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Discussion: 50 Major Plus Top 3

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Oct. 5, 2015
Men's 60
228 posts
50 Major Plus Top 3
Does anyone out there know who finished first, second and third in 50 Major Plus this past weekend?
Oct. 5, 2015
Tim Millette
615 posts
50 Major plus Summersville undefeated beat Arizona elites in finals.

50 Majors
1st Cornerstone
2nd MTC
3rd Aftershock

Our MTC 55 team played 14 games (I think) winning 10 elimination bracket games to make the finals with only ten " healthy" players able to play for the final six?

Does anyone know is a team has ever played 14 games in SSUSA Tourney play?

We had to quit half way through the butt whooping Cornerstone was handing us because we didn't have enough healthy bodies to finish.
Oct. 5, 2015
Men's 70
3224 posts
14 is a lot! Our 60 Major team played 12, including 2 pool games.
Oct. 5, 2015
21 posts
Thanks for the results TM.
I'd think only a team from AAA division
would have a chance at playing more given
the amount of teams they had. I can't imagine
the soreness I'd be feeling today. We would have
played you guys yesterday morning at 9:30 but lost
to the Dawgs(AZ)
I play with Bad Seed. Good tourney by you guys.
Oct. 5, 2015
Men's 55
286 posts
Tim, It feels like we played 15! we played some really good ball, we had 13 guys but only 9 bodies. All the guys were all over 55 and we battled till no one had anything left! Congratulations to Cornerstone, MTC ran out gas, but you guys hit the crap out the ball not taking anything away from your win! Your team was also over
Looks like the old men dominated the 50 division this year! LOL
Oct. 5, 2015
Men's 55
286 posts
Great job Tim by you and your team. Does this mean you will be disbanding your team keeping only 6 players and finding new ones since you finished so high? Or are you going to man up and play major plus next season?

If you are going to move up to major plus I'll have our Sommerville Coach mail you back your man card.

I'm disappointed you didn't talk crap about Sommerville like you normally do. And no we won't be disbanding only picking up a few new guys to help us be better.

Congrats to my Sommerville teammates. We didn't play out best but we found ways to compete and win. Just like good teams do.

Kudos to AZ Elite and Minnesota for a very good tournament.

Looking forward to 40's in a few weeks.

Oct. 5, 2015
Men's 50
10 posts
Minnesota Merchants took third.
Oct. 5, 2015
Tim Millette
615 posts
Congrats on the championship Benji.

I just wish we could have earned a ring like you guys did this weekend.

I guess I will be left to imagine all the hot chicks, free drinks, autograph seeking kids, media interviews and accolades I will be missing since we failed to achieve your greatness...

On the comparision to what we did this weekend and what you guys "accomplished" this weekend......

You Sunny's guys would have to play the 40 Plus division in two weeks and win ten games in the elimination bracket to understand....

As for getting a "man card" based on softball...I really hope that was a joke;-)

To us breaking up, or only coming back with six players instead of being able to go back to the World tourney we just placed second in with the same roster....

I would guess...unlike your Sunnys boys who may likely will once again be allowed to dominate 50 Plus and really hurt that program next year....for the good of the 50 major softball program our second place team that won by an average of 3.5 runs and came in SECOND, will most likely not be able to return with more then THREE players...

And you know what Benji...I would agree with that ruling because it's good for the game....

I guess the difference between me and you Summys boys is...

I believe top teams left to dominate year after year are bad for the divisions they are allowed to play in....on that issue...I'd say if SSUSA follows through like they normally do and bump the top three teams from this years 50 major to Plus ball next would be lucky to see even one of them at your Plus worlds...and yes...I think guys like your group are the biggest problem with growing Plus ball.

How about instead of hurting the 50 Plus program next season you guys challenge yourselves and play 40 Plus instead...considering how badly you guys hurt the Plus program this year by run ruling so many teams....oh wait......

I think something is coming to me......

never mind...

that would take owning a MAN
Oct. 5, 2015
Men's 55
286 posts
Tim everyone knows you hate dominating teams. We (Sommerville) didn't dominate we just found ways to win.

As for us playing 40 major plus we were set to compete in that except some starters had plans and a few guys are injured.

Instead 7 of us will be playing 40 major plus for other teams.

And the big difference between you and Sommerville guys is this:

You (Tim) are satisfied with mediocrity
Sommerville guys strive for excellence

Now go back to your couch and watch more Caitlyn Jenner interviews.........
Oct. 5, 2015
Men's 65
2086 posts
Now that's funny!
Oct. 5, 2015
Men's 60
633 posts
Saw Sommerville play at Knoxville this season. Best senior team that I've seen play. No weaknesses.They know how to play!
Oct. 5, 2015
140 posts
Congrats to Sommerville you have a great team. IMHO I don't think 7 50 Major Plus guys from one team playing on a few different teams in 40 Major Plus is the same as a complete 50 Major Plus team playing in the 40 Major Plus. 50 year old or older guys playing against guys at least 10 years younger, I think would really make a difference, especially if you have to play a bunch of games like 14. I don't think anybody is questioning that the guys on Sommerville could play in the 40 Major Plus. I would just like to see how they would do, sh*t maybe they even win it. Why not try it, it isn't like the sponsor couldn't afford it. Also congrats to Summy's in 55's Major Plus.
Oct. 5, 2015
68 posts
SO congratulations to Sommerville Softball for winning the 50 major plus world championship. And congratulations to MTC for playing in and finishing second in a division they have recently been bumped up from. However to suggest for Sommerville to play in the 40 major plus would be equal to MTC playing down only one age group while dropping down another level as well is the same thing is not even close to equal . Going from 50 to 40 is TWO age groups down. On top of that they would be staying at the Plus level not dropping down a level like MTC did as well.

For Sommerville to go play in the 40 PLUS would be equal to say the 60 champions Old Dawgs dropping to 50ís-not major, but major plus! If Sommerville were to go to the 40 MAJORS they would be DOUBLING what MTC did. And if they went to the 40 plus they would be TRIPLING what MTC did. And let me tell you-Iíve heard many say they believe that Sommerville could compete very well at the 40 major division if not win it. In fact I think theyíve won every game they played against 40 teams the past few years.

So congratulations to MTC for playing in a division they have already been booted out of. You must be proud to sneak back in. And if you really want to impress drop one level-not 3 like you suggest to Sommerville. Oh, but then you would be in the 50 major plus again and we know you donít want that.Because you would have to play Sommerville.
Oct. 6, 2015
Men's 60
228 posts
First, thanks to those who provided the info on the top 3 finishers in 50 Major Plus. I appreciate.

With respect to the ongoing dialogue between Benji and Tim, you are both obviously 2 very good players on very good teams that both had great accomplishments in this tourney. Hopefully it can end there. Good luck in 2016.
Oct. 6, 2015
Men's 50
943 posts
Don't know if you are just giving Tim the "business", but I think for a 55 Major-plus team to drop down and finish 2nd in the 50 Major division while playing 14 games a week after playing in the 55 tournament is a tremendous accomplishment! Don't know if they used anyone under 55? Actually 55 Major-plus and 50 Major have the same rating index.
Oct. 6, 2015
74 posts
Having this as our first tourney as a M+ team I would like to congratulate the top 3 finishers. On a sadder note I was extremely disappointed in how the umpires were verbally berated in three of our games by other teams, I was expecting players to be much more mature in dealing with them. I do understand frustration and expectations, however at the top level verbal abuse is uncalled for especially with one man umpires in pool play.
Oct. 6, 2015
Tim Millette
615 posts
Donny, this could lead to a good conversation....just a few points for you...

Our MTC 50 team was bumped three years ago...that's an eternity in senior ball.

That bumped MTC team had NEVER been in a 50 Major division finals...worlds/Reno/western nationals

From that bumped team....we showed up at the 50 World with 8 of those bumped players.

One of those players is almost 61 years old/our pitcher

One other bumped player is pushing 59 years old.

One of those bumped players was so injured he knew this would be the last softball tourney he would be a part of..he played in the seeding games where we bat everyone and had around 6 swings in the next 12 games.

Another of the bumped players was so injured he almost didn't come to the world, he played in around 1/4 of the games..mostly as a pinch hitter because he couldn't run.

I tore my bicept muscle on my first swing Sunday morning and was useless the rest of our games..I was a pinch runner trying to save the legs of our remaining ten healthy players.

On Sunday after my injury we batted ten players because that's all we had that could play... Five of those players were not bumped MTC players...

All players on our team had to be over 55.

So really....the run our team made on Sunday was with five MTC players that had been bumped three years ago and two 55 year olds, a 57 year old, an two 58 year olds.

I guess what I am trying to say is...that bumped team you are talking about is now three years older and only five of them actually we healthy enough to fight to come in second.

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