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Discussion: CHollis: Weight Loss

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Aug. 9, 2007
Men's 60
336 posts
CHollis: Weight Loss
Well: you got my attention. You seem to be like me; I gain 5 lbs. just in \"passing\" a restaurant, do not have to stop & eat.

How did you do it? Don\'t tell me that Audie ate everything, there has got to be some magic secret???

Inquiring fat softball guys like myself want to know.

John W. Hayes
Aug. 9, 2007
Men's 65
601 posts
Sonny's must have closed down in the Jacksonville area!

- OR -

We'll be looking for your Nutrisystem commercial along Don Shula's & Dan Marino's.......
Aug. 10, 2007
79 posts
Hey John and Pete. How you guys getting along? Careful what you ask for, you may get it.

Well, the short answer is apples and bananas. But that is no way to live.

The truth of the matter is I had to step back and figure out why I was not willing to lose weight. I did some considerable thinking, no comments please, and when I finally put my finger on the answer I decided to do something about it.

Now, for only $250 per month, I can provide you with the secret that will drop weight off of you and keep it off of you, forever. But, because you guys are my softball buddies, if you order today, I throw in an extra hand of bananas. LOL

Actually, this may sound really stupid but after I broke it all down...........I like the taste of food. As simple as this sounds it basically was what was driving me to over eat. I didn't eat to live, I lived to eat. I found out that if I ate an apple and/or a banana for lunch, that I felt just a full afterwards as if I had my lb of BBQ pork and fries. The only difference was, I didn't get to enjoy the TASTE of the BBQ. This is the key so I will repeat that. I found out that if I ate an apple and/or a banana for lunch, that I felt just a full afterwards as if I had my lb of BBQ pork and fries. The only difference was, I didn't get to enjoy the TASTE of the BBQ.

If you're like me and if you can get over that hurdle, the rest is easy. Real easy.

The first thing I did was go on the internet and figure out how many calories a day, at my activity level, did I need to maintain my weight, which at that time was 286 to 290 lbs. The answer per the site I visited was 4,279 calories a day to maintain my weight.

Now, to lose weight or to take off one pound per week, I needed to reduce my calories by 500 per day because One pound of body fat equals about 3,500 calories.

I got back on the internet and found out that most national companies, like Wendy's or Pizza Hut, etc list their nutritional value of each menu item right there on the internet. So I started by figuring out just what I was getting both in calories and fats. Before my diet, my typical lunch contained from 72 to 93 grams of fat and I was getting between 1,460 to 2,022 calories from lunch 7 days a week or 575 grams of fat and 12,250 calories per week at lunch. Because my lunch spots varied, let's say my average was 83 grams of fat and 1,741 calories per day. Take this times 7 days equals 12,187 calories and 581 fat grams per week at lunch. WOW.

Therefore, I started doing 4 fruit lunches per week which equals 6 grams of fat and 900 calories. My other three lunches would be from the menu below which I built so that it was at least half calories and fat or my typical lunch.

So if I ate three Wendy's lunches per week equal 114 grams of fat and 2,856 calories added to my 4 fruit lunches per week this lunch plan totals 120 grams of fat and 3,756 calories per week. Taking my prior lunch average of 12,187 calories per week minus my new lunch plan of 3,756 calories per week equal a difference of 8,431 calories. Dividing this by the amount of calories it takes to lose 1 pound, which is 3,500 and that equals 2.41 lbs per week weight lose at lunch. In addition, I cut supper back in a similar fashion and I concentrated on eating a lot more protein and less fat grams. This is important because a gram of protein is 4 calories, a gram of carbs is 4 calories but a gram of fat is 9 calories. Fill up on the proteins and carbs and slack off on the fats some.

I went from just under 290 lbs down to 252 lbs in about a month and a half. The first two weeks I didn't lose hardly any weight and started to get discourage. After that, it flew off. I think it takes your body a couple of weeks to cycle through. I have dropped the banana and apple lunch now after the initial month or so of dieting and I maintain my weight at 252 to 255 lbs us lunches slected from my menu listed below. I came back from the ISA National at 260lbs (that dang waffle house was right next door to the motel room), it took two days and I was back at 252 lbs. By the way, Pepsi, Coke etc is a taste thing, liquid candy. I drink water with all meals.

Here is my menu I made for the places that I may find myself at lunch time.

Fruit Lunch: - 1.5 grams fat, 225 calories
Banana 0.5 grams fat, 125 calories
Apple 1 gram fat, 100 calories

Tropical Smoothie - 26 grams fat - 670 calories
Cordon Blu Wrap - 16 grams fat, 510 calories (no dressing)
Small bag of chips - 10 grams fat, 150 calories

Firehouse subs - 4.5 grams fat, 500 calories
Medium turkey sandwich 3 grams fat 350 calories
Lays Potato Chips small 1.5 grams fat, 130 calories

Wendy's lunch - 38 grams fat - 952 calories
single hamburger 27 grams fat, 522 calories
medium frosty 11 grams fat, 430 calories

Arby's Lunch - 47 grams fat - 910 calories
chicken corden blue - 29 grams fat, 570 calories
curly fries 18 grams fat, 340 calories

Krystal Lunch - 45 grams fat - 830 calories
2 double burgers 26 grams fat, 520 calories
small chicken bite 19 grams fat, 310 calories

I hope this helps. You be able to get the video version soon! LOL

Aug. 10, 2007
Men's 60
45 posts
Keeping my weight down is a matter of economics. I save my lunch money so I can go to several tournament a summer. I expect to drop another 5 pounds by Dalton.

Tater, I hope to see you there (on the other side of the bracket).
Aug. 10, 2007
Men's 65
601 posts
Great job Curt......I'll hardly recognize you in Vegas.

It also looks like you'll save some $$$$ by changing the chow. Your swing will HAVE to be more compact now and with the money you're saving you can replace more of those bats that you seem to break with regularity with maybe a little left over for the new wardrobe that you'll probably need.

Or you can wear your fat pants ascribing to the "new" baggy look the kids have! Just put your ball cap on sideways backwards, let your shirt hang out, learn a couple of hand signs, learn to walk like a shuffling penguin and away you go.....
Aug. 10, 2007
Men's 60
336 posts
Great Job Curt: I know the genetics of some guys allow them to eat whatever & never gain. My problem is my Mother ate a lot & my Daddy ate fast, so I can pile it on quick.

But great news & I will start the calorie counting.

Leo: from what I see you really have a weight problem; I think the only way you could gain weight is to pick up a barbell plate. Have you ever had a weight problem?

John W. Hayes
Aug. 11, 2007
Men's 50
72 posts

Great job! Sal told me he saw you out in St Louis and told me about your weight loss. It takes a lot of will power to accomplish that.

Have you incorporated any cardio or just the diet change?

Dave Alarcon / Conman
Aug. 12, 2007
79 posts
Yo Pete, I tried rapping but I wasn't cut out for it. I just dug deep in the closet and found some older pants that fit now! LOL. The up side to dieting is you do save money! Tater, let me know if I can help. Don't get discouraged as it will take a couple of weeks to really start working. Dave, not much cardio since I started and no weight lifting since March. However, this will change as I picked up a weight set this afternoon. I was going to work out today but just picking it up and unloading was work out enough for me today.
Aug. 13, 2007
Men's 60
45 posts
John, no real weight problem here. Just trying to add a little levity to the task of losing weight. Still, eating is the greatest simple pleasure on earth.

In the winter months when I put on 10 extra pounds, I feel real sluggish, uncomfortable and my joints ache much more than normal. The winter months seem like prison to me. It is months before I can get out and hit some balls, ride the bike and pitch to the wife. Being physically active distracts me from the desire to eat in the middle of the day. In the summer, the heat and working outside tempers the pleasure of eating. After getting use to not eating lunch on a regular basis, the desire to eat at that point in the day fades.

Cheers to every little success.
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