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Discussion: GARY 19 & SMOOTH 01:

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June 23, 2007
Men's 50
535 posts
GARY 19 & SMOOTH 01:
Gary, 01, is from Iowa. The 2 of u r idiots. U 2 & OTHERS WILL DO JUST WHAT U WANT. Go ahead & justify what u feel is right.... U can click on my AKA, & pull up my post. I have been post' about the follow' 4 yrs.

SAFETY: 1) Use a 50 cor, 400 comp ball in hot weather. 2) Use a 47 cor, 400 comp ball in cold weather.

3) 4 men, stop the mak' & uses of all 25, 26, 27, & 28 oz bats. The lite bats, allow to much Bat Speed; which in turns has increased the Batted Ball Speed (BBS). THIS ALLOWS A BATTED BALL TO GO THE 1st 60 fT to 70 fT, in less than .4 of a second. Pitchers & infielders, can not react to a BATTED BALL in less than .4 of a second. SGMA, NCAA, EASTON, & many others have spent time reach' SAFETY & REACTION TIME....

4) Make a batter, keep both feet inside the batters box, before & while a ball is pitched. In the West, many parks have a rug on top of a concrete box that is buried @ Home Plate. Some parks have Astro Tuff, the batters box can be painted in. This will allow the UMp to "keep" batters inside the lines.

5) SGMA- has done a study.. Stop batters from run' up on the ball. 2-3 yrs ago, SS-USA, had this rule. If, this rule was inplaced, batters would have a harder time aim' a ball. This would allow pitchers to get more high or low pitchers. Again, if, the batter was "set" in the Batters Box.

6) HOME RUN: A) stop hav' Home Runs outs.. (doubles or singles) B) if, a batted ball hits the pitcher ( in the air); that batter is out & it is a dead ball. 1) SS-USA, in the 40 Division, uses this rule.

Some of the above discussion, has been about the use of Illegal Bats & Grown Men, try' to hit the other teams pitcher. AS FAR AS THE 'KIDS', they do not need "HOT" BATS. ILLEGAL BATS, r used to hit the ball thru an infielder or a gap. AGAIN, NOT TO HIT A HOME RUN.

If a team is out of Home Runs, then players try to hit the ball down or thru the infield. U-TRIP-- if, u r out of Home Runs & a player(s) hits a Home Run, that batter or batters will not bat & everytime that Batters turn to Bat comes up, it is an OUT. I believe that this is in E & D; not sure about C & up.

7) UMPs-- If an UMP, "feels" that a team or players r go' after a pitcher, give both teams a warn'. Second time, toss a player & a Mgr or Coach. All Softball Organiz' need to get tuff on this subject. In CARSON CITY, earlier this month, teams were told not to even speak about hit' the middle .... go' after another teams pitcher.

8) GARY, u r be' rude again. No one will stop using SENIOR BATS, unless the SUMMIT & the other Major Assoc' make a RUL' on SENIOR BATS. THERE R A FEW SENIORS, that do not hit SENIOR BATS....

Gary, u do not need me to tell u crap. So, again, please, do not tell me how or what to champaign 4. WHY, DO U NOT TRY to make SOFTBALL SAFE?? An IMPOSSIBE JOB!!

Sorry, to be so windy. This is another wasted post..... some of u SENIORS, will never undrstand... DO what u must.

June 23, 2007
Men's 50
535 posts
GARY, U & SMOOTH, can think 4 u're self. Do u use the U-2 or SENIOR COMBAT?? When my last 3 U-2s break, I will be hit' the Red combat.

I will sell u each U-2 for $200...... These r the ol' style. I do not need a SENIOR BAT, to play in any Tournament. I use the best bat allowed. If, u chose, u can use a wooden bat.

I stay out of the middle. if, u chose, u can hit the ball any where u choose. I truly believe that u will always post as u do.U believe that u r right & many of us r wrong.

Gary, I believe that in the 40 Division, as in SS-USA, THE U-2 IS ALLOWED.

Yes, Gary, the game will more than likely go on no matter what we think. SENIOR BAT, do not need to be used in SENIOR BALL.. That point, is correct.

LAST POINT, stick it in u're ear. HYPOCIT... I really do not respect either of u 'men'. I am asured that many SENIORS, also do not respect u 2. I have stated what infor that I have found.

U r right & I am wrong.. so there...
The STONEMAN.... WAST' my time...
June 23, 2007
Men's 60
224 posts
Children, children, children. Go to your rooms and don't come out until you can be nice to each other. And I mean it! No ice cream before you go to bed if you keep this up!
Sheeeesh, this is ridiculous!
June 24, 2007
Men's 50
535 posts
ROSEY 19: If, u r not an idiot, then u have too much foolish pride. Don, never stated to apologize to ones team mate, but, to the other teams pitcher.

It appears that all u, (Rosey), want to do is get into a piss' match. U also, seem to state points, but, will not read some of the past post by some SENIORS.

IN 2003, SS-USA, posted infor written about Softballs & SAFETY. Several times I have brought up this article. I have also written, about new data that several test' labs & independent labs have researched.

Yea, u still state that I am a hypocrite. I do hope that u're life is not built around this message board. 1) After all, in 2 yrs, u have over 500 post. 2) U have been play' Major Plus ball for 2 yrs. 3) Eistein, has only been play' 50 Major Plus
ball for 10 to 12 yrs.

Can we @ least AGREE, that several SENIORS really do not want to 'fight' w/ u?? I used the word "fight" 4 a lack of a better word.

In the future, I believe that several of us SENIORS will stop post', that is directed toward u.......

June 25, 2007
E. Ness
122 posts
"And if they don't make any difference in the Senior game, why are there guys who will skip a tournament or not play in a league that does not allow these bats?"

I will do my best to answer this question but please keep in mind I am only talking about the region I live in. Gary it is simple THE ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA AND THE SSWS DON'T HOLD TOURNAMENTS THROUGH OUT THE YEAR around our area. We have only two choices the SSUSA and SPA.

If the above mention associations are what we should play because we are men and don't need no stinking senior bats then maybe they should show enough interest in us and hold more than just world tournaments?

Where I live the guys have only three months to get ready for the worlds and that means about 6 tournaments. If the only ones holding tournaments are the SSUSA and SPA then that is what they play. It makes very little sense to me to pay to play in associations who care nothing for the senior program other than their worlds just to say I can play with any bat. Besides I my self am tired of buying so many bats and I am not going to use a lesser bat and get beat.

You know most of the time it is not about ego but about money. You read where one or two guys say they won't play in any association that does not allow the senior bats and you lump everyone into that mind sit. Here in our area it is about who holds the tournaments and the money PERIOD!
June 25, 2007
E. Ness
122 posts
ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA all you have to do is pay and show up to play worlds. Seems wrong to me. SSWS does have some qualifing tournaments but if you can not make them then all you have to do is pay extra and play. Once again not right.

So for our area the guys just play in the SSUSA and SPA qualifier and world tournaments. Which means all they are going to use is the senior bats. We are lucky to have some leagues that go by these rules.

As far as the middle goes and hitting it with the senior bats I am not going there. I have seen just as many guys hurt bad with the PST as I have with any other bat. Very few with the senior bats. I think most guys look at the senior bats and know they can drive the ball through any hole. With the lesser bats I think they just do care and hit middle. The middle is part of the game and when I pitch I expect everyone to hit middle.

Here is a thought for those who pitch and get mad at guys hitting the middle. If you throw the ball out side and it gets called a strike and you stay out there then you should not be upset when the ball goes up the middle. Do you really expect the batter to make an out just because you want to live on the edge? The game is about hits and runs. Now if he walks through the box to hit an inside pitch at you then you have a beef. It is a two way street.

Just last night (non mat ball) the pitcher through me two pitches 4 inch + off the outside corner for strikes. I told him not to do that cause I will hit the ball up the middle. He laught and threw the next one out there. I hit the ball about 10 feet over his head that one hopped the 315 fence. I get to second and he is pissed. Why is he pissed? He was warned and he still threw the ball out there.. Isn't that part of the game? He did what he thought would get me out and I did what I needed to get an hit. That is called play ball. Or did the rules change and I got old?
July 21, 2007
97 posts
I personally have never played with or against anyone that tried to hurt the pitcher. Yes, there were balls hit up the middle, but, to get a hit, not to intentionally hurt the pitcher. I don't know where some of you guys play, but the picther is also a fielder. If you do not consider this the case. Use a safety net. If you are the one making threats to hurt the other pitcher or meet them in the parking lot. I would advise counseling.
July 21, 2007
Men's 70
659 posts
On this remark I'm with Gary 19. If you can't play the position find one you can play. If you like to pitch but can't field someone should tell you. It's just a matter of time you will get hurt. I never try to hit down the middle but if the outfield shifts to right and there's no one in left field. The pitcher should know don't give me and out side pitch. For I'm going for the huge hole. And at our age we do slip sometimes.
July 21, 2007
Men's 50
147 posts
Replant, Gary 19 & E. Ness,
You guys all make valid points about hitting the middle. My thought has always been Ė if you donít want me to hit the middle then throw it flat and on the inside half of the plate- Iím never going to try and do anything with that pith except pull it.

Iíve been a notorious middle hitter for my entire career. I would never go pitch because I canít field the middle. Iíd get hurt, and my team would do poorly. Most of the teams that Iíve played on the pitchers have been the best fielders. I want you to hit it at my pitcher! Not near him, but directly at him.

Iíve hit the middle my whole career (30 years in slo-pitch) and it hasnít really been an issue except in the last couple of years. Is this a function of the new hotter bats? Or is there a change in the culture of the game? If there is going to be a change in the culture of the game and the middle is going to be ďclosedĒ, let me know. Iíd like to go pitch. I think I could be a pretty good pitcher if I didnít have to field.
July 21, 2007
Men's 50
13 posts
Are you guys going to try for the 45 this year in Jackson, Ms. And, how is your year going. We got throlled in KC last weekend. Hope to see you guys in Mississippi.
Rick Snodgrass
Damons Grill
July 22, 2007
Men's 50
147 posts
Hey Rick good to hear from you. Yes we are going to Mississippi for the 45. I heard you guys are going as well. Look forward to seeing you there. Canít wait to play some guys our own age. Tired of playing the kids every weekend.

Our season with Courtesy/Kellyís
is going pretty well this year, with the exception of a second place finish in Tahoe. We ended up getting beat by a pretty nice 40 team out of Washington. Keith (your old manager- Oregon/Northwest Masters) said he would be bringing some of those guys to the 45.

As far as Senior Ball goes I'm playing with Kellyís this year. We've only played once so far and we ended up second in that tourney back in April in Palm Springs. Kellyís will be playing in September (Vegas I think) and October (Phoenix). Canít wait.
July 22, 2007
Men's 50
3114 posts
Mango, my good man.
Lot's of lively discussion about hitting the middle.
I'm with the Stoneman on this and I have nothing to say to Gary 19
that would do either of us any good.
Suffice to say, hit the middle all you want but your pitcher
will get his sooner or later.
That's just the way the game is played.
I love playing D as a pitcher
and blocking the ball with my body
but law of averages says
I'm gonna get hurt again soon.
Hitting the middle whether you mean to hit the pitcher or not
deserves retaliation.
It just does.
Sooner or later,
your pitcher will get one, he can't handle.
July 23, 2007
97 posts
You advocate hitting the middle because you are good at D, then threaten to retalitate if someone does, even if it's not intentional. einstein? Don't think so! The word retaliation does not belong in Senior softball. Your words are bullying tactics that serve no purpose in this message board. Einstein?Don't think so!!!
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