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Discussion: Is THE ball or... having enough balls.

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May 8, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Is THE ball or... having enough balls.
SSUSA made a clear set of mistakes
regarding senior ball
adopting a rule, the PPR,
that was meant for 40 and over
going to home runs as outs
which is also designed for the 40 and over crowd who'll become seniors
soon enough.
They should admit them
and return to the old standards of
HR's as singles, no PPR and good balls.

Now, instead of rescinding them
returning the senior game to us
they're going the last step
which is change the ball
to the one that was made only for
the 40 and over guys just like Kevin said it was.

So, in broad daylight,
there it is.
3 movements in a row
all designed to change our game
to the 40 and over game
when our game really and truly isn't broken at all.
Those who don't know, love, understand
our game have joined with a couple
of very smart
associates, are raping our game
and emasculating its players
by this whole movement
which has been taking place for the last couple of years.

this new ball has been in development
for a couple of years and it's being trotted out in Elk Grove next weekend
to see if it's good for seniors.
The originator of the ball said
it wasn't designed for seniors
and he was right but somehow
he'll sell it to his business partner
SSUSA if they want to use it.
Smell anything yet?
Keep sniffing.
Now, if I was providing the balls for this survey and had a HUGE financial investment to protect
I would make absolutely sure
those balls were going to be liked
by the players.
I'd make them as hot as possible
wouldn't you?
If you were smart, you would.
Sniff, sniff.

Balls have a range of specification.
A 52 core ball could come out of the manufacturer at 50 or even 54 core.
Stoneman told me that 5 per cent
is the standard deviation allowed
for ball specs and he has studied this stuff forever.
5 per cent of 52 means that an acceptable 275x 52 ball could be over 54 core and under 50 core
290 compression or 260.
So, when mass produced
the ball could be either a 260x49.5 ball
or up to a 290x 54.5 ball.
From what I've learned from the Stoneman
those two balls will hit hugely different yet they'll be packaged
together given normal conditions
or cherry picked or selected out
for others.

Let's go back to Elk Grove.
Whioh balls do you think
are going to show up for the test trials.
Need some more time?
Sniff, sniff.
Not really.

All to say that bat/ball combination
as I have been ranting and warning us about for a couple of years now
has be driven down by self-interest
and greed of just a few and will have reached it's goal, the bottom,
if you will,
with the arrival of the
275 x 52 ball that Kevin
it's originator said isn't lively enough for the senior game.
The saddest part of it all is
our game is being turned into the 40 and over game when it's different.

We don't have the cheating with bats
that takes place more with the 40's.
Our bats are already hot.
It's not because it's so dangerous
even though guys do get hurt
because there's no evidence the game
is any more dangerous than it was 10 years ago.
You don't have a problem with Major plus
because you can run major plus
and major together with equalizer HRs
at 1, HR's as singles and 5 run limit innings just like we do in NorCal.

No, guys.
We're being had by our own apathy
ignorance and the self-interested
shrewdness of just a few.
Wake up and smell the coffee
because they're changing it to tea.
Get involved,
ask questions
connect the dots
and follow the money
and it gets clear as bell.
Bong, bong, bong.
May 8, 2009
Men's 65
4549 posts
is that the 9\10th (this weekend ) or 16\17th (next weekend)
Have a time & which park?
May 8, 2009
Men's 50
1375 posts
Joey, I thought you quit this association.

And the game is broken, or you would be seeing more than 4 team brackets at many events. Do these changes fix this? No. But don't be so naive/dumb/blind as to say the senior game does not have problems.
May 8, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
16th, laguna parks, elk grove.

I'll be in Hayward at the NCSSA event.
May 8, 2009
Men's 65
4549 posts
Was hoping for this weekend. My Sat (16th) is tied up.
Thanks for info though.
Hayward looks like good team match ups.
May 8, 2009
731 posts
Sorry to burst your almighty bubble, but COR is always within 1 and compression is 5%. So the compressions will be from 261.25 to 288.75 as an acceptable range.

I will also add that a .44/375 at 95 degrees has a compression of less than 225lbs.
May 8, 2009
354 posts

Is it possible to design a softer ball that will perform as well as the ball we have been using the last couple years? I believe everybody would be satisfied if this was the goal.

May 8, 2009
Bill in Sac
Men's 75
32 posts
It seems to me, even in Nor Cal(NCSSA assn.), the ball is getting CLOSER to an ASA ball. The Turlock tourn as an example.
We use an ASA ball at the Sacto Complex, that is, Sacramento Seniors Org. The only difference in Turlock was we did not have to use ASA bats.
Bill Enos
May 8, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Sure it is, James
but that was never the goal.
It's going the way it was designed to go
given the interests of a powerful few.
We just figured it out
maybe too late.
May 8, 2009
Bill in Sac
Men's 75
32 posts
It seems to me, even in Nor Cal(NCSSA assn.), the ball is getting CLOSER to an ASA ball. The Turlock tourn as an example.
We use an ASA ball at the Sacto Complex, that is, Sacramento Seniors Org. The only difference in Turlock was we did not have to use ASA bats.
Bill Enos
May 8, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hey Bill,
Over 70 and still playing ball.
Way to go.

What do you mean the ball is getting closer to an ASA ball?
Why is it changing and who's making it change?
And because "it changes" means
we have have to go along with it,
The ball you guys used in Turlock
was different than the ball we used,
We found out what happened and were told
it won't happen again.

May 9, 2009
731 posts
You can make whatever you want. To make a new ball cost's about 60,000.
To equate what you want is like comparing a 44 magnum to a 38 special. Yes a 38 performs less but the end result is if you shoot someone in the head with either gun the end result is the same, just a smaller hole.

some seniors just did some hitting in 100 degree temps and used both .44/375 and .52/275 and the performance was very similar.

Now I will say that they lower levels and the older groups would deffinatly have problems with this ball because they don't have the bat speed to make it work well.

If you want to continue to be led down a path of self intrest lies listen to Joe. If you would like truthful info I can be reached at 845-430-3994 or email me at Monday -friday 8-5 est I can be reached at 800-327-0074 ext 210.

Have a great weekend and happy mothersday to all of them.
May 9, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
You're now saying the new ball that you made that's not hot enough for seniors
will be comparable to the balls
that have been being diminshed
for some time now(no small thanks to a lot of your back work and diligence).
And that's its about money
and getting back ROI.

Yeah, Kevin it's obvious what's been going on and how hard you've been working and
let's cut to the chase.

Our game was/is fun with the 44x375 balls you used to make
and everyone used to make
until you realized you would be competing with yourself
and the new ball you were developing
and spending a lot of money on.
You've been very busy and diligent
paving the way for the Messiah.
We could call you
Kevin the Baptist.

Our game is NOT more dangerous than 10 or 20 years ago.
We don't cheat wholescale like you say
the 40 and overs do
And you have talked and lobbyed
saying our game is broken, dangerous
and needs to be fixed with
and it's NOT.
And the only thing on the horizon
to fix it all is...guess what?
the new ball that you have invested so much in and happens to be right here.

Well, James is right.
You could have made any ball you wanted
and you made one that was designed for
taming and overpowering a game
that was out of hand or soon to be going out of hand and would return control to admins and TD's.

That was NEVER our game but
who cares about us and senior ball.
You don't and you've said so on record.
And now you're saying you want to be truthful and our friend.
Well, Kev,
the facts speak and will speak
for themselves, thank you very much.

Fundamentally speaking
our game has been taken over
by those who's self interest is overwhelmingly obvious and effective
and changes have been made
and continue to be made
that are NOT in our best interests.

PPR, HR's as out, slowed down balls
a la 275 x 52 are remedies to problems
we don't have, want or experience.
It's very simple.

Kevin doesn't like our game
but has great interest in it.
Too easy to hit home runs, he said.
Tell that to the 26 teams in Phoenix,
last year.
It takes away from super long ball guys
like himself (he can hit the ball a mile)
He had a great idea with changing the ball but this ball isn't hot enough it will never work with/for the senior players I know and play with.
It will keep Kevin atop the food chain
for sure.

C'mon man.

I wish Kevin all the success in the world.
Make us a ball that's both lively
and safer and I'll campaign for you
but you made a ball that isn't lively enough for seniors.
You said so a million times
but now you say
it's not that bad considering
how diminished the standard balls have become but it's you that's been instrumental in
driving the standard down.

The facts speak for themselves.
The truth can and will be seen
by any and all who wish to.
Senior softball players will get what's going on or not.

May 9, 2009
Bill in Sac
Men's 75
32 posts
Whoa Joe, I'm not over 70. I'm just 70. Don't rush me. I play with the S.F. Seals, a 70 major + team, and Kevin, you would be surprised at the bat speed of some of these 70 year olds.
Having played baseball all my life,and coached it at the high school level, I understand bat speed.
May 9, 2009
Omar Khayyam
1243 posts
Einstein, I'm puzzled by what you think Kevin's motivation is. He makes a ball that is the standard for years. Manufacturing efficiencies with the same ball means that he makes it for less and sells it for the same and makes even more profit. Why would he want to obsolete his own successful product?

Usually there are two reasons: competitors are taking away sales, or (rarely) a company wants to benefit the public by making a safer product. Competitors can only take away sales with better marketing or by truly making a lively, safer ball. The motivator here is improved safety.

Or maybe Kevin's company is motivated to improve safety because of the many expressed concerns over the lively bat/ball combo that many players, including you, have become addicted to.

The easiest solution would be to reduce the power of the bat and impose draconian penalties for those who cheat and alter the bat (like a 5 year banishment from playing softball). But addiction is hard to break. So the other solution is to make a safer ball, even if some liveliness has to be forfeited.

There certainly is no doubt that the hot bats of the 21st century have increased the range and power of very ordinary hitters. Personally, after playing for fifty years, every year, I had never hit a home run over the fence, even the 250' fences of the fast pitch era. In fact, I had only ever hit one legitimate triple and never an inside the park home run. In recent years, with my Miken U2, I have hit many home runs, including over the fence, and a double or triple is common place (I'm batting 3, 4, or 5).

This is not unique to me. I have played with some guys for decades and they have gone from singles slappers with the old bats to boomers with the U2. Have we all miraculously improved our bat speed?! in our 60s?! Or has the juiced equipment outgrown not only many parks, but the defensive prowess of the average pitcher and infielder. I think the latter.

Solution: return to older bats or deaden the ball to return the game to the glories of yesteryear—legitimate home runs by acknowledged big sticks, hit and run, hitting behind the batter, great fielding plays at the fence, mis-hits that are deservedly caught by the fielder not soaring over the fence, more emphasis on fielding ability, infielders playing closer to the plate, etc.

Again, why would Kevin and other companies sacrifice profits to introduce newer balls in the hope of acceptance if there were no safety concerns?
May 9, 2009
731 posts
Bill I know there are plenty of great hitters in the 70 age group. Crusher hits bombs and I believe he is 72. Yet there are many divisions that guys don't have enough bat speed to hit this ball 280.

Omar, this ball is being used extensivly exactly where it was intended. For the first time in many years there are ASA leagues using 1.20 bats, and the results are exactly what we expected. Players are hitting home runs and making great defensive plays. Here is a post from another message board that used the ball in a very strong ASA- B-C class tourny.

For all the talk the last few weeks about this ball, our team had great concerns that we will have to completely change our swings and that will be virtually impossible to hit HR's unless you are a true HR hitter. I disagree with all of that. These balls were fantastic.....they didn't jump off the bat like the other balls, but it definitely allowed pitchers to pitch without fear, good fielders to make good plays and hitters to be effective. There were still some big time bombs hit, just not from the unexpected. We had a guy on our team weighing about 140 lbs (in the soaking wet) hit one out and that was a good indication that you just need to make good contact. Anyone can hit an HR with these balls, but you got to make correct contact....the way it should be. No more cheap HR's from the little people, but it still can be done.

We (Vigilant) had an awsome defensive battle with Angle Inn for 10 innings...with the more experienced team winning. I know we will always remember that game as the one that got away, because not too many times are you going to get that opportunity. Still it was a great game to watch.

It will be interesting to see how these balls do in the hot summer.

Congrats to Angle Inn for going undefeated in a tough tourney.

Perhaps after this weekend, more players will invest in spikes in addition to their turfs. I saw many wipeouts on Sunday, quite the comedy show.

Here's one from the same tourny, this guy was past of the first ASA testing of the ball in MD.

Trump(anaconda sports) made the balls for ASA.They will make them for any sanction with the proper amount ordered.


Joe already sent me an email saying he will burn my likeness at every nor-cal event this year and that my karma is going to get me.

Joe I don't ever want to be friends with a fraud. Yes they game is much more dangerous than it was 10-20 years ago, also the severity of the injuries are much worse.

Lastly 1200 SI is the number that will cause great bodily harm, no .44/375 ball is that low now, why would I try to make a ball that is just a little safer? Like I said a 38 cal, is less than a 44 mag but if you get shot in the head with either one you will die just the same, so does a 38 really perform less than a 44?

May 9, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
I don't talk with/to those who don't sign in as who they are but
you've given me a chance to say
more about something I have great passion for and learned much about.
And I will.
Seniors don't cheat or have to cheat
to any great proportion because
ironically, Combats and Ultra 2's
are already hot.
And there's no evidence to show
today's game is any more dangerous
than the game of 10 years ago.
TD's are looking to hold down scores
of games to make them go quicker
so more innings and games will be played
per hour per day per tournament.
They've been paying more for more balls
and would welcome relief.
Someone's been going around
dropping dimes all over the industry
about how dangerous our equipment is
because it's the best selling point.
"How can you argue against safety".

Kevin said the ball was not made for seniors, that it's too slow for the senior game and I agree.
Dave Dowell has said numerous times
that that ball was not meant for seniors
and would not be used by SSUSA this year.
Kevin and SSUSA are tied together for at least 100,000 dollars in cash, services or goods
and makes them want/need to help each other out significantly.
Kevin and SSUSA are concerned with
and have invested in the future of senior softball which has less and less to do with present day seniors
who have invested in and experienced it's better equipment and funner

Terry is holding an event in Elk Grove
next weekend to check out Kevin's balls
when it was already done
at TOC this year and got
lukewarm to cool responses.
What's going to be different this time?
The balls are going to be much hotter
versions of the ball that was used
in Florida.
Common sense and smart business.

So, it's more obvious all the time
as I have been saying and pointing out for some time that the bat/ball combo
for senior ball has been driven down
systematically by the deftness,
dedication and self interest of just a couple of people.

We're being hustled, had, bent over
in broad daylight.
Our game is being changed to suit the wants/needs of those who sell to and administrate it
at our expense without good reason.
There, I've said it again
and regardless of what you may
think of me
this IS what is going down.
Ask questions.
Connect the dots.
Follow the money.

May 9, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
you mention emails.
Why not the ones you sent me
wanting me dead.
Do you remember them.
You're the fraud, Kevin
and you almost got away with it
without anyone figuring you out.

You can fool some of the people
all of the time...
May 9, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
You are pushing the safety issue
which cannot be evidenced by meaningful statistics to make yourself look
like a friend to senior ball
when it's obvious you are not.
You don't like our game as you've said
and you obviously don't care about us.
Even if you blame the messenger, Kevin.
it won't change what you've done
or your Karma.
May 9, 2009
731 posts
If you weren't so busy chasing your tail you would have all of the documented evidence yourself.

But that would mean that all of your banter is for naught. If the game is not any more dangerous how come the same companies that make the bats are now after 20 years making pitcher protective gear? Yes the same gear that has been tested by nocsae for safety for head impacts. It seams to me that if the game is just as safe as it was 20 years ago this would not be needed.

Joe I would figure that you would love this ball, it will make those bats you will be selling last more than a B/P session or 2.
May 9, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
If you liked us Kevin
you'd have made a livlier ball
than the 275 x 52 ball, as James has asked and it would have been more lively and more safe
and we'd be calling you Saint Kevin.
No, you knew what you were doing when you made the 275 ball.
The TD's will love it
and your business associates,
SSUSA, too.
Less balls, tournaments running on time
more games per day, more teams per event, more side money on hotels and the like et al.
Even Nancy, Kevin,
knows you have to have danger/risk
in our game to make it what it is.
We're men Kevin, not old men
or boys and resent your emasculating attempts to make some money at the expense of us and our game.

And if you knew/loved us or our game
as we do, you'd have known that,
wouldn't you.
You're the fraud, Kevin.
You say you're a friend
to senior softball
and you are not.
May 9, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Kevin, your fangs are showing again.
Stay on the point.
It's about you and the ball you said
was not made for seniors, remember?
The one you're trying to have accepted
by your business associate,
Terry, even after SSUSA has said they will not go below the 44x375 ball they used in Reno last year.
You know,
the one they bought from you.
is that ball being dialed down, too
to make it closer to the new ball
you're trying to sell?

None of this stuff, Kevin
has anything to do with me.
You just got busted and you don't like
it very much, do you.
May 9, 2009
731 posts
Blah,Blah, Blah. Same story no news, The good is we all know you have no news. I am just a guy that doesn't want to see people like Nicky bird getting traumaticly injured for a game that is supossed to be fun. I am done, there is no need to respond to same nosense that you spew all over the net.

Feel free to post some NEWS Joe I am sure everybody is tired of you banter. Just copy and paste the last 100 posts and save yourself some time.

Why is it that you never just speak for Joe? It is always we, us, or ohters you mention. Why don't you just post that you are affraid that this ball may exspose you true ability to hit a ball and then maybe some teams may not need you. I mean if that is the case say it. I've hit this ball with 100's of hitters of all diferent ability, I know what it does and doesn't do. Do you? Be a man and speak for Joe Rinaldi, leave the rest of the people you think you represent out of this. Are you their agent? Do they pay you to be their agent? You know these people are all adults and speak very well for themselves, I've read there post's and answered them. Very good questions by the way. It is nice to be able to interact with adults on this board, but unfortunatly for me I don't get to interact with adults as much as I would like to. I am going to make that change today however. Just like Joe, he will not answer people who don't identify themselves, I will not respond to childish, false, useless banter.

Happy Mothersday to all of the mothers in the softball community.
May 9, 2009
Gekle BUilders
Men's 50
204 posts







Go 2 THE 3rd & 4th PAGE.







THIS BALL HAS an SI, (SEVERITY INDEX) of 466. 2 DAYS BALLS HAVE a S.I., of 1900 - 2100.

THIS is LIKE BE' SHOT W/ a 38 or a 44 MAG. BOTH WILL KILL u.


HOW HIGH of a SI, CAUSED SERVERE INJURIES: 700, 800, 900, ??


May 9, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
You can't counter or argue any one of the points I'm making Kevin
because then it will be obvious to more people who and what a fraud you are.
you don't love or respect the senior game,
our game, you have said so.
You want to profit and gain market control at the expense of the game
I and many others love to play.
Why are you now pushing on us
a ball you have said repeatedly
is not hot enough for senior play?????
Market control and ROI.
I have spoken and continue to speak
with ball players all the time
and not one has told me they agree with or believe you.
You can fool all of the people, Kevin,
all of the time and you know how the rest of that goes by now
and I think your 15 minutes
is just about up.
The senior community will decide
what's right and wrong and
who's zoomin' who, Kevin.
Happy Mother's Day.
May 9, 2009
197 posts
Boys, boys, boys............. Here we go again. It is getting BORING and redundant..............Give it a rest.
Love, WOW
May 9, 2009
Men's 50
202 posts
Einstein and trumpball should have a phone consveration instead of taking up all this space. It's only a game.
May 10, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hey Guys,
Personal left aside
an important argument that directly affects senior softball is out in the open
and is now public domain.
What Kevin and I think of one another
is not relevant, anymore.
What's relevant is that we are being screwed out of a game we love to play
without cause for the self interest
and money.
This is obvious to anyone with common
sense and will get clearer and clearer
as time goes on if sadly
after the fact.

I will stand up to Kevin and anyone else
anytime, anywhere and any place
for what I have said, believe and done
and I won't back off one iota
of what I have said because
I've learned it to be true.

Senior softball is being and has been
mislead and misguided around the issues
of it's equipment, rules and standards
by the actions and agenda of a very few.
Hard to believe at first,
perhaps but nonetheless true.

Kevin told me about his ball 2 years ago
in Reno, that he was developing a ball
that would go as well as any ball
when hit and would be safe.
I remember saying sounds great emphasizing that if it both hit well
and was safe, that would be cool.

Well, this ball without being cherry picked for higher than it's specifications is a dog
has been said by Kevin was not made
for senior ball but is now being pushed at us by Kevin's associate, SSUSA.

It's pure BS and full of lies
as anyone would find if/when
they ask, think and look for the truth.

So, the messenger me says
we're being screwed by those
who represent us and
who say they're trying to help us.
That couldn't happen in America, now,
could it.
Our America?
C'mon man.
Wake up and smell the coffee.

May 10, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
you said over and over again
the new ball was not made for seniors
but now are trying to
sell it to seniors.
Can you explain?
Which was/is true?
Can you explain?

SSUSA said over and over again
that they would use the good
44x375 ball this year
when I challenged them that
they would let the bat/ball combo
deteriorate further.
Dave Dowell scolded me often
for being completely off.
Then why are they considering it's use
for a second time and the year
hasn't even begun yet.

These are facts, guys with a whole bunch of others to go along with it that paint of picture
of what is going on
and where it's coming from
as to why/how the bat/ball combo
has gotten unnacceptedly worse
in the last 2 years.

That's all I've been saying
for 2 years now.
The bat/ball ocmbo is being driven down
for seniors, without cause
and it is unnacceptable to us,
we don't like it
and we want it to stop.

Sorry it's boring but
importantly true.
May 10, 2009
Men's 55
94 posts
Joe, I feel you are genuine in your concern . Whether the ball, is a "game " changer or not, I don`t know . I have not hit it . If it is as bad as you say , then people will quit going to SSUSA tourneys and economics will decide its fate . The guys putting on these tourneys are not doing so out the goodness of there hearts . It is a business to them . If the ball drops attendance , they will drop it . Pure and simple .They will have no choice . Some entrepenur will give the players what they want . The masses will go with them . Hopefully NCSSA will stay with what we have . Playing NorCal , with a couple of SoCal tourneys thrown in isn`t the worst thing that could happen . Playing Ca. teams only ,is plenty competitive enought to satisfy anyones need to compete at a high level . I appreciate your zeal . Whether or not it was needed , time will tell . This could provide quite an opportunity for a "customer" friendly organization . The bottom line is , "if you don`t like the restaurant , go to another one ". JB
May 10, 2009
Men's 65
181 posts
JB, Great idea, I've always felt that if you don't like the service, you don't have to tip. But..if you dont tip, DO NOT return to the restaurant. Joe, Since you dont like this restaurant, dont come back. I like this restaurant and I come here a lot. I think the owners of this business are trying their best to make it as good as it can be. Sometimes that means they make a change to the menu. Some people like chicken N Dumplings and I dont. I dont boycott the best restaurant in town because they have chicken and dumplings. But I can boycott the best restaurant in town if they continue to allow some jerk to come in and rant and rave everyday about the management and the menu. Joe, go somewhere else, you are spoiling my day and I cant believe the owners of this restaurant want your business.
May 10, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Aren't you a business associate
of Kevin's?
I'm right on about what's going down
Jim and every word out of your mouth
trying to make me look bad
just confirms it.
Players will make their decisions
about what's taking place
and if I was Kevin
I'd be pleased by your loyalty, too.
Good job.

May 10, 2009
192 posts
I have not been on here in a while and I see things have not changed much. So let me add this brief update and maybe it will bring reality back to this discussion.

First the manager of the KC Barons Brett Swanson has suffered two mini strokes since last Thursday and is in a hopital here in the KC area awaiting a test on Monday that could not be done over the weekend because they have to have a surgery team ready just in case the test causes problems.

Brett is not concerned what ball or bat is being used at the current moment and I am sure if things improve and he can play again he will not be to concerned about the ball and bat then either. He will just be happy he can play ball again.

Second and not that important I had my left shoulder replaced on May 4, 2009 and that makes both knees and a shoulder in the past year. I don't if I will ever play again. Not sure it is worth it but I can tell you this right now the ball and bat issue is not even on the radar. Just playing the game again would be nice is what I am worried about. So what is my point.

Honestly guys this is trival compared to what can happen. Instead of arguing about this we should just be happy we can play and let the rest of this stuff sort itself out. The ball is not that bad and I would think again if this ball brought the game back to where it was with no HR limits and PPR it would be the right thing for the game.

Brett I hope will be back soon with a clear bill of health. Me I am not to sure about. Enjoy the season everyone and maybe I will back next year.
May 10, 2009
Men's 65
3146 posts
Bruce, hope you have a full recovery!
May 10, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hey Walk,
Hope you get better soon and thanks for the respectfully admonishing remarks.
You're a class act.
Personalities aside
our balls, bats and rules
are being changed in senior ball
without cause for the worse
and these are issues of concern
to all senior softball players.
SSUSA has made some major mistakes
and the new ball which was not made for us is being pushed on us now.
It's not moot or picayune
because many players decisions
about whether to play or not,
travel or not, invest or not
are being affected.
And we, the players,
have not made any of the decisions
that we're having trouble with.
They've been made for us
by those with other interests
and mouths to feed.
Thanks again for the caring remarks.
You're a great hitter
and terrific guy.
May 10, 2009
58 posts
The only thing the SSUSA needs to do is move this board to a more current platform that has an, "Ignor", feature!

One would think that someone with such a bulldog attitude, who thinks that they can build a better mousetrap, would have the balls to leave said association he is always critical of & establish his own!
May 11, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
I've given it lots of thought
and more time and energy than it's worth.
No one is going to hold a gun to mine or anyone's head to play or not play senior softball.
It's an elective preoccupation.
I've said what I meant to say.
I haven't renewed my dues to SSUSA
and I'm not going to
until their brand of softball
becomes credible and fun for me again.
Who said, it's only softball.
Lanny, was that you?
And he was right.

I done making comments
about whatever's going down.
I meant everything I have said
but I'm not leading a crusade.
For me, there's bigger fish to fry.
See you all somewhere down the road.
Email me anytime
May 11, 2009
Men's 55
412 posts
Walk, well said! I have always said that we need to remember that softball is just a game. You can be a fierce competitor on the diamond give all you have for yourself and your teamates but when it is all said and done what makes playing softball worth while is all the friends you make both with team mates and players from all the other teams you compete with and dont compete with.
Our first tourney of the year was in Indy and it was like a family reunion.
Everybody was glad to see guys from other teams back out on the diamond for another year. Unfortunatly one of our team mates had a mild stroke on Fri. afternoon and was't able to attend and will not know for a few weeks when and if he will return. We can agree to disagree on subjects and sometimes should but I believe we can do it in a respectful manner and in the end we should remember what is really important and softball is just a game that we love.
Good Luck to all teams and good health to all players this year.
Butch& Travelodge 55's
May 11, 2009
197 posts
I love your enthusiasm and your desire to get you point across. Yeah, some where along the line I said "its only softball" and that is what I truly believe. I think we should all be happy to be able to still play this game [some better than others]. I remember a couple of former teamates, Ralph Key, Dave Galassi, Jeff [from Russel Realty, for that matter, Rennie himself]and others no longer with us, RIP, that would love to still be competeing like the rest of us. I hope you really do mean "there are bigger fish to fry" because I'd hate to have to add you to this list!!!
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