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Discussion: Players Voice

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May 22, 2009
Men's 60
242 posts
Players Voice
I commented on another thread and was asked to start a new one with this idea. My post on the other thread was this:

I'm glad to see that this message board is back to sharing ideas for improvements and not just whining about the rules as they exist.

Would it be possible with regard to the hot issues--homes run limits and PPR to name two to allow the card carrying members of SSUSA as a whole to put the alternatives to a vote when the players attend a tournament? One vote per player for the year. only card carrying members of SSUSA would be allowe dto cast a vote.

For instance for the PPR let the players vote to determine what alternatives would be favored most. As an example with regard to the player protection rule a multiple choice for a) Keep the rule as it exists, b) Use a screen, c) Call a dead ball out for any ball hit thru the pitchers box at a height of 7 feet or less, d) Modify the current rule to any ball not fieldable by the pitcher regardless of whether it is a ground ball or a line drive that hits the pitcher is a DBO, e) Eliminate the PPR completely

With regard to the home run rule a) Keep the rule as it exists, b) Allow teams to go one up after the home run limit is reached by both teams, c) After the home run limit is reached allow singles for each home run thereafter, d) e) Eliminate the home run limit completely

Comments? Further ideas? other rules to vote upon. Other choices for the examples above.

Naturally it would be up to SSUSA to accept the opinion/vote of the players and if they would it would take the pressure off them. Instead of a decree it would be by the voice of the players.
May 23, 2009
Men's 65
3146 posts
My vote e) Eliminate the PPR completely
With the hr rule, A and B are acceptable. If I had to vote on one I'd pick A if the hrs over the limit were walks or singles.
One more thing, I believe teams should have to buy balls from the tournament director.
May 23, 2009
Men's 65
4549 posts
What about the middle shot but playable balls that have been mentioned, where the pitcher was able to make plays, even double plays.
I believe some other assn cards are recognized as valid for players that attend multiple event types. It would not be fair to them to not allow a vote. Not all assn's recognize the others that are out there however.
May 23, 2009
Men's 55
580 posts
Since playing SPA, they had it right.
4 hr for majors, then walks. And one up, no was gtg.
May 23, 2009
Men's 65
252 posts
Bob, great post but my understanding is that we are stuck with these 2 rules till December 2009. The fact that Pitcher has to remain in box after pitching for DBO to be called is my main problem with this rule. I had a post on here around first of year asking how many Pitcher's pitch and remain in box,all that replied said that most of the time they back out of box. I know that at World Championships last year that was the bigest problem with Umps calling DBO. Lines get marked out by backing up and one said he always marks out back lines on purpose. What happens is Ump ends up guessing where back of box is. Anyway my vote is to eliminate the PPR,NO screen!
On Hr rule the way it is now benifits our team because we hit very few, but being that I play 3rd base and like our Pitcher's I vote over the limit be singles.
May 23, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hey Bob,
Way to go
leading, helping us attempt to resolve
some of our problems.
PPR is a joke.
HR's as outs leads to more pitcher/short fielder vulnerability and is a not a joke.
Screens would work but
you can leave screens out of it
if we let HR's be singles/walks
and stress the unwritten rule of staying off the pitcher and give umps more latitude and encouragement
to throw suspected violators
out of the game/tournament.
You can also enlarge the plate
and pitching rubber, 1-1 count,
wider arc limits
all giving the pitchers more latitude
and ways to protect themselves
from guys sitting on fat pitches.
The bat/ball combo needs to stay
good to very good to ensure
the positive experience of playing.
And lastly,
SSUSA can change any rule
any time they want.
They've been doing it for years
and should be flexible enough to adjust to anything that's not working
or is unnecessarily dangerous
or goes against the whole of us,
our heart and soul.
Their distance and insulation from us
is a huge part of the problem we're having with them which
create a place from which errant,
self interested
and counterproductive adjustments
are born like PPR and HR's as DBOs.

I think SSUSA should get serious about polling and using the website to develop
and maintain a proper living/working relationship with the senior softball ocmmmunity.

May 23, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Oh yeah,
I forgot to mention that during all of this the bat/ball combo needs to stay good to very good for seniors
and any attempt to go to a ball that
plays not well but safer
will be so counter productive
as to critically dampen
and kill the motivation and experience
of those who play.
May 25, 2009
Men's 65
252 posts
BTW another option on PPR is to use 11th fielder as they do in older age groups. I would vote for this before a screen.

The sad thing about this rule is that after 6 Month's of discussion on this board not one time have I read where someone has been in favor of (a) leave it like it is!
May 25, 2009
23 posts
Our team plays almost all the different associations and I do alot of the pitching. We played major in phoenix and I was hit twice but most pitchers do not stay in the box so the ppr rule is not in play when you are as close as we are you dont have a choice but to try and get back. I would also like the rule for major plus to be unlimited hrs with a 1hr 45 minute time plus one inning and all games to be played on one field so there is not a problem with scheduling and pay umps more to umpire these games that way you dont have the ppr problem and be like old times. I think that majors should have 7 plus one up this also would eleminate the ppr rule. The people want this so give it to them and play ball this would possible open up money for the major and major plus players as more people would come to watch like when steele,ken sanders,back porch molten furniture,etc etc were in the area to play.
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