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Discussion: suggestions to stop all the complaining about home runs & dead ball outs

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Jan. 7, 2014
18 posts
suggestions to stop all the complaining about home runs & dead ball outs
What about some thoughts on these solutions: first off, if major plus is the highest level of play then allow them to set their own home run limits as a group taking a vote from all of the managers within that division? Give them 3 choices to choose from, 10 per game, 15 per game or if time limit is a concern what about 3 per inning? thats it plain and simple, anything over the limit is dead ball out, case closed. How hard would it be to send out a mass email to all the managers for their votes? If they don't respond to the email within an alloted time their vote is forefeited and they have no reason to complain.

3 per inning would keep games close and make teams use them wisely, plus it may eliminate some of the concerns about guys hitting the middle since the run limits may be reached quicker per inning, which would also speed up the game especially with walk off hit n sit rules

The same format can be used with the major division by just reducing the limits. Plus you can adjust the limits by age groups if you desire.

You can keep the runs per inning limits the same as they are now or change that also, but shouldn't the teams playing and paying make those decisions not the guys taking the money?

Games too long? Pay the umpires a few more bucks per game, turn on the lights and play ball.

Jan. 8, 2014
90 posts

A lot of good ideas but this won't happen as the real reason for the rule change is to SHORTEN THE GAMES and make all teams EQUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You would have thought that with such a RADICAL rule change that more input from the players, the guys who play the game,
would have happened.

A survey at sign in at Las Vegas would have been the ideal time for one. Biggest Tourney of the year and an easy check, like or not like the DBO. That would have been nice.

Any suggestion for changes to the rule won't even be addressed by the powers to be. We will all have to live with new rule. It is their organization. They can make whatever rules they want without input from the players.

Wish we had a senior organization that would at least ask the players what they want and like instead of a 12 person committee making decisions for thousands of players.

I'm just saying.

Jan. 8, 2014
Men's 65
4549 posts
I like the 3 hr per inning for the M+ teams, all ages. Why discriminate due to age. There is enough within some other issues in the game. For Major teams go to 2 hr per inning. This may well be bringing the game for them to the way it was before the limits started.
If the mercy rule is used the games may be short if a team doesn't perform.
Other ideas would be one up hr across the board. any other is then a DBO.
I do not like DBO's but seems that most replies tend to lean towards it. Last idea? make all HRs a walk. Not the greatest one though.
Yes, the managers should have a big say in it all. And as mentioned, a mass emil has been done before so that is a no-brainer unless they ignore it. Time to respond should be reasonable since some still don't use the pc\mac and depend on others for info.
Do not believe it's a radical idea either. Just one to make the game a little more like it used to be.
As for best time to do a survey, no time is better than the present ( ie; mass mailing to managers) before the season get started. not a half year gone and some whimsical thought at a table. Most are in a hurry to get on the field and warm up.
Yea, 12 have the say of 10k or so overall. Real representation. LMAO
Happy New Year, stay healthy.
Jan. 8, 2014
Men's 55
86 posts

That's the best idea I've heard yet.....Major + = 7 runs per inning, 3 homeruns per inning (DBO after)....except, maybe bump it to 5 homeruns in the open inning!

Major = 5 runs per inning, 2 homeruns per inning (DBO after)... except last inning, 3, or maybe 4 homeruns!

A dik
Jan. 8, 2014
86 posts
Yeah just go to unlimited. REALLY let it go just accept the new rule and try it. It is what it is.
Jan. 9, 2014
22 posts
Patty, SSUSA is a for-profit organization, just like Burger King. As much as I understand your suggestion about the survey, when was the last time you stopped for a Whopper and was asked what new sandwiches you would like them to serve?
Jan. 9, 2014
280 posts
Understand the point, but actually the fast food joints spend a lot of money conducting surveys with sizeable focus groups so as to get input.

I think there is a drastic difference in the approach here....

SSUSA has made a litigous choice as CYA which has nothing to do with the preservation of the fundamental setup of the game.

Players just wanted to have the same approach by the fast food joints, a "focus group" that could provide feedback.

BTW, you think Whopper sales would go down if everyone had to wear a mask when you walked in???

Jan. 9, 2014
22 posts
southern, I realize that might not have been a perfect analogy, but I believe SSUSA will tell you they did confer with some type of a "focus group".

No doubt this is all due to possible litigation and associated costs. A local league went to both a screen and the siging of a mandatory waiver by all players. I see no other reason for those actions.

Would be mighty difficult to eat a sandwich that size through a mask. LOL
Jan. 9, 2014
86 posts
Is appears to me the same few complain about the new HR rule and they just continue to go on many different threads. Is it just me ?
Jan. 9, 2014
51 posts
The bottom line is that the DBO is the rule for 2014, I wish all the talk about it would just stop! Revisit it at the rules meeting next year, SSUSA is going to want a full season of implementation first before changing anything, they want to see how it effects the game this year. Yes I totally agree with PattyMac, the only reason they brought the rule in was to shorten the games.
Jan. 10, 2014
22 posts
What is the rush? The beauty of baseball/softball, or at least it used to be, is that it is the only game without a clock.
Jan. 20, 2014
5 posts
I think the home run rule should be rid of and the runs amounted rule is what should stay and be forced. If the run rule is say 7 in an inning and you get 7 home runs in 1 inning with no on at base, then your runs are up. I think it's ridiculous to limit the number of home runs unless there are always bases loaded or something along those lines. The rule should just be switched to focus on runs per inning and let the team bat until those runs are reached.
Jan. 21, 2014
Men's 50
52 posts
The argument that teams will move up to increase their home run allotments is some what flawed. It can and possibly have the opposite effect. Teams will stay in their respective division, as not to give up the extra fielder or 5 runs.
Jan. 21, 2014
the wood
Men's 65
1123 posts
I believe that you are 100% correct. I do not remember any team moving up for that reason.
Conversely, I can recall plenty of them who did not want to 'give up equalizers'... and moving up would force them to do so.
Whether or not any individual moved up in order to take advantage of the higher HR numbers is similar. But because there are 15 times as many players as teams, the possibility of some doing just that is greater. Most of the people that I know who play M+ do so because of the competition itself or because their teammates/team moved up.
But I clearly do not know every M+ guy.
Whenever we've played M+ it was due to better competition and because no one can move you up from there... never because of HRs.
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