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Discussion: getting better all the time

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May 27, 2007
Men's 50
3114 posts
getting better all the time
I went to BP with Ron Joseph of Kelly's Sports
and hit my old Freak, a 30 oz. Ultra 2, My new Rip-it
Elite Black ASA bat and a 28 oz. Yellow Rip-it.

We hit about 150 balls.
I was hitting 350 plus with both the Ultra 2
and the Yellow Rip-it Elite.
The Yellow beast feels more like the Combat
which I like and is hotter sooner and more soft
like the Grey Ultra was.
It's an awesome bat.
It's getting hotter with every stroke and has become
my favorite bat to swing.

I hit a couple 350 plus with the Black Elite and the Freak
but the Black Rip-it has more pop while the Freak feels a little heavier though both are 28 oz.
I like the feel of a heavier bat (30oz) , and end-loaded, too
but the balls definitely
came off the Black Rip-it better than my Freak.

Both the Yellow and Black Rip-it's are getting hotter with every session which is exciting to me.

I prefer a heavier feel when I swing and I have heard
that Rip-it is coming out with an end loaded model
Reaper very soon.
I am looking forward to swinging one of those.

I'd be in doggie heaven if the Yellow Rip-it bat
came 30 oz and that's goes for the Stoneman, too.
Maybe the Rip-it guys can make a heavier model
for some of us 200 lbs and over guys
that like to swing heavy.
May 27, 2007
Men's 60
1023 posts
Some additional info on the yellow rip it. Several Las Vegas guys hit yesterday and a young fellow who plays A and major I believe hit my yellow rip it along with the rest of us 100-150 swings total. This young guy hit numberous balls 450'. The moral of the story he should have turned this yellow rip it to dust and it held up just fine. I have no affliation to Rip it but if they get this product legal in Senior I believe performance and durablility they will have a "homerun" on their hand. My bat probably has close to 1000 swings on it and no sign of stress.
May 27, 2007
Men's 55
94 posts
I have to differ here . I have hit all of the beforementioned bats and currently own all of them . My experience has been that the Ultra 11 is a little better than the Combat and the Combat is a little better than the Yellow Rip-It . Don`t have enough hits on the Black Rip-It too make an informed decision yet . But after about 25 hits it really feels stiff . JB
May 27, 2007
Men's 65
601 posts
This is the reason I started the Rip-it sanctioning thread awhile back. I have hit all of the above bats. I hit a Rip-it Elite that was said to have over 1,000 swings on it. This thing was bombs away! I would put it right there with the gray Ultra for distance and I liked the balance-end load feel they have given this bat. I hit a 28 oz. I also hit the black ASA Rip-it 28 oz. and it hits well also. If I had to put them in order I'd go Ultra-Elite about the same. The SC Combat for me is a better distance bat than any of the many U2's I owned (and broken) so I'd rank the SC Combat above the U2 for both pop and bat life. The ASA Rip-it hits better than my original Freak by a good margin. So as far as the bat wars go:
Rip-it Elite - gray Ultra pretty even
Senior Combat
Ultra 2 (regular knob/original)
Rip-it ASA
Original Freak
I think one of the key words here is "original" when it comes to the Miken line of bats.
May 27, 2007
92 posts
I have heard from a good source that Rip It will have the yellow elite bat, or maybe it will be another color legal for SSUSA. With the 1.20 and all. Now this is just a rumor for now. I agree that if this happens it will be a major homerun for them. Not so much the bat but because of the way these guys can market. From what I can see their dealer network is much larger than Combat and might even be close to Miken by now. Which means many places to buy. Including
My grand DD plays at ASU and I hear really good things about the company and products. Hope I don't get in touble for sharing this.
May 28, 2007
E. Ness
122 posts
The other thing Rip-it does well is having player reps. Guys who hit the bats and they can help sell. The Miken guy is great as is the Combats guys but if you want the bats to sell and keep selling then companies should have player reps.

All too often companies start out with the reps but then end up dumping them when they get bigger. I don't think Rip-it will follow this trend.
May 28, 2007
Men's 50
535 posts
JOE & PETE D: I was told that C E, makes both the COMBATS & RIP-IT bats. R'nt both bats made in Canada?

As far as the yellow RIP-IT, that bat is as hot as the ol' Gray Ultras. The Virus & Anti-Virus, made by COMBAT, seams to hit just as well as the ol' FREAKS.

I also, have been informed that the revised ASTM 1890 standards 4 test' bats will be used next yr. in SS-USA, etc. This maybe one of the reasons why the New Ultra Advances, do not have the same "POP" as the ol' U-2's.

Does anyone have infor???? The STONEMAN
May 28, 2007
Men's 65
3146 posts
Stoneman, if USSSA does change the bat regulations to ASTM 1890, what bats will we no longer be able to use?

Sorry for the thread hyjack, Einstein.
May 28, 2007
Men's 55
462 posts
Combat supposedly has a player rep that lives in Thousand Oaks, Ca, within a mile of a park where about 50 to 60 guys get together every Wednesday AM to play in a 4-team league. Many of these guys have been on senior national championship teams and I donít remember any of them using or even having a Combat, mostly Mikens. Some of them called the Combat guy and asked him to drop by and show his products but he never came. I guess heís just too busy to spend an hour within walking distance of his house to promote his product.
May 28, 2007
Men's 50
535 posts
BRUCE U GEORGIA PEACH: Did u read my post wrong? At this time, I am not sure if U-trip, NSA, & ISA, r using the REVISED or ol' ASTM 1890.

SS-USA (SENIOR SOFTBALL), next yr, will go to the REVISED ASTM 1890???? This is the 'rumor' that I have heard. If, SS-USA, is go' to the REVISED ASTM 1890, this might be the reason why the ULTRA ADVANCE, is not as hot as the ol' U-2.

ASA, is the only softball group that is us' the flawed ASTM 2219, Bat Test' Standard. If, another Softball Organiz' is mov' to ASTM 2219, I am not aware of WHO or WHEN!!!

KEN: As far as the New U-2, I do not hit them. I still have 3 of the ol' U-2s. The SENIOR COMBAT, bats that I swing r End Loaded. Several of us Vegas players, have always had problems w/ the U-2s, not last' 200 swings. The last few bats that we have brought, were good 4 less that 100 swings.

The above r just 2 reason why, several of us Vegas Senior, have gone to the Combat. Kelly Ultimate Sports, will ship out a bat in less than 48 hrs. I have brought several bats from Anthony, inwhich I did receive my New bat the next day.This was @ No Extra Cost....

May 28, 2007
Men's 65
601 posts
Yes the Combat & Rip-it's are made by CE in Canada. From what I understand they do not or cannot make them in the same factory due to some regulatory requirements and that reduces the amount of production for the Rip-it bats. That's what I have heard. Hope it's accurate.
May 28, 2007
Men's 65
3146 posts
Stoney, didn't misread your post. I was just wondering if some associatioins were to change the bat regulations, which bats would no longer be legal?
May 29, 2007
729 posts
If the current usssa/nsa/isa test is used then you will only be able to use those bats. The current test that ss-usa use's is the only test that miken ultraII, senior combats, and two other companies that are releasing new bats will pass.
So if it does go into effect there will be no more senior only bats and the norm will be whatever u-trip bat you like best.
May 29, 2007
Men's 65
3146 posts
Thanks Kevin. If associations do go to this bat regulation, maybe they will also go back to the 47/525 ball!
May 30, 2007
Men's 40
48 posts
I had the opportunity to swing Combat this last weekend. I put my first one on the fence...linedrive...the 2nd went over and I missed it terribly. I did like it and need to get a few more swings on one to know which weight will suit me.

I also have an Ultra 2...purchased at Seattle last year. The 2nd hit on that one was 350+...out of the wrapper. I have since hit several 400+ shots with that bat. I am going to swing Lecaks Rip It next week. I'm anxious to see how I do with that one.
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