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Discussion: a new home run rule

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Nov. 8, 2007
14 posts
a new home run rule
I've noticed the home run rule in AA is you get one home run. How about if the game goes into extra inns each team gets a home run for every extra inn, or one up? What does anyone think?
Nov. 9, 2007
96 posts
Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT GOING TO's ONE AND DONE, doesn't matter if u go, 20 innings....AA will always be ONE HR...they don't want teams with JAKKERS staying down in AA..

.win a little.........MOVE TO AAA and up if u want to hit'em outta here!!!

Some of the associations...IT"S NONE..or OUTS...maybe a single or double....
Hope this is what u were looking for....

Nov. 9, 2007
Men's 70
267 posts
How about for AA you... "hit one HR during regulation" and then "get one FREE" in extra innings? LOL

Nov. 9, 2007
Men's 55
564 posts
hey no 1 and done! need more hrs move up!
Nov. 10, 2007
7 posts
I think the home run rule needs revising.
In AAA, the 1up and single just allows teams to load up with long ballers and single you to death.
Just give 5 and done. Maybe 3 in AA and let the Majors figure out what they want.
Nov. 10, 2007
Men's 60
224 posts
shooter65- I agree completely. The most effective way would be to change "Singles" in the rules to "Outs". I don't think anyone really cares what the number allowed is so long as it's reasonable, but forcing batters to put the ball in play after the quota is reached instead of in the parking lot behind the fence for a cheap single would make for a better game, regardless of the division.
Nov. 10, 2007
Men's 55
462 posts
I wonder what your pitcher would say.
Nov. 10, 2007
Men's 65
4549 posts
Why not take note of those guys who hit the HRís. Since the scorebooks are kept it should not be hard to get the info. But not necessarily the guy who may hit one every two or three games, but rather the guy who has one or two in almost every game. Some are called impact players by various assns. If an AA team has such a person let them know they will be moving up.
Some teams loose in seating and maybe their first or second regular game only to come back and win, with or without the HRís. Those work for and against you. Other teams avoid specific tournaments to avoid being nationally rated.
Personally, I like the one up rule. It works for both sides unless only one team has a HR hitter(s) and pounds them with the given walk each time. Then one of two things may have been wrong, that HR hitting team was put in wrong bracket or the other team didnít show up.
But what ever it's gonna be, for this or most things brought up in any post debated here, will have an impact on any major change(s). Would be nice to think it would \ could happen though.
Nov. 10, 2007
mad dog
Men's 65
4149 posts
the way i see it ,if ya wanna hit hrs move up and play at a higher level.i have played at all levels and can hit hrs,but i don't complain about it when i'm not allowed to.i feel i have enough bat control to go for base hits.the lower levels are for the rec players who normally don't hit hrs or the sandbaggers who want to dominate to get a ring,or championship.what good is a championship at lower level when you haven't beat the best(aka the M+ teams).its like saying in MLB the AAA champs in minor league, is a world champ also,don't think play up if you really want to be considered a world champion.
so for the hr rule how about this;
AA = 1 hr then outs
AAA = 5 hrs then outs
MAJOR = 9 hrs then outs
MAJOR + = unlimited hrs.
just my .02
Nov. 12, 2007
Men's 50
888 posts
You want more injuries, make over the limit HR's outs. It would get ugly!
Nov. 13, 2007
Men's 65
839 posts
I have 2 comments on this long time issue that will not get resolved to everyone's satisfaction. LOL! I agree with the moving up of teams/players, if you want to avoid the issue of how many HR's you can hit. The point about teams moving up and playing where they are competitve, is a valid point. I ran into a player with 5 rings(I like to win, but would rather have a bat or glove), and all of his rings were from the AA division. It was all in AA, because every time his team won a major tournament, they split up and formed another AA with basically the same players. I guess SSUSA has not figured these guys out yet. I let him know that his rings were flawed, because of his lack of playing up for the spirit of the game. If SSUSA is reading this, that team is still playing AA with 1-2 Major players now on their team.

My second comment is what to do about the HR rules. Basically, the rules are good the way they are. Unfortunately, no one expected that players would be able to hit softballs over a 300 fence with such consistency, especially us seniors. With the use of better bats, we have exceeded all expectations. There are solutions and costs too. One solution is to move the fences back 50 feet. They did it with the pitching rubbers over the past 2 years and are still changing the pitching rubbers to 52 feet. They did it with the base distances by going to 65 feet. Another solution is to add 10-15 feet to the height of the fence. The last solution would be to eliminate the fences entirely. If you do the last solution, there would be no need for more than 2 levels of play, Major and Minor with the same 5 year age brackets.

Just my opinions. :-)
Nov. 13, 2007
Men's 65
4549 posts
Good till you got to the part about moving the fences, even 5 feet. I'd bet only one or tw parks have the room, And their open now. Especially in Reno, Vegas and our area parks like Lodi, Penn Valley, & the list could go on.
Not to mention the cities wahting to do it...
I like the height thing. Maybe 14 or 16' & it might get rid of some flat pitch calls or throws .
Only one place went back from 50' I know of, Huntsman, they had 3 fields at 53'. Others were 50'.
I may play w\ that team you hint to this weekend.
Nov. 13, 2007
Men's 55
145 posts
Hey, these rules are ok,TILL you get to the eastern nationals,this year,in Elgin and the fences for 50 AA &AAA,55 AA & AAA.These fences were only 275.You build a team not to hit them 300'.Then you come too this.Maybe they could adjust the rules when this happens.
Nov. 13, 2007
Men's 65
4549 posts
Try it at Lodi, 252' and they allow the U-2, where a wood bat would work.
Nov. 13, 2007
Men's 65
4549 posts
Might be 272.
Nov. 13, 2007
Gary Heifner
248 posts
I have thought about this a lot. I was for one HR and then outs in AA so that if a player does hit one on the screws he doesn't get penalized, However, that has changed. With so many legit AAA or higher players sneaking into AA, a HR should be an out. Let AA be what it was designed for.
For AAA, I like the 1-up and singles rule. It would still allow for the HR to be a real factor. For the majors and major +, let them hit all they want. That should ensure that all the guys that want to huff and puff and blow the house down can indeed do that. If you have unlimited HRs, I think there should be a rule that the batting team must have a shagger outside the fence. If you don't, you will run out of balls quickly and you will never get "7" innings in.
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