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Discussion: Public Forum VS Anonymity

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April 16, 2013
Men's 65
1000 posts
Public Forum VS Anonymity
It seems this is an interesting topic. How do most of you feel about the ever rising anonymity of posts in this forum? Obviously there will be varying opinions. Mine is that I give more credibility to those posts that come from an individual who has made his/her identity known. I was under the assumption (perhaps incorrectly) that this is intended to be a public forum. Thanks for all constructive responses.

Good luck on the fields this season!
April 16, 2013
Men's 65
4549 posts
Ed, for myself its about the quality of the posting not the name they choose to use.
But I agree with you on it 'cept for being 'public'. It's not really if you think about it in totality....ok you can read the posts and reply if you like but you CAN NOT see all that is here, can you.
April 16, 2013
Men's 60
1058 posts
I am not OZ, so therefore you see me.

Mike Adair
April 16, 2013
Men's 60
18 posts
My question to the "Public Forum VS Anonymity" is what basis do you use to establish credibility? If the person does or doesn't enter their information does this make them credible or non-credible? I ran into this a few months ago on one of my post's. Was called out in regards to credibility, didn't have any personal information posted, so in some eyes I didn't have any credibility. My reply was that even if I had posted that information did it make me more credible, after all you still don't know me or anything about me. Fortunately, some people who knew me, posted on my behalf, my credibility. Made me feel good, but still the issue remains that if you don't know the person, how can you say they are credible or not? Call it na´ve on my part, but I give credibility to everyone until they do something to prove me wrong.
April 17, 2013
Men's 65
601 posts
Navy - that was me and the reason was that I check a couple of softball related boards and you were on with new/1st time posts praising a brand. It seemed at the time to be a faux post - we've had a lot of those - but that is in the past. As others have pointed out you are real.

I don't think the board should be used for company/vendor advertising. SSUSA is pretty tolerant with it but there are quite a few thinly veiled commercial messages in spite of the fact that it is specifically forbidden under the terms for use of the board. On other boards they are removed pretty quickly unless in the "sales" section and SSUSA should probably do the same here as they have their own store and advertisers to protect (in all fairness).

There's a place to put your email address on your profile - we all know who sells what and that is a private way to communicate that is available to all of us.

I like to see names posted when I see an interesting comment. It's a small softball orbit out there and we get to know each other coast to coast so I like to see if I know who the person is.

On the other side of the coin more often than not when it's a viscious serial ranter more often than not there only seems to be commas where information is supposed to be. It seems like the people with real problems/attitudes have been removed and the board has automatically once again become a useful informative source with members that were driven away returning.

By and large it is a well contained community that polices itself well. When the fur flies (which it will) now the board tends to equalize itself fairly quickly.

Personally I think if someone wants to post they should leave some information in their profile as to their identity with contact information and hold an SSUSA card.
April 17, 2013
mad dog
Men's 65
4153 posts
4x4,you of all people want public info out there,after being hack and me this is just a board to get on and need to know who i am... if ya don't like what i post,oh well get over it and read another one,it's just a message/gossip board,nothing more....just look at the posts for what they are..POSTS THAT IS ALL......if ya like/dislike them,thats up to you.....knowing or not knowing who posted doesn't change the post content or relevance.....
April 17, 2013
the wood
Men's 65
1123 posts
I've always felt that I gave more credibility to the people that I knew, one way or another. I do feel that someone commenting on M+ issues but has no real M+ experience is talking out of school. The reverse is also true, IMO... M+ guys don't have a lot of expertise in AA/AAA matters (by & large).
But... using HJ as an example, I don't know him but I gather that he is a senior league player in KY or OH. He always posts in a well-intended, well-researched and well-stated manner. My familiarity with him has given him credibility in my mind... not that he needs my approval.
It's a bit like a book or a movie... you need to be able understand the characters to fully appreciate it.
I worry less about who it is now and more about how they state it.
As 4x4 stated, the commercialism gets to be too much at times. I do not feel badly when a guy touts a bat and he is truly an impartial person... as opposed to one that is 'selling it'. This concerns me because it violates one of the four guidelines established by SSUSA.
April 17, 2013
Men's 60
18 posts
I appreciate the feedback 4x4. For the record, I didn't take any offense to the credibility issue, it's going to be on everyone's mind when they see first time posters as who they are and what do they know. I can see where it could come into question and from what little time I have been on these posts I see what goes with the faux post you refer to. I still feel that a person should be given the benefit of doubt until they have proven themselves less than credible.

As far as the bat post, I put the information out because I thought people would like to hear about my experience with a new bat on the market. If I violated any policy of the website I apologize for that. I thought I was putting it out in the right format and forum.

I would also like to see names when posts come out, also what team a person is affiliated with, and where in the country they play. It would sure make it easier to connect with fellow players and put a face to the name when you are in town for a game or tournament. I look forward to meeting new people every time I get out to play! Might as well start a new trend with names now that I put this to paper.

I'm Scott Sanford, live in Minnesota, play for Ancell 55 major. I'm also the new Minnesota State Director for Senior Softball. Looking forward to meeting everyone on the fields!

April 18, 2013
Men's 70
477 posts
Navy, IMO you did nothing wrong and people questioning your credibility did nothing wrong.
It is important that we share opinions on equipment, how else can we help others to make the right choice and avoid the wrong choice. Likewise, some have a commercial interest so their posts should be scrutinized to be sure they are not just pushing a product for gain. I think this site served many well by pointing out the dead Mikens which probably pushed Miken to do the right thing for many even with an "unwarranted"
April 29, 2013
Men's 60
322 posts
Well...IMO, if a man or woman does not want to be seen or known(Hiding), then HOW can they consider themselves credible.
April 29, 2013
Men's 65
2237 posts
Kennard-I agree. I especially have a problem with guys that stir up controversy and hide behind a 'handle'.

Good seeing you again this weekend. 3 great, close games as usual.
April 30, 2013
Men's 70
477 posts
The issue isn't whether the poster think he is credible or not, it is whether the reader of the post think he is credible. An anonymous poster raises questions of credibility but that doesn't mean the post should automatically be totally discounted. A series of posts by an individual helps judge credibility; likewise, a new anonymous poster with strong views should signal caution.
April 30, 2013
Men's 50
328 posts
Gary19 had his information posted. I don't know of a less credible person.
May 2, 2013
Big Mike
84 posts
My feeling is this....if it's someone first or second post...take it for whats it's worth...I don't post much, no need to. I like reading everyone elses posts. If I have a question or a comment, I ask..if not, i'm done...thanks...Big Mike
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