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Jan. 18, 2016
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: What is your favorite complex you've ever played at?

1) Canyons Complex
2) Golden Eagle
3) Medford

Playing at Canyons two years ago in the Huntsman AAA finals...pitching in the seventh inning of tie game. Other team is out of the dugout (don't ask) trying to mess with me. Every pitch was intense--think bases loaded, two outs. Normally I'd be locked in/game face on-"don't walk this batter".

Instead...after each pitch, I'd walk around the mound, look at the beautiful red cliffs and just laugh to myself--these hills have been here forever and they don't care what happens...definitely was a learning/growth experience for me.

How the story end? We got silver...don't remember how we got beat, but the setting at Canyons put it all in perspective (but I know I didn't walk the guy in!)
Aug. 18, 2014
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Aluminum bats and blue dot balls

I would
Aug. 15, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: West Coast Aftershock -

Hmm...let's review:

A Major + team dropped to Majors. Good possibility that they have very talented and experienced players.

In an effort to win a tourney at a LOWER division, one (at least) player or manager thinks it's a good idea to doctor a ball. Why--are they not good enough to compete?

To think most of the team is oblivious to the switch is hard to believe. I also find hard to believe that Aftershock hadn't pulled this stunt in prior games.

As a pitcher, I already think the current "senior game" is tilted way too far in the hitters favor. I don't mind taking shots up the middle, that's the risk I take playing the game. I DO mind when teams push the envelope even I have a question to those who alter bats and balls.

When you make a mistake and go middle--and by chance you severely injure someone--are you going to run down to first with the obligatory "Sorry, Pitch" statement...knowing your actions created a more dangerous playing field? Does the apology make it "all good"?

From what I read, most (some) of Aftershock's players are ex-law enforcement? In that case, I say throw the book at them. They are the party responsible--therefore they should be held accountable...

Now getting off soapbox.
May 27, 2014
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: thinking of retireing from tourney ball

interesting night to log on...just came home from playing against the kids. Tonight with an ASA bat I hit one head high six inches from the pitcher's head...he never would had a chance. Fortunately, it ticked off his glove, and I was called out on a "halo". In six years of senior softball, I have never attempted to hit middle, let alone undress someone. It really bugged me.

Here's the deal: I pitch for our tourney team--will be in Carson City this weekend with a 50AAA team (I'm 56). So I know what it's like to be on the receiving end--many times. I've had the pleasure of having an opponent tell me he's gunning for me. I have had batters yell at me that I've deserved it (i.e., they have to go middle) because I pitched outside and short to HR hitters. I accept that, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

I'm not scared, but I get the feeling that my day is going to come. I've lurked here through all of the pitching vs. hitting threads. Somebody WILL be seriously hurt out there...I realize the argument about senior bats, in fact I had never hit a HR until I was 50.

In my perfect world, keep the bats but at least make it unlimited. Give me some time to get back defensively, and give me some control over the game, so that I can at least make the poorer hitters look bad.

Not to hijack the thread, but it does make me wonder why my wife and I travel, spend the money and time. (Just added up last year--$5,400 at the minimum)


April 27, 2010
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: To screen or not to screen...

Same song, different verse...

rather than tweaking bat and ball specs, home run rules, screens, pitcher protective gear---please consider this:

Unlimited arc!

So, I ask you this--how many of you (and your teams) would quit playing if the arc was not restricted?
April 13, 2010
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Bat Cheating...

Einstein says: "Lively bats and balls forever, and anything else is ignorance
or self interest talking"

I guess I'm either ignorant, or my concerns of my health(and others)is selfish. I'll take that all under consideration.

Not every softball team has the luxury of color coordinated bat bags, and the average size of 6'2" and 240 like some of the higher end teams.

Our team is a bunch of scrappers, and need to play fundamental defense and string together base hits to play with the big boys. If that's old-school softball, and not what todays Senior player is looking for..then I guess I missed the boat. I don't consider HR derby style games as interesting softball.

As other pitchers concurred-I have no issue with hot bats, IF you allow me to bring my best pitch to throw you off your swing. When guys jack one out on me with my best pitch, I applaud..when I throw meat to you, and a flyball carries over the fence, I get pissed.

Balance the game-give pitchers a chance!

It would be interesting to track injuries this year to corner infielders and pitchers on hard shots...
April 12, 2010
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Bat Cheating...

hmm..let me chime in if I may...

Pitched all my life, started with unlimited arc, and have "adjusted" as rules were changed.

I LOVE to pitch (there's nothing better than setting up a hitter for YOUR pitch)and play defense-that should be half of the game.

This year we have gone to 6'-10' pitching rules--and today I'm on the internet shopping for chest protectors and helmets to play defense. Something doesn't feel right here...

As far as the bats, until this year I have never hit a ball over the fence. Using a Ultra 2 in batting practice-I've hit one out EVERY day of practice.

Here's my point: Play with all the jacked up bats you want, I'll put on the gear and give it a go. But when you take away halo rules, unlimited arc, tournaments are nothing more than a glorified BP session.

Basehits and defense "used" to make a difference--now it's more--"what are the bats, and what's the HR rule at a tourney"

You get your bats, then give me the arc...if nothing else, it gives me more time to back up and play defense.

Aug. 26, 2009
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: SSUSA Qualifier @RAC Lacey, WA total picture slideshow->

Thanks for posting was a pleasure meeting you, and pitching against you guys three games!
Aug. 26, 2009
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Classic Rock Qualifier

plenty of hotels three exits down--no power in any of them for three hours Saturday night.
Aug. 26, 2009
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Classic Rock Qualifier

Our team-Cascade Thunder-was very impressed by the fields. Artifical turf infields, but as a pitcher I thought they were slow enough to get your glove down.

We had a blast playing some of the older major and major plus teams.

We thought the tourney was run well-only quirk for us was the seeding and brackets played out, we played 5 straight games without a break that afternoon. The balls used were fine-but since we are not a HR-hitting team, it actually helped us in several games.

We plan to return to Lacey...if they will have us!
July 13, 2009
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: pitcher

Thanks Tait...

We played this weekend in Bend, Oregon--I went up to our opponents after the game to apologize for a halo call (1st inning ) that was against them.

(of course, they were upset...I told them to bring em at me...)

no competitive tendencies there

Still wish I could bring my best against their best.....
July 13, 2009
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: pitcher

new on the board...but as a pitcher, unlimited is the only way to go. Between the shots up the middle, HR's over the fence, I get tired of being "limited" on what I control. Even if I throwing 12-13 it still feels like meat.

Let me field (no PPR), and pitch the way I can pitch, and let's go at it....
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