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Discussion: Rumors about balls

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May 18, 2009
17 posts
Rumors about balls
There are several rumors flying about new balls. Here is the situation:

The 52 COR, 275 Compression ball was used in two tests this weekend as part of an agreement at the Senior Summit to test the new balls. Neither tournament was a qualifier.


We will probably test the balls a few more times in non-qualifier situations (independent tournaments). The initial response by players using the new balls has been largely negative.

We would like to thank Ellwin Jobe of the MTC Club for setting up the test in the Sacramento area, and Rick Seifman, who tested the balls in Las Vegas.

The final decision on using the new balls will be made by the SSUSA Rules Committee in December at the SSUSA Annual Convention in Nashville after all of the testing is completed.

Thanks for playing SSUSA!
Terry Hennessy
May 18, 2009
Men's 55
1017 posts
I can confirm that we used the ball as a test in the major's tourney in Las Vegas. I managed one of the teams and gave it the old college try. We did not enjoy the experience and went back to the standard 44/375's after the first game. I had a mix of ages and class levels on the team it was unanimous in our distaste.
May 18, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Thanks, Terry.
That's definitive yet I'm puzzled
why you will continue to test a ball
that has was so negatively received.

Are you aware the caliber or specs
for the 44x375 ball have been changing over the last couple of years?
If so, what can you tell us
about the specs/limits for the ball
you will use in Reno.
Will it be lively and fun to hit
like the one you used in Reno and Phoenix last year
or will it be like
the newer more restricted one
that hits very close to the sock
used in Elk Grove last weekend?
I'm sure all the players
would like to know.
May 18, 2009
Men's 60
12 posts
I guess we will see about the ball, the one we used in Virgina was flying. Oh yeah Joe you don't play SS-USA so you won't be there, to bad it ought to be a good one.
May 18, 2009
Men's 55
130 posts
The 52 COR, 275 that was used to test this past weekend in Vegas, should not be used at all.... Period! Most of the comments I heard were negative.
Just my IMHO....


May 18, 2009
Fred Scerra
Men's 80
542 posts
I also tested those balls and it would really kill the 70 and up divisions. I can see a lot of unhappy tournament players going home.

I have to agree with einstein, which I don't often do, why bother wasting time with further testing on a ball that is definitely a dud.
May 18, 2009
Men's 55
1017 posts
My team in Vegas as I originally stated was made up of a variety of ages from 50 to 65 and classes AA to major plus. I used the word distaste (wrong word choice) and I wanted to provide more insight. My team was and is keenly aware of the advantages and disadvantages of a more lively ball and the advantages and disadvantages for lack of a better word a safer ball. We discussed this amongst ourselves as consumers the need to protect pitchers and infielders and the desire for an offensive oriented game. Can we have both that would be the million dollar question, if not the opinion was to leave the livlier ball and as we agreed amongst the teams to make a screen optional and one of our pitchers wore a mask when he pitched. For SSUSA we took the charge you gave Rick seriously and as a team we are giving you this feedback. We realized that alot of work went into the development of this ball and there maybe a fine line between providing us player safety and personal responsibility for our own safety.
May 18, 2009
715 posts
Joe Lecak,
I would say that this ball and senior bats gives you about a ASA bat game with 375lb balls. That is what they are intended for. There is a huge difference between senior bats and ASA bats but with this ball there is not much at all. I have never said this is the ball for senior softballs future. It could be used in a few divisions but it would hurt more than it would help. That has been my position since the beginning. Lesser divisions and older divisions would suffer with this ball.

40's and 50 major plus would have a good no limit game.
May 18, 2009
Men's 55
102 posts
Was involved with this demo in Elk Grove.

4 games with the 52/275. Hot day, temps mid 90's.

I could see where some would love this ball when there playing infield defense, but change their minds once they had to hit it. What I could see nobody except for a couple 50 Major plus players hit the ball out of the park.

Defensively, played the shallowest outfield I've played in many years. Not one ball hit over my head.

Opinion: I don't see how anyone would want to play this ball. It is to far to the extreme. Trumpball, honestly I would find it hard to sell this even to the 40 and 50 divisions.

You would have to come up with a ball in between these two examples. If this ball was to become the norm I could see alot of guys staying home or playing another association.

50 Major Plus
May 18, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Kevin, Terry or Dave,
I asked an honest and open question
regarding the 44 x 375 balls
that will be used in Reno this year.
Will they be different in any significant manner by spec or manufacturing and performance
from the terrific balls you used
in Reno and Phoenix, last year?
I've played with some balls in a couple
of local tournaments this year
that were said to be 44x375
like in Turlock a couple of weeks ago
and they were horrible.
It's an honest and fair question
many senior softball players
both want and deserve an answer to.

May 19, 2009
mad dog
Men's 65
4108 posts
joe you might ask the company's who actually build these ball' i said in the other thread,there has been some quality control prols with the compnay's putting together the balls and the material used in them,ex- decker sharks(which we knew to be a good ball) and the evils,where there were batches that didn't live up to thier normal expectations,this could be what is happening with the diff 44-375's being used.also if you are using the ASA version,well they are the softest ball they have.
May 19, 2009
mad dog
Men's 65
4108 posts
oh also forgot to add,you never know what batch is gonna be given out,and that means no one can tell ya what your gonna get.
May 20, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
I think they could and should be tested
to ensure what happened to Ridge Hooks
last year in SPA doesn't happen again.
It cost that company an esteemed customer
and others, too, I'm willing to bet.
I have a pretty good idea
there'll be explosive fallout
if poor performance balls
end up in Reno next week.
May 20, 2009
Men's 55
412 posts
I don't believe anybody can guaranty the performance of anything manufactured. I have known people that have bought cars, televisions, toasters, bats, shoes and on and on and they ended up with bad experience. We can both by an exact item and one may perform better than the other. I know of no one that calls GMC and says" Are you sending me the Impala from the run you sold Sam or from the one you sold Sid that did not perform as well or is it from a different run". So I don't think it is fair to expect it from any manufactor. I'm sure Ford,GMC,Whirlpool,Samsung do testing.
Just my thoughts.
May 21, 2009
mad dog
Men's 65
4108 posts
butch,i have to agree with ya on that.bats also cycle in and out.i've had 2 of the same mdl that had performed differnetly,also same with balls out of the same dz i've bought.yes we can clammer all we want about they being all the same.but its never gonna happen.
by the way r you coming back to the huntsman games.
May 22, 2009
Men's 55
412 posts
mad dog my friend how are you? hope all is good. Terry and I were going to but the team couldn't get enough players so unless I get another phone call or e-mail I guess not. It was a pleasure playing on the same team as you last year and hope we can do it again sometime.

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