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, April 28, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Invitational

Rich33------LOL :)

I just "googled" Indianapolis weather this weekend.

Saturday 100% chance of rain

Sunday 100% chance of rain.

100% = 100% & is kind of daunting.

We've got 5/6 hour drive, one way, depending which side of Cleveland our guys are coming from.

We have late 3PM start Saturday but I have a couple guys whose kids are graduating college Saturday AM and are literally jumping in their car between 11 and noon and driving 85/90 MPH to get to games on time as soon as their kids get diploma's.

Most guys coming in Friday night.

between entry fee and motel, its about $2400 bucks +++-------

$2400 also = $2400

I'd rather get games in at $300 to $500 avg. per game LOL, than $2400 for ZERO games, if they can call it ahead of time, although I suspect somebody from SSUSA office also paid to fly and sleep there too :)

, April 28, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Brickyard Invitational

What is the weather forecast there????

Looks like rain, rain and more rain??? At least on the reports I see here in Cleveland,

I know weather cant be controlled but as a sponsor, I hate spending $2K on motel rooms all weekend for wash outs.

Nancy you got any pull with the man upstairs :):):):)
, April 11, 2016
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: The Villages Florida

Guys, just got done with open hitting at Saddlebrook from Noon to 2PM
77 and sunny.

The next open hitting is Thursday the 14th at 9:00AM at Saddlebrook

Good Spring Training for me.

Left NE Ohio Saturday to 9 inches of snow.

, April 8, 2016
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: The Villages Florida

Hi Bud:

I will be down the week of the 11th for two weeks.

Thanks for the offer to work out. I'm just looking right now at the "open hitting schedule" at any of the complexes? I think they were doing Sunday Mornings and one day during the week.

Last year when I was down in April they were using Soaring Eagle Complex on Morse Road for hitting?

Any ideas when/where ???

See you over next two weeks. I want to get some swings and stuff in before we start our summer SSUSA Tournament schedule back up at the Brickyard in Indianapolis April 30th.

, April 3, 2016
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Team pages

CPOA Cleveland/Northern Ohio Printing 50 Major just started ours last fall.

I think we have more pics of our activities "after" games then the games themselves.

, March 2, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Team Move from 50 Major to over 55 ?

Question to experts. (Story Problem)

My team has been playing 50 Major for a few years in SSUSA & other associations.

We played as a 50 Major Team, in a 2016 Tournament already in Fort Myers in November (Winter Nationals).

Quite frankly (15) of our (20) man roster are Over 55 and (12) of (13) who came to Fort Myers were over 55.

We have decided collectively to "Age Up" to 55's (most guys are actually about 57 anyway)

We have (2) of these Over 55 guys, who in 2015 & 2014 played 50 Major Plus but are now with us full time.

I am hoping we are re-classified as "55 Major" since we are "aging up"??????

I called SSUSA office a little bit ago, and young lady I spoke to seemed to think we would just age up to "55 Major" not Major Plus?

Thanks for any input

, Feb. 28, 2016
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: The Villages Florida

Hi Guys, I am coming down to my home in The Villages in April again (have renters there now)

Anything going on in April for softball, open hitting?

Last Year, 2015, Saddlebrook and Buffalo were getting re-worked in April and Soaring Eagle was the only complex with open hitting?

Also last year there were no tryout evaluations in April? Same this year???

Thanks please let me know any news, would like to get some swings in before heading back to Ohio for tournament season.

, Jan. 24, 2016
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: Winter Nationals

LOL I don't want to see the results, we played horrible.

SSUSA usually get these on pretty quick "Usually" being key word.
2 weeks is normal three months is not.

I bet somebody lost the paperwork between Florida and California.
, Jan. 1, 2016
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Winter

LOL, normally I am the one complaining here. What an about face :)

Here in Northeast Ohio, where the snow Webbie25 speaks of in Roswell, is what we get about 15 times a year, is nonexistent so far.

Temps were pushing 70 on Christmas Eve. The only measurable snow we did get, melted in about 36 hours.

The guy who plows my driveway will have typically already been here 10-15 times already, and today on the 1st day of 2016 its ZERO times this season.

Did you guys see for the first time ever in December, the North Pole went above freezing the other day, a few days after its snowing at the Sun Bowl in El Paso.
, Dec. 23, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All, as well, from CPOA Cleveland/Northern Ohio Printing Softball in Ohio (50 Major)

Wishing Everybody a great holiday season, and a healthy 2016 softball season too!!!!

, Dec. 16, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: We still Play

Agreed and also thankful.

If you would have told me at 25 I'd still be playing in 30 years I would have told you, you were out of your mind.

I hope I got 30+ more coming too!!!!!!!!!!!!
, Dec. 16, 2015
Topic: Players looking to join a team
Discussion: Looking for Tournament Team in New England Area - 55+ AAA

Taco30 I cant' help you here:

BUT--However, just a suggestion for SSUSA Staff (not that you don't have enough now on your plate :)

On the "Ratings" Tab at the top of the page here, its easy to find teams in your age division and also very easy to sort it by State, or by Classification (AA/AAA/Major/Major Plus) by clicking on the tabs.

MAYBE-------since you have all our contact info, add the contact e-mail or phone number for the coach for every team ?????

I know that would take work but guys (looking for teams) could find teams to play on faster???? Coaches could get together throughout the year to talk among themselves for what tournaments to attend ahead of time, lots of info could be shared????

Just a thought???

YES it would take a lot of work by somebody in the SSUSA office, but the data/contact info is there???

I don't know if any advantages or disadvantages but its nothing negative I don't think????
, Dec. 16, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: brickyard classic

PERFECT--------We are coming back from Cleveland!!!!

Great Tournament!!!!!

, Dec. 10, 2015
Topic: Bats
Discussion: The care of senior bats

I'm not a bat engineer :)

I live in Northern Ohio. It gets real cold in the winter (sub zero often) and hot in the summer (95+)

In the past, bats I did leave in the garage that went through BIG temp differences in short amounts of time, seemed to break/crack much faster the first time in use during spring.

To me the bat is expanding/contacting over and over when left in a garage.

One guy on one of my teams left his bats in his trunk all winter, and one of the bats was cracked the first time he looked at it in the spring???

If you live in a place like south Florida, and temps are relatively constant, it might not be that bad?

The past three seasons I've brought my bats in the house and kept them in a closet------------the bats seems to last longer?? Or the bats are made better than they used to be???

Just an observation??
, Dec. 2, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: For 70 and over. 11 players on the field. Like or Dislike

I cant speak for 70 and older tournament ball, I'm still playing 50's in tourneys.

I will say that one weeknight league I play in, not only uses an extra fielder over the middle (or wherever they want), but ALSO a screen for the pitcher. (which is like having 12 guys in the field?????)

There was talk about removing the extra fielder when the league went to a screen-------but-----the league director makes sense when he says there seems to be fewer and fewer ball players each year, so he wants to get more people "involved" with the game, playing in the field instead of sitting on the bench.

I think that's "noble" for league rules, and I'm fine with that, but don't know how that pans out for tournaments????

The league has some really, really good over the middle players, so if a team has a good shortstop, its like having two shortstops--------and if they are mobile, they get to a lot of bloop pop ups in short outfield too.

As a hitter, I didn't like the idea at first of playing senior "league ball" with an extra fielder---and a screen-------but quite honestly, I don't even notice it much anymore unless that darn guy steals a hit from me LOL

, Nov. 29, 2015
Topic: Tournaments
Discussion: New Toruney Schedule

I am also interested. I find this holiday weekend a great time to be making plans for 2016. We try to make (and have) a couple or more SSUSA Tournaments a year between Michigan/Indiana/Ohio and Florida.

I was printing schedules this morning & several rival associations have their schedules up for 2016 already.

We have a team meeting to go over 2016 plans in January so working guys can plan their vacation day schedules around tournaments. I appreciate our guys burning their vacation time to be hundreds of miles away on Fridays which often means taking Thursday and Mondays off work too.

We spend over $20K a year as sponsors for entry fees, motels, uniforms and more---------& and we only play about 6/7 tourneys a year over a six month period.

We want to do some different stuff this year, try new events, new cities but I need to present a SSUSA schedule with the others.

Thanks, In know its busy, and a business, and you just had a few BIG events over past several weeks.

, Nov. 24, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Why have the mat?

OZ40 (LOL) We CAN see & hear this---------its the umps that seem to go blank :)
, Nov. 24, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Why have the mat?

(in response to other posts above) I've also grown fond of the five run per inning rule over the years------definitely keeps games on schedule. I didn't even remember any other way to play until the past couple months and I've only been playing senior ball five years.

I played in a young kids league this fall. "U-Trip(USSSUA) rules, Unlimited scoring per inning, live balls, lots of longgggg innings and delays. The 8:30 pm game rarely started before 10PM and usually much, much later. I cant imagine trying to keep to a tournament schedule under those rules anymore (I know we did for years, but we were dumb)
, Nov. 24, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Why have the mat?


One of my weeknight leagues also uses plywood, which eliminates a lot of doubt on if the ball hit the "mat" or not--------we love it (plywood) as an alternative option.

Its not perfect, short pitches that bounce just in front of the wood mat, still make the sound of a ball on wood, when the ball bounces back up towards the catcher and clips it. Some balls get called for strikes due to that. (not many but it happens)

But its a lot better than no sound at all, and works most of the time.

The league I speak of covers home plate with the wood too (I have seen other versions where there is a "cut out" around home plate--------but covering the plate with wood, makes the sound universal in the entire strike zone.
, Nov. 21, 2015
Topic: General and miscellaneous

I am going to agree with Omar's comments ^^^ above.

When screens came to our local leagues a few years ago I was totally against it, both as a part time pitcher and as a player.

There are three weeknight senior leagues near me in Cleveland right now, two use screens, one does not, but the league that doesn't does not allow senior bats (its GSL rules) and has guys from 50 to in their 70's playing.

I have seen every variation possible I think to "rules" with a screen in play.

From rules like the pitcher is not allowed to touch a batted ball hit up the middle (if he does its an automatic double) which was DUMB as just reflexes of somebody sticking a glove out on a hot shot became automatic doubles. What a dumb rule on a slow grounder or pop up in the infield that was.

There were rules if you hit the screen as a batter, your out. I've seen it as a "strike", I've seen it as a "dead ball" (Nothing, not a ball or a strike) I've also seen a lot of potential double plays not be double plays because the pitcher couldn't touch a medium hit ball up the middle or the ball hit the darn screen too.

I've seen it "ball in play" (if it hits the screen or the frame play it like normal)

All I know is my 50 Major Tournament team played in Fort Myers a couple weeks ago and both of my pitchers got beaned multiple times (they are very good athletes) one still can barely walk and the others hand and wrist got blasted pretty bad, swelled up purple on his glove hand, & he can't barely hold a bat.

Quite frankly I see this in almost every tournament game we play, from both teams, and it doesn't matter how much goalie gear the guys have on. Guys still get hurt. I Don't have any problem with guys hitting the middle, as I have rarely seen somebody do it on purpose to take the pitcher out (although I suspect a couple guys have)

This tournament in Florida of all places, had record high temps and 90% + humidity. I feel horrible for the guys wearing helmets and chest gear and shin guards in those conditions, on top of being similar to the duck in the shooting gallery. Maybe a screen in use could make the protective gear optional then??

One league I played in last year finally allowed pitchers to field the middle with the screen, no penalties, and if the ball hit the screen ONCE it was a dead ball and the 2nd time an automatic out. Pitchers get to field the middle like normal. There really aren't that many balls a game that hit the screen, but when they have, the pitchers that took advantage of the net were spared some serious injuries. Other pitchers have used the screen as an "extra player" where when they pitch they jump out to the left or the right to field a ball based on where they pitched it------but I'm actually fine with that.

After playing this game for 35 years and being used to no screen in tournaments, certainly it would be weird to have them. But I honestly think the time has come where it needs to be considered. Once you play with a screen, as other posters above have stated, you just get used to it.

I really don't think the bats and balls are going anywhere? One senior league I play in allows senior bats but went to a 52/300 ball and it "seems" fair-----it still goes out for homers, but the homers are legitimate, not by accident, or by guys who probably shouldn't be hitting homers with a 44/375 or other??

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