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Discussion: win loss records next to our ratings

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April 6, 2017
the car
83 posts
win loss records next to our ratings
it would be nice to see wins loss record next to the teams rating this way teams and see how a team has been doing in SSUSA for the year plus the team that has been whining about being moved up or down could see why they are moving. When we go play in a big tournament we can see what we are up against when playing teams from other areas.
April 6, 2017
Men's 65
2686 posts
the car Of your 15 posts to date here, about a third of them ask essentially this same question ... Here's a more full explanation ...

Our Team Ratings Database yields a 250 page, fine print report for each semi-annual ratings cycle ... The data includes every game each registered team played over the previous two seasons and analyzes that data for W-L records, run differentials and the nature of the game played: seeding, bracket or Championship/If ... And it cuts that data by games inside and outside of the team's native age group and rating level, with detail calculations for thos splits ... It is simplistic, misleading and irrelevant to put out an aggregate W-L record for each team on a semi-annual basis without the full picture ... We don't have unlimited personnel or financial resources to grant many "wish list" items like this one ... As for the "move up/down" situations, every team involved in that process receives a detailed explanation of why, which isn't necessarily a "public domain" document ...

We issued a total of SEVEN IRS Forms W-2 last year, to a really dedicated hard-working crew that sanctioned 70 SSUSA events, (and directly administered about 25 of them) involving 30,000 registered players on 1,400 teams ... Their plate is full! ... If you're playing an unfamiliar team, your best approach may be to check the list of qualified and invited teams to the T.O.C. ... Teams that are on it are probably reasonably good ... As for every other team, playing well and winning is more valuable in assessing your odds of future success ... Good luck!

April 6, 2017
Men's 65
4548 posts
From my perspective and I believe SSUSA's it's more than games won or lost. Primarily because of the number of teams in any given bracket-ratings and what type of event it is in. There are brackets with what I beleive is considered the relevent ones of 5 teams or more and them there are the brackets with only one or two where your no doubt play against other ages &\or out of your ratings division. Both of which IMO... SUCK. But SSUSA does do a pretty good job at placing those teams. It will never be EQUAL.
Go to have fun, enjoy the comraderie, and hopefully play at 100% and win.
Your last statement on seeing who you'd play against is I think one reason the teams aren't listed sooner, yet some teams still bail out causing more problems with scheduling and even field placement. Then you loose the fees if after the deadline when published. None are great things for players, teams or the Assn.
You know going in thre is a chance to play whomever and wherever, against younger, older and from different ratings. One need to think agout these before sending in entry fees. Go with your whole heart into it and play like that. Any less you start off doomed.
April 7, 2017
Men's 50
39 posts
Sorry Dave I feel again SSUSA I has dropped the ball on the ratings issue ! I can only speak for the team I play on and no others but it is very apparent that you read the message board so I would love to hear from you on this..... My first year playing SSUSA I played for a 50 Major team we had an exceptional year and got on a roll at the right time and won the World Masters in Vegas so we were bumped to Major Plus the next year. We p,aged as many tournaments as we could traveling to Florida , Georgia and playing in the Senior Smokey tournament after coming out of the Smokey our record was 1-14 and getting are butts handed to us every time we stepped on the field . The coach at the time wouldn't apply for reclassification because in his words that would be a disgrace..... so we continue on our Journey to Vegas in Vegas we won 2 games and tried to get reclassified and was turned down said our run diffencial was not bad enough ..... I didn't quite understand that because the 2 games we won were close and our losses were bad .. now we go to last year again starting in Major Plus not playing the unrealistic schedule from he previous year but playing a Midwest schedule we were spotting teams runs and still getting beat out right so in June we applied for reclassify and was granted to move down to Major We played the rest of the year at Major winning 1 of the 4 tournaments we played in so we go to Vegas and finish 4th I know what your thinking we finished high and was bumped back to Major Plus for this year we appealed in November and was denied because of our 4th place finish....... our Vegas stats 8-2 we won 5 ..1 run games 4 of which we were home team we scored 178 runs and gave up 175 ...... so tell me does this sound like a Major Plus team to you ......... Thank you for your time.......
April 9, 2017
Men's 65
2686 posts
Pitcher22 ... I'm a Tournament Administration and National Rules Committee "geek" and (thankfully!) am NOT involved in the team ratings side of things ... My suggestion would be for you to review the TEAM RATINGS Guidelines & Procedures (Rev: 12/15/2015) priority Message Board post (which has nearly 5,000 hits) and, if you believe the criteria was not followed as it relates to your team, present that in a formal Ratings Appeal for consideration ... Good luck ...
April 10, 2017
Men's 55
382 posts
"The Car" Your overall record does not matter as we found out the hard away this past December when we got knocked from Major to AAA in SSUSA.

We finished 8-8 in SSUSA/ISA Tournaments and 16-11 including ISSA in Major (we only play about 5 tournaments a year)

The December ratings by SSUSA knocked us down to AAA due to "run differential" I was told???

When the ratings got posted on-line, I was out of town on business, however, several of my guys saw the posting on the web-site and bolted to start their own team.

We are moving forward this year as an AAA team in SSUSA, and waiting for approval of our appeal forms from the other associations, and we unfortunately lost some very good players in the process.

We won or placed in Major tournaments every year for the past 8 years (including ISSA last year) but got penalized anyway, so posting records per your post not even worth it in my opinion.
April 15, 2017
the car
83 posts
i was a not posting for a rating. I was posting this so you get an idea of who your playing how much they play
April 20, 2017
Men's 55
382 posts
the car, I agree with your comments :)

I will clarify my comment. If you looked up our team (or any team) with a record last year, and saw 16-11, you could analyze that multiple ways for sure.

Certainly, few teams win "every tournament" but if I were to see a record of above .500 for any team, I'd think to myself, "heh, they must be competitive??" If I saw a record of below .500 I would probably think to myself "we have a good chance to win?"

In reality, both of my observations above may not be correct? But looking at your point, you would have some kind of idea, I guess?

Thinking like I think, 16-11 got us bumped down a division. Teams we have beat in last two years got hot and won a tournament and got bumped up. So now-----to me, teams of equal caliber are two divisions apart in some cases (we went to AAA and teams we played and won against are now major plus)??

Actually a few years ago, I made a similar suggestion to yours. SSUSA would certainly have the capability to post records of teams with results in SSUSA tournaments, but I don't think they have the resources to be checking every other association of softball to get an overall record.

^^^^that to me is a key in deciding if anybody should be "re-rated" (How did a team do overall?)

Here in Ohio, not a lot of SSUSA tournaments within 4-6 hour drive only a couple/few times a year, so to fill out a season schedule, we have to play in a few other associations. SSUSA/ISA/ISSA/SPA/USSA & GSL and we are in a non-sanctioned tournament this coming weekend.
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