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Discussion: Home Runs

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March 5, 2009
Men's 55
23 posts
Home Runs
They should NEVER be outs.

Singles or Walks are OK.

March 5, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Right on, Mike.
March 6, 2009
238 posts
lets stop selling this short. Why have any limit at all; except for the last inning. Unlimited will allow to get to the 5 run per inning faster and allow to play 7 innings more often. It will allow better teams to move up in ratings faster instead of keeping power teams down and hidden longer. Finally, it is the way the game is supposed to be played. Don't mask talent.
March 6, 2009
Men's 65
570 posts
look at SPA rules they are walks and 9 runs per inning a little more like softball. It is bad when you only make 7 outs in a game and 3 of them are in the 7 inning (bad timing) and lose the game.
Don Ward
Kittrell Softball
March 6, 2009
Men's 55
23 posts
Thanks for your support regarding home runs should never be outs...I could go on and on on this subject.
Terry has made a mistake regarding this issue and no one would think lees of him if he changed his mind.
Frankly he would be respected for making a change that would be in the best interests for the senior game.
We share the same opinions on the state of senior softball and I hope we get a chance to talk at a tourney this summer.
Keep the faith...
March 7, 2009
Men's 60
11 posts
You know what the situation is when you step in the box. Hr for an out, you miss hit the ball. Hows that any different than crushing one right at someone? You hit it well, but you are out. If hitting one for an out is a consistent problem for your team, move up. The PPR rule isnt right (and I pitch) but in my opinion we should give the HR rule a try.
March 7, 2009
58 posts
If the rule is if you're over the limit they're outs, then they are outs! End of story......

Seriously, it's not that big a deal that anyone hould be acting like it's the end of the world!

It you're out of HR's & can't hit effectively while still keeping the ball in the park you are either lacking in ability or intelligence.
March 7, 2009
Men's 60
1719 posts
MaverickAH, you are exactly right. Let's move on.
March 7, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hitting the ball hard and far is fun, Dave.
Not a crime.
Making HR's over the limit outs instead of walks
makes hitters like the monsters I saw in Pleasanton,
California today at a NCSSA event
attack the pitchers and infielders with the ball.
I would to.
I had let's say 25 guys come up to me today
with an atta boy regarding my/our opposition
to the new HR's as outs
rule decreed by SSUSA urging me
to stay on the case.
It would be easier and less time consuming
to poll those who though think it IS a good idea.

Who are we to accept arbitrary decisions about
us and our game that are both more dangerous
and less fun to experience.
Should we just roll over and take it like men.
I don't think that's the way real men take it.

Wrong is wrong.
A mistake is mistake is a mistake
and too much is at stake
leaving these "new rules" in place.

A guy fell out today in right field.
911 was called.
It could have been anyone of us.
I don't have time to waste
investing in something that is more dangerous
than it should be and less fun.
Do you?
March 7, 2009
Mr. Manassas
244 posts
If it upsets you that bad then don't play!!! the game has been changing for 40 years ....nothing new
March 7, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
I won't till it changes.
And many players feel the same.

SSUSA has made an obvious set of mistakes
and it's THEIR responsibility to rectify them.
That's the responsible, accountable,
grown-up thing to do
that someone in touch with us
would both get and accomplish.

If they don't think these are mistakes
why don't they poll us or re-read
a couple of polls already taken
and they will discover what in fact
the majority thinks regarding them.

March 7, 2009
Men's 50
1375 posts
"Hitting the ball hard and far is fun, Dave.
Not a crime."

Still a one-trick pony. :(
March 7, 2009
356 posts


The only way any action will ever be taken is when these rules effect participation. Any business that implements any new item or policy that effects sales or participation in a negative way will eventually see the light. Why buy a new bat or pay the $ to travel to hit dead ball outs? Times are tough right now and the last thing I want to do is spend the $ to go play a watered down game.


March 8, 2009
Men's 55
580 posts
Okay, I've changed my mind. HR limits are fine, but with the one up rule.
Still an out if the other team as not caught up.
March 9, 2009
353 posts
It was great to finally get the new season underway this past weekend.
I guess there's a different mentality on HR in the east versus the west. We have the weather to play year round. Hitting HRs is part of the game to make them out is just poor marketing. If limits are to be set then after the Limit HRs it should be a single until the other team matches the HRs then 1 up rule should apply. We used this rule over the weekend in Pleasanton Ca. and it worked out well there were no blow games. There is no PPR in NCSSA the middle was open and pitcher were fielding their positions. Some chose to wear mask and shin guards, other wore just a mask or just shin guards. It was the game it was meant to be played. The 5 run per inning run also worked well with the open inning.
Let the game be the game. Yes hitting the ball hard is fun to any part of the field not just through the middle.

March 9, 2009
197 posts
Amen to all of you. One over the fence should NEVER be an out. Especially at parks with 300' fences.This weekend in Pleasanton was great because ncssa gets it,[most of the time].
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