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Discussion: jersey jags

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July 9, 2007
3 posts
jersey jags
before you make statements about team ratings get your facts straight. the jags have losing records against monkey joes and joe corbis. they have 2 wins and 6 losses against those teams
July 10, 2007
2 posts
The straight fact regardless of your 2 wins 6 losses record is you are capable of beating either team which means you belong in the higher division.
July 10, 2007
Men's 55
462 posts
I donít know anything about your team but just because you only win 25% of your games doesnít mean you shouldnítí be in the upper division. You were probably put there because you won most of your AAA games. Get over the fact that you arenít at the top of the heap right now and play better. Donít just lobby to get re-rated and then go beat up on the lower level teams. This game is more about winning rings, itís about integrity. I donít presume to speak for all of the others on this board, but I think this is the biggest issue affecting tournament play at the senior level. Teams playing down just to win a ring ruins the fun for everyone. Accept that you are just one of the teams at your level and work to improve.
July 10, 2007
238 posts
I don't know either of you by your listed name. However, the issue of bracket teams should be addressed. There are too many teams in the lower levels. 5 levels are too many.
Combine levels A & AA and AAA and Major. I know of several AAA teams that are way too good to be left there.

And for purely personal reasons, I wold rather play different teams at these tournaments rather than the same ones time after time. Why go to a tournament and pay so much if only 2 or 3 teams are in you bracket.
July 10, 2007
Men's 65
4549 posts
I've yet to see a single A team listed on this boards rating pages.

There are only 4 levels, not 5.

Perhaps on some other assn's rating system.
Please correct me if I'm wrong.
July 10, 2007
Men's 65
181 posts
The Texas Rangers have a horrible record. I guess they need to move down to AAA and beat up on some of the minor league teams. I've played Major Plus for years, We have lost substantially more games than we've won but we wouldn't have it any other way.
July 26, 2007
732 posts
When you step on the field you have a 50% chance of losing every game you play. That is why we do this, it's called competing! Somewhere along the way we have forgotton this, you play to get better and every game should be measured by that not how many teams you can beat. Teams are not supposed to pick where they can win they are supposed to play where they can compete.
Aug. 3, 2007
Men's 65
840 posts

I agree that there are only 4 levels. I also agree that we should combine into only 2 levels, AA and AAA, as well as Major and Major Plus, but keep the 5 year age brackets. The fences are just too close, so we should play the one up rule for all divisions.
Aug. 4, 2007
Men's 65
4549 posts
As for combining those two I think would be ok as long as for what wver reason they NEVER had to play one of the other higher levels. Only reason I'd by ok with it is for probably getting more teams into a same age bracket to fill it out. Problems would grop up with teams trhat were very low at a AA rating, Those that never really won alot of games or competed very much in tournaments. If that team then entered a T and ended it playing a good AAA team. You know they probably would not do well. Not have a good time and more.
But alos think their's an underlying problem somewhere as to why these vacent spots are left. Teams play im multiple assns, and T's are not always scheduled where they are the only one that week or weekend end. Chances are they will go where it's closer and or cheaper.
Yes, the 5 yr age divisional brackets are good. I just don't look at the under 50's as a "senior" designation.
Aug. 4, 2007
46 posts
taits I would agree to combing AA-AAA together. My team is a AA. The Ohio Silverados 55, and if you put AA with AAA played one up with homers it might be interesting. But after day one split the group in half and then play your finals. You might have some AAA teams in the lower half but the AA teams would get a chance to play better teams and get better. Of course all this hinges on teams not sandbagging. But the concept has merit. Terry McClaskey Manager Ohio Silverados
Aug. 4, 2007
Men's 65
4549 posts
The idea wasn't mine but i'd go with it.
Personally i hafe gained from playing against the berret teams, that's not to say you can do that all the time either.
What is bad is when you play a ghigher ranked team and get stomped and them laughed at. Tho Ise seen it the other was as well. Not sportsmanship playing.
I like the one up with any other a walk, but understand the out rule also. Would be nice to see maybe three allowed if combined, then an out. That way the 3A players shouldn't feel they lost much. They actually would have more to gain, a bettr chance of winning.
Sandbagging will go on I'm sure, but their not much in a sure fire way to control it I know of.
Aug. 6, 2007
Men's 70
439 posts
guys, correct me if i'm wrong, i understand that in order to get 'bumped' up to the next level, a team has to win a tournament with at least 6 teams. i know of a major team that has won a few tournamentsover the last 2 years, but did not get moved up because there were only five teams at the major level. the level of play for this team should be major plus. maybe the answer should be either 4 or 5 major teams in a tournament to get moved up. in the AAA division maybe 6 teams sound okay. also, if teams playing each other are not equal, runs s/be given to lower classified team. 5 runs given per classification sound right. my .02c, thanks.
Aug. 6, 2007
Men's 65
4549 posts
Here is what is posted on this site:
These teams won first place (in divisions of 4 or more teams) in one of the 10 National Association final championships last year. (There is no appeal for teams that competed in divisions of 4 or more teams for the 2007 Season. Teams are considered the same team regardless of name if they retain 5 or more players from the winning team Ė even if the team ďages upĒ). Team Rosters will be posted on this Summit website as they become available from member Summit organizations. Teams winning the Huntsman Games do not automatically move up because the association allows open rosters.
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