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Feb. 27, 2009
Men's 60
78 posts
Here is a plan to mobilize player/team support for repealing the PPR (Pitcher Protection Rule).

If you support the PPR as it is...just pass on by this thread. It is not for you as there are other threads already on the board for expressing your feelings pro AND con about the PPR.

If you want to see the PPR repealed, this thread is for you.

Those interested may request a copy of the petition being circulated to repeal the PPR. Names will be collected at tournaments all over the country during the next 60 days and the completed petitions will be sent to SSWC in Sacramento at the end of April.

It's quite simple. Get or make copies of the petition. Circulate the petitions at all tournaments in March and April to team managers...managers have players print their names and ID card #s on the petitions and then send the completed forms to SSWC in Sacramento. The address is right on the petition.

If there is sufficient interest in repealing the PPR, it will be done. If players do not communicate their feelings, or if there is sufficient support of the PPR, it will stay in place for a good portion of (if not ALL) this year and, I GUARANTEE YOU, your team will lose a crucial game because of this rule and your pitcher will remain as much at risk as he ever was.

Attempts to enforce the PPR have become ludicrous. We have witnessed every conceivable interpretation from calling automatic doubleplays on balls that did not even touch the pitcher; to calling DBOs on balls that ticked a pitcher's glove when he made a leaping stab at the liner; to ignoring a pitcher who was hit squarely on the kneecap by a bullet that the ump said he didn't see...and so on. We had an ump so thoroughly confused he called a DBO, then changed his call after the players howled; then reversed himself again and called a "do over"...all of which took too much time and resulted in the inevitable inning-shortened game.

If you want a copy of the petition, post your email address or send me yours privately. My email address is

Here is the text of the petition:

WHEREAS, the recently adopted Pitcher Protection Rule (PPR) will do nothing to prevent injuries to pitchers during competitive senior softball tournament games sponsored by SSWC/SSUSA and others, and instead only punishes hitters, and;

WHEREAS, the PPR has been so wildly misinterpreted by umpires and Tournament Directors that a clear and consistent application has been impossible to achieve, resulting in subjective calls, unnecessary umpire arguments, verbal abuse between players and teams, shortened games, and wasted time, and;

WHEREAS, the only true protection that can be obtained by pitchers or any other fielders overly concerned about sustaining injuries during competitive slow pitch softball games is the wearing of protective equipment;

We, the players named below, do hereby petition Senior Softball USA to repeal the current Pitcher Protection Rule before the Rock-in-Reno Tournament scheduled for May 27-29, 2009, if not sooner.

Thanks for helping,

Dennis Dalton

Feb. 27, 2009
Men's 60
279 posts
This is a great idea and a positive step to provide genuine feedback to SSUSA. You know you can count on 15 signatures from OLR Nighthawks.

I urge everyone opposed to the DBO/PPR rule to follow up on this idea with your teams and forward completed petitions to SSUSA; attn: Mr. Hennesey.


Don Newhard
Manager - OLR
Feb. 27, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Absolutely correct Dennis and Don
but the PPR was apparently designed
to offset the increased danger to pitchers
and infielder from changing HR's to outs.
Once the PPR is removed
and it should be then SS-USA needs to slide
HR's as singles/walks back into the equation.
Both decisions were/are mistakes
and HUGELY unpopular.
SS-USA needs to step up and rectify
a situation they made unacceptably more dangerous and it can easily be done
by going back to the standards in force
at Phoenix, last year.

Feb. 28, 2009
Men's 50
894 posts
Yes, do both petitions at the same time. This is OUR game!
March 2, 2009
Men's 60
78 posts
The "REPEAL THE PPR" movement kicked off this past weekend in Arizona with many teams requesting a petition to circulate among players. In addition, 3 other managers have emailed off line to request a copy.

The most surprising support came from several umpires who indicated strong dissatisfaction with the PPR and hopes for its hasty abandonment.

Tournament officials suspended the PPR for the weekend invitational in Peoria, AZ. There were no reports of injured pitchers.

If you want to help abolish the PPR, please see the original statement above for more information about how to get involved.
March 2, 2009
Men's 55
451 posts
Thanks Dennis for taking it upon yourself to help resolve these issues in a civil manner. I requested a petition per your e-mail addresss, but wanted to post it here to keep it at the top of the board. It is a priority.
Thanks again
March 2, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Both the DBO rules are hugely unpopular
and should be repealed, i.e. PPR and HR's as outs.
Thanks, Dennis for your leadership and courage.

Now we must ask why or how is it possible
those in charge of administering to us
can be so wrong about what is is
we want and need.
March 2, 2009
Men's 65
271 posts
Dennis,please e-mail a petition to me at All pitchers ARMOUR-Up!
tomar,mgr git-r-done
March 3, 2009
Men's 60
279 posts
Please take advantage of this opportunity to express your disagreement to SSUSA on the DBO/PPR rule. Add the DBO/HR rule to it if you like. Get a copy of the petition and circulate it at your next tournament or team event. TH states that he wants feedback, let's give it to him in volume!
March 3, 2009
Men's 65
4549 posts
It's also posted on NCSSA site under player- team wanted, misc section.
March 4, 2009
2 posts
PPR rule should be eliminated. If you are truly trying to protect them let them throw higher arch and slow the bats down. If you can't hit HR with a non-composite bat maybe you aren't really a HR hitter. Quit punishing the singles hitter who likes to use the middle of the field. First thing we were ever taught about getting out of a slump was take it back up the middle. Hitting 101.
March 4, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
You're right, K,
but the HR's as outs rule
is a built in protection for pitchers and infielders.
It gives the big guys the option
to take it deep which is what they love to do.
Singles guys hitting through the middle
has never been a problem.
Injuries have come in every era from guys
getting hit and until a ball is developed
that's both lively and safe
nothing's gonna or should change.
March 4, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Sorry. Correction.
That was HR's as singles/walks
in the first sentence above.
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