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Jan. 6, 2008
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Move to metal bats

FRED: I have a friend that went to Hitia, several times a yr. When my friend came back, he brought back a "load" of Softballs. These Softballs were 4 his Tournament team.

As the story goes, the balls were marked any way that my friend asked. He brought 50 core balls w/ 525 comp & had these balls marked as 47 core balls w/ 400 comp.

Another "friend" of mine, went to China. In the back of one of that Ball Markers warehouses, were huge binds of Softball. 2-3 binds, as the story goes. All 50 core balls were in one bind. (375 comp, 450 comp, & 525 comp.)

All 47 core balls in another bind. All 40 & 44 core balls were in the last bind. This ball marker did NOT care about anything but, sell' of their Balls...PERIOD....

QUESTION?? Fred, have u asked WORTH 4 product infor on their Super Gold Dot? I bet that ball is made to travel less than 280 ft..............

Last point... in Palm Springs, that City's rec head, tells us Seniors all the time that we r hitt' 47 core balls w/ 525 comp. The balls in question, have written, "City of P.S. Parks & Rec". No core or comp.......

Fred...... the only answer...... "they" will do what "they" want.

Sorry..... 4 the NO help........ The STONEMAN
Jan. 5, 2008
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Move to metal bats

MAN on FIRE & FRED: This may help players pick a proper BAT?
Have u seen this article by: SOFTBALLHITTING.COM?

The following should help you in understanding the ball compression and how it relates to certain bats. I have broken it down to what I hope is an easier to understand format, because I know it can be confusing.

375lbs low compression = more flexible or 'mushy' does not perform well with high flex bats. DO NOT USE A BAT THAT has a great deal of FLEX! Use a STIFF BAT!

400lb-475lbs. mid compression = medium flexibility still performs OK with most bats.

525lb. compression= harder ball-performs well with almost any bat on the market, but especially juiced or high flex models etc.

Core 47= more flexible bouncy or 'mushy'
Core 44= medium flexibility
Core 40= less flexible

As you can see here if you were to have a core 40 with a low compression ball you still will have decent almost mid performance, which I have found to be true in my own testing as well. But as soon as you pair up low comp with core 44 or 47 now you have much more loss in performance with the high flex bats and why I now recommend the RT CK with those balls. Anything mid and above will perform well with high flex bats and juiced bats. The ultimate for ball hardness would be 525lbs. paired up with core 40 not 47. I know many balls are paired more with 525lbs. and core 47, but the 47 is not what makes those balls fly so far, it is the compression.

NOTE: A balls COMPRESSION & NOT a balls core is the most important factor!!!! So, a 40 core ball w/ a 525 compression, in 50 degree weather, will "fly" a long way.

Endloaded bats will in all instances make any ball fly farther, but in the case of low compression with core 44 and 47, it may not be enough to overcome the loss in performance that is experienced from the flexibility of the ball.

Outside temperature and the climate you may play in will also effect performance. Cooler temps will keep the ball harder and flying farther. Warmer temps will keep the ball more flexible and mushier.

Also bat weight also factors into hitting a ball for distance. The heavier the bat and the heavier the endload you can swing the better for distance, even and or especially on the mush balls.

I hope this may help some pick the right Bat(s) or Balls; in League or Tournaments.

The STONEMAN........
Jan. 4, 2008
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Move to metal bats

FRED: Here is a 2 yr old post from WORTH..

Super Blue Dot .47 525 300 ft.
Blue Dot .47 525 296 ft.
Blue Dot Low Com .47 375 282 ft. Super Gold Dot .44 525 282 ft.
Gold Dot .44 525 278 ft.
Gray Dot .40 525 258 ft.

Super Green Dot. 47 525 275 ft.
Green Dot . 47 525 271 ft.
Green Dot (.44). 44 525 250 ft.
Red Dot (88-Stitch Hot Seam) .44 400 11" or 12"
K-Master (120-Stitch Seam) .47 400 12"
Dream Seam (88-Stitch Seam ) .47 400 11" or 12"
RIF (88-Stitch Hot Seam) .47 150 11" or 12"

FRED....... I still to this day, do NOT understand...WHY ALL the different BALLS???

WHY??? R some balls made for 258 ft to 300 ft. I believe that most SENIORS, want a ball that when hit, will fly 300 ft.

A 44 cor 525 comp ball that is made for only 278 ft. What r or have Ball MFG's, thinking????

More Curves......... The STONEMAN...
Jan. 2, 2008
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Actions that will made a Bat illegal.

U OL' GEORGIA PEACH: U WANT INFO on BALLS?? This was printed on SS-USA, in 2003. I believe that this is the 3rd time that I have posted this findings on SOFTBALLS....

Experts Warn that Lower COR and Compression Softballs Won't Solve Safety Issue courtesy of Softball News Report
2003 is shaping up to be the Season of the Ball.
And some ball experts are warning that most major national softball organizations are making a dangerous mistake by lowering ball COR and Compression ratings to make up for hot bats.

“Associations aren’t paying close enough attention,” said Kevin Schullstrom, national sales manager for TRUMP Softballs . “They think by simply lowering the COR and Compression requirements they have made the game safe. It’s not that easy.”
This year, most of the National Softball Organizations are changing their ball standards, requiring .44 COR balls with a low (375 per square inch) Compression rating.
Those standards, however, may do nothing to make the game safer for pitchers and infielders, according to the ball experts.
“Most of it (ball-standard change) is being done because of the perception that it will be safer for the third baseman and the pitcher,” said Tom Decker, president of TRUMP Softballs . of Omaha.
“In reality, it’s not safer,” he said. “ In the first 60 to 70 feet from the point of ball-bat impact, the travel distance is not going to change.”
Decker said the only change will be the distance the ball will travel from home plate to the fence - not it’s speed through the infield.
“The net effect for reaction time for the infield is no different. If they get hit in the head with 44 COR it will be just as fatal as if they get hit in the head with a 47 COR ball at the same speeds.
“I don’t want players under the false impression that they are not going to get hurt because they are using a 44 COR ball,” said Decker.
According to at least one expert, the lower COR balls may create an even more dangerous situation.
“If safety is the objective, associations should require a more elastic or rubbery .50 or .47 COR ball with lower (375) Compression,” said Trump’s Schullstrom. “That’s because the lower the COR the less elastic - the harder - the ball.”
The COR of a ball is determined by the distance it rebounds after it is hurled against a wall. The farther it rebounds, the higher the COR rating. Thus, the more it rebounds, the more elastic, lively or “rubbery” the ball.
The Compression rating tests hardness: it is the amount of pressure it takes to compress a softball one-quarter inch.
“The bottom line is that associations are trading the .47 COR for a more dense .44 COR, exactly the opposite of what they should be doing,” said Schullstrom.
A Dudley spokesman agreed that associations were looking at the wrong numbers - and using the wrong tests.
“Exit velocity is what they need to address,” said Chris Sims, longtime territory sales and marketing manager for Dudley Sports .
“The standard tests use bat speeds of 60 miles per hour, but tournament players are swinging at 100 or 120 mph,” said Sims. Balls come off the bats a lot quicker at those speeds.
And bat speed apparently makes a significant difference in ball ratings - and may force softball sanctioning organizations to take a new, closer look at the ball-rating system.
A recent report showed that lower COR balls actually came off the bat faster than higher COR balls.
The report, “The Effect of Softball Compression and Coefficient of Restitution on Batted Ball Speed,” was based on a new study technique that used actual bat speeds and new high-tech bats.
Using the new, more realistic techniques, a .40 COR ball came off the bat 3.57 miles per hour faster and went 11-12 feet farther than a .47 COR ball.
“There are a couple of possible explanations for this surprising result,” wrote co-authors Dr. Michael Ciocco and Dr. Mark McDowell, of the US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory in Morgantown, West Virginia.
“It may be that the actual COR of the ball at real impact speeds (100 mph) may be very different from the balls stated COR,” they wrote. “The COR tests use an impact speed of 60 mph . . . and it has been shown that COR is a strong function of impact speed.”
The change in the ball velocity can be seen in fundamental changes in the game - especially on defense.
“You see more and more infielders standing 15 feet back on the grass - that is a function of increased ball velocity,” said Sims.
While the new tests raises questions about ball COR ratings, Compression ratings have emerging problems of their own.
One of the biggest issues is consistency.
A recent set of tests by a major ball manufacturer that found ball compression differed markedly on each of the ball’s four sides. That means that a ball may meet the compression standard on one or two sides, but be too hard on the other two sides.
While ball experts have known that compression varies from ball to ball, this is the first test showing an individual ball can vary from side to side.
The tests, done by Prof. William Brandt, director of the Sports Science Center of New York University for Anaconda Sports , maker of TRUMP softballs, found significant variation in individual balls.
The test of 21 TRUMP balls found Compression varied on 375 compression balls from 314 to 374. That variation in the test varied from 270 on one side to 360 on another side of the same ball.
The COR on balls varied from .45 to .47 on different sides of the same ball.
To put this in perspective, these differences in COR and Compression can change bat performance markedly: from a 1.10 bpf to a 1.20 bpf.
“In an extreme case,” according to one bat manufacturer who asked to remain anonymous, “it means that a bat will meet the standards if you hit one side of the ball, but not if you happen to hit the other side.”
It appears that 2003 will be a year of discovery.
Manufacturers and testing authorities are working a new set of standards for testing bats, which will likely result in the re-testing of balls.
“It is very likely that there will be new standards for both bats and balls - but it is unclear yet what those standards will be - or even what tests will be agreed upon,” said Terry Hennessy, CEO of Senior Softball-USA .
“What is clear is that 2003 will require patience. The bat and ball issues are complex and changing - but we are moving closer to understanding the science of these new materials. After the science is clear, we can make some informed decisions on standards for bats and balls that keep the game safe and fun.”
Insightful articles similar to this one can be found at

GOSH...... was this long.... Bruce, c u in Feb.

Jan. 2, 2008
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Actions that will made a Bat illegal.

This is an ol' post, from Jan.
XXXX: Go to the subject::: ROLLING FOR DISTANCE. There is a great deal of..... the follow' is a post, that comes from MIKEN.

Miken's response to what is considered Bat altering:

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 10:23 AM
To: Jim Hoscheit
Subject: my email
Please send me a letter confiming that miken does indeed consider a bat altered and would void the warranty if any of these methods are used

hitting agaisnt a tree
hitting with a hammer
changing loads

From: Jim Hoscheit
To: xxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 9:47 AM
Subject: RE: my email

Miken Sports does not approve of any alteration of bats which includes, but is not limited to "bat doctoring", vicing, rolling, hitting objects other than approved balls , and any other action that is designed to change the character or performance attributes of the bat in any manner." These actions will void your warranty on any Miken bats. It states „hitting objects other than approved balls‰, will void your warranty. This includes, but not limited to trees, hammers etc.

Jim Hoscheit
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Miken Sports
Toll Free: 877-807-5291 Ext. 114
Fax: 507-725-8296

This is an "ILLEGAL" action. There r far worsest actions.
Hope this helps.... GOOD LUCK......The STONEMAN.....
Dec. 31, 2007
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: spa worlds

RICK56: I hope u do NOT mind if, I inform u on:
1) @ the left isTeam Ratings & Summit. If, u click on that topic u will be directed to another page.

2) Once that page has come up, go down to ur bottom right arrow. Hit the right lower one. This will scroll over to a topic of Summit Orgin'... there is ASA, ISA , HUNTSMAN, ISSA, ....... SPA, & SSUSA. If, one will click on SPA, SPA'S web site will come up.

3) One can also, type in SENIOR PLAYERS ASSOCATION.

HERE R A FEW 1st of the YR. EVENTS.....

March 14 March 16 Alabama Classic Montgomery, AL
All 50,55,60,65,70 Natalie Norman
Lagoon Park Softball PO
Box 210564 Montgomery, Al
25121 334-271-7016

March 13 March 14 Manny Gonzales Memorial Classic
Georgetown, Tx (Austin)
All 65+, 70+ Lonnie O'Haver
8702 Mid Crown
Windcrest, TX 78349 210-278-5362
March 14 March 15 Manny Gonzales Memorial Classic
Georgetown, Tx (Austin)
All 60+ Lonnie O'Haver
8702 Mid Crown
Windcrest, TX 78349 210-278-5362

March 15 March 16 Manny Gonzales Memorial Classic
Georgetown, Tx (Austin) All 50+, 55+ Lonnie O'Haver
8702 Mid Crown
Windcrest, TX 78349 210-789-5362

March 28 March 30 The Texas Legend Memorial
Irving, Tx 60,65,70 Frank Hillgardner
3621 Graves Blvd. Arlington,
Tx 76013 817-832-4802

March 29 March 30 Mustang Classic Mustang, Ok
All 50,55 Dennis Qualls 224 W. State Hwy 152 405-376-3411

April 10 April 12 Mustang Classic Mustang, Ok
All 65-70-75 Dennis Qualls 224 W. State Hwy 152 405-376-3411
April 11 April 13 Mustang Classic Mustang, Ok
All 60 Dennis Qualls 224 W. State Hwy 152 405-376-3411

Aprilf 10 April 13 April's Finest N. Charleston, SC All
50,55,60,65,70 Cindy Dambaugh 4800 Park Circle P.O.
Box 190016 N. Charleston, SC 29419

April 24 April 26 Baytown Bar-B-QBlast Baytown, Tx
All 65+,70+,75 Layla Bryan 121 CR 406 Goldthwaite, Tx
76844 325-938-5241

April 25 April 27 Baytown Bar-B-QBlast Baytown, Tx
Men 60+ Layla Bryan 121 CR 406 Goldthwaite, Tx
76844 325-938-5241
Aoruk 26 April 27 Baytown Bar-B-QBlast Bayton Men

Dec. 27, 2007
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: Teams going to TOC in Feb

DBAX: Dave, glad to hear that u r go' again this yr. Nice to hear that u r go' w/ a great bunch of men from Az.

No Mo, & the rest of the Vegas boys r glad that u have finally found a home. Good luck & enjoy this season.

Nice to hear that ur 7th inning, game winning hit knocked out last yrs TOC's champion chance to repeat.

Good Luck & have some well deserved Fun.. The STONEMAN
Dec. 23, 2007
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: MOV' UP ONCE W/ OUT BE' RELEASE.....?

Does anyone have any suggestions or deal' w/ a Bad MGR?

What about players that r not release: 1) Set' out 3 months & then can sign w/ another team? 2) A player that is on a team of 14 players or more can get an automatic release? 3) Teams w/ 14 or more players can pick or add players, but, must release the same amount of players who wish to be released? 4) Players can get an Automatic released by the 1st of March or after one tournament?
5) A players review Board?

Dave, No Mo, & Einstein, how about some help....... this thread is die'.

Dec. 23, 2007
Topic: Bats
Discussion: Does the weight of the bat matter?

GEORGIA PEACH: Stay w/ the 29 or 30 oz. bats. In "The Physics of Baseball", Dr. Adair & others have done many test on bat speed; best bat weigh; etc.

As for Bat Speed. a 20 oz Bat. A ball will travel the farest, if, all things r right, w/ a 40 oz Bat.

Dr Larry Noble, retired from K.S.U., in the 80's did a great deal of reseach on Bats. M.O.I, is important. Larry (& the NCAA), have the pattern on weigh in Bats Knob.

Weigh, in ones hands will be E-Zer to swing, than weigh @ the end of a ball. The closer the load, the less force is required to move (swing) an object.

End Loaded Bats, produce move M.O.I., which will cause the Bats' "head" to follow thru @ a higher Bat Speed. B & N, has done studies, that shows how much a Bat slows down once a Ball has been hit. Bat Speed, after contact is very important.....

Does the Bat, slow down to 76 MPH or 74 MPH or 69 MPH!

This concept, is one of Natures Laws. An object @ rest & an object that is already moving. Example: When a 3 ton truck, hits a 1 ton car. The truck will win.

But, a 1 ton car, travel' @ 100 MPH, hits a 3 ton truck, that is not moving. Laws of Physics.

C U in Feb, bring the P.B. & J; I'll have the Jack.

Dec. 21, 2007
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: MOV' UP ONCE W/ OUT BE' RELEASE.....?

BOB: Thanks, I am sure that u do understand that many Seniors do NOT understand many Senior Rules.

4 some reason, Senior Rule books r hard to come buy. It also, appears, that it is almost impossible to find out many Rules.

This past yr, I had several "friends", who had to set out 4 - 6 months, because that player did NOT know the Rules & or, that player was on a team, that did NOT release players.

I can NOT understand why, a MGR, who has 14-16 players will or CAN pick up 2 - 4 players & does NOT have to release any players.

4 some of u, just think.... how would u like to be the 13-14 player, get limited play' time.... & then ur MGR, picks up 2 or more players, & u can NOT get released.

I hope that SS-USA & the SUMMIT, will make an attemp to better inform player; allow players to find a team that a person can get play' time.

This is NOT H.S. or College. At our age, NO one wants to be on the Hamburger Squad.

So.... any of u players that have been mistreated, please write, call, or E-Mail members of the Summit.

Again, thanks Bob, 4 tak' time out to fully understand some player needs, when MGR's become mean or Spitful

Dec. 20, 2007
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: MOV' UP ONCE W/ OUT BE' RELEASE.....?

WOOD; The M+, was an example. I do NOT give a rats ..... about M+ players. The question..... players rights!!!!

This post is about: 1) What r a players rights???
2) Do players really have any rights???
3) Can players protect their self against MGRs?
4) Question... why, do some MGR's ruin 1/2 or more of a yr 4 players??

Bob, u r a class act. If, one of ur players want a release, that player is released..... That is the right thing.

But, there r more than a few MGR's that will not release players & state the diff'.

SS-USA, has informed me that a player can move up in division w/ out a release. (This can be done only once a yr.) Then, another Senior SS-USA rep, tells me NO, not so.

WHAT GIVES??? WHAT is the truth???? A M+ player must stay M+ 4 that yr in that age group. So, a lower division player can move up, but, must stay M+ 4 the whole yr. (That player can NOT go back fown.)

A few yrs ago, a 55 yr ol' player was play' in the 50 M+ division. That player was NOT allowed to play in the 55 Major Division.This player was informed that he had to play in the M+ division.... 7 so on... & so on.

SS-USA, has informed me that @ the present, the only way a player can protect theirself.... is to get their MGR, to sign a pre-dated release form.... If, a player wants to leave, all that player has to do is write in the date..

May 15th.... thats a new one. I have never read or been told about May 15th, as a date that players can get an "automatic" release. A review board, I was told that there is No players review board.

Wood, NOT only New but, ol' hands do NOT understand, get' a release. SS-USA, seems to take the MGR's word.

My request... 4 player to understand; 4 MGR's that act like GODs, to be stopped; try NOT to add or read into the post.

Wood, I am NOT allowed to state facts, name teams or MGR's, if , I do so, I will NOT be allowed to post any more.

So, WOOD, what will u do??? I am NO longer allowed to speak the truth; state Names; state Teams, etc.

Still my favorite butt head. My is a team allowed to have over 20 players on their roster?? Why, can this same team be allowed to pick up more players & NOT release players.

Example: A team has 12 - 14 players. U r the 13-14 player. Ur MGR, picks up 2-3 more players & U get less play'time or told NOT to show up. Ur MGR, will NOt release u.

I hope several of the players that I am talk' about will come forward. Call or E-mail SS-USA. YES, this even happens in the 65's.

BOB... can or will SS-USA, post the HOW TO??? or WHAT ONE CAN DO??

Good luck w/ ur 60 team....... The STONEMAN
Dec. 19, 2007
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: MOV' UP ONCE W/ OUT BE' RELEASE.....?

WOOD: U still r my favorite butt head. Please, stay on 1st base & out of Right field. This post is about MGR's that act & think that they, the MGR's r god..

As a player that has influence w/ THE SUMMIT, please, let players know what "RIGHTS" a player has.... NONE.. that right.... NOT ONE D.... ONE... PERIOD....

1) If, a player is NOt sure that player wants to spend the whole yr play' 4 a team, what can, or should that player do?

2) Players, do NOT have any rights, just the MGR's.... If, u SENIORS, do NOT believe me, just ask Pat Tobin & NO MO.

3) Before one signs their life 4 a yr, get that MGR to sign a release form, that is NOT dated.....

Bob, there r many good & fair MGR's. But, there r a few MEAN , BAD, etc MGR's....

Please, stay on the topic & start ur own thread.

Dec. 17, 2007
Topic: Rules of the game
Discussion: MOV' UP ONCE W/ OUT BE' RELEASE.....?

Can SS-USA publish the how to for the follow':
1) How or can a player move up 1, 2, or 3 divisions w/ out a release. As I understand, a player can move up once in a season w/out a release? (Move up to a higher division.)

2) R there any reason why a player can be released w/ out the MGR's / Coaches release?

3) Example: Can a 55+ player play 50 Major Plus & 55 Majors? As I understand it, a player that plays in M+, can go up, but must stay in M+. A 60 yr ol' M+ player can go down to 55 Majors? ( A 55 M+, can play 50 Majors!)

4) Any other important facts 4 roster changes, etc. or any false misconceptions?

Dec. 12, 2007
Topic: Product review
Discussion: Official Senior Softball - USA Ball?

HOTROD: The follow' comes from Kevin S.

The problem with softballs is the heat. If it is hot a low compression ball will not fly very well. The other problem with the balls are companies cheating. If you check ISA and NSA websites you will see that 2 of the companies mentioned here have had there balls removed from play in these associations.
So you used X brand .44/375 ball in 100 degree heat and you say it was good, well if that is true it is not a .44/375 ball.
Directors need to use balls according to the temps that they will play. We make a micro-cell .44/375 ball that is good for high temps, this ball will play well if it is 90-100 out.
Now take the temps like Seattle this year, that was the exact same ball used in St louis and no one complained about it in Seattle.
No one should be using high comp balls with ultras and combats. Even with low comp balls the speed at 70 ft is to high but with high comp ball the distance will be 130-140 ft even infielders will have a hard time catching balls.
So to summerize this,
Use real .44/375 balls when temps are below 85 and micro-cell balls above 85 and you will have a great tournament.

Everyone uses 375 cores for 375 comp and 400 comp.
USSSA and NSA specs are 400 max
ISA is 375 +5% Which is 393.75comp
ASA is 375 max
Same core different stitch and logo.

Trump, makes this ball 4 Seniors Softball. The ball u spoke of, has been designed 4 Hot & Cooler temps.

I hope Kevin, will jump in.. The STONEMAN.
Dec. 10, 2007
Topic: Rules of the game

ROADRUNNER: In the late 70's & early 80's, I played B ball. Metro Life was good enough to get put into A. We went to Fun Valley in 83'. There were games that teams score 50, 60, & 70 plus runs.

That yr we went 2 & 2. We aveage 31 runs per games. There was one game that went 90 plus runs to 70 or so. This was the last yr in U-trip that batters could foul pitch after pitch off. In one game, there were 30 plus foul balls in only one inning.

I hope that we Senior do get rid of: 1) All Senior Bats.
2) All bats that r less than 29 oz . 3) All balls that r 40 & 44 cor. 4) Senior ball brings back 50 cor balls 4 the Summer & 47 cor balls in the winter. 5) If, a player wants to play in a higher division... NO RELEASE, is required. 6) Teams that have 12 players on their roster, can pick up players, BUT, must release the same amout of players. 7) Everyone just go out & have FUN.

Senior ball should have room 4 almost any one to play. NO matter how good a player maybe!! Is this NOT the reason 4 "OUR" 4 divisions????? So, if, a team has 4 catchers, so what!!! Let those who want to play...... PLAY.

BE HAPPY & ENJOY......... The STONEMAN.....
Dec. 9, 2007
Topic: Rules of the game

ROADRUNNER: That is 2 general. In AAA & Majors, the H. R. may be ruin' that division. Most of the Major Plus players that I have watched in the 50-60 age group r well rounded.

Question?? Why r there 4 divisions??? A better? or more levels play'??.. Most teams do have 1-3 men that do NOT run well. These players r also, NOT very mobile.

U sound like an ASA Ump!!! Would there be less problems if, M+, had unlimited Home Runs & only 3 in Majors; 1 in AAA & then it is a single.

In Bacon Ball, over the limit is a foul ball. So, unless the batter has 2 strikes on them t& the ball hit must be fair, it would be an out

Rules... rules & more rule. Softball, should be played w/ as lil' "EXTRA" rules as possible.

NOT sure of what some (U), want. The STONEMAN...
Dec. 7, 2007
Topic: Rules of the game

WES: U r in right field. The facts that I stated were stated so, as NOT to get into several players faces.

This Tourney is & has been a AAA & AA tournament 4 many yrs. I tried to be nice & let several players know, that there r several local teams that r NOT happy, c' a bunch of Major Plus players play' down in AA & AAA.

Again, most of these players do play on 2-4 teams thru out the yr. NO, several of these players teams did NOT fold. In the past, these players were called "SOFTBALL W....'s".

Wes, it appers to me that u r one player who tries to play w/ in the rules. A Senior player can play on a 50 & 55 team, as long as that player is 55 yrs or older. A player that is over 65, can play in the 50's, 55's, 60's, & 65's. This is legal.

Again, this was a AA & AAA tournament. NOT one inwhich 6 Major Plus & 5 Major players were to play in. When grown men play down, Sandbag, etc..... Well my thoughts r mine & ur thoughts r urs.

One or two players..... NO it was the hold team. Major Plus players r not allowed to ever play in AA or AAA, w/ out the approval of the T.D., SPA, or SS-USA, or LVSSA, .....

Dec. 7, 2007
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: 2008 Classic Spring Training

MW: There is NO jail in Dodge City, that could ever hold the "BOOZE BROTHER" in or out.

C U in Feb...... The STONEMAN
Dec. 6, 2007
Topic: Rules of the game

Over the past few yrs, I have lost respect 4 many Senior Players. This past yr, I tried to "RETHINK".

I read players say' nice things to their team mates & other Seniors say' nice things to Seniors that & r say' nice things to one another.

The TRUTH & NOTHING but, the TRUTH!! What do most of u SENIORS think about the follow':
1) 6 Major Plus players & 5 Major players ( on the same team), play' in a AA & AAA Tourney. This Tourney, has been 4 the last 5 plus yrs, a AA-AAA event.

Tourney-- 3 Home Runs & over the limit is an OUT.

2) This same Western State team, plays under 5 diff' Team Names? This team in question, picks up many diff' Major Plus players in the 50-60 division. NO real Roster.

3) This Western State team, is made up of Major Plus & Major players, who have & will be play' down in age group?

WHY? In order to win & get another World Ring!! PERIOD.

O, well.... I guest this is O.K. In Jan, I will play in one 55-AAA Tourney, if Menifee's T.D. allows.

WHAT , if, anything have I learned? To each their own & it maybe in my best, to realize.... NO one can tell many SENIORS a thing. Seniors will be SENIORS..

It's that time of yr to wish all... well. The STONEMAN
Dec. 4, 2007
Topic: General and miscellaneous
Discussion: 2008 Classic Spring Training

GEORGIA PEACH: I will have the 1st half gal of Jack ready. Make sure that the other half of the Booze brothers will be there.

Look' forward to c u southern gentlemen.

The STONEMAN........
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Senior Softball-USA
Phone: (916) 326-5303
Fax: (916) 326-5304
9823 Old Winery Place, Suite 12
Sacramento, CA 95827
Senior Softball-USA is dedicated to informing and uniting the Senior Softball Players of America and the World. Senior Softball-USA sanctions tournaments and championships, registers players, writes the rulebook, publishes Senior Softball-USA News, hosts international softball tours and promotes Senior Softball throughout the world. More than 1.5 million men and women over 40 play Senior Softball in the United States today. »SSUSA History  »Privacy policy

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