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Discussion: Travelling question

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Jan. 17
E6 in AZ
Men's 50
91 posts
My club has the privilege to play in the TOC and we are flying out in a few weeks.
I am worried about checking my equipment and it arriving in Florida.
Two questions:
1. Should I be worried ?
2. Are there any suggestions to safeguard my gear from theft, loss or damage ?
Jan. 17

30 posts
You'll be fine.... nothing special required. I pack all my uniforms and most of my clothing in my bat bag and the duffel I pack it in. As long as it's under 50 lbs., all is good.
Jan. 17

30 posts
Plus, I went to NAU and I'm proud to be a Lumberjack, soyou know youcan trust me!
Jan. 17
Omar Khayyam

1353 posts
I have flown with my bat bag several times. It is as safe as any other piece of luggage you check. Like ChileHead, I also put my change of clothes in the bag to lessen carryon luggage. That said, I also carry my glove with me on to the plane. Everything else can easily be replaced if lost in transit; my glove is an old friend.
Jan. 18
Men's 70
3233 posts
Be careful of the 50lb limit! I've had a couple of bat bags ripped by the baggage system so now I squeeze my batbag in an Army duffle bag.
I have heard of an airline charging an oversize rate on a batbag. At one time softball equipment wasn't on the list of accepted oversized luggage not costing extra (such as golf clubs, ski equipment).
Jan. 18
E6 in AZ
Men's 50
91 posts
Your info is much appreciated.
Jan. 18

86 posts
Only experience that I've had involves Cincinnati airport. They require you to pick up "sports equipment" at a separate carousel. I don't believe Tampa has such a requirement. Good luck at the TOC and check out the Woodlawn Hitting Club in St. Pete!
Jan. 18
Men's 65
77 posts
We have had some lost baggage issues over the years but it has happened very infrequently.
To be on the safe side, we ask our players to put the following in their 'carry on' bag:
Cleats, glove, batting gloves, eye glasses, knee braces, and 1st day uniform with hat... the flight attendants will obviously disallow bats (in carry on).
It's ultimately the players' choice on what to pack in carry on bag, if anything. The guys who ignored this and had lost luggage were less than thrilled when they weren't in starting line up.
As I stated previously, this type of thing rarely occurs.
In general, I'd put as little (valuable equipment) in the bat bag as I could (aside from bats).
Jan. 18
joel 1975

131 posts
cincinnatti imagine that that airport has to be one of the worst in USA
Jan. 18

86 posts
Cincinnati airport is my least favorite to be sure! It's not even in Cincinnati! It's in Kentucky! And several miles from Ohio! But, there are cheap flights into and out of it. So, to save money, you have to put up with the inconvenience.
Jan. 18
Wayne 37
Men's 65
773 posts
A few suggestions: Don't take a bag with straps unless you can carry it on. Remove the straps if possible and place in bag.

Don't take luggage that is overpacked. Some suitcases pop open even if locked.

Always have your name and address on your bags.

Bags that zip are your best bet. Place the little locks on them, and try to not LOSE THE KEYS!

Don't put anything in your bag that is breakable. Remember to close all lids on anything you carry. Putting things that might leak should be put in a plastic bag.

Do not put money or expensive items in your luggage even if you think your bag is secure.

Try not to take more than what you need clothes wise. Most hotels and motels have washers and dryers. Toiletries can be easily purchased when you arrive. Remember most things such as shampoo bottles are allowed in your carry on.

Don't take your pet(s) unless absolutely necessary. It is very traumatic on the animals if they are placed outside with all the engine noise, and elements from the weather. long delays just make that much harder on the animal The bins are cold and dark. Turbulence can frighten the animal, and cause them to hurt themselves. It is really best if you have a sitter or board them.

Try not to carry on so much you have a hard time walking. Most baggage claims are so far away, the luggage is already there by the time you arrive at the claim area. It is also very hard to navigate the aisles. Bags with rollers are usually best.

It is best to stay seated if you are in the rear of the plane when you arrive at the gate, unless you just want to stretch.

Don't leave your luggage unattended if possible especially carry on as they don't have destination tag on them.

Keep your bag tag stubs readily handy so you can don't to dig for them, or keep them secure in a pocket as not to lose them.

Don't wear anything metal if possible, and remember to leave all sharp objects (pocket knife, fingernail clippers, etc.) at home. Try not to travel with your car keys unless necessary. It usually is better to get transportation to the airport if possible.

Please remember to put your cellphones on plane mode, and turn off all electronic devices.

I don't tip Red Caps (your prerogative) unless they actually do some work for me. All they do is throw it on the conveyor belt mostly. That's what they get paid to do.

I might have left out a few things, but common sense should advise you as to what is best for your traveling needs.

Don't make stupid comments that can make others suspicious of you, or cause you to miss your flight altogether. Most of what is said is taken very seriously by TSA.

I used to work as a baggage handler, and I've seen most of what I described either working or traveling.

Try to relax, and have a good time. You're on vacation!
Jan. 18
Men's 60
109 posts
E6 stop being a worry wart...I have replacements if they get
I have never had a problem.But I do put my bats in long socks to give a little more protection when they throw the bag on the plane.
I am ready to play......GO AOS
Jan. 18
E6 in AZ
Men's 50
91 posts
Thanks for the insight, may I ask .... too much caffeine today ?

Somehow I was hoping that you have been too busy to see this post.

You guys are great.
Jan. 19

1988 posts
Excellent topic! When I fly to tournaments I always carry a one day uniform along with my glove, cleats and contact lenses. It sounds like a lot but it doesn't take up a whole lot of room in a standard size carry on roller bag.
Jan. 19

550 posts
Hey Stick,

You forgot to mention your USSSA Hall of Fame ring and your dozen other World Championship rings.... do you wear them or take a chance and pack them? :-)
Jan. 19
Men's 65
457 posts
Great stuff hea! Just like to carry on my hat n jersey...U can always borrow or buy stuff to play...not so much with team stuff. Just took a long flight to Tampa..was a great experience! Aloha, Fabe
Jan. 20
Men's 70
4361 posts
I travel a bit for senior softball and have never had an airline caused baggage issue. However, two years ago I had a significant problem when I ran over my laptop bag with my car in the parking lot of SSUSA at 4:15 AM when getting ready to go to the airport for the TOC! The computer didn't tolerate it very well, and I don't advise that for anyone else!
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