard Rookies, Advil Knights, Kamikaze 55, Demolition and Lights Out 55

, Feb. 25, 2017
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Results SCSSA Diamond Invitational Feb 11-12 Hemet

I know its a little late in posting. Been busy so I thought Id give a shout out to the teams that suck around to play on Sunday Feb 12. As it seems to be the norm these days. Our association is working with the state to solve the drought problem in California. Apparently all I have to do is schedule a tournament and there is a high probability we will get rained on. As was the case Feb. 11-12. Saturday dawned and the weatherman said 30 percent chance of rain. Well that means 70 percent it wont ... right? Well unfortunately at 9:30 that morning we got the 30 percent. So we put together a Sunday only schedule for the teams. Guess what... it was the most beautiful day for softball in months. 24 teams out of the original 32 stuck around to play and the weatherman didn't even come close to ruin the day. 70 degrees and clear all day. The grounds crew did an a outstanding job to make the 7 fields we used playable.

We had two out of town state that made the weekend. A special thanks to Scrap Iron 60M and Las Vegas Warriors 50AAA. Your support of our local organization was much appreciated. I just wish the weather would have been more hospitable. All in all with 8 teams not in the mix Sunday we had some really good competition.

In the 50M M+ Division: Team Shadow took top honors.

50AAA group: Top Gun 50 ran the table 3-0 to take the winnings.

In the 55M Division: It was Rawlings Streamsmart newly formed 55M team that went 3-0.

55AA 55AAA Group: Advil Knights edged out Lights Out for the team allowing the least amount of runs as a tie breaker. This was decided by less than 12 runs.

60M M+ Championship game pitted the newly formed Summy's Demolition against Scrap Iron from Colorado. In the end Summy’s Demolition prevailed.
However the feed back from Gino was “Scrap Iron was a really good Major team." Case in point. The game was decided by just 1 run 24-25.

60AA 60AAA Division: Had the Dan Hall’s 60AAA Kamikaze team coming out the victors.

Thanks to all the teams that support us. You guys are the greatest.

Without you there wouldn't be an Us. God bless you and we’ll see most of you in two weeks


, Feb. 14, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: TOC

I belive OTE was entered as a 65AAA. Sources say they won that division.
, Jan. 11, 2017
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Summys Nighthawks now Summys Demolition ?

Don, As I have told you many times you are a class guy. Im grateful to call you friend. I always valued your participation and sense of humor. I was so sad to hear the rumors that the team and you were retiring. Now Im excited to have your team back once again this year. Take care of that hip my friend. God bless

, Dec. 27, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Staff

Debate is fun and informative! In reference to your post above. I think where you go wrong is when you say "they are identical in all respects except for the logo stamped on them" This, IMO and Kevin who was in on the original design of the ball, a false narrative and I stated why. The ball is not 375/44 contrary to what is printed on the ball. If you run a compression test on the ISA ROCK I'm certain you will find that the ball is much higher in compression than what is printed on the cover. The ball in some circles is called a "Cheater Ball" That plus the double cover. One has a composite outer cover where the SSUSA Stote is synthetic. These alone make the ball different. Just like an apple and an orange :O) Oh... and if it matters one is markedly (about 20%) higher in price than the other.

I guess my point is as you stated, in the above post, it gives the impression on one hand you're saying "they are identical except for the logos" and on the other hand you say "They are completely unlike each other in terms of composition and manufacturing process". This is an oxymoron (I just love it when I can use that word) and leaves the reader to wonder which is it?


, Dec. 26, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Staff

Happy New Year everyone. Hope all had a a great Christmas.

As to the post by SSUSA Staff on Dec 20th regarding the two softballs the ISA ROCK and the SSUSA Stote. Unfortunately I have to respectfully disagree. These two balls couldn't be more different. Like in Apples and Oranges they are both softballs. However a simple band saw slicing the two balls in half you will find the differences. The ROCK has a double cover with the outer cover being composite and the SSUSA Stote has a single synthetic cover. I don't have a degree in engineering but a fingernail test on the core will tell you the Rock has a more dense core. Kevin Schullstrom once told me the core on the ROCK was 525 compression. When he was at Anaconda he said this is because it was originally designed to compete with the fireball which had similar attributes. Both balls were designed to fool the then compression testing. As I understand it ASA and U Trip versions have a true 375 compression core now. Where as the ISA ROCK has remained the same. If so then the compression reading on the ball is incorrect. This is mainly why the ball will not degrade as rapidly in the heat.

We use the ISA ROCK ball exclusive but personally I hate the ball. But the guys want to use it and so we offer it. On my last batch of balls (3 cases). My biggest compliant is somebody apparently redesigned that ball with a thinner outer cover. Why I can only speculate. I think maybe to lessen the whiffling motion it sometimes does in flight. (Acting like a knuckle ball but still rotating). Whatever genius did this they wont last but maybe a game or in some instances not even an inning. They scuff and they tear. The outer covers are junk IMO.

I welcome your comments but do your own test. If you have a band saw do what we did and you will see the difference.

, July 12, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: SCSSA Beach Bash 2016 / San Clemente

Congratulations to the winners.

Winners and Runners up for the golf tournament:

1st was one of two teams entered by Bill Dodge of Horn Softball fame. 10 under

2nd was a Team entered by Nazzareno Electric. 7 under

The golf tournament was a great time. Weather couldn't be better. How much fun can it be to relax with some friends and play some golf before a softball tournament in the cool air of the beach? I'm still smiling :O)

My special thanks to my friend Rick Nazzareno that does a fantastic job putting this tournament together each year at San Juan Hills GC. Our thanks to you for what you do. you da Man!

Rezults of the "Bash at the Beach"

Wedge Division: Sommerville 50M+ RU Az Elite 50M+

Rincon Division: Horn Softball 50AA RU LB Softball 50AAA

Trestles Division: Nighthawks 60M+ RU Finish Strong 60M

Huntington Division: Gusto 65M RU Omen 65M+

Malibu Division: Skor Mor 60 ladies RU Cal Express 60 Ladies

My thanks to all 22 teams that participated in this annual event.

, June 8, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Results of the Disabled Warrior Tournament Jun 4-5 Hemet CA

Thank You: I want to thank all who attended the Disabled Warrior Charity Tournament last weekend. This is especially appreciated because of the difficult playing condition. 26 teams struggled through the heat. We cant seem to catch a break with the weather this year.

Results: Div #1 Westcoast Showtime RU L.A.F.
Div #2A So Cal Guys RU No Excuses
Div #2B Top Gun Rookies RU Kamikaze 50
Div #3A Grants Posse 55 RU Reloaded
Div #3B Demolition RU Finish Strong
Div #4A Gusto RU Cal Xtreme
Div #4A No Guts No Glory RU 911

Home Run Derby: I know some of you were a little irritated that the Home Run Derby lasted so long. In the future we will analyze if two fields would be better. However for your patients the participants raised $500 for the four charities. A special ada boy to all the guys that volunteered to pitch and shag balls. Thanks for your help.

Raffle: Special thanks to my daughter-in-law and my two beautiful granddaughters for selling tickets on Sunday. I know my son was smiling down that day. Thanks to all that contributed. You raised $225 for the charities.

Lost and Found: If you lost a Blue Tooth we have it. Describe it and you can have it.

Have a good one

, May 18, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Results of the SCSSA Spring Challenge at BLD Perris

It didn't rain........

Oh you mean who won?

7 divisions made up of 36 teams. Great weather for softball for a change. It was a pleasure to host this for our local softball teams and a couple from AZ and Nevada. Feedback says it was an overwhelming success. You guys are great!

Division #1: L.A.F 50M

Division #2: D&K Tradition 55M

Division #3: So Cal Knights 50AAA

Division #4: Kamikaze 55AAA

Division #5: Top Gun Elite 60M+

Division #6: Rezultz Realty 60AAA

Division #7: On Time Engineering 65AAA

, Dec. 23, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Good morning everybody.

First off I'd like to wish each and everyone and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy holiday season.

Be safe and may God bless you all.

On that note I'd like to issue my warmest and sincerest thank you to all of you that participated in the annual Toys for Kids Tournament held this year at BLD in Perris CA. We had a great showing of 34 senior traveling teams. It was overwhelming the generosity that was shown in the spirit of giving the senior community provided us. (when it doesn't rain) This year we broke a record with your giving. United Way reports that the toys gathered exceeded 800 toys. Once again I can't help but say we love you... all of you!

Marv Ruddell
, Dec. 22, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Status of the GSC bat

, Dec. 2, 2015
Topic: Teams looking for players
Discussion: This weekend at BLD Perris Toys for Tots

Mike, Barney will help you for two on Sat and Two on Sunday if you need him. I also sent you a lead for Rick Loy. Snow bird. Plays for Scrap Iron. He's available. Check your emails!
, Nov. 26, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Happy Thanksgiving to all from the SCSSA

From myself, the staff and umpires at the SCSSA I want to wish the staff at SSUSA and all the players that participate in this message board a happy Thanksgiving. Be thankful you have health and that you live in a country that is truly free. Yes and free too to speak your mind.

Fran I have a huge cheese party platter I'm taking to my daughters today. I wish I could send some to you. You could probably use it with all the whine you been getting lately.

I'm so very thankful for all the teams that will be participating in our annual Toys for Kids benefit tournament next weekend. We peaked at 34 teams and that means a whole lot of deserving kids will get toys for Christmas. Makes my heart smile :O) The senior community is so generous and for that I'm truly grateful.

Have fun with the families today. I know with 11 grandchildren I will!

Have a good one everybody!

, Oct. 6, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Shirts/Dri-Fit jerseys from Senior World Master tourney in Las Vegas

Tony the email address is the (i) isn't there.

, Oct. 5, 2015
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: SCSSA Toys for Kids Tournament Dec 5th and 6th

The Southern California Senior Softball Association will be hosting their 5th annual Toys for kids tournament December 5th and 6th at Big League Dreams in Perris California. This is a benefit tournament open to all senior softball teams 40 and up. Toys donated will help the needy kids in the area. The toy drive is in association with the United Way. More information is on the web site. or contact me at All players are encouraged to bring a new unwrapped (Xmas Wrapping) toy. In the past we have had over thirty teams. Now with the venue change and it being one week early maybe we can dodge the rain this year. Thank you and an early... Merry Christmas!
, Aug. 29, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Little League World Series Double Elim that Isn't ???

Dave, You're information is most likely spot on. We never made it past two rounds in Southern California and that was when my son was 12. He's 46 so its been a while. Have a great weekend.
, Aug. 28, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Little League World Series Double Elim that Isn't ???

Somewhere back in my Little League Managing and board Member memory is telling me that it's single elimination until you win regionals. Then its Double elimination until you get to the final four. Then its winners play for 1st and 2nd and losers play for 3rd and 4th. But that was 35 years ago so I could be mistaken.
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