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Discussion: Balls and All

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Sept. 15, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Balls and All
the most talked about
and influential aspect of softball
now and going forward is the quality of the bat/ball combo.
TD's need to hear that if they give
us a good bat/ball
almost anything else is negotiable.
This is at all ages and levels
and especially in seniors.
The marketeers who make the balls
and bats are fighting to control
the market place of Senior Ball
and have driven
the effective quality of both down
at least for a time.
The new 44x375 standard ball
is barely acceptable in cold weather
and unacceptable when it's hot and/or
hit a lot.
This is all done in the name of increased injuries, and law suits
and too many home runs
and it's pure BS.
The old standard of single wall bats
with Blue dots is/should be the line
below which we never descend.
The new 44x375 ball that has been
strategically trotted out
brings us well below that level
and we need to stop talking so much to each other and talk more to TD's and ball/bat guys with our choices,
wants and needs.
Cause those who are selling us BS
don't want us to figure them out
and boycott 'em.
They might say they don't care
but, in fact, they do.
It's how and where they live
and define themselves first
and always. i.e profit and loss.
So, drop a line to SSUSA, SPA,
LVSSA and let 'em know
we need better bat/ball combo
than where they're trying to take us.
I guarantee that when they realize
we won't stand for being messed with
they figure it out and get in line.

Sept. 15, 2009
Men's 65
4549 posts
I have seen very Few Blue bots used in NCSSA let alone other places. Have seen some used ones around there being used. Never saw any in SSUSA but did see a few in NSA, WSA some time back. Perhaps other places, you go to far more than I do.
Maybe they could develop a thermostatically controlled ball. When the outside temp is 65 or lower the ball becomes somewhat softer to keep from breaking the bats,if the temp is say 70-85 the ball is normal and if the temp becomes 90 or hotter the ball becomes hard as a rock so it won't soften.
All gave a 5 degree variation since it cant be an exact science here.
Would be nice if certain things were controllable, but some are not. We go we play under their rules and equip allowed supplied, or we don't do. That's pretty much it or we can complain and fall on deaf ears for the time being at least.
But if it were not the ball, bats rules it would be another item.
How did you do in Turlock? Results are not posted yet. But Neither is half of Sparks.
Sept. 15, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hey Scott,
We, the Old A's, went 3 and 2
losing to the Stanislaus team
and Chubb.
I left on Sunday with those 2 teams
playing together for the shirts
and haven't heard who won it, yet.
Sept. 15, 2009
Men's 65
4549 posts
That was a good field of teams you had in the bracket.
All great teams.
Sept. 15, 2009
Men's 55
102 posts
Why did they discontinue the mico-cell ball? Seemed to be an answer.
Sept. 16, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hey Brian,
The ball, the experiment,
came up a little short as the micro cell
ball hits well but doesn't field,
throw or sound well.
The soft cover makes gripping and throwing difficult,
the soft cover changes
the way it bounces and there's no cracking sound off the bat.
It hits well in 100 degrees, though.
It's an option but it's flawed
how much we'll be able to determine
better in Las Vegas, in a couple of weeks.
Kevin at Anaconda spent some time
and money developing the ball
and would love I'm sure
to re-coup some of his investment.
But, at what price to us and the Associations?
I know it's hard to believe but
the ball costs more, too.
Only in America, right?
Follow the yellow brick road, Alice?
No, follow the money, sonny.

You going to Vegas.
Sept. 16, 2009
Men's 65
3146 posts
Personally I like the soft cover when gripping it to make a throw. Your correct about the absence of the sharp crrrrack when hitting it.
I'll be in Vegas, looking forward to it!
Sept. 16, 2009
Men's 55
102 posts
All things considered I perfer the micro cell ball.

Not going to LV. Next for us PHX.
Sept. 16, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
I've heard from a couple of people
that SSUSA will not let themselves
be pushed around by people like me
who are loud and disagree with them.
I think someone or some organization
that has any integrity about itself
and it's responsibility to others
should be more concerned with the truth of things and what in fact has and is going on more than what anyone might say or think or say.
We all truly hope this is the case
now and going forward.

if SSUSA refused to change the PPR
and HR's as outs rule which nearly cost
Bill Ruth his face
because Einstein was saying
the new rulings wouldn't protect
the pitchers better
than this is not only ironical and
tragically pathetic
it needs to be examined,
recognized and dealt with
by all those involved.
The truth is a Ruth-less pursuer
and eventually will uncover and expose
all and their roles in what's going on.

If there are rules that we
the overwhelming majority of senior players both want and need
to have and enjoy our game
then they need to be addressed
and acted on irrespective of who has said or done what.
This is the way of integrity and respect
in dealing with human beings
it can be a sucker's walk
in an society run like a marketplace
run by selfish
and ignorant lizards.
"Wise men often fail
where shrewd men, can prevail"
comes from an old Don McLean song.

"What's it gonna be, boy.
I can wait all night.'' Meatloaf
Sept. 16, 2009
mad dog
Men's 65
4153 posts
joe as i have been following your posts over the last yr or so,i really don't think you will be apeased,unless we use a 50 cor-600lb comp ball with ultra's(and i mean the first one,not the u-2).i have been using the micro-cell ball for a couple of yrs now(with all assoc,to include ASA,usssa,ssusa,spa,nsa)and have no prol with them,hitting,fielding or throwing.and this does mean i use the assoc bat of choice yes in asa i use an asa bat with no is not a given that we should be able to hit a hr everytime up,like you want to.what did you do back in the day,were you able to hit a hr everytime up.nope don't think so.

you demean a ton of people here on this board for being selfish and such,but what are you doing,the same.why don't you start your own org so you can pull the strings the way you want.
Sept. 16, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
We disagree and
you have misrepresented me.
I do speak for the majority of players
who want a good bat/ball combo
and find today's standards lacking.
This a majority opinion, Robert
and you are in effect trying to kill
the messenger to destroy the message.
The effective combo of bat/ball
is well below the 47 x 525 vis a vis
good single wall bat
we expect, need and deserve.
I'm sorry you would settle for less
but you can't expect the most of us
to, with you.
The micro-cell ball used in Vegas
last year hit well even in the hot weather but many complained about
the sound, the feel and the way it bounced.
A gifted SS on Gekle made many uncharacteristic errors trying to field
ground balls.
I had difficulty getting used to it
when I played 3rd.

Those involved in providing us
the equipment (sellers) and oppty
(Associations) have shown too much self interest in their offerings to us
at the cost to many seniors
who wish to enjoy the game they love.
No matter what you think or say about me
nothing changes the situation I have described or remove them of their self centered behavior and their responsibility and accountability
for it.
Sept. 16, 2009
113 posts
the micro ball was great to hit but it was hard to field.the ball picked up speed thru the inf on ground balls faster than most balls.the ball acted like a tire and seemed to dig in and go faster at the same time.if the batter hit spin on the ball it was very hard to read what the grounders were going to do.when you hit it felt like a trampoline or tennis racket.the weather was hot and the balls flew.loved hitting it but not fielding it.i am for good balls first and good bats second.the ball should always be good.went to a tourney in connecticut this year with temperatures in the high 80s and hit the 40-375 ball and it sucked.we were playing at 200 ft.that is not softball.only saw 1 hr and that was @8am.nothing close to the fence after that.joe you are in the are right it is time for a revolution viva the revolution viva einstein, keep on hitting. god bless homer's family he was a great player whenever we ran into each other we always shook hands.what a hitter ,he will be missed jr#11 pace
Sept. 16, 2009
mad dog
Men's 65
4153 posts
where have i misrepresented you joe,i'm just going by what you keep saying you have a majority of the players with many,or what think it's the mgf's that are pushing for safer standards,nope don't think so,so why do you go after them.they are just doing what is asked of them,by the assoc's running softball.yes i like to hit a decent ball and have a good bat to do it with,but b/c of all the damn cheating and such in softball,the assoc's have to tone something down.senior softball has the hottest bats out there at the moment,what more do you want.maybe you should tell all the cheater's to man up and play ball straight up.if that would happen the assoc's would not have to tell the mfg's to dumb down the equipment we use.i would be more than happy to go back to metal bats and 47 balls.but hey i wouldn't be able to hit a hr everytime up then.

as for the MCT ball can't understand your prol with hits good(as what you want)but you don't like the sound of it,come on give me a say you can't field this ball or throw it,mmm can't help ya there as i never have had a prol with doing either with it(and i'm not the best fielder around),and i play all spots in the INF for seniors,and pitch for the youngens.
Sept. 16, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Manufacturers going for safer standards???
I'm sure that's what they'd like us
to believe but
manufacturers are going for selling their products, Robert, first and foremost and cornering the market place
if they can
and it's happening at our expense.

You admit we need a good bat and ball
and that is the crux, the key to all of it.
You're right.
The MCT ball has more than one downside
as has been observed and pointed out by more than me and we'll just have to see again in Las Vegas just what it's all about.
I think a higher core/compression ball
than the driven down, watered down
44x375 balls we've be saddled with
would be a simpler and more
cost conscious solution.
I hear Decker makes a great ball
and Worth is making a comeback
in the ball industry.
We'll just have to see
what's best
but read my lips, Robert,
the majority of seniors want, need
and will play with good balls and bats
next year, better than the 44 x 375 piece of crap that dies after a couple of swings and decompresses in the heat.
We deserve better and we'll get 'em.
Sept. 17, 2009
Omar Khayyam
1243 posts
I think there is a disconnect between 50s/ 55s and the 60s on up when it comes to einsteinís favored bat/ball combo. Einstein seems to know a lot of guys and talks to them and maybe he is right that a majority want even hotter bats and hotter balls. Iím a little suspicious because einstein comes on so strong, it is probably a rare player that disagrees with him to his face.

The guys I hang with are 60s and up. You make a lot of friends and acquaintances over years of playing tournament ball, so I probably touch bases with about a dozen teams through the guys I know. Iím not hearing ANY clamor for hotter bats, and NO request for hotter balls. The 44/375 seems adequate for them (of course it starts to droop on a hot summer day, but thatís equal for both teams).

What I have heard is many expressions of those who want to eliminate the Ultra II and equally hot bats. The reasons are many: safety of pitcher and corner infielders; disgust with Mickey Mouse home runs by previously weak hitters (Iím one of those who has launched a few over the fence with my Ultra II when I hit ZERO home runs in my first 50 years of playing); desire for more strategic softball and more emphasis on defense (a return to old values); and maybe even the cost of the top-drawer bats with their fragile and shortened lifetimes.

As to the ball, some guys still shudder when remembering the old days of the Blue Dot and the broken fingers that resulted. They feel the current standard in our area is lively enough to produce the over the fence homer by legitimate power hitters but not so hot that it is hard to manage with slowing reflexes.

Like I say, maybe it is an age thing. Einstein may be right about what younger guys want; it might not be what the majority of older players want (Iím talking primarily AAA and Major level teams).
Sept. 17, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
I never said the majority want even
hotter bats and balls.
You misrepresent me, sir or madam.
I saw the Long Haul Bombers show
and Jeff Hall cracked 2 bats in 13 swings.
Now, those were hot bats.

What I have said and mean is the ball/bat combo has been driven down by shitty balls(marketeers and TD's)
and again the overwhelming majority of senior ball players agree.
When you misrespresent me
you often reveal another agenda.
I'm for senior ball being fun.
That puts me in the majority of seniors
who play and having a good, better than
present bat/ball combo is a
No true player
likes hitting a shitty ball.
Not one.
And the balls we're being saddled with
lately, the new 44 x 375 balls
are garbage.
You would go a long way saying who you are OK. It would give you more respect and credibility and longer reach in influencing others
just in case that's what you're looking for.
If you want a game
where you can never get injured
no matter what happens
you should try lawn bowling.
Even Nancy knows there's gotta be some
danger or risks when we play
or the game just ain't the game

Sept. 17, 2009
357 posts
Are you saying that the MCT ball will be used in Vegas next week & that it doesn't hit well even though it's supposed to be heat-resistant?
I hope that's not the case because we enjoy going to this tourney but doubt we'll come back if they're using a crap ball.
If we want to use crap balls we can stay home & play with used balls from our bat bags & car trunks.
Sept. 17, 2009
Men's 60
1024 posts
DC Pete I live in Vegas and we hit with this ball all the time. Because of the heat here we have tried every ball imaginable. I'm no ball expert and god knows I have my troubles swinging the bat, but I believe you will be very satisfied with the performance of the ball. I've had my best long ball performances in my short senior career in the LVSSA tournies. Take my opinion for what it may be worth since we don't know each other. Last year in October our last 3 scores were 37-36, 47-44 and 39-40. I'm not sure a crappy ball would have produced those types of scores. Please enjoy the tournament Lorenzi is sparkling, the weather should be nice and the rules are conducive to high scoring.
Sept. 17, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
I still remember some of the bombs
you hit for us, the MOB, last year
with that ball.
Hitting will not be, should not be
the issue with the MCT ball
unless the manufacturer has changed it,
brought it more into specs for whatever reasons he might have.
DC Pete.
The ball will probably hit very well.
It's the bounce, feel, sound that are issues regarding it as it's cover
feels and is different than any other ball I've ever played with.
We'll all be there and be able to evaluate it together and let everyone know what we discover, learn and recommend.
Sept. 17, 2009
The Pro
81 posts
Gentlemen, LVSSA has never used a "crappy" ball. Up till last year I was the one who ordered the balls for our tournaments and I made sure we got the "best" available at the time. I can assure you if you don't like the ball we are using this year then we (seniors) are in a world of hurt, cause there isn't a better 44/375 currently made. Only way to improve is to go to the 44/400,s or 44/500's. As Lecak says we use this ball all the time even though it is more expensive and we have players of every level and age hitting it hard and far no matter the temperatures and it will be at least 10-15 degrees cooler than we've had in recent months. Good Luck to all that are coming to the LVSSA Masters tounament, play well and enjoy!
Sept. 17, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hey Pro,
From my experience in seniors,
12 years now,
you are right on about the balls used
in LVSSA tournaments.
I'm looking forward to not having to worry
about or adjust to a crappy ball.
Sept. 17, 2009
mad dog
Men's 65
4153 posts
joe now you are doing the misrepresenting,i said nothing of the mfg's wanting the safer combo's,"I SAID IT'S COMING FROM THE ASSOC'S"(please reread my post) the assoc's are the ones telling the mfg's to make the safer equipment to play with,not the other way around.the mfg's could give 2-shits as to what they make as long as it can be say the majority of players agree with you,i don't think you know that many players to have it be a majority,please.
i also didn't say "I NEED THIS EQUIPMENT TO PLAY"(SENIOR BATS AND HI COMP BALLS),i said it is nice to use them(again read my post above).
so if you don't want to read what i've said,don't tell me i'm misrepresenting you.i could careless about what you say,as i'm not in your majority,as well as many other's.
Sept. 17, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Marketeers are moving behind the scene
to insure their place in senior ball,
If you don't see this you are naive at best else have another agenda.
Nice to use them means you don't want to use them?
Listen, Robert, you are nickel and diming the main argument and beginning to believe
you serve another master in all this
with your stock comments
and intentional misdirection.
Been talking to anyone lately, Robert.
Are you helping any manufacturers
in particular either on or off the books?
Let's get back to what's really going on.
We need a good bat/ball combo to enjoy our game.
This is a majority opinion, like it or not.
The standard 375 x 44 ball has been driven down by marketeers and TD's alike
to increase revenue and control market.
This is as plain as day.
We want the standard not to be significantly less
than Old Blue Dots with good single wall bats and today's standard ball
is pathetically less than that.
Stay on the key issues and off the personalities if you can, Robert
and we will all be better served.

Sept. 17, 2009
Men's 65
4549 posts
Perhaps you could buy the old Legend plant back east, TN I believe, and make the balls you would want. Some however were produced over seas, in Haiti, for sure, but not sure about China... Maybe even become a vendor.
Just don't forget every darn outside force or factor you can think of will effect the balls performance or lack of. From the pitch speed, angle, velocity of bat, where hit on the bat, temp of the air, even the age and condition of the guy hitting it.. EVERYTHING,
And then it comes back to both teams will be using the same ones with the good bats we are already able to use. That is equal for balls and bats at least.
Go to the yearly Summit, raise cane and perhaps speak for the masses. But what ever, it's a yearly thing for decisions, the most part.

Sept. 17, 2009
357 posts
Thanks guys; we enjoyed playing at Lorenzi 2 years ago (with the exception of the scheduling snafus which ended up having us play at 7am Sunday after being told at 10:30 Saturday night that it was too late to start a new game).
Sounds like the park is better than ever, we're using good balls and should make for a great tournament.
Sept. 17, 2009
mad dog
Men's 65
4153 posts
there ya go again joe,misrepresenting me,i have not one thing to do with any company or mfg of equipment.i play all assoc's ball(ASA,NSA,USSSA,SPA,SSUSA,AND WHATEVER HUNTSMAN USE NOW)so i use whatever is legal per assoc.yes it is nice to use senior equipment but is not mandatory for me.i wish there was one bat standard only.i'm here as a player only.i'm sorry your deal fell thru(rip-it) and your bitter about that,but we don't need for you to keep harping on something that is not happening.we use the 44-375 ball(and have been for a few yrs now) and that's what will be always used,from here to forever.i think that ball is plenty good enough with the bats we now allowed to use.if you need something better to be able to play maybe you should just give up the game and do something else.there is more to the game than just hitting a ball over a 300' fence,like defense,or good pitching.what you should be looking at is how bad the mfg's of balls have very poor quality control and give us balls that are not up to the specs of 44-375,the MCT ball will do this.i play here in texas now, where the heat and humidity are hi,and this ball is great.even when i'm playing ASA ball,which has the most dumbed down equipment around.maybe you should contact ASA and bitch to them about their standards as they are the ones pushing the safety issue.
Sept. 17, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
I've heard every argument you've made in specific, Robert, before from a couple of
Rip-it, Robert?
What have they got to do with anything
and how would you know
what my relationship is with them at present?
You are showing you have an axe to grind
my good man and I know what to do with it.
You are coming from another agenda
my good man and you are obvious.
Now, since this is getting personal
with you rather than responding to the points I and others need to make
you should email me
and we can carry it further.

The present balls at 44 x 375 that have been driven down over the last couple of years are not good enough
for us, Robert and this is a majority opinion I would bet.
It's you my friend who is in the minority here.
What about the way the MCT ball throws
and fields and sounds as many others
have pointed out.
You sound like your selling something,
Robert or aiding the seller of MCT balls.
Why not a good Decker or Worth ball.
Why does it have to be an MCT ball,
As I said
you are getting obvious and let's take it off line, spare the others
and hopefully
we can get to the bottom of our controversy.

Sept. 17, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Let's get back to the points.
The present day ball we use
at 44x375 has been driven down
by the sellers of balls and TD's to gain market share and save time and money
at tournaments and
is unacceptable to most seniors.
Most senior players want to hit
good balls with good bats.
The old standard of Blue dots
with single wall bats
is the most widely heard
and supported standard
I've heard used and wanted
by seniors an we don't want
to go below it
MCT balls hit very well
but have some demonstrated downsides
pointed out by many players,
sound, feel, bounce, throw-ability
and need a little more examination
which we will do in Las Vegas
in a couple of weeks
to see if it can work.
There are many levels of balls
and ball companies that may well
be able to provide seniors
with the good ball standard
we want, deserve and will get.
Sept. 18, 2009
mad dog
Men's 65
4153 posts
joe,you say many others agree with you,how say you have the majority,whats the %.oh by the way i own a couple of rip-its,i do like thier bat,so i don't have an agenda with or for the way you can take any worth ball you have and place it where the sun don't shine,not personal to you,i would say that to anyone who wants us to hit any ball made by worth now a days(44-375's)exculding the old blue seem to miss the point on the ball(MCT),i have played with many a player who seems to like it(for at least 3 yrs now),like i said earlier in my posts,and no prol fielding it or throwing keep saying the balls are not good enough,how.if an assoc asks for a 44-375 ball thats what they if they get a batch of bad balls,how is that the TD's(or assoc) fault,maybe you should be going to the mfg's of said balls(worth makes the worse as far as i'm concerned).you say we want and deserve these balls,my question is why.with all the cheating going on(shaved bats,endloading them illegaly,painting them)why do we deserve anything now a days.address that and maybe the assoc will allow us to us good equipment, yourself have had a broken arm from hot equipment and a guy who really don't need such stuff(DC).it will come down to using a screen for the pitcher,do you really want that,i don't think so.we now have this stupid PPR rule that does nothing but cause problems.i would rather have a safer game,than worrying about if someone is gonna die on the field b/c of to hot of equipment.
Sept. 18, 2009
Men's 50
1375 posts
And here I always thought the game was about the competition, and as long as both sides have equal access to the same equipment then the competition is fair.

I am so sorry to see that to some it must really be about how far and hard can I hit a ball (thanks to technology) in my old age.
Sept. 18, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
I do not cry out, clamor for
or want a safer game.
I wasn't paying attention to defense
when my arms got broken
and got what I deserved.
Safer game is a neutered, less exciting
and challenging to me
and not the softball I want to play
and a safer game
sounds like BP or T-ball.
No guts, no glory.

MANY players have made negative comments
on and off this board about the MCT ball
even though it hits well AND
if it hasn't been dumbed down
and changed from last year
like many balls
from the manufacturers have.
And the MCT is more expensive
(real surprise) than
a good 400+ x 44+ ball would be
from any number of companies.
About Worth,
they were state of the art once
and I hear are making a comeback.
Decker makes a great ball
and I'm sure there are others
companies too like DeMarini and Baden.

The whole industry has been driven
and herded, Robert,
toward lower spec balls by "smart", shrewd marketeer(s)
and TD's for their own profits
and to their own ends.

We're being squeezed and effectively,
run like cattle
Wake up and smell the coffee and
C'mon, man.(sounds like Chris Berman
on ESPN).

And, is it really any surprise
that out of all this smoke and turmoil
we get a ball that is fun to hit
and might work for us
but it's more EXPENSIVE?
What a concept and
how and why did we get here.
Ask questions and follow the money.

We're being driven by our own
abdication of responsibility for who and where we are
and a ruthless market place,
not unlike the larger problems
facing us, today in our society and in the world.
We can do something about what's happening and being done to us
in senior softball if we give a hoot
and stand up and say "NO".
It's our game and we can take it back or at least help shape it positively
as we all move forward, together.

We want good bats and balls,
no PPR, HR's as singles and
let's challenge, test for and suspend
bat cheaters and ban 'em for life.
Let's not change/punish our whole community because a few
"bad and/or selfish guys"
want to take advantage of us.
We can police our own game and keep it
meaningfully safe without
destroying ourselves
and the game we love to play.
Can a righteous brother
get an Amen?

Sept. 18, 2009
mad dog
Men's 65
4153 posts
well joe as for the MCT ball you need to get a few and play with them regularly.that ball is great,why do think ASA is no longer letting it be made for use by them,it holds up under the heat and such,unlike the worth balls.
as for the rest of your post,if i want danger(maybe dieing) in my life,i would go back into the military and go to IRAQ.
softball doesn't have to be a dangereous sport to be fun,if ya want that sky dive or something equivlent to it.i think with our bats(senior ones) the 44-375 ball is plenty good enough,and to make sure we should use the MCT as it is the one that will hold up for the whole game and not just 2 do know stoney and have read what he has put forth on what it takes to crush the skull of a human's head,not a whole lot.even with a 44-375 we are pushing the envolope way over the edge.

by the way,senior ball is the only assoc at this time that is NOT going to a lesser ball.most all the other's are(ASA,USSSA,ETC).
Sept. 18, 2009
Men's 50
3114 posts
Hey Robert.

First, let me thank you for coming up
to me in a recent tournament and introducing yourself to me
even though we tend to disagree about some softball stuff.
What an impressively respectful, contructive and class thing, too.
Thanks again.

You seem to be pushing the MCT ball
and that's cool but it is more expensive and has defined downsides
to date.
Aren't there other balls and companies
and other levels of balls that can be considered for Senior ball use?
I'm sure there are.
Let's not rush to judgment here.
Gary Tryhorn pointed out to NCSSA
that there are not more injuries
in senior ball since the Ultra 2 was introduced though many were swearing
up and down there were and
I know there's guys trying to push
and herd us to buy and use their products.
That's American but it doesn't mean
they're right or that we have to
believe them.
That's American, too.

We'll check out the MCT ball in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks.
Other balls are being tried by senior associations all the time.
Ridge changed balls for SPA this time around and others can/will too
in search of a ball right enough
and good enough and
economical enough for us to use.
Sept. 19, 2009
mad dog
Men's 65
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joe don't know who you talked to ,but it wasn't me,ya must be getting senile,LOL.i haven't been there since 2005.i do know you tho,i used to play with ya and against ya in nor cal.i'm the one who called your dog BBQ,and i'm with the black lady(sharon).using GT as a ref as far as i'm concern tho is not the best in the world,but hey thats my opinion.
i do think if you take the time to get used to the MCT ball you'll like i've said in earlier posts,i never had a prol with it.i'm wondering if you like to grip the ball really hard to throw or not,if so that might be your prol.i also don't think it bounces any diff than any other i said,we've been using this ball here in texas(young and old) for a couple of yrs with no prol.
Sept. 19, 2009
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Well, raise my rent.
Sorry for the mistake
and thanks for being gracious
but calling my dog BarBQ
that's going a chihuahua to far. (joke)
Hey Robert.
I remember you, too,
My dog is 10 years old now
and doing great in Washington, D.C.
And I think I remember the guy
I thought you were, too.
It's always better knowing
who you're talkin' to
don't you think?
Like I said,
we'll take a real good look at it
in Vegas and let everyone know
what we come up with.
See you in Phoenix?
Sept. 19, 2009
Men's 50
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we use MCTrump 44-375 in local play and we use Miken NRG 44-375 and Miken psycho 44-375 in tounament the fly good good line drive hard ground ball . we field the ball ok, the soft cover was not bad to throw . The sound off the bat was no problem as lone as i get distance ,miken sound differant then combat senior or asa and utrip . But i am happy with all three model
Sept. 20, 2009
Men's 50
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"Safer game is a neutered, less exciting
and challenging to me
and not the softball I want to play"

Fair enough. But what is the challenge in hitting balls hard and far when a bunch of guys can now do it due to the very technology you want to keep so badly?
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