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, Nov. 22, 2014
Topic: Bats
Discussion: HELP---I just don't get it!

The theory is the sticky, or in the case of the Nightmare with a textured, finish will create more spin on the ball. A smooth bat surface will create less friction when hit. The theory is two balls hit in the same area of the bat with the same bat speed the bat that causes the ball to spin more will yield less drag in flight thus more distance. This is just a theory mind you probably backed up with some white board equation by Sheldon Cooper :O)
, Oct. 29, 2014
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Reebok Melee's

That is an easy question to answer. The larger question is why did they stay so long. My guess is huge corporations depend on the bottom line. When you can make a $5 shoe that sells retail for $90 then you start to understand. There isn't that much of a margin in bats and you need to have a major market share to make the investors happy. Unfortunately for Reebok, Miken has the largest portion of the senior market. I've often said I would love to make a product that breaks prematurely with no warrantee. (in automotive they call that programed obsolescence) But no one seems to care and continues to buy it anyway. How many guys do you know that have at least three bats. Not because they use three bats but they are for when the one breaks.

As for why. I would suspect that when some annual report came out and the bats did not perform as they expected it was axed. The reason there was a last minute order a few months ago tells me they had a contractual obligation with the factory to fulfill in China.
, Oct. 20, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: 1 and 1 pitch count

LP, Here is how tournaments get off time with as you call it a "time limit". The game is in the fifth. Its just one out in and time expires. Its now 65 minutes. The umpire calls the next inning the open inning. It takes another 12 minutes to finish the 5th for one reason or another. No one is rushed because the next inning is the open. 5th inning ends. Now its 77 minutes in. This will be hard to believe but I witnessed this first hand. Its takes 47 minutes to finish the open inning (20+ runs for each team) Plus every batter waited to get a strike in the open. sometimes two. 47 min added to 77 = 124. So you're now 34 minutes over the 90 minutes allotted for the game slot. Its hard to make up the 34 minutes when most take a strike in the open. More often than not the rest of the games go over their time limits. At the end of the day your 1 to 2 hours behind using this scenario. Its not the necessarily the time limit its the open innings where you lose the time. 1 and 1 speeds up the game because when you get into the batters box you're now more aggressive (you called it rushed) than passive. It works for us and I have lots of managers tell me don't you dare go back to 0 and 0. Granted its mostly the younger teams (under 60) but in our demographic there are more younger teams than older.
, Oct. 11, 2014
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: Why Not Reward Performance?

Donnie that's so novel and creative where did you come up with that idea? I know there is an association in Southern California that implemented this policy last September that now does this. They got rave reviews for making the seeding games worth something. Could you have somehow got the idea from them? Or did I get it from you :O) You see great minds do think alike. Have a great weekend.
, Oct. 9, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Congrats to the Southern California Teams

One More:

80M Fairway Ford 2nd place.
, Oct. 7, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Congrats to the Southern California Teams

Thanks a bunch Don. As Ive said before you make my (T.D.) life so easy. I wish I could clone you!

Its been a true pleasure to serve the teams in Southern California for the last 4 years.

With that said I had a senior moment when I forgot So Cal Gusto. My apologies Larry.

65AAA So. Cal Gusto 2nd Place
, Oct. 7, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Congrats to the Southern California Teams

Congratulations to the Southern California teams at the SSUSA World Masters Championships.

50M+ Sommerville 3rd Place
50M So Cal Vandals 2nd Place
55M+ Summyís Nighthawks 1st Place
55M Grants Posse 1st Place
55AAA R&R Strokers 2nd Place
65M+ Full Circle 1st Place
, Oct. 7, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: 1 and 1 pitch count

As a side note: We use one and one with one to waste. That means if you foul one off you get the third strike. The big plus is over 90% of our games go 7 innings.
, Oct. 6, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: 1 and 1 pitch count

With all due respect to SSUSA I must make the following observation. I think your survey is flawed. Let's take the recent worlds as an example. There were, and I believe there are, far more 40-55 men playing the senior game today. At the worlds using 15 for all teams there were 257 40-55 teams or 3855 men. Yet you have only 1483 of that age group represented in the survey. Conversely you had 214 60-85 teams or 3210 men participating. But the survey shows a whopping 3215 men in that age category answering the survey. Not what I would call proper representation. I'll explain: I don't know how the survey was done but obviously the older guys responded in bigger numbers. Was it done online? Could it be there are far more retirees that could or were willing to participate. 40-55 year old men tend to work and have other priorities. IMO if the survey were done over the last ten days in Las Vegas with most of the demographic represented your results would be far different.

Survey 40-55 = 1483 men
Survey 60+ = 3215 men or 68% response from the older category

Last ten days at the Worlds using the same 15 multiplyer

40-55 = 3855 men
60+ = 3210 men or 54% representation in the 40-55 category

Conclusion: Only having 29% of any demographic vote on a rule or policy to change a rule is not realistic. Its the tail wagging the dog. I know its not a priority but having the majority of the demographic in the same location for 10 days would be the most logical place for a survey.

Sorry for all the numbers and my apologies to the ladies as I only used the men to make my points.

, Oct. 5, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: 1 and 1 pitch count

As a tournament provider I will tell you when we started this policy of the one and one it did several things. Some of which are outlined by E6 in Az. But more importantly it keeps us on time. Since implementing it we now have been on time well over 90% of the time. But here are a couple of the pros: You as a hitter now will get more times at the plate. No longer will guys sit and wait for the pitcher to throw the first strike. Yes I know we have a time limit. But it shortens the open innings and that is where most of the time is wasted setting on the first fat one that no one swings at. Pros: We have a much higher rate of 7 inning games than any other senior organization bar none. Cons: I have to listen to grumpy old men tell me about how... "I have ruined the purity of the game" Then I have to remind them the purity of the game was ruined with the 12 mph fastballs we all see now :O)

Scott, the 70 foot bases is a safety rule change. SCMAF went to it a couple of years ago too. You can thank carbon fiber for that. Speaking of safety, Id like to see SSUSA go to the safety rule of leading off perpendicular to the line on 3rd base when the ball leaves the pitchers hand. How many times have you been on 3rd when the team gorilla is at the plate and you have no where to go until he hits it?? yikes! We use it and everybody likes it. Its there for your protection.
, Oct. 3, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Water Coolers

Its probably a good bet the drinking fountains, conveniently located within a short distance from the dugouts, at any park in the Vegas area won't have Athlete's Foot Fungus or taste salty. :O) If LP is correct... Good job following our lead SSUSA. I applaud your wise decision. Hope everybody returns safe and healthy to Southern California. Looking forward to seeing everybody. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and the cool weather. Its HOT (104)here!

, Sept. 10, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Nightmare bat approved

Kevin anytime you'd like to expose that bat to the So Cal Seniors Market lets talk. 11 tournaments a year averaging 20+ teams. 350 guys at last weekends tournament. Plus Monday league there are around 100 guys in attendance each week. I also participate in an organized batting practice for 15 to 25 guys every Wednesday and Friday. Check us out at Website advertising avalible too.
, Sept. 8, 2014
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Results of the SCSSA SoCal Championships - Hemet 9-6-7

Results of the rain shortened tournament in Hemet September 6-7. Twenty three teams showed up to play some softball. Unfortunately Hurricane Norbert had other plans for us. Parts of the hurricane interrupted the second day of play in the afternoon. My thanks to the guys that weathered it to the end. Especially the two teams from Las Vegas that had to drive home in the middle of the aftermath. My deepest appreciation to them! I hope everyone got home safe and dry.

Special acknowledgement to the winners of the year long Five Star Challenge:
Top Gun 50 - Kamikaze 50 - OTE - Nighthawks - Kamikaze 55

Tournament Results:

Co-Champion Division #3B
OTE -Cal Xtreme - No Guts No Glory

Co-Champion Division #3A
Gusto - F.V. Outlaws

Co-Champion Division #1B
Wongs - Grants Posse

Co-Champion Division #2A
Top Gun 50 - Kamikaze 50

Co-Champion Division #2B
Kamikaze 55 - Grants Posse

Co-Champion Division #1B
Wongs - Grants Posse

Champion Division #1A

To all... Good luck in Vegas!

, Aug. 18, 2014
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: French Valley Senior Softball League is looking for players

Players 40+ needed

If you're in the South Riverside County (CA) or close the F.V. Adult Softball League is looking for players for the Fall. The league begins its fall schedule September 4th. Thursday Night Games are at Spencer Crossing Park on East side of Murrieta, CA. We use senior softball rules. For more information contact Tom Jadwin in Charge of player personnel at or myself Or go to this link for more information.
, Aug. 13, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: West Coast Aftershock -

This is in response to the cooler issue. Since we have been doing this (4.5 years now) I get questions as to why we don't put coolers in the dugouts. One would only have to read the comments above to know why. However at a recent tournament in March I had a player yell out at me "You need to put coolers in these dugouts" I replied "I dont and if you want to know why meet me at the tent after the game". His response was "if one of my guys dies from heat stroke your going to get sued" He said this mind you about 50 feet from a drinking fountain. My only thought now is he wanted a place to put his sweaty towel. Speculation I know but it was only in the upper 70s last March.

My favorite and the main reason I don't put coolers in the dugout is the guy that hurt his ankle and his team thought it would be in his best interest if he put his foot in the cooler to ice it. In the confusion the cooler was left behind after the game. The team that followed lifted the cooler back to the bench. It wasn't until somebody told that team what had happened that the cooler was moved out and emptied. Another case in point. Have you ever seen anybody sterilize one of these things before they fill it?? Food for thought.
, Aug. 6, 2014
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Results of the SCSSA August Classic in Temecula

Results of the August Classic in Temecula

Rain shortened us on Saturday and Sunday

Saturday Men's One Day'r
Group One: 1st Nighthawks - 2nd Grants Posse 55
Group Two: 1st Top Gun 50 - 2nd (RAIN)
Group Three: 1st Top Gun 55 - 2nd O.T.E.

Sunday Co-Ed: Rain canceled us after just two games...
Top Gun 2-0
Over Rated 1-1
So Cal NNY 1-1
Spraggs Auto Body 1-1
Team Special 0-2

For those of you that think Softball isnt a winter sport you were not in Temecula this weekend. Thanks to all the teams that trudged through the mud and rain. You guys are all gamers! Sorry we couldn't finish it. Maybe next time.

Five Star Challenge update:

Top Gun 50 (37) points
Kamikaze 50 (30) points
O.T.E. (29) points
Nighthawks (23) points
Kamikaze 55 (22) points
, Aug. 6, 2014
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Softballs for World Championships in Vegas

I dont want to get into the technical facts about the ROCK as to why it has less breakdown and to some flies a whole lot further. My purpose is to tell you all that there may be a change to the ball you all have so much affection for. As many of you know I use the ASA version of the ROCK. Since we went to that ball there are no reports of the ball fluttering while spinning in flight as opposed to the ISA ROCK. The reason for our change was to get a ball that has a leather composite cover and is certified legitimate 44/375.

Now to "your" ISA ROCK. As many of you know it is a double covered ball. In other words it has two covers. An outer and an inner cover then the solid core. We have cut this ball in half, along with others, to visually observe the insides. We are not engineers but the fingernail test tells us the ISA ROCK has a much denser core than the ASA ROCK and the Trump Stote. BTW the Trump Stote has a synthetic cover.

Now for the speculation. I recently was given an ISA ROCK from a recent shipment. The ball seems to have been redesigned. The part number of the old double cover ISA ROCK is X-ROCK-ISA-Y. The new ISA Rock that I have when we cut it in half is a single cover ball and the core is exactly like that of the ASA ROCK in color and density. The part number of the ball we have is X-ROCK-ISA-Y-2. Now Im no genius but in automotive when a part was redesigned or was updated they sometimes put a dash 2 or B behind the part number. Or the number was one digit off. Time will tell but I will tell you this, the ISA ROCK I have is not the ISA ROCK you all have in mind.

Two ways to identify the (so called) new ISA ROCK. One it doesn't feel squishy. Second is the microfiber "MCT" Logo is missing on the ball. Beyond that it looks the same. I guess only ISA and Anaconda know for sure :O)

, July 16, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Results of the SCSSA Beach Bash 2014 - San Clemente CA July 12-13

Last weekend some of the best of the Best 50/55 Major Plus softball teams met to do battle and enjoy the beach atmosphere in San Clemente, CA. It was a mild 75 degrees both days and a beautiful weekend to enjoy the southern California beach. 5 Major Plus teams but there could be only one winner on the softball field. Somerville outlasted a great Godís Sports team for the finals.

Years from now the victory on the field will be long forgotten but my mind will forever remember the act of kindness shown one sad, frustrated and disappointed young boy. The Godís Sports Co team came to the rescue and Im quite certain made that young manís day. When I heard about it Sunday it made my heart swell with pride at how my fellow man can be so generous and kind to stranger in need. A tip of the hat to my friends on the Gods Sports Co Team. You're all winners to me. God bless you.

In Division ll there were 3 formidable 50AAA teams and one 60M+ team. In the end it was the Old Geezers that game out victorious. It was a hard fought game with and an undefeated team made up of local 50s yielding to the old guys. However the Godís Sports 60M+ team is made up of some of the best 60 year olds playing the game today. Mike and the boys brought their "A" game Sunday. It was fun to watch and a really good game. My hats off to ďGot the RunsĒ for putting on a nice showing. Not bad for a mostly pick up team. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Good luck if you go any further with the team.

Plans are already under way for Beach Bash 2015 with a golf tournament planned for the Friday before. Hope to see you on the beach next year!
, June 24, 2014
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Results of the SCSSA End of SPRING SHOOT OUT - Hemet CA

27 teams showed up in Hemet at the "End of Spring Shoot Out" June 21-22

Results of the Championship games on Sunday:

L.A.F. defeated AZ Elite in a very competitive 9 team 50/55 M/M+ Division #1

Kamikaze 50 defeated Top Gun 50 in a 5 team 50AAA Division #2

R&R Pumping defeated Desert Dawgs in 6 team 55AA/AAA Division #3

Cal Xtreme defeated O.T.E. in a tough 7 team 60/65 Division #4

There were some really tough Games this weekend. Many 1 run games! Some even worthy of a paid admission. (no we don't :o)

Thanks to all that attended!
, June 19, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Recommendations for lodging in Hemet

My Son-in-Law works at the Red Robin on Florida on Saturdays and Sundays. He's a Teacher with two little ones and this is his second Job. His name is Josh. Great (Irish) waiter and bartender and could use a good tip :O) Oh! and good food there as well.
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