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, Nov. 24, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Why have the mat?


One of my weeknight leagues also uses plywood, which eliminates a lot of doubt on if the ball hit the "mat" or not--------we love it (plywood) as an alternative option.

Its not perfect, short pitches that bounce just in front of the wood mat, still make the sound of a ball on wood, when the ball bounces back up towards the catcher and clips it. Some balls get called for strikes due to that. (not many but it happens)

But its a lot better than no sound at all, and works most of the time.

The league I speak of covers home plate with the wood too (I have seen other versions where there is a "cut out" around home plate--------but covering the plate with wood, makes the sound universal in the entire strike zone.
, Nov. 21, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous

I am going to agree with Omar's comments ^^^ above.

When screens came to our local leagues a few years ago I was totally against it, both as a part time pitcher and as a player.

There are three weeknight senior leagues near me in Cleveland right now, two use screens, one does not, but the league that doesn't does not allow senior bats (its GSL rules) and has guys from 50 to in their 70's playing.

I have seen every variation possible I think to "rules" with a screen in play.

From rules like the pitcher is not allowed to touch a batted ball hit up the middle (if he does its an automatic double) which was DUMB as just reflexes of somebody sticking a glove out on a hot shot became automatic doubles. What a dumb rule on a slow grounder or pop up in the infield that was.

There were rules if you hit the screen as a batter, your out. I've seen it as a "strike", I've seen it as a "dead ball" (Nothing, not a ball or a strike) I've also seen a lot of potential double plays not be double plays because the pitcher couldn't touch a medium hit ball up the middle or the ball hit the darn screen too.

I've seen it "ball in play" (if it hits the screen or the frame play it like normal)

All I know is my 50 Major Tournament team played in Fort Myers a couple weeks ago and both of my pitchers got beaned multiple times (they are very good athletes) one still can barely walk and the others hand and wrist got blasted pretty bad, swelled up purple on his glove hand, & he can't barely hold a bat.

Quite frankly I see this in almost every tournament game we play, from both teams, and it doesn't matter how much goalie gear the guys have on. Guys still get hurt. I Don't have any problem with guys hitting the middle, as I have rarely seen somebody do it on purpose to take the pitcher out (although I suspect a couple guys have)

This tournament in Florida of all places, had record high temps and 90% + humidity. I feel horrible for the guys wearing helmets and chest gear and shin guards in those conditions, on top of being similar to the duck in the shooting gallery. Maybe a screen in use could make the protective gear optional then??

One league I played in last year finally allowed pitchers to field the middle with the screen, no penalties, and if the ball hit the screen ONCE it was a dead ball and the 2nd time an automatic out. Pitchers get to field the middle like normal. There really aren't that many balls a game that hit the screen, but when they have, the pitchers that took advantage of the net were spared some serious injuries. Other pitchers have used the screen as an "extra player" where when they pitch they jump out to the left or the right to field a ball based on where they pitched it------but I'm actually fine with that.

After playing this game for 35 years and being used to no screen in tournaments, certainly it would be weird to have them. But I honestly think the time has come where it needs to be considered. Once you play with a screen, as other posters above have stated, you just get used to it.

I really don't think the bats and balls are going anywhere? One senior league I play in allows senior bats but went to a 52/300 ball and it "seems" fair-----it still goes out for homers, but the homers are legitimate, not by accident, or by guys who probably shouldn't be hitting homers with a 44/375 or other??

, Nov. 12, 2015
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Look out for a Big Cat

Gorilla Boy (Mike) You always have a place to play with your local buddies with us you know, in-case other opportunities out of state fall through.

If nothing else you are welcome to hit with us "anytime" too--------Of course YOU would fit in with us pretty well, being an "All Cleveland Area Team" :):):):):):)

I "think" we have to move out of 50's and into 55 Major Plus next season 2016. Not trying to age you, but your right there with the rest of us :):):):)
, Nov. 10, 2015
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Winter National results

Tim Thanks

Congrats to Team Ohio from the guys at CPOA Cleveland/Northern Ohio Printing in 50 Major.

Tri18 nice to meet you in person finally after years of on-line or phone calls.

I think the record heat daily (which sounds weird for south Florida) had some affect on the balls? I did not see as many homers overall as in past years. I agree the 325 fences are a great equalizer though.

I think I "sweated" out a few bottles of Gatorade per game????
, Nov. 2, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Good Luck Fat Nancy's

Yeah, I am only in Ft Myers for the weekend, for this tournament. I ship snow plows and salt spreaders world wide all winter, from Ohio. Not a good market for those in Ft. Myers and Naples :)

Nancy A: we will definitely be doing adult beverages "after" games daily, but I'll be snoozing if anybody is doing Indy Go cart races at 2AM :):):)
, Nov. 2, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Good Luck Fat Nancy's

Fat Nancy's has stayed at same hotel as us in the past------------good people!!!!!

Maybe see you this weekend??? We are staying at La Quinta in Bonita
, Oct. 24, 2015
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Mikens New Ultra II Black debuts.....

Tri18, I see you are playing in Ft Myers, are you bringing any bats with you???
, Sept. 24, 2015
Topic: Website comments
Discussion: discissions

RV has (14) total posts and is "disgruntled" in every one of them. :-(

SSUSA Staff does a very fair job rating players & moving teams, and will do anything within reason to fix issues as they arise.

I suggest filling out the "formal rating appeal" properly and submit it.

It is a daunting task to keep teams in multiple age divisions and classifications all happy. My experience with SSUSA/Staff/Dave and more, is they are not trying to upset anybody, and truly do want to resolve topics of discussion as possible.

Nothing is perfect, everybody needs to do the best they can to follow procedures.

Yes,it is a business too. (referring to some of your other posts)

Good Luck.
, Sept. 24, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: LASIK, bifocals & contacts question

I had Lasik two years ago and WOW what a difference!!

The eye doctor I went to, also guarantees "FREE" touch ups if anything ever goes bad as long as I get my eyes examined once per year, which everybody should try to do anyway.

Only issues I had-----------My doctor told me that for the first 3 to 6 months, if playing night games under the lights (or) even driving at night, I might see "halo's" around the lights, and YES I did and I am guessing it was closer to three months.----it went away and everything real good and I have 20/15 vision now--------for distance, and I can read the newspaper or a book without reading glasses now as long as its LIGHT out----if its dim, or very small print I need reading glasses still----------but that's normal. Reading glasses went from 100% of the time to less than 10% of the time. Most people wont improve up close vision but my eyes were very bad and it did.

You can't do anything very physical (like softball) for a 1-2 weeks after, because you need your lens to re-heal back on to your eye-----------they remove it temporarily for the laser surgery (which my entire surgery on both eyes was about 10 minutes tops)

I made a mistake (sort of) of playing in a tournament in Florida in November three weeks after my surgery------it was very windy which dried out my eyes FAST (you will need drops for several weeks to a few months after surgery)------------AND because it gets dark earlier in November, I played a 6PM game under the lights and on pop-ups and fly balls there were HALO's on every single light pole which was really hard to make adjustments to-----------

Not to mention I must have been guessing where the softball was when I was swinging for years, because I made terrible contact at this tournament with a bunch of infield pop ups which I "never/ever do"--------your depth perception will change and it takes a while to get your hand-eye coordination (literally) to catch up with each other.

That all being said------get a good eye doctor with a good program, I have NO REGRETS!!!!!

I'm on computer right now without glasses which I always needed for ten + years prior to Lasiks.
, Aug. 28, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Little League World Series Double Elim that Isn't ???

DAVE, correct. Pennsylvania beat Texas to knock them into losers bracket already.

So if Texas comes back to beat PA tomorrow, they "split"

Unlike senior softball, (we might play 4-5+ games in a day) I do like the idea of the pitch counts and days off depending on how many you threw the last game, especially with 11-13 year old arms. Playing an "IF" game on a tight schedule could eliminate an entire pitching staff for the World Finals? Especially if they had to play a double header.

State Finals and Regionals already get compacted into a short summer. MAYBE starting this tournament a day earlier (last week) or re-exploring other potential formats would be more fair.

Still I know everybody in the office kitchen, is talking about LITTLE LEAGUE baseball, instead of NFL pre-season, or upcoming college football season, or even Major Leagues (OK we have to route for the Indians around here :( Not much to talk about LOL

, Aug. 28, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Little League World Series Double Elim that Isn't ???

For whatever reason, I've really been intrigued, watching a lot of the Little League World Series on ESPN & ABC past week or so.

What I don't get, is they have this double elimination bracket just like we have in our softball tournaments.

Teams lose a game and then battle back several games through losers bracket, to come back and play the top team still remaining in winners bracket. OK that makes sense, that's how we all play too.

HOWEVER, what I don't get, if the team that comes back through losers bracket beats the winners bracket team, THAT'S IT the team that wins that game is the American Champion---------even though the winners bracket team could have only one loss (if they lose)????

So the team that did the best, won their games in winners bracket to play less games, gets to the final, its one and done, with the winner going to play the international winner.

So in Double Elimination there "could be" two teams with one loss with one getting eliminated. Of course its all possible the team in winners bracket now (Pennsylvania) doesn't lose and advances anyway.

Maybe its too much to ask the kids to play a double header "IF" game if needed tomorrow.

Yet today (FRIDAY) there aren't any games????? To me, play tonight, and an "IF" game tomorrow (if needed) with World Finals Sunday.

I'm sure Saturday/Sunday brings in better TV ratings though????
, Aug. 26, 2015
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Northern Championship

Nancy, no, I spent the night near Atlanta, before driving rest of the way to Indy and the Fishbowl.

The adult beverages, for me, are best the night before a tournament, or just after holding a trophy up at the end. (OK they are pretty good most anytime :)

I'll keep the 2AM chat line idea open for future reference :)

, Aug. 25, 2015
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Northern Championship

Nancy, there weren't any adult beverages associated with the 2:00AM golf cart derby was there :)

I haven't seen 2AM in a long time, unless one of my room-mates for tournaments is snoring LOL.

, Aug. 18, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Favorite Baseball Movie

"I should have been a farmer" "I should have seen it coming" "I'm as interested in a buck as the next guy" "losing, is a disease"

^^^^adlibbed Quotes I use in during softball, or business, to this day from The Natural.
, Aug. 6, 2015
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: ISA WORLD"S

We were going to come to this tournament, but we entered an "OPEN" division GSL Tournament against all the young kids here in Ohio, we were the only Over 50 team-------------mostly the guys in their 20's and 30's

It came down to driving 6/7 hours and spending $2K on motels and entry fee or staying local, we will probably check this out in 2016

, July 24, 2015
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Manassas

OK, less than a month away.

Who is going in 50 Major??

We are.

CPOA Cleveland/Northern Ohio Printing
, July 24, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Stadium "Show" Balls?????

Here in Ohio, Sports Time Ohio (The TV Station that carries Cleveland Indians Games) picks up the Softball 360 Show, its been on a couple years.

The show is 30 minutes, and covers other softball topics from women's fast-pitch (high school/college/pro) to men's slow-pitch, softball hall of fame, and occasionally seniors too. I'd say 10 to 12 minutes is usually dedicated to the Long Haul Bombers Tour though.

, July 23, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Stadium "Show" Balls?????

Tri18 Alan THANKS:

Holy Cow!!!!!!!!

650 compression isn't a softball, it's a Wham-O :)

That makes sense, we've all witnessed some incredible long balls in senior softball, but the stadium tour is ridiculous. Over the fence, over the bleachers, over the food stands, and over the wall into the parking lot. I think I saw one of those guys hit one 565, and that's where it went out of the stadium, not where it landed. Assuming that it went 600+, its like hitting it out of two softball fields.
, July 18, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Stadium "Show" Balls?????

On TV Last night, watching the "Long Haul Bombers" Stadium Tour, bashing balls out of Major League Ball Parks, and/or completely out of stadiums.

Just curious what kind of compression balls those guys are hitting???

That being said, I'm guessing they aren't really hitting retail bats either???

Just curious.
, July 14, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: VEGAS FIELDS

^^^^^ Dave (SSUSA STAFF) that about sums it up.


I don't think a lot of teams and players know what it takes to put on a tournament, especially one of this magnitude!!!!!

Kudos to the SSUSA Staff for being as organized as possible, with multiple left turns to be up against at each and every tournament!!!!
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