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Jan. 16, 2012
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Tebow

Gary you really need to get a life and quit being such a cancer.
You try and cause fights and other crap on this board and you have had your butt booted from others because of it. NO ONE CARES WHAT TYPE OF SCHOOLING YOU HAVE HAD, you blow your self up to be this great person and in a nut shell you act like a child with no one to play with. I donot post here often but you have touched a nerve with me and im done with your stupid posting. You question Tim's faith, look in the mirror and question your own before running off at the mouth.

BTW don't bother with a reply post questioning my faith as im a sinner saved by grace but by reading your post I donot think you would understand that very well.
April 3, 2010
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Is it me or am i dreaming

E4/E6 sorry to break in to you but the SB34 Genny was x2 any dw bat there was in preformance. Just ask any player who hit with one, and yes the ultra maxload was banned quick but the ultra 2 they put out was nothing more than the same bat with a counter weight. I LOL when anyone try's to say a dw aluminum bat would hold the shorts of the 2001-2002 comps. There is NO SENIOR BAT made now to hit with the ultra maxload. You will have some to say the grey combat will be close or ect ect ect, there still not as hot.

Btw Science tells us the earth is over 1,000,000,000 years old>>>>>> do you beleave that too?????
April 2, 2010
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Is it me or am i dreaming

E4/E6 you could not be more wrong if you tried. The Genesis and Ultra maxload changed the game, not senior bats.
April 1, 2010
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Is it me or am i dreaming

Sure it's about money. They provide you with goods and services. In other words, there are equipment manufacturers and suppliers that will sell you goods so you can play softball, and there are softball organizations that provide leagues and tournaments for us to play in, in order for us to get our "Softball Jones" taken care of. Softball Jones, another Softball Jones. Hey, maybe Obama will pass legislation to mandate Government controlled Senior Softball. Then our grandchildren and their kids can pay for it instead of us."\

Main problem is they care about the money more than they do the players. i still really fail to understand what your post has to do with a company or person's every other year trying to change the rules and talking about safety. Then they pop up with a new product and talk assosiations into using this equipment. We the players should have a say so in this as we are the reason the game lives on. The game was fine with good metal bats and 44 cor balls, now I donot blame comp bats for hurting the game, I blame the assosiations for failing to test these bats the proper way. So there knee jerk reaction was to screw with the balls, that was a huge fail. So there left holding the stick again. Now they go back and screw with the batted mph of a ball off the bat>>>>>> yet another huge fail as there testing was flawed again. Bottom line is until the players of the game tell the saftey crew and makers of the products we use to KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF this will keep right on going.
April 1, 2010
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Is it me or am i dreaming

“Red dots have a lower SI than today’s ball so they were not nearly as dangerous, also the exit speed of the ball was far less than today.

This post makes me LOL, Trumpball was talking about balls back in the late 80's very early 90's. It would be stupid on his part to say a 50cor 525 comp reddot would not do more damage than balls of today. Also players were using wood and some aluminum bat, not comps.

Iv said this before and ill say it again, IT'S ABOUT MONEY!!!!!!!!!!
Nothing more nothing less, they donot care about me you or anyone else. They want the green to roll in and that is the #1 thing that gets this crap going.
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