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Discussion: Bat reviews

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Jan. 16

153 posts
Bat reviews
I'm taking an informal poll on who would be interested on seeing bat reviews on You Tube done by players who don't hit the ball 350' with a rolled up newspaper.
There are reviews on bats by great hitters but it doesn't speak to the average player in my opinion.
Please let me know.
Jan. 18
Men's 65
6 posts
Bat reviews
I'd be interested in seeing that. More and different perspectives are always better.
Jan. 18
Men's 60
109 posts
Bat reviews
Definitely interested. I'd like to see honest opinions from someone other than reps and Major Plus players.
Jan. 19
Az Iz

66 posts
Bat reviews

I agree!

I don't learn anything watching 10-15 minutes of some guys hitting ball. Most of the time I can't see where the ball lands. Was the ball hit 270' or 340'? I skip past the hitting part and go to the last 3 or 4 minutes of the video to hear what they have to say about the bat. I would like to see more "ball exit speed readings" and bat comparisons to similar bats of the past.

Jan. 19
Men's 60
8 posts
Bat reviews
My opinion on this is my opinion. Don't be offended by its content. Establish your own opinion based on personal preference, experience and knowledge. I do not represent any company who manufactures bats or sells them.

I choose a bat based on several issues. 1-cost, 2-longevity, 3-reputation of company, 4- Reviews from someone who does not have an agenda to sell bats, and 5- My personal experience with the bat.

I want to see reviews from the hardest swinging seniors using the bat I am looking to buy, not to see how far the ball goes, but to see how it holds up to extreme conditions.

I see players getting all caught up in looking for the newest best bat that will make them a better, more powerful hitter. NEWS FLASH, if you are 50-100 years old and don't
already posses a powerful swing, no bat is going to change that, thems the facts guys.

To become a better hitter takes effort in the gym, on the practice field, and years of investment into softball hitting technique.

With all that said, about 90 percent of senior players could choose any currently available senior bat no matter what brand, and be just fine in their choice.

Confidence and mental approach in what you take to the plate is far more important
to your success than stressing over what bat you have in your hands.
Jan. 19
Men's 70
4359 posts
Bat reviews
Ollie4 ... I have a very similar opinion, borrowed (with credit) from Corky Pellein when he was a Miken Rep. and driving the Miken Truck ... His choice of bat was the same for every person who asked his opinion: "..It's the bat that's most comfortable in your hands when you swing it, regardless of what company label is on it.." ... I've never forgotten that very sound advice! ... Good luck to all ...
Jan. 20
Men's 60
348 posts
Bat reviews
I tend to agree with Ollie, I am looking for someone putting stress on a bat because longevity = value (IMO).

I think it's very important to have a "type" of bat that you "prefer" to hit and work off of that. For me I like a 26oz, 1 pc .5 end load, that is my PREFERENCE when looking to buy a bat. I own a bunch (around 20?) and have a few that are strictly gamers and others that are like that but I can hit bp with them (though with the OG Dudleys you can hit those in bp and still in games, have a ton of swings on mine).

In order to do bat reviews successfully (again, IMO) you need time, a good bp pitcher (or machine) and $$$. With all the bats that come out it costs a lot of money to buy them to test to failure (they break so you can comment on durability).

AZ lz - Exit speeds are cool but they are also very subjective due to bat, ball, temps and where you actually hit the ball (fastest reading seems to be low and hot! lol)

And of course I agree with what DD posted that confirmed Ollie, it's what you FEEL best swinging because you have a GREAT swing but if you are not confident with it, usually = OUT! :-)

Good luck to all playing this weekend!
Jan. 20

153 posts
Bat reviews
Ollie4 I totally agree that confidence in yourself and the bat in your hands is going to take you a long way in success at the plate.
MKC71 I know what you mean about having preference for a 26 oz. bat, one piece, with a 1/2 oz. end load, that after many swings with other bat has become my preference also, but after much trial and error and expense.
I think the bat reps do us a disservice sometimes because they are almost like the snake oil salesman of the past that everything they rep is the best and the cure all for everything. I stated that one of their bats was a turd and they replied, : "it's a good bat, put 200 more cuts on it and it will open up".
That bat is now on Ebay.
My original post is would the average hitter would like to see reviews by others of their talent level regardless of whether they hit BP once or twice a week or hit the weights or not. I think the truth is although senior bats are good not all are created equal and just like the bat I have that is on Ebay maybe someone would benefit by that knowledge.
Jan. 25
Men's 60
76 posts
Bat reviews
I would like to see more information on bats particularly end weights and handle weights so i can make a better informed decision when purchasing a new bat that would be similar to what I swing
Jan. 27
Men's 60
51 posts
Bat reviews
I don't know about reviews but I would like to see more bat demo days I can actually attend. I saw Tanner on youtube doing a bat demo day in florida. lol not exactly a drive across town for me. Show up swing all the bats and know what you are getting before you buy. im disappointed when I order a bat that claims to be end loaded only to find myself wondering where the end load is.
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